Ptolemeus' law is simple. You either do his bidding well or die.

- Unknown Isio'Nar

Overmaster Ptolemeus, formerly known as Drone Ptolemeus 21I9N96, is the personal advisor of the Sanktanaar Egnozeus and the Isio'Nar's second-in-command.


Ptolemeus was created as a Marinox drone by the Grox Meta-Empire in the Milky Way as the agent and the assassin, and was granted with a large amount of independence and intelligence to further his goals. After a few successful missions, he was sent into his most dangerous mission - to find the ancient artifact of the Eola'Nar in the Andromeda Galaxy for the Grox King of the Milky Way, who wished to use the artifact for his own ascension. However, as he was close to his goal, something malfunctioned in his mind and Ptolemeus rebelled against their masters. Ptolemeus has claimed the artifact for himself and hid it from the Grox. Sanktanaar Felaanith has rewarded Ptolemeus, turning himself into an Eola'Nar Ferzin. Since then, Ptolemeus was commanding the legions of Eola'Nar, being quite a successful leader. During the Annihilation, Ptolemeus has sided with Isio'Nar, being loyal primarily to Felaanith.

After Felaanith's death, Ptolemeus was promoted into the status of Overmaster to replace Telfar by Egnozeus. However, Ptolemeus is not really content with the new leader...



Ptolemeus is fiercely individualistic person, believing in meritocracy and the survival of the fittest. He often kills the subordinates who have failed them, believing that in that way, Isio'Nar would become stronger. He does not like Egnozeus, seeing him as weak.


Ptolemeus appears as a large, black-skinned Marinox with purple eyes and body shadowed by elemental energy. He does not have any implants, having no need of them due to his ascension. He has purple wings symbolising his status.


Ptolemeus has no need for equipment.


Ptolemeus shares abilities of Isio'Nar, except more powerful. He has inherited the necromantic abilities of the former Overmaster, Telfar, and is often surrounded by the squads of undead Ernaironi protecting him.



Blue face.pngYou are... fine.


Yellow face.pngMeh.


Red face.pngDIE!


You are not my boss.

- Iovera

Such a disappointment to see our brethren sided with these. I shall exterminate you and claim your soul for the Devourer, where it rightfully belongs...

- Emperor Marigrax

The keeper of the city keys watches across the shudders of the windows. I wait and watch, my interest that of the burning soul.

- Ghorie of the Alpha grox
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