These sigils are more than a trinket of recognition. They are proof that bearers are retained in the fond memory of the paragavatus. Surely there is no greater privelage than to be looked at as a friend by the master of kings?

- Unknown

A Paragon's royal seal (high Dracid: Paragavatda Embrelus) is a token issued by the Draconid Imperium's head of state to persons of note, who gained the paragon's recognition. These items are prized by those who owned them for the significant sentimental value they bear.

Appearence and Characteristics[]

Traditionally, the seal resembles a broach centred by the paragon house's coat of arms and surrounded by a wreath. The full design is left to the house to decide with four known designs existing to date, corresponding to houses Oskavarum, Vospus, Khaxvis and Ultanos. Along with the house's motto, surrounding the coat of arms is a phrase in High Dracid which translates to the following:

The bearer of this seal has, as of ----- has gained the recognition of the paragavatus, --------, with this seal bearing proof of his/her recognition.

When fist given to a reciever, a device on the seal's underside takes a largely harmless scraping of skin and stores the genetic code of the receiver inside so as to prevent theft and sale on the black market. Mechanisms within a special storage unit codes in the date and the paragon's name the moment they remove one to hand to a recipient.

Built inside the seal are mechanisms that generate a powerful phasic field around the wielder so as to protect them from harm. The shield itself can easily absorb high grade plasma rounds and can dissolve solid rounds moving at a speed of up to mach 28. The seal also contains technology to enhance the health and condition of the bearer over time as well as altering brain structure so as to augment a bearer's charisma and confidence. These traits can give off the impression that in giving the seal, a paragavatus offers the bearer a blessing both in the social and mystical sense.

While the material used is up to the family that designs their version, royal seals are commonly made from either gold, silver, brass or stainless steel and adorned with embellishments that include a weave of a different metal, gems and miniature scriptures. On the underside, jutting from the base is a set of minuscule mechanical filaments designed to weave into a wide variety of materials including fabric, alloy, leather and ceramics in order to keep the broach stable. The teeth may be extended and retracted by pressing a panel on the rim of the broach while the teeth themselves slide in and curl around one embedded into the top layer of a surface and programmed to not extend though air pockets behind the surface so as to not severely injure the occupant by accidentally digging into their flesh although reports exist of some bearers wearing it pinned to exposed surface tissue.


The most straightforward way to acquire a royal seal is to gain a paragon's respect and trust. The seal serves as a mark of friendship and respect and to gain one an aspirant must work to gain the ruling paragon's trust. Due to their incredible value, a paragon is always wary for people who desire their trust for the sake of gaining one of these prized broaches.

Even after respect is earned, there is no guarantee as paragons only hand them to those they have the utmost respect or perhaps gratitude for. However, any attempt to pass on the broach, discard it or make a profit out of the broach is considered a disgraceful act as the act of presenting a person with a seal is a paragon's display of faith in that person, with them expecting to reciprocate by caring for and respecting the broach and its value.

Their manufacture, so as to avoid counterfeit production, is a closely-guarded secret, with a material capable of blocking scanners that attempt to study the internal components of the seals. As technology has improved, so has the means of producing each seal been altered to counter modern examination technology, Each seal is also marked on the underside with an official hologram of the royal armouries of whichever paragon house the head of state is a member of. The royal armouries keep a record of every iteration of the royal seals that have been developed since the foundation of the Imperium within an isolated archive under the Alcanti Royal Palace.

Notable Owners[]


To gain one of these articles is to gain recognition that the paragavatus respects you and trusts you as a friend. There is no greater honour in my book.

- Maxios Telvenum

Oh, so that's what that weird drawing is! I suppose I'll keep it on my armor for now on.

- Koluap


- Mikmik

It is quite an honour to receive such a gift from Paragon Ultanos, symbolising his support for the cause of human unification and a lasting peace in our areas of space.

- Aidan Collins


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