Space, the final frontier. Our ongoing mission: spreading democracy so those blasted commies and Japanese don't get more powerful than they should.

- President Marcus Antonio

The Pacific Overseas Territories and American Treaty Organization, often shortened to POTATO or referred to as the United Space of America, is an interstellar federal republic of transhumans inhabiting the Milky Way Galaxy. Consisting of the 21st-century nations of the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and the Phillipines, as well as numerous local alien species such as the Centaurians, POTATO has a strong tradition of cultural diversity and tolerance. POTATO is committed to the spread of liberty throughout the universe and will take measures to stomp out tyranny wherever they find it, a policy that has often drawn the ire of POTATO's fellow human nations.

Founded in the late 21st century by the United States and Canada in the face of increasing tensions with former American allies such as the European Union and Japan, POTATO was originally intended as a more loose union in the interest of common defense against foreign aggression, similar to NATO, which had broken down due to American-European fallout. However, the addition of Mexico and the Phillipines in the 2090s due to the European Civil War began to move POTATO away from being a mere loose defensive alliance and more towards a coherent unitary government of North America and the Pacific. The Third World War was an early dark age for the young alliance, with POTATO losing control of Texas, Quebec, and parts of New England over the course of the devastating war, eventually achieving victory with assistance from a reluctant European Star Republic and Yamato Stellar Empire. POTATO recovered from the devastation, however, and expanded outwards into space intent on catching up to their rivals which had already colonized other planets. The resurgence of POTATO led to the establishment of colonies in the Alpha Centauri and Sigma Draconis systems, restoring POTATO to its position as a forefront human space power.

POTATO is currently governed by President Brock Obama, a descendant of the American President Barack Obama from the early 21st century. He seeks to continue POTATO's mission of spreading liberty and democratic ideals to the universe as well as consolidating the Treaty Organization's holdings in the local sector as it continues to face the constant threat of conflict with POTATO's rivals, especially the Yamato Stellar Empire.



POTATO can trace its earliest origins to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that was formed in 1949 in the aftermath of World War II as a counter to Soviet aggression in Europe. Its founding members were the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The original intent of NATO was a military alliance for the common defense in Europe and North America. The rise of the Warsaw Pact in 1955 pitted NATO against the Warsaw Pact as the military alliances of the capitalist West and communist Russia, respectively, and NATO would be an integral part of the politics of the Cold War. The relationship between the North American NATO states and European NATO states would frequently be strained, however, the European members in particular not appreciating the presence of American soldiers on their soil.


The fossil fuel crisis proceeded to drive a wedge between America and Europe as Earth's oil supplies dwindled, becoming the main sticking point in American-European diplomacy and destabilizing NATO. NATO eventually broke down in the mid-21st century, the disagreements between the United States and the European Union becoming too much for many NATO states and ultimately leading to its dissolution in 2066. The United States and Canada, the only two North American members of NATO, became closer as Europe grew more hostile to America. Faced with the prospect of future wars without the support of a Europe that had grown distant or a Japan that had grown imperialistic again, the United States and Canada founded POTATO in 2084 as a spiritual successor of NATO, this time however focused on North America and the Pacific.

The founding of the European Star Republic three years later was seen by many as a response to the founding of POTATO, though Europe quickly descended into a civil war as a result. With public opinion strongly against fighting a potentially long war as well as considering the difficulty of choosing a side in the war, POTATO refused to become involved in the civil war, drawing in European refugees escaping the war as well as leading to Mexico and the Phillipines applying for membership to avoid involvement in the bloody civil war.

Ascension to the Cosmos, Descension into ChaosEdit

The dawn of the 22nd century presented a ripe opportunity for POTATO to take the lead in the current space race, with Europe still licking its wounds and Russia embroiled in a massive civil war. POTATO proceeded to seize Titan, a moon of Saturn well-known for its oceans of natural gas, giving POTATO a sizable reserve of fossil fuels in a time when such commodities were scarce on Earth. Even so, POTATO began a campaign of more widespread usage of clean energy, as colonies were established on Europa and Io, two moons where alternative energies were both a necessary and a viable solution. POTATO soon sat atop the space race with its interplanetary empire having control of Europa, Io, Titan, and Pluto.

All good things come to an end, though, and the arrival of the Third World War in the mid-22nd century sought to finally knock America off from the forefront position it had enjoyed for so long. With Mexico threatened by the new Empire of Aztlan and the Phillipines under threat of invasion by the East Asian Coalition, POTATO faced the daunting task of defending its territories on Earth possibly alone. The pressure was amplified by the rise of an independence movement in the South, claiming Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, as well as enemy invasions of Quebec and New England. Pressured on all fronts, the Treaty Organization eventually received assistance from a reluctant European Star Republic and Japan, rescuing an embattled America from a grueling war. The American-European alliance was finally officially severed after the war, however, with the Europeans taking the parts of Quebec and New England they had helped to recover during the war. POTATO had no choice but to comply.

Return to the ForefrontEdit

POTATO became a second-rate power as a result of the devastating World War III, forced to watch as their new rivals Japan and Europe expanded beyond Sol and into other star systems while their traditional rivals Russia and China caught up, now leading the Euraspact and East Asian Coalition to glory, respectively. The United Republic of South Asia, founded by India, was also expanding beyond the Sol System into Beta Hydri, Epsilon Indi and Vega. The frustration over POTATO's fall from relevance eventually led to widespread nationalist fervor, creating a massive surge in the Treaty Organization's industrial and military power, allowing the battered Organization to get back on its feet and surge back to the forefront.

Intent on catching up to the YSE, URSA and ESR, who had both already colonized other star systems, POTATO organized the colonization of the Alpha Centauri and Sigma Draconis systems in 2314. In Alpha Centauri, POTATO established contact with the native Centaurians, who would initially resist POTATO expansion into their system but ultimately agreed to join POTATO in exchange for some political autonomy from the central Treaty Organization government. The sudden resurgence of POTATO reignited tensions with the Europeans and Yamato, who had been able to safely ignore the Organization for over half a century.

Recent HistoryEdit

After the 24th century, tensions began to ease between POTATO and its rivals the ESR and the YSE, as the three powers were able to share local space despite rapid expansion by all three. However, POTATO still resents the ESR for their betrayal in World War III centuries ago. POTATO and the YSE have managed to keep cordial albeit tense relations as the Treaty Organization remains wary of the imperialist ambition of the Yamato. The intervening centuries between the end of the 24th century and present day luckily did not see any major conflicts between the three powers.

The current president, Brock Obama, is a Japanese-American descendant of the 44th president of the old United States, Barack Obama, and was elected in 2788. While he is somewhat distrusted because of his partly Japanese heritage, Obama has succeeded in expanding POTATO's industry and economy both on Earth and in the interstellar colonies, but faces a crisis that could determine the legacy he leaves as humanity as a whole faces threats from the Neanderthals, Xhodocto, and countless other races out to destroy human civilization.




Green face AlliesEdit

We will honor your commitment to the values of freedom.

Blue face LikedEdit

Your cooperation is most appreciated.

Yellow face NeutralEdit

Good day.

Orange face DislikedEdit

You are straddling a thin line. A peaceful approach would be wise.

  • East Asian Coalition - We know you guys like tradition, but oppression gets old after 800 years.
  • Euraspact - The old Soviet Union was miles better than you.
  • Texan Republic - We will restore the Union, in due time. Just wait and see!

Red face EnemiesEdit

We hope you don't mind shrapnel in your breakfast cereal.


Texrepflag Sorry little man, no can do.

- The American Democratic Confederation


  • Originally CaptainTybusen and BNSCLeader had no name for this fiction until Lucario of the Gods had suggested POTATO as a joke.
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