The Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta is a small independent theocratic state within the Space in Between, housed on the planet Calcutta. The Qo-Oh is recognized as their deity and through the Cleric its divine guidance is given to the native Calcuttan, as the Cleric manages the day to day affairs of the government.


Calcutta Beach

Calcutta is well known for its beaches and tropical climate

The earliest record of civilization on Calcutta date back to 753 BC when the Calcuttan on the planet raised their city and their nation, the Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta. Over the centuries the Calcuttan thrived on the planet and around 53 BC construction on the Cathredal of Qo-Oh started and took over 250 years to finish.

Even since the Ordinis Sancti remained out of galactic events and wars and upon encountering the Kingdom of the Netherlands around 2800 established friendly relations with the Dutch and welcomed their tourists. The Ordinis Sancti also favours friendly relatiosn with the Legatus but fears their expansional desires.


The Ordinis Sancti is a very local independent state within the Space in Between, often remaining neutral in conflicts or affairs to remain their independence.

Calcutta Planet
Calcutta is the tropical and warm homeworld of the Calcuttan Aelfe, better known as the Calcuttan. A popular tourist location for the Dutch people and a place of pilgrimage for the Aelfe of the Space in Between. Calcutta is known for its kind and warm people, tropical weather and beautiful beaches, crab dishes and its the Cathredal of Qo-Oh, one of the holiest places within the Space in Between. Calcutta Cathredal Tidal Defense and Cleric House

Government & PoliticsEdit

By the divine will of Qo-Oh, we welcome thy!

Ececutive Branch and Head of State

Executive and legislative power in the Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta is vested in the spiritual leader of Calcutta, who functions as the head of government and the head of state. However he leaves diplomatic relations to an annoited ambassador with the approval of its community.

As a rather zealot yet friendly state their is low intolerence for sinners and criminals, though the state is tolerant of non-Aelfe and their believes.

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Economy, Society & CultureEdit

Calcutta Cathredal

Calcutta Cathreda, a massive tourist locationl

The Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta main income and wealth comes from its tourists, often other Aelfe species and humanoids who wish to enjoy the beaches or to visit the massive Cathredal of Qo-Oh. As such Calcuttan society is fully orchestrated to provide the needs of its tourists and people. The main city features restaurants, bars and lodging facilities.

As the Calcuttan are curious of their own, they show a remarkable tolerence for non-Calcuttan and their believes and customs, though as a general rule they have a low tolerance of sinners and criminals. In addition the Calcuttan frown upon Half-Aelfe, the result of an Aelfe and human mating. Further more, their religious believes center upon the Qo-Oh deity, a large divine bird of fire and life.


The Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta knows no diversity amongst its member species as the Calcuttan are its only species. However they do allow other species to live amongst them.

Calcuttan Aelfe (Calcuttans)


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Military and DefenceEdit

Calcutta Military

Ordinis Sancti Starfighter Corps

As an independent state the Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta maintains its own military forces, albeit small they are very effective and efficient in execution of their duties. The military is however fully orientated for the defense of their planet and lacks any offensive capabilities like cruisers or frigates.

The military consists fully out of Calcuttan Starfighter-Corps, a yellow single-seat patrol craft developed by the Calcuttan for duties such as defense, patrol, and escorting. With its sleek design it is well known and loved by spotters and favored by collectors though very few are seen outside the use the starfighter corps of the Ordinis Sancti.

CRE Calcuttan Pilot Calcuttan Pilots are clad in traditional colorful flight suites designed by the Calcuttan. It features an dark orange flight suite with a dark leather shirt and dark boots. The helmet features similair coloration but is ordaned with yellow lines as well.

They are excellent pilots but are often seen as arrogant as they love to show their skills to other, but in comparison besides patrol and a few skirmishes with pirates and criminals have seen little to no war combat.


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