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The Orion League is an intergovernmental organization established in 2270 at the end of the Human Colonial Wars to ensure peace and international cooperation between the Human nations of Earth. Since then, it has grown into a massive political entity encompassing many interstellar human, near-human, and alien nations of Orion's Spur and beyond.

As an organization, the Orion League has five principal organs: the general council (the main legislative body, where each member state gets a vote on issues and legislation), the upper council (a body meant to counterbalance the sweeping powers of the general council through democratic vetoes), the executive (the leader and spokesman of the Orion League, and the mediator of choice when it comes to inter-human disputes), a judicial branch (a set of international courts meant to prosecute individuals and governments for violations of international law), and the Orion Economic Assembly (a body meant to facilitate trade between member states; it also manages Orion currencies).

The League also provides tools for close economic cooperation between its members, introducing in 2351 a common human currency called the gilo which eventually became the currency of choice for international exchanges. It also fields a highly professional, technologically advanced, but small peacekeeping force sometimes supplemented by the militaries of its member nations.

Territory Edit

As an intergovernmental organization, the Orion League does not formally own any territory aside from embassies, though over the years it has accumulated numerous military bases, common territories, and trade infrastructure over the years. Notably, it has territories spread throughout the Mirus Galaxy which were obtained during the Dominatus War and a series of Nante-class stations spread throughout the Milky Way to protect its interests, such as Frontier 1.

Economy Edit

The Orion League as a whole hosts a diverse and powerful economy whose influence stretches as far as the Cyrannia Cluster. However, its main sphere of influence is in Orion's Spur.

As an organization, the League acts as a mediator between economies, imposing rules of fair trade, copyright, and enforcing those rules through its judiciary branch. The Orion Economic Assembly acts as a forum and a source of help for economies and also manages the League's official reserve currency, the gilo.

Diplomacy Edit

Foreign policy Edit

While each member of the Orion League entertains independent relations with non-League powers, the Orion League is empowered to make common treaties, alliances, and wage war as a single political entity. The Orion League's foreign policy is decided by the executive branch, with the Chairman acting as foreign policy director.

However, treaties and agreements must be ratified by the General Council and avoid being vetoed by the Upper Council before they can go into effect. Furthermore, the only body in the organization with the power to declare war is the General Council.

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Sword&ShieldWe stand together.

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Crossed SwordsHumanity does not surrender.