Ozarius is a golden draconic being and one of the many sons of the leader of the Darkling Brotherhood, the enigmatic and power hungry manipulator known as the Dark One. Despite his intended nature as a servant of the Dark One's nefarious plans the unusual circumstances of Ozarius' birth and being reared as a far more normal child has had an impact on him. This has made him a far nobler figure then many of his kind though a dark a psychotic side still lurks within him. As of currently he is seeking revenge against his father, though an encounter with mysterious girl may sent the course of his destiny down a different path.

History Edit

Birth and Childhood Edit

Ozarius was born much the same way the rest of the Dark One's sons were born. He was implanted into the womb of a women on the long lost planet Sabrial. Like all of his brothers Ozarius tore his way free from his mother's womb upon birth, however unlike the others Ozarius came out very different. He was born a great black beast with a humanoid frame, the tail and horns of a devil, the wings of a raven, the spines and claws of dragon, the head of wolf, the ears of a rabbit, and the face of a spider. Ozarius viciously ate his way through the whole of capital, devouring everyone there and setting the whole thing to flames. However one of the survivors was the sister of Ozarius' mother name Laceria who was master of dark magics. Using her power she stripped away Ozarius' monstrous form reducing him down to a small golden, draconic child. Laceria then stole the child away to raise as her own never telling anyone the child's origins.

Laceria herself was the sister of the Emperor's now deceased wife and thus Ozarius was raised in the imperial palace. While the emperor was suspicious of the child he dared not move against the frightfully powerful Laceria. While Ozarius at first did not posses much in the way of a personality he began to develop one thanks to the influence of Laceria, his younger sister, the various palace servants, and his adoptive uncle Caster. However the emperor despised Ozarius and let the youngster know it on no uncertain terms. This abuse allowed the dark seeds of Ozarius true nature to bloom ever so slightly despite Laceria's attempts to suppress it both via positive influence and her black magics.

Encountering the Dark One Edit

It was Ozarius' fifteenth birthday when everything changed. Ozarius was about to participate in his coming of age ceremony when a dark and imposing figure appear in front of him. This figure identified himself as the Dark One to Ozarius and told the young Darkling hybrid that he was his father. The Dark One then told Ozarius to kill all the people present in order to prove himself. Ozarius refused and the Dark one threatened to destroy his son if he continued. Ozarius continued to refuse and when the Dark One rose to strike him down Laceria intervened blasting the Dark One with her black magic. Surprisingly the Dark One was hurt by the power, but quickly killed Laceria for daring attack him. This drove Ozarius into rage causing him to regain his Grim Black Beast form and battle with Dark resulting the destruction of much of the palace. In the end the Dark One won and left Ozarius in the ruins of failure.

Afterwards Ozarius was driven from Sabrial by the Emperor, calling Ozarius' existence a sin and claiming he should never have been born, to wander the stars alone. Ozarius then swore vengeance on the Dark One for killing his adoptive mother.

Meeting Gridlock Edit

Ozarius first met his older brother at around the time the Imperium of War fell. Ozarius had been hired by the Rebel Consuls to infiltrate the Imperium of War and act as a spy, instead he got caught up in an orbital bombardment.

The Hand of Retribution Edit

Meeting Rose

Second Great Cyrannus War Edit

Lord of the Eclipse

Qliphoggr's Ascension Edit

Return to Sabrial
The Abyss of Sabrial
Princess, Knight, and Dragon

Emperor of Sabrial Edit

It was during the reformation of the Enlightenment Collaborative into the Enlightenment Alliance that Ozarius caught wind of his father having gathered and assembled all the pieces needed for his descension into godhood. Ozarius realized that even with the power of the eclipse (power over light and dark combined) at his disposal there was no way he could defeat his father, he needed an army of his own. Traveling with Rose and the Master to his birth planet of Sabrial Ozarius set off to the empire he had been driven from. He found the capital old and decayed, and the people of this once powerful nation hiding scared in the ruins.

Ozarius instead set off to the territories of the barbarians to the north. Killing the leader of one of the tribes Ozarius took over and then led his tribe to unite all the others. Once this was done he led the barbarians back to the empire he once called home and with the influence granted to him by his power's of the Eclipse he brought the two former enemies together. Ozarius then set out uniting all the other species of world against a crusade that was ravaging the planet.

Once the Crusade was stamped out Ozarius turned his efforts to rebuilding and further expansion into space. However, he would need allies and so sent out a message to his Brother Gridlock hoping he could get him to see that their father needed to be stopped.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Ozarius has a draconic form and is rather short in stature. Though he has lived for hundreds of years biologically he is only fifteen as he has long since stopped aging. Ozarius has golden scales that shine like an unnatural metal identifying his Darkling heritage. Unlike many of his brothers he is actually very noble and regal looking. He has green eyes and red veins that run throughout his skin. He generally wears very little clothing other than a red cape.

However when he is pushed to the breaking point he reverts to his former nature as the Grim Black Beast. A massive dark monster with a humanoid frame, the tail and horns of a devil, the wings of a raven, the spines and claws of dragon, the head of wolf, the ears of a rabbit, and the face of a spider.

Personality Edit

When Ozarius was first born he was a mindless monster with no other thought in his head but to devour others and destroy everything in his sight. After Laceria stripped away and suppressed that nature with her black magic Ozarius became a rather emotionless being. However thanks to the influence of others Ozarius gained a true personality of his own. Often times he would mimic others around him, parroting their actions and words.

Currently Ozarius has a bright and cheerful persona if more then a little mischievous at times. He absolutly loves to explore and discover new things. This curiosity though tends to result in him wandering off and getting lost, into trouble, or often times both. However many have often noticed that Ozarius doesn't always seem quite there making him come across as distant and even creepy to those that are very perceptive. The treatment he received at the hands of the Emperor of Sabrial, humiliating defeat at the hands of the Dark One, death of his adoptive mother, and years spent in isolation have left with deep need for affection and left him with deep mental scars. Still he rarely appears distressed or depressed to others having bottled all those emotions away and focusing on being content no matter the situation. That being said triggering bad memories of his past or offending his sense of justice is a sure way to unleash his brutal and sadistic side. Telling someone they should never have been born or are an abomination has been known to drive Ozarius to remorselessly kill.

He is especially close to the Persan Cybrid Rose. He is very devoted to and protective of her dearly wishing to act as her knight. This can become somewhat obsessive at times though and he will not tolerate anyone threatening or attempting to use Rose for their own ends. In fact attempting to hurt Rose is certain to unleash his hidden psychotic rage, or even unleash the Grim Black Beast itself.

Equipment and Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Dark Eater - A massive scythe that was originally wielded by Kalariu the Kortixx Queen. Ozarius picked it up while treasure hunting.
  • Dark Matter Pistols - Twin pistols that fire bolts of dark matter.
  • Bladed Grappling Cables - Ozarius wields multiple grappling cables with bladed ends to climb surfaces, slash enemies from far away, or reel them in range of his scythe.
  • Dart EM Crossbow - Ozarius wields a wrist mounted electromagnetic crossbow that fires darts filled with a sleeping toxin.

Defenses Edit

  • Cloak - Ozarius wears a red cloak that acts as armor and protects against all environmental conditions, toxins, and diseases. It also contains a pocket dimension within for storing items.

Other Edit

  • Ahreal Kyag oy Paoandr - A book containing every possible Black Magic spell. It was written by Laceria and passed down to Ozarius after her death. Its names translates to "The Book of Hope Going Forth".

Abilities Edit

  • Shadows/Darkness/Night - Ozarius can control Dark Energy
  • Black Magic/Witchcraft
    • CEASE - Slows and/or stops time around enemies while speeding up time around the user.
    • SWITCH - Teleports the user to a desired destination in their field of vision.
    • GUIDE - Gives the user perfect night vision and guides them towards their enemies.
    • COMMAND - Allows the user to command the allegiance of creatures related to them. Ozarius can command creatures of darkness and filth as well as creatures of the void of space.
    • POSSES - Allows the user to posses and control an enemy.
    • DESTROY - Unleashes a blast of force that cancels out enemy attacks and disintegrates all it strikes.
    • DESCEND - Causes immortal beings struck by the spell to experience mortality.

Relationships Edit

Green face Friends Edit

You'll never know how much I value you.

  • Rose - Whoever hurts you, whoever makes you cry... I'll destroy them with my own two hands.
  • Laceria - I miss you so badly mother, but your never coming back.

Blue face Allies Edit

It's fun to work with them and occasionally prank them.

  • Gridlock - Those maniacs are not my family, that burned up long ago.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

I haven't really decided yet.

Orange face Hostile Edit

I'm really close to trying to butcher them.

  • Ryshel - You really are following the wrong people. I pity you more then anything.
  • Leroholt - I respect you too sister. But your still my enemy and I can let you kill the Clett bloodline.

Red face Enemies Edit

If I just kill them then I can be happy. Then I can smile.

  • The Dark one - Father for all you've done I will not rest until you've been destroyed. By my own hands or someone else's.
  • Kaidanax - Just because your my brother doesn't mean I won't kill you.
  • Dortello - The world has been cruel to us all, however that doesn't mean it's right to cruel back.
  • Fokairi - You keep blaming others for your problems, but truth is that you never tried to help yourself.
  • Trodaka - Witch? More like bitch.

Quotes Edit

From Him Edit

From Others Edit

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While I would never allow to contact you, just know, in Zarbania, you are welcome here. If you and Consort Rose need to rest, or settle down, I will make sure nothing happens to you, no matter what happens with father.

- Gridlock

There is such a thing as gravity, Ozarius. You are drawn to my path and follow it, aware or not. You will come to serve me sooner or later.

- Terikalinra

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  • Themes
  • Largely based off Oz from Pandora Hearts and Noe from The Case Study of Vanitas.
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