The Order of the Fallen Angels is the second pillar of Purity, formed after the end of the Infernal Republic war of purified Moars. Apart from their own territory, their vessels can be seen in all parts of the Purity, most commonly in the vassal states, where they enforce law and order, serving as a sort of special military force. Their second duty is the protection of Purity's territories, patrolling all of the borders and helping the Purity Corps defend it's trade routes. They are a prime example of how the purification can not only benefit the individual, but a species as a whole.

Culture Edit

On their own, Moars are not unfeeling devilish being, but a race of people very loving and brotherly to themselves and those they treat as equals, were it not for their extreme xenophobia. Fortunately, after their purification they completely lost their sense of xenophobia, allowing them to be a more tolerant and peaceful species. They are delicate preachers of the Purity who tell of positive reward rather than damning involuntary purification should their enemies fail to join. Pacifism is usually their first option, but should the Pure One command them to kill someone, army up against an enemy force or protect a place at all costs, they would.

Government Edit

Being the Purity's strongarm, they have a strong centralized government ruled over by Sanctiel, the Pure Presence, who was the most loyal of them to the Purity from the start. His rule can be described as an absolutist theocracy, since the absolute power over the empire is held by him and was given to him by the Pure One himself, who they regard as their deity. Though due to their general pacifism, Sanctiel could be regarded as a benevolent despot.

History Edit

The Order of the Fallen Angels was formed after the end of the Duality Duel between the Purity and the Infernal Republic, during which the Purity managed to purify quite a bit of the Republic's outskirt colonies using their Purification Project. After the war was over, they migrated to planets near the Purity border to establish their new empire there.

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