Welcome to Pareidolia.

This section here is dedicated to the darker recesses of the imagination of the users of SporeWiki. Here you can write what you want, when you want. Just as long as you stick under some very liberal rules.

Here, anything goes. Whether your subject is on a universal-destroying god or a time-travelling microwave it's anything here that makes a valid opinion. You'll find here that very little of these subjects can be considered normal, less to say human.


Although this is mainly a snowball-style section, there are a few rules which we must keep in order to make it look all the same. Here they are:

  1. All articles should be kept under the same format.
  2. All articles are to be kept in a fairly comprehensible english.
  3. As this is a massive database, interaction between different subjects should be kept to a minimum - unless the outcomes are damn right hilarious.

Other than that, try to stay original. We don't want 10 of the same things unless it is 10 of the same things. Characters here can be from the main Sporewiki universe if one wishes and it can be considered canon for them if you want.

The Subjects Edit

And here's the main part. The actual subjects themselves. Until it is filled out, the subject spaces will go up in the 10's. If this is proven popular then it will go higher.

1 - 10 Edit

Subject 1 - 'God'
Subject 2 - Lava Snakes
Subject 3 - Siren
Subject 4 - Night Stalker
Subject 5 - Elder Alien
Subject 6 - Fluffy Bunny
Subject 7 - Insane God
Subject 8 - The Ghost
Subject 9 - Friendly Wisp
Subject 10 - Shade

11 - 20 Edit

Subject 11 - Trans-Dimensional Vegetable Sack
Subject 12 - Polite Face Theft
Subject 13 - Plague-Ridden Corpse
Subject 14 - Almighty Wayward Being
Subject 15 - Data Card
Subject 16 - Sanguili
Subject 17 - Metal Darts
Subject 18 - The Thinker
Subject 19 - Angry A.I.
Subject 20 - Shadowmen

21 - 30 Edit

Subject 21 - Time Travelling Microwave
Subject 22 - Memetic infection
Subject 23 - Sentient Custard
Subject 24 - Disguise Beast
Subject 25 - Trolling Demigod
Subject 26 - Dark Cyborg
Subject 27 - Living Black Hole
Subject 28 - "Kuzarik-Radukuz"
Subject 29 - The Phage
Subject 30 - to be created

Individuals Edit

Some characters have a universal role in Pareidolia - often they roll across every single interaction of every subject.

Doctor Koluap

Interactions Edit

Sometimes, subjects interact with each other. Not always a recommended course of action I remind you.

To be added. Any ideas, post on the talk page or IRC.

Subject 7 and 13

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