Commerce is a dangerous business. Therefore it makes sense to band together for a common goal.

- Unknown Oriito

The Oriito Federation is a corporate alliance originating from the Madraxi cluster of Andromeda's Outer-Rim. The federation consists of several hundred inhabited systems primarily wthin the cluster. The federation had formed three centuries before the Annihilation and currently there is little information regarding its post-annihilation state.


The Oriito Federation originated over 300 years ago with the and of the commerce wars on the Oriito homeworld of Rinman. The wars originated from the rise in comeptition between emerging corporate supersates and the dissolution of the planet's former nation-states. After 53 years of numerous proxy wars, market fluctuation and corporate espionage the 10 most powerful corporations formed the Executive Board; a multi-corporate panel with representetives from each megacorporation. Under the guidance of the board the various corporations united in a tenuous peace, funding for considreable R&D projects to expand corporate interests.

The first extra-soloar colonies were established a decade after the project. The federation expanded slowly and was restricted to sublight velocities for 50 years until the discovery of plans for an FTL engine in the form of warp drive. These plans originated from a currently-uncertain precursor race that had settled the planet millions of years ago. Exited with the discovery, the Executive Board funded for the reverse-engineering and development for warp drive and any other technology that could be found at the site. By 2695 A.D. warp rive was in common use and technological deveopment had accellerated with the newfound technology. Founding several archeological divisions and R&D corporations in the process

With the wealth of the colonies now interconnected the Oriito expanded outward while clashes with the corporate states intensified. Companies hired mercenaries to take control of systems away from the competition and the Executive Board became more disconnected with the colonies. As it's hold loosened competition almost boiled over unti the emergence of the businesswoman Adallada Grirgovidik. Using contacts she founded the corporation Gardak Logistics and using various connections absorbed numerous other megacorporations into a cartel. Over time Gardak Logistics overshadowed the other states after numerous seccret operations.

With much of the federation under her control she declared herself "president of the federation". A title that differed from the previous "president of the executive board". She replaced the board with her own leadership from Gardak. During her time as president the federation took its first steps out of the cluster, expanding further than ever before. While the federation experienced a golden age the effects of the period before the Annihilation the federation was hit hard, while the federation itself survived the catastrophe billions had died and in the years since they have been rebuiling.



The Federation is a competetive corporatocracy. While the idea of territory and nation is bluured, the various corporations exist as divisions of larger corporations, hich intern are overshadowed themslves by the market leader. While originally this was held by Gardak Logicstics, the company was crippled from the annihilation and were sueprceded by Arakolva, a wide-angle company with Gareda Guillimasa as it's CEO and therfore president of the Oriito Federation.

The overcomany keeps the others in line and laws regulated, funding for its own private armies and R&D centres to keep ahead of climbing competitors. The job of the overcompany is to organise all the others and keep rivalries between businesses civil while at the same time keeping themselves as market leaders. While companies do hold a variation of sovereign claim to planets, sysems and globular clusters, they are responsible for keeping everything in order and providing for the populations under their regimes. It is easy for these comapnies ot lose theri holdings from financial downturn, corporate espionage or unprofitability.


Quality of life varies within the federation as different companies offer different benefits but the concept that the core worlds are often more comfortable than the borders still applies. Some of the rickest in the federation reside within the core worlds and everyone lives comfortably.

Citizens still divide themselves. Instead of ethinicity or nationality this division comes from what employer they work for and citizens under a corporation's payroll are often named in the same way others are named after what nation-state they claim home in. As is natural in a competetive scoiety and depending on the reputation of the employer, slurs do arise.


The federation exists primarily within the Madraxi cluster, a group of 512 stars with a 35-lightyear diameter. This cluster occupies the 'core worlds' region and makes up at least half of the federation's known colonies. The colonies become more spread out outside of the cluster. The 8-lightyears around Rinman's parent star make up the core worlds, the oldest colonies of the federation who's popualtions each hold up to a billion or more sapients outside of the homeworld. The mid-rim makes up the rest of the cluster with planets supporting several million. The frontier is primarily the region outside of the Madraxi cluster and these colonies are the most deprived. Many of them rely on imports from the core worlds for all but the most basic of food and medical supplies even though efforts have been made to make them self-sustaining.


Green face.pngPerhaps we can do business together?

  • none yet

Yellow face.pngWe're not sure about you, are you open to trade?

  • none yet

Red face.pngGet lost! We make no deals with your kind!

  • Xhodocto - Billions of lives were lost because of you!


There are rumours about them from expeditions into Segmentum Umbra. But from what we can tell they are not hostile and are of minimal threat to the Imperium.

- Larnus Vontarion


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