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Borg attempt

Resistance isn't futile.

After their sacrifice, the Delpha Coalition of Planets was presumed destroyed except for a pockmark of survivors here and there. However, the DCP's territories were left lifeless and mostly in carnage. The survivors, not many in comparison to the universes great populations before the cleanslate were now desperate for any sort of technology they could get a hold of. Although the DCP was greatly respected amd feared, this no longer mattered, their space was still a treasure of technology and relics to be reverse engineered, as the DCP save a few high tier one civilizations was the strongest industrial and military powers in the First Gigaquadrant. However, some extragalactic civilizations such as the refugees from Wental, didn't know as much about the DCP's presence.

However, the DCP's defense grid was still active, albiet glitchy and in places only a few percent functioning. The maelstrom, perhaps the DCP's strongest defense placed around star systems and colonies made most forms of faster than light travel very difficult. They were usually controlled from hyperspace beacons under the control of sentients, however, in the case of an emergency an AI was controlling them. Only half functioning, hour by hour, the strength and size of the maelstrom would change, sometimes allowing oppotunity of entrance to those few who dare to come through.

The automated weapon systems such as the drove hunters, torpedo platforms, nanosWarms and hyperspace missiles were still active, as well as self-destruction protocols on colonies and defensive weapons. Some important colonies still had their planetary shields raised.

However, this didn't stop some. The first to try and raid Coalition space was the Borg, being perhaps the great opputinistic power. Still recovering, several dozen Borg scouts and a few cubes persistantly entered DCP space for over a week, never to be seen again. Pirates also never survived.

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The Wentalian Species were far from home and in potentilly hostile space. Their main empire now was in the outer Carina-Sagittarius Arm, but they wanted some territories in each arm to work out off in times of War, and to simply spread their influence. In the Scutum-Crux Arm, they decided to make a go for the now unihabited DCP space. What they didn't know was just how defensive the DCP had been of their territory, or that their tech would still be funtional without them...

Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets introduction Edit

Although the Delpha Coalition of Planets was gone, the species of the Coalition fortunatly were not., the MSP was much smaller than the Delpha Coalition of Planets but their technology was as advanced. The MSP became the new beacon of hope for survivors, such as rebellions, ambassadors to other empires during the cataclysm and even a few fleets which had somehow survived.

Some would have problems in getting along with each other, but in the desperate scope of the galaxy, the Megallanic Clouds suddenly became a safe place. The MSP's technology however, was compatable with the DCP's. If only they could claim their lost legacy, might they reach an industrial scope of the Coalition.

The MSP had got a bad name, but in fact, is a bit less fearful of sharing technology. THe MSP will cooperate with the Wental forces to enter DCP's territories once more.

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The Dragonian Empire has heard word of the abandoned DCP territories and that Empires are trying to gather as much DCP technology as possible.The Dragonians decided to seize the opportunity but not to gather technoloogy but to explore DCP space although they are ordered to take technology if its ripe for the taking as it can help the empire industrial technology is to be targeted rather than military.

The operation which is called Operation:Scavenger was to start the 8th exploration fleet is ordered to commence the operation immediately.The Dragonians also wish to use this opportunity to test the new prototype Drone ships and AI controlled battleships.The Dragonian fleet has left Dragonia after Emperor Dragonar's speech and left with millions of Dragonians cheering.The Fleet has left Dragonian space and journeys to DCP space to fulfill their mission.Wary of the dangers of the now abandoned DCP space.

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Masuri watched as his troops marched across the uninhabited T2 planet. The twin cities here, nearby neighbors and heavily defended, were surrounded by miles of new farmland, all within a massive out wall that had been create by the spaceships and their weapons. Outside the wall was a 5 mile wide swath of dead land, to keep native creatures away as long as possible. The many basses across this vast new colony were mostly militaran, but there were also towns and villages scattered across the farmlands. The cities were massive systems with immense spaceports on the outside of them. Outside so that if someone attacked from the ground they would have to fight through the mile wide area used by the spaceports that surrounded each city. His colony was perfect for a military operation, and that was what this was. Jarica, Dylan, and Ginga were all elsewhere, fighting or working to build GWA colonies in other locations. This was his show to run, and he would run it well.

The system he was in was on the edge of the old recorded DCP space, so they wouldn't have to go very far to reach DCP colonies. Indeed, he had several already selected for the first attempts at re-colonization. He was going to use a total fleet of 10 thousand military craft and 5 thousand colonization craft. To be safe, he would send out the first colinizational fleet, 5 ships strong, with a fleet of 20 military vessels. Masuri figured that would be plenty to survive possible attacks by others planning to colonize the DCP old territories. But even so the colonies would take time to build, and would requier a powerful central base, which is what he planned this planet to be.

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The Dragonian fleet has stopped at a DCP outer colony for repairs caused by the long journey.In the system they found a weird device that seems to be damaged beyond repair.The Dragonian fleet has landed on the planet while the Drone fleet orbits the planet.The Colony seems to be an industrial colony as it was full of minerals,factories and other industrial equipment.The technology Dragonians were assigned to retrieve,But they are ordered not to retreive it for fear of an alarm that'll trigger the self-destruct mechanism of the colony or other protocols. The Dragonians decided to bring in one of their distinguished captains Captain Dragonash to assist the 8th exploration fleet.

The Dragonian captain looks over the city from atop a hill wondering why is the city still orderly as mass evacuations are supposed to be chaotic.As Dragonash's shuttle lands he explains what information probes retrieved inside DCP space.The DCP seems to have a device that prevents and disrupts lightspeed travel.They are also armed with drone ships,defense platforms and other defense mechanisms

The Dragonian fleet was ordered to colonize 10 planets to use as forWard bases and drone manufacturing bases as this is the proving grounds for those drone ships.The Dragonians has decided to begin colonizing ten planets for forWard bases. The Dragonians send a fleet of 10 Dragonian frigates,5 Dragonian destroyers,2 Dragonians battlecruiser and 50 Drone ships to assist in the colonization and operation scavenge.after establishing the forWard base the Dragonians will commence the operation.

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Much of the DCP's technology was composed of advanced networks, often the compenents being semi-sentient, or even repressed sentience. This some of it was left running, after several weeks of "runaway trains", as this phenomenon ould be called, spokes of free consciousness flickered here and there, combing, reintergrating and replicating over undamaged technologies. The DCP's defensive measures simply recorgnised the new "ghosts" with beimng the Coalition. On their own with no external threat, they ghosts spread like wilfdfire.

Nanotechnologies and semi-sentient holograms began to rise. Some had the knowledge and memories of the previous Coalition, some of the holograms were previously living beings! Feral botworlds began to flourish and evolve quickly due to the expotential growth of nanotechnology and computronium. Life began to fill the dead worlds, but not of wet carbon slush at the molecular level, instead instricate and intelligent nano-assembelers.

The new biota caught attention of the AI's which still intersected DCP space. It is unknown how the feral bot worlds and the worlds of digitally immortal ghosts will become absorbed into the netspace.

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