I believe I can fly.
I got killed by the OtzDie.
All I wanted was a Loron chest.
Instead I got Galot breast.

- A song about the galaxy

The Ottzello Galaxy (also known as NGC 1300) was a dwarf galaxy in the First Gigquadrant. It was a dystopian galaxy mostly associated with war and poverty. After suffering great wars and losses, only four of the eight original super powers remained at the time of its destruction. Prior to the creation of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the majority of its population lived in slums or authoritarian states.

The galaxy was a Taldar creation, and had very complex sciences in its planets. This led to an abundance in andasium, an extremely valuable resource. Despite this, very few outside nations opted to settle in the galaxy, mostly leaving due to the warlike environment.

The galaxy was destroyed during the Annihilation. TheOttzello Sector was created by the Taldar as a replacement territory.



Ottzello was originally created by the Vyro'Narza, who used it as a testbed for creation of three dimensional life. They created many inhabitants and planets, while others evolved naturally on the planets they created. The Vyro'Ralza planted the seeds of corruption among species later on, with the rise of the Blyro'Tralzorca cult led by Durzhan.

Early historyEdit

While the ancient history of the galaxy is mostly unknown, early history dating centuries prior to the destruction of the galaxy is well known. The Ottzel were the first surviving spacefaring species, a loose and limited government whose corporations colonised the rest of the galaxy. Many of the alien species were enslaved by the Grand Ottzel Order with the Ottzel language beat into them, though they later formed the Federal Government of Ottzello.

The Blyro'Tralzica initially were heavily involved in forging peace in the galaxy, though the Federal Government became incredibly corrupt. The Great Blyro War later begun, in which the Empire of the Kralgon waged war which highlighted the weakness of the Federal Government. Most civilisation was destroyed by the Tralkikianoe after the war, leading to a long dark age.

Perils of OttzelloEdit

Main article: Perils of Ottzello

The Ottzello species later formed new superpower governments, with the most notable being the Galot Republic. While there was a time of peace, Da Propa Big Loron Empire, a new threat, plunged the galaxy into a time of peril. Much of the galaxy was unprepared to deal with the threat, and the war only ended when it evolved into the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello.

The Second Ottzello Galactic War, begun by the returning Template:Ficiton, destroyed much of what was left of the galaxy. The United Nations of Ottzello formed in response, as the Kralgon enslaved the Loron and took control of the galaxy under the New Kralgon Empire. Later, the Third Ottzello Galactic War, in which the Hostile Xenoform Threat presented a severe challenge to the New Kralgon Empire's rule, saw an end to all superpowers with a United Nations of Ottzello victory.


The Unified Nation of Ottzello which formed after the war did not last long. The Annihilation destroyed the galaxy, though many planets were relocated to the Borealis Galaxy.


Political divisionEdit

The Unified Nation of Ottzello was the dominant nation at the time of its destruction.


Ottzello's primary resource of trading was much of its spice and its andasium. Megacorporations such as the Zaarkhun Consortium took advantage of this often. It was economically prosperous in many ways, but its war and income inequality often led to many galactic recessions.


The Kralgon, Ottzelloan Grox and the Gykar were the primary technological innovators. Many Vyro'Narza artifacts discovered also added to a great boon/


The Galot and Technobians made up most of Ottzello's cultural exports in the form of entertainment.


The Ottzello Galaxy was an old, average sized unbarred spiral galaxy with about 250 billion stars. Several globular clusters and dwarf galaxies had been caught in its gravity. It had a diameter of around 95,000 light years and a disk thickness of 1,000 light years. The bulge was about 10,000 light years thick and the halo was 100,000 light years across.


Everything in Ottzello, stars, planets and comets are composed partially of Chronoscopic and the Chronoscopic spawn energies. Planets and stars also contain Dark Chronoscopic.

Points of interestEdit

  • Many locations, such as locations of Taldar artifacts
  • Recently, a Xhodocto construct was found, named 'Fear', about 1.9 million light years from the Galactic Core of Ottzello.
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