The Paulo Fluctus Beta System, also known as RS 5649-1826-8-9514108-2562, is a star system 1.71 light years from the Nivenia System, and 1.09 light-years from the Caeruleo System. It was very recently colonized by the Nivenian Empire, with the Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta serving as the system government, and has a current population of 3.239016 quadrillion.


The system itself contains only one star, Paulo Fluctus Beta, which is a K9.6V-type star of 0.57311 solar masses. It has a luminosity of 0.058417 solar luminosities, and has a total of nine planets. One of the gas giants in the system has two habitable moons.

Planets and Moons[]

Gas Giants (r > 30000 km)[]

Large Terrestrial Planets (30000 km > r > 4000 km)[]

Smaller Terrestrial Planets (4000 km > r > 750 km)[]


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  • Paulo Fluctus means little wave in Latin. Paulo Fluctus Beta was first identified by the Nivenian Empire as the second-brightest star in the Paulo Fluctus constellation. Not surprisingly, the constellation looks like a wave.
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