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Oskel as a child


Oskel Leton was born on Farmia in a small town. His mother was a doctor and his father was a soldier. As a child he often ventured into the royal city with his father to see how the nobles lived. Oskel also saw how the poor were unjustly treated by the rich. He vowed that one day, he would protect everyone's rights. One evening, he was walking alone when he came across some thugs bulling a young girl. He jumped in and attempted to stop them. The thugs had him outnumbered and were much larger and older than he was. He was beaten up badly, but refused to let them harm the girl. Eventually, his father appeared and was able to drive off the thugs. Before he went home, the girl thanked him and asked him what his name was. He told her Oskel Leton! I want to protect everyone!. She said she would remember him and left mysteriously.

One way he could protect everyone was to become a soldier like his father, Armos Leton. For the next ten years, Oskel trained with his father so he could be the best soldier he could be.

Military CareerEdit

Oskel was drafted into the army at the age of 19 and served with honor. Stopping many rebellions and keeping order among the people. Some rouge Spydorians who survived the Spydorian Extermination still posed a threat. With information he gathered, he was able to hunt down and kill the rebels. He continued His career without much trouble for four years.

Commander to General OskelEdit

Oskel was one day mysteriously promoted to the rank of Commander. All of the underlings respected him and would die for him. At this position, he could follow his dream. Three years later, Oskel was promoted to General. This made him the youngest General in Antroth history at the age of 26. He led his men without fear and would stop at nothing to end various rebellions. Eventually, he managed to strike out all rebels on the planet. This gave him instant recognition from the queen, Queen Si'daal.

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Oskel and Si'daal

Promotion to Royal GuardEdit

Si'daal requested a conference with Oskel and wanted him to become her royal guard. He was honored to have been offered such a sacred and important position. He accepted, and became not only the Grand General of the entire Antroth Military, but the leader of the Antroth Royal Guards.

Alliance with the BiskinEdit

The notorious King Ziskin of the Biskin Empire asked to ally with the mighty Antroths. Si'daal accepted, though Oskel kept his eye on him, for he found him suspicious. Ziskin then told him that Crow Daxur was hired to kill Si'daal's mother, Xi'qui by the Volver Empire of planet Ascon.

Alliance with the InfectantsEdit

Si'daal and her guards traveled to the distant planet Floo. The Infectants confronted the Antroths, telling them to leave or be destroyed. Si'daal quickly requested to talk to their ruler, King Viral. King Viral and Queen Si'daal talked about an alliance. Si'daal and Viral both agreed and signed a peace document. The Antroths were now allied with the Infectants.

Battle of MineraEdit

Oskel was deployed on planet Minera, a planet rich in multiple resources, to fight against the planet's inhabitants, the Helmore. Oskel was able to subdue most of them, but was having trouble handling their commander, Genreal Chainbarr. He eventually defeated him, but then had to deal with their allies, the Volver. Oskel fought hard but was outmatched by Prince Glynnorious. Si'daal called in a reteat and he was forced to fall back to Farmia.

Oskel Armor

Galactic WarEdit

By Ziskin's orders, Si'daal supervised the construction of the Galactic Devastation Ray and ordered Oskel to guard it alongside Averil Daxur. Suddenly out of no where, King Glynnorious had led an attack on Farmia, killing hundreds of Antroths. Si'daal was furious and ordered a counter strike. The Volver forces, along with the Doopies stopped the counter strike and forced them to retreat. This sparked the Antroth's involvement in the war.

Oskel ordered his troops to aide the Biskin fight against the Soldarian forces led by bounty hunter Bengo Flett. The battle was long, and eventually the Allied Forces arrived to help the Soldarian efforts. Si'daal called in the Infectants led by King Viral, and the tide was turned.

Betraying ZiskinEdit

As the battle continued, Oskel found out the true use of the super weapon: To exterminate all life BUT the Biskin. Si'daal quickly pulled her forces out of the battle including Oskel. Some Antroths were still loyal to the Biskin and were left behind. Chainbarr sacrificed himself to destroy the weapon and the explosion killed the Loyalist Antroths.

The Allies later attacked Farmia again, but this time Si'daal surrendered. Si'daal and Glynn signed a peace treaty and decided to never attack each other again.

Truce with the VolverEdit

After the Galactic war, Oskel convinced Si'daal to sign a peace treaty with the Volver Empire and its allies. He attended the signing and was relieved that the conflict between the two races was over.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Oskel fought alongside the Volver Empire, Waptoria Alliance of Species, and the Ugandalorian Empire against the vicious Nebulorians, The Dead Watch, and Unitech Citadel of Sentients during a galactic wide war known as the Nebulorian-Alpha War. Oskel and Si'daal decided to join their new comrades once King Glynnorious told them the threat of the Nebulorian Empire's power. Oskel fought in many battles leading up to the final battle with the leaders of the enemy forces.


Oskel was killed at the hands of Tox Cano, leader of the Dead Watch, equipped with Nebulorian technology.

Revival and Alliance with the UFGEdit

Seeing as Oskel was an important figure in Antroth society and a great warrior, Si'daal managed to revive him with her magic. He was able to witness the signing of an alliance with the Unified Federation of Glory. Oskel was made an honorary representative of the Antroth Empire alongside Si'daal.

Second Infectant WarEdit

During the events of the Second Infectant War, Oskel fought alongside the Waptoria Alliance of Species, the Unified Federation of Glory and new comrade the NOVA Alliance. The Infectants had returned, seeking vengeance on those who betrayed them. The Antroths were a target and Farmia was ruthlessly attacked. Oskel fought valiantly but could not stop them from taking Farmia. He later regrouped with King Brygon, son of the now deceased Glynnorious on planet Ascon. Oskel and Si'daal, accompanied by W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species, fought against the Infectants and managed to take back Farmia. During the final stages of the war, Oskel an dhis allies encountered Hive Mind. She tried to get Oskel to come back to her army of Infectant Drones, but he instantly refused, saying that Si'daal was his true queen. He held Hive Mind down ,allowing his friends to attack her all at once. Hive Mind was Killed and the Infectants were defeated.

Second Ascon Cilvil WarEdit

Oskel and Si'daal were attacked by Volver rebels, causing their involvement in the war. Oskel was unsure if h could trus Brygon or the other Volver after this attack. He protected Si'daal and managed to fight off the attacking rebels. The next morning, Oskel and the other leaders of the UFG, interrogated Brygon. They later found out that the rebels were acting as a completely different group from the Vokver Empire. The UFG headquarters was then attacked by a legion of rebels. The group managed to fight them off thanks to the Soldarian and Lavatuft reinforcements. The UFG then decided to liberate Ascon, the Volver Homeworld, from the rebel leader Crimson. In a long heated battle, Oskel was knocked out by taking a tank shell to the chest. Barda Clett, the new Ugandalore, covered him until he could recover. Oskel later awakened to see the allied forces weakened, as their troops were worn out and could not fight anymore. Suddenly a Volver clad in black armor swooped down and took out the majority of the rebel army. The knight later stormed into the castle and defeated Crimson, saving Brygon in the process. The knight disappeared soon after. Oskel was then called to represent the Antroths at the UFG council meeting, as Si'daal became ill.

Current StatusEdit


Personal InformationEdit


Oskel is a kind, serious, and loyal and above above all honorable person. He speaks clearly and is not afraid to state his opinion. In battle, Oskel is serious and will not underestimate any opponent. He is most loyal to Si'daal, referring to her as My Queen or Ma'am. When he is among friends, he tends to calm down and become relaxed.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Oskel's primary weapon, the Exo-Blade, is a sword fashioned from his own exoskeleton coated in steel. The blade is colapsable and can extend like a whip. He also carries another sword that Si'daal created with her magic. It looks like a normal sword, but can rapidly morph into an heavy battle-axe. Oskel iss also adept in using another signature weapon, The electrified tomahawks. W'tze created these for him during the Second Infectant War. They are ugmented with energy, making them electrified and boiling hot and incredibly sharp blades. A thrown tomahawk from Oskel is, in many cases, an instant kill, due to his precision, as well as the sheer power of the axes.

While Oskel lacks the ability to spit poisonous acid from his mouth like Antroth females can, Oskel, as an Antroth male, can extend a long, tongue-like appendage from his mouth. This appendage has a poisonous acid to it, and can strangle and even decapitate foes within seconds. However Oskel only uses this as a last resort, seeing this way of killing as dishonorable. Oskel can also utilize his advanced sense of smell and eyesight to gain the advantage quickly.

Oskel is also an adept fighter without his weapons. His exoskeleton is hard enough to withstand a standard frag grenade explosion. Oskel is a master of several martial arts, primarily using tai-chi and judo.

Oskel's most deadly ability is his acidic blood. Antroths have a defense mechanism that keeps threats at bay. Once their exoskeleton is penetrated and their flesh is wounded, their blood instantly flows out, as with most creatures, and dissolves any foreign object instantly. Oskel used this to his advantage to melt Tox's Nebulorian weapons during the final battle of the Nebulorian Alpha War. He can control the bleeding due to his enhanced healing ability given to him by Si'daal.


Friends Edit

Green faceI will give my life to ensure their safety.

  • Queen Si'daal- “I will serve you until I die ma'am. For it is my duty, and my honorable choice.
  • W'tze - “While he might be an ecologist, he is a great warrior for sure. We have fought in many battles together.
  • King Glynnorious- “We have had our differences in the past, but he is a great warrior that I am glad to have served with. It is unfortunate that his great journey came to and end.
  • Averil Daxur- “He his my foil. But we have both seen the errors of our ways and have joined the UAE. Unfortunately he is only in the alliance because he gets paid...
  • King Lavern - “A mighty opponent in the Galactic War, now a mighty ally. He is probably the strongest person I know.
  • King Polporious V - “He is a fine ruler. Courageous and powerful, he is truly a trusted ally.
  • King Brygon - “Though he is still learning how to rule, he is already a great king and warrior. He leads the Volver Knights with confidence and is a great strategist. He takes after his father well.
  • Ugandalore The Great - “He was a valued ally and a great warrior. He will be forever remembered in not only Ugandalorian history, but in Antroth history as well.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceAre you friend or foe?

Enemies Edit

Red faceMay you dishonorable scum rot in hell!

  • Hive Mind - “I will never join your side Hive Mind. I do not understand why you continue to pursue me...I do not love you!
  • Omega Virus - “You are as insane as your mother. May you both rot in hell.
  • King Ziskin - “Your selfish intensions almost annihilated my race! For that, you will never be forgiven.
  • Faminarot IronMaw - “I don't care where you crawl up from...I'll put you down again!


Quotes from HimEdit

I will fight you with honor. I will fight you as if you were my equal. Meaning that I will not hold back.

You lack resolve.

If you fight for a reason that is simply for your own benefit, then you are fighting for nothing. Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Represent those who have no power.

Touch my queen, and I WILL end your life.

If I am to die for the people I love, then I will.

It would be in your best interest not to anger me.

Quotes from OthersEdit

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Possibly the most honorable person I've ever met.

- W'tze

He is a great warrior, and an even greater person. I am honored to know him, and I am glad Torscka has a place in his peoples' history.

- Barda Clett
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