The void is mysterious. I am but a host for its power. Whatever it is, it is clearly much older than life in this universe. It has the potential to create and destroy. Not just physical things, but spiritually as well.

- Padunas Ori



Padunas Ori ( "Padunas Ori Name" in Nyarqaeshian) was born some millions of years ago on the planet Nyaris, during a time of the very first Nyarqae civilizations. The Nyarqae were a race of amphibious inventors, being among the first on their world to evolve advanced thinking and the ability to use tools. Other species, such as the brutish Golons, large orc-like beings, began popping up, threatening the Nyarqae with war due to the territory that they had. The Nyarqae were a peaceful people, and simply moved away from the zones they controlled to avoid conflict with their opposition.

Ori was a freethinking young man at the time. He did believe in the peaceful ideals that the Nyarqae had established over a century before his birth. But he also believed that the Nyarqae could not continue to lay down and surrender to these other tribes. The other Nyarqae did not agree with him. They believed that it was easier to flee than fight, as the Nyarqae were not well versed in combat and were physically frail.

Nyarqae-Golon WarEdit

Years passed as Ori moved into adulthood. He had eventually amassed a few followers to his cause, preaching that the Nyarqae could no longer run from the Golons. The Golons had pushed the Nyarqae on the brink of extinction by stealing their land and resources.

The Golons had finally attacked a Nyarqae village, slaughtering men, women, and children. Even going as far as destroying their eggs. Ori was one of the few survivors of the attack, loosing both of his parents and his close friends. He attempted to fight them back, but was poorly outmatched. He wasn't strong enough or fast enough. He needed an edge to beat these enemies.

The EmptinessEdit

Ori retreated to the last Nyarqae village, hidden away in the swamps of Nyaris. During his recovery, he began to meditate. The Nyarqae already had some knowledge of Essence usage, but never utilized it's offensive applications. Ori began to train, using the Essence to connect himself to the flow of energy that is the Universe. He became what some would call "one with the Universe". He could feel everything living and breathing around him. As he searched through the many elements that essence flowed through, he discovered that there was a strange energy that seemed to call out to him.

This energy was drastically different from the essence he had studied all of his life. It seemed separate from the connected Light and Dark energies that all forms of essence appear to have stemmed from. It was not divine nor demonic. It was empty, yet full, and yet, not chaos. It seemed to emulate the aspects of gravity, and more importantly, order, fate, and destiny.

Ori could not accurately pinpoint what the energy was and could not accurately explain the feeling he had when harnessing it. He dubbed this force Aul'El, or "That Which Cannot Be Comprehended". Over time, he had mastered the destructive energy.

He singlehandedly wiped out the Golons using the Aul'El in less than a week. Nothing the Golons had could stand up to Ori's new destructive power. The war was ended swiftly, leaving no bodies behind; just empty Golon settlements that were void of life.

Becoming ChieftainEdit

Due to Ori's actions in singlehandedly saving his species, others of his kind worshiped him. Ori decided to accept their worship and became the very first Nyarqae leader in the history of their species.

As chieftain, Padunas Ori's power was absolute, and his word was law. Other races feared his power, while his own people adored him. Ori was actually a very kind leader, and tried to make peace with the other nations that existed in Nyaris. This was partially successful, however many races refused to deal with the Nyarqae after hearing of Ori's power. They believed he was cursed and would bring misfortune upon all of creation. Ori did not understand their reasoning, but he left them be.

He continued to harness the power of the Aul'El, mastering it. His body began to alter itself to use the energy properly. Longer tendrils, a larger brain, and a sturdier muscle structure.

A few races began to band together and attacked the Nyarqae, as they had been consuming the resources of the continent without much concern for the other races. Ori decided to show no mercy to the people he had left to their own devices. Ori exterminated entire races to protect his people.

This only strengthened the loyalty the Nyarqae had towards Ori. Though he was not the same person afterwards.

The Empty MentorEdit

As more years passed, Ori's use of Aul'El became grew drastically. In fact, he had caused so much destruction towards the opposing races, that they began to call Ori "Empty" or "Void" of compassion. His personality had changed completely. The once caring man that founded the first unified Nyarqae nation, was now a shell of the man he used to be.

He began rambling on about the "Void" and it's power. He would later go on to teach a few Nyarqae children how to use the Aul'El, which they began calling Void Energy. Due to Ori's use of the energy, it became more easier for beings to tap into it. One child named Xizouyu Moa. Ori could sense incredible power within the boy, and decided to train him in the art of Aul'El.


Padunas Ori was estimated to have died during what many Nyarqaeshians called the end of the Nyarqae civilization.

He died of old age, as Nyarqae life spans were limited to a around 200 years opposed to their biologically immortal descendants, the Nyarqaeshu. During his last days, Moa said that Ori had seemed unattached from the rest of the world. Ori's last words were very cryptic:

I return to order. The emptiness. All of creation will return too. It calls for return to nothing.

- Padunas Ori

With his death, Xizouyu Moa became the new leader of the Nyarqae. He would go on to use the power of Essence to accelerate the evolution of their species into the Nyarqaeshu.

Weapons and SkillsEdit


Void EnergyEdit

Padunas Ori was the first being in the universe (that scholars know of) to have used Void Energy. He did teach a few other children aside form Moa how to harness its power.

Ori developed most of the techniques that are associated with Void Energy. His power with Void Energy was unrivaled for a long time until Moa mastered it thousands of years later. It is said that he is capable of wiping out entire armies with a single motion due to his deep connection with the Void.

All EssenceEdit

Padunas Ori is still the only person among the Nyarqae and the Nyarqaeshu to have experimented with all ancient forms of Essence, including Elemental, Mystic, and Demonic Energies. In particular, his mastery over the Mystic branch of Essence is relatively well known, including his use of Psionic Energy. It is believed that he saw in Psionic and other Mystic Energies a sort of kinship to the Void, a sentiment which would be echoed by the Najiim Krassio eons later. At the very least, it has been ascertained that Ori used them to prevent "the hunger" from overtaking him. Of the Elemental and Demonic branches of Essence, Ori is known to have placed Autogenetic and Abberic Energies in opposition to the Void as representing the generation and corruption of matter respectively, whereas Void Energy represented it's annihilation. His use of the elements was quite limited if compared to Essence users today, but during his lifetime he was considerably more skilled than most users. Ori's sucessors never bothered to repeat his experiments however, and his writings on Essence beyond the Void have become lost.

Personal InformationEdit


Padunas Ori was said to have been a very kind man before the war and his discovery of the Void. He was a man of action, and could not stand by to watch people suffer.

This stayed true after his sudden change of heart. As a user of Void Essence, he preferred to end his enemies in an instant, so they would not feel pain. He did become more emotionless, as Moa described his time as Ori's student to be strange. He claimed that Ori showed very little companion towards him or the other students.



  • Xizouyu Moa - My star pupil. You shall carry on the power of the Void. Do not let it consume you as it did me.
  • Xizothano Ada - Your power is unrivaled my child. You are a god among men. You too know the power of the Void. consumed you as well...


  • Draedan - You...You were not consumed? Something is different about you child. Perhaps you heeded my warning...
  • Zaraturai - I could sense your Light through my meditations. Such power you hold...enough strength to destroy anything. Yet you harness it for life. I respect you for that.
  • Terikalinra - Such...power. I could sense your Darkness radiating through all of creation. Such hate and anger. I can feel your urge to silence the Light.



Quotes from HimEdit

The Light and Darkness are simply heads and tails. People always choosing one side or the other. But no matter what they choose, it will still be on the same coin. The Void is simply the coin on which Light and Darkness reside on, favoring neither. It is equilibrium.

- Padunas Ori explaining Void Energy to his students

All Essence that we use comes from the energy of the Universe. It radiates through all things. The Essence that is within me and you existed before we came into this world, and will be here after we leave this world. All things are connected this way. When one understands this, their power could be as infinite as the Universe itself.

- Padunas Ori explaining his Understanding of Essence.

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