Hubris. Hubris, was their undoing. In the end, their great guild, their entire culture, was merely a stepping stone in our long-term consolidation of power in the Outer Rim. Let the shattered ruin of their civilisation be a timeless reminder of the folly of defiance.

- Grand Admiral Decimius

The Panthrea Slaver Guild was an interstellar civilisation active within the Cyrandia Cluster, defined by a rampant slave trade in the lawless sectors of the northern Outer Rim. Built upon the backs of thousands of conquered slaves from across Cyrannus and beyond, the Slaver Guild operated in the shadows for much of its history, working to prevent its activities from drawing the ire of subsequent galactic governments. A matriarchal society led by the feloid Panthrea, the Slaving Guid is strictly segregated according to gender and species—with female Panthrea being considered to be the master race of the galaxy. Formed in 40,872 BNE, the Slaver Guild expanded unchecked throughout the Outer Rim before the First Republic intervened, reducing the territory to a handful of systems rimward of the Perliama Hyperlane.

With the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 01 NE, the Panthrea, led by the wily High Queen Asenath, began to subtly expand their territory into the relatively unexplored Tianauck and Dunrakkin Sectors, garnering the attention of not only the Empire, but the Confederacy of Free Planets, which in desperation, turned to the Panthrea for military and logistical aid. With no love for the Empire, Queen Asenath agreed, aiding the Confederacy in the Outer Rim War against the Empire. In subsequent years, Asenath continued to expand the borders and influence of the Panthrea by expanding the slave trade into the Quadrant Galaxies with the aid of the Cyrannian Syndicate and Morglûkia.

The Imperial Navy utterly annihilated the Panthrea Slaver Guild in 13 NE.

Great wealth and prosperity poured into the markets of Panthrean Prime, with Queen Asenath constructing a sizable navy to protect Panthrea Space from the Empire, free from the turmoil of both the Outer Rim and New Cyrandia Wars. Such prosperity, however, was merely a prelude to the abject destruction of their civilisation. In 13 NE, a vast Imperial armada commanded by Grand Admiral Decimius invaded Panthrea Space from the naval base at Chansharl. Ill equipped to contend with the Empire's might, seventeen sectors of Panthrean territory fell within the first week, and by the end of the second, the Imperial Army marched through the streets of Panthrean Prime. Upon capturing High Queen Asenath, the Imperials promptly bombarded Panthrean Prime from orbit, shattering entire continents and reducing the once great Panthrean civilisation to ash. Three weeks later, Asenath was sentenced by Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius on Orbispira, to a life of servitude to the Empire, toiling endlessly in the mines of Vurdon.


In a twist of irony, the High Queen of the Panthrea, Asenath, was sentenced to eternal servitude to the Empire for her transgressions.

What a disgusting way to live!

- Sola Naberraé

Amoral and selfish slavers *spits*. They have no place in civilized society!

- Lord-Admiral Larnus Vontarion

Competitors or potential allies? I hope for them, the latter!

- Morglûkia

A civilisation that still uses slaves during its space age must be a very stupid one.

- Laurinn Ma'fest

How cute of them. My guild is better.

- The Dark One

Asenath, the Panthrea slaver High Queen doesn't deserve this fate of servitude, no matter her wrongs!

- Riyo Apanoida


  • The Panthrea Slaver Guild was conceptulised during a discussion between Cyrannian and Dinoman82.

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