Unknown to anyone in the Coalition, there were forces beyond their comprehension at work. A mind that should not even exist in this stub of timespace had interviened. It was the Big Collective Consciousness. These descendants, only exist in one possible future, but had yet spread across the Manifold of all possible configurations of the universe, all inflationary universes, all quantum realities, all timelines. For if the DCP was destroyed, so would the BCC. In order to save not only themselves, but the Manifold, they sealed the DCP is crystal space, a self-contained omega point, for intelligent life in each universe to at least have a probability of existence. The BCC and the Manifold would continue as a quantum fluctuation, within this saved crystal space. --Unknown

Chapter One: The Antispace Edit

Kilnok found himself hanging between realities like a dangling string. He was a discorporeal, he had no essence, no form. Only consciousness, in a sea of vibration. Within him was the universe, and outside too, as a thin band of blueshifted photons. This was feeling everyone in the DCP was feeling, the great blueshift. Then suddenly, everything was back to normal. As Kilnok watched, he found himself back on the green hilltop. He shuddered, but realized there was no Anzaghar to mock him. And there was the Star Sailor. He boarded his ship, relishing its existence. But this coud not be right, surely? Regrouping with the fleet, the cloud had gone. There was the Vi'Navitum Ark that had been engulfed.

Where another race might descend into despair or chaos, the DCP's strong martial laws and strict regime kept a moralle. The DCP regrouped. There was no sign of the Xhodocto, or the wave of unreality that had consumed most of the universe. There was also no signs of life, anywhere. And as the DCP continued to explore, they found places never previously visited were inaccesisble, thrawt with anomalies and topological defects. There was no sign of spacetime's expansion. Indeed, no-one really knew what had happened and what will happen. The physicists and theoreticians concluded the DCP was no longer in the universe. No natural phenomenon was known to ressurect lives. Despite the DCP's great scientists at work, life went on as normal. The DCP's planets and stars were all set as they were and were soon settled on. The main questions asked were they in a a parallel universe? Had the Xhodocto trapped them in a dimensional prison? They were far from the truth...

The blueshift everyone experienced was actually the transition into an inner horizon before being pulled through a timelike singularity. On the other side, in the re-emergence, the DCP was transported to an antispace. The antispace was a perfect quantum copy of the original universe. However, the Antispace had also been pasted onto the original universe at the boundary of the singularity, called the c-boundary. The timelike curve of the DCP would continue in this c-boundary (the white hole in antispace soon collapsed into black hole, reversing the polarity, allowing a portion of the antiverse to be tapered to the singularity between spaces). However, in order to keep the the Antispace pasted onto the omega, sufficient energy would be needed to maintain it. And what could program and simulate such a cosmic memory card? The Superordinates of the Technoosphere. However, the entire anti-universe could not be stored in the Omega, only the parts of the universe the DCP had vistited. The rest was blurred out my insufficiencies in the mass required to power the Omega. The DCP were also the only life in the universe. Kept alive by the dreaming AI's, one day, the AI's will wake up and retell their dreams... --Unknown

Kilnok was hanging over the Tuuros galaxy, outside his ship. There was not even any sign of the Xhodocto, or their great constructs. Climbing back into his ship, he decided to attempt to fly it beyond the First Gigaquadrant. Ramming the ship into Tachyonic Shift, the stars instantly turned into light cones which into two pieces due to the superliminal travel. Soon he would be beyond known space, deep within the Nexus cluster, he proceeded for another two of his hours. The stars did indeed change. Opening the view screen panel, Kilnok was met with surprise. Indeed the stars had changed, but they were recorgnised by his onboard navigational computer! He was in the Xanthrus galaxy, the furthest point he had last travelled, it was if he had transversed and planet, starting in one country and ending up back at the beginning. But the universe was flat. Not a hypersphere, which this indicated. They were not in the universe anymore, that was for sure. But why were they there in the first place?

Chapter Two: Kan'Kun Edit

It had been one month.

Kilnok was lying on his bed. He had deactivated his optical sensorium, opting for tachyon detection sensors. His visual field was completely blind except for pinpoint sparks in the corner of vision. In concentration, he could almost see as the points split into two parts, appearing and departing in opposite directions with a burst of red to blue rainbow shift of colours (cherenkov radiation). Pretty he thought. Damn pretty, these "slaved tachyons" were leaching from the damaged warp conduit, cherenkov raditation itself are charged particles travelling through a medium faster than hindered light can (but still not as fast as light in a vacuum). This wasn't good, because it disrupts the sensitive EM field mediums of the insulators surrounding the Warp conduit. Too many shockwaves would lead to catastrophic failure. The Tachyonic Shift Drive was currently not functioning, the tachyons should not be leaking within the ship but around it.

There was a knock on the door. It could only be that of a Proto-Xhodocto, Kan'Kun, only the sound of his knock could penetrate the door. The Proto-Xhodocto must be serious, he is afterall, a "No-nonsense guy", perfect for the crew. Kilnok let him in.

  • I believe I can be in assistance of the tachyon leak. --Kan'Kun
  • My friend, what do you propose? --Kilnok

My friend. Kilnok never thought he would say that to any of Kamik'Shi's creations.

  • I can demonstrate --Kan'Kun

Suddenly the rainbow images of tachyons subsided.

  • How are you able to do this, its impossible to even see a tachyon until it has departed? --Kilnok
  • How do you describe how you see blue beyond words? It is as natural to me as your abilities. --Kan'Kun
  • I can sense it is not the tachyons which brought you here, then. --Kilnok
  • Correct. It is about where we are. --Kan'Kun

Kan'Kun is an enigma. Like the Archdemons, he is a spawn of Kamik'Shi, or more like a lost finger. The Xhodocto have even described how Kamik is the soul or brain and the Xhodocto are his/its fingers. Was he an experiment that could resist the will of his mind, like some sort of divine delusion, or was he severed? He was much weaker than the Archdemons, and is mortal, but holds nearly as much wisdom.

  • Kilnok, I sense that we are not in another dimension, another time or a pocket universe. I sense we exist in this great, all-consuming void. --Kan'Kun
  • Like a black hole, or similar classes of dark star. --Kilnok
  • Indeed. But information, of energy is being beamed into this reality from some boundary source, and I can feel "intent". I believe your scientists are familiar with C-boundaries (Tipler physics). --Kan'Kun
  • Probably, but cosmology and cosmogony are not my strong points. --Kilnok
  • In laymen terminology, the original description is the "collapse of the computational capacity of the universe as it diverges to infinity and its environments emulated with that computational capacity which can last for duration a of infinity". We entered a space which collapsed from the main universe, who's physical information became computational and infinite. We are in a vast, cosmic simulation beamed from the edge of a singularity! --Kan'kun
  • But have you any clue why? --Kilnok
  • I'm working on that. It would explain why this simulated environment is composed only of explored DCP space and only contains us. Something is using our memories and paths in time to create this empty universe that seems to be made for us. At this point, I'm uncertain why. The Taldar have this capability but it doesn't make sense, they are less interested in computing universes, Godraces can be as varied as Truly Alien mortals you know. The Technoosphere may have the power to support this universe, but not enough to create this, not yet. It could be a Xhodocto prison. --Kan'Kun

Soon after, this was reported to every government council in the Coalition. The scientists began to search for the "grainy" texture of space, and found it contains no noncomputable functions (a paradoxical number which stymies a computers ability to calculate, which a non-simulated universe may contain, such as a spacetime continuum). The mini-universe was proven to be digital. The DCP had finally been conquered, something was controlling their Omegaverse, something wanted to keep them there. Many wanted to go to war, to battle this unseen artist painting their world, but not even Kan'Kun truly knew what was behind the smoke screen.

Chapter Three: Beyond the shadow Edit

In a distant dimension, incomprehensibly large bits of data, some in large data streams and others in self-organising shapes battle the affects of chaos, a seemingly never ending battle between order and entropy ensues in the univeres below, like oil droplets in a frier. Timescapes of billions of years passed, forwards and in reverse. But suddenly, the chaos was expanding outside the logical laws of the universes below, breaking all rules and sending waves of unreality through many of them, completely destroying some universes and leaving less important ones lifeless, perhaps to be used for a future purpose.

In an attempt to seek hideouts, the living codes, known as the Da'lan, greatly enpowered by the Vi'Navitum, searched for any singularities to harvest. Some Da'lan hovered over this universe, and could both see inside and outside of all spaces within. There it found another intelligence of great power, the Technoosphere. Grazing on stars and feeding several planetary masses of information per day, they were generating a large black hole. Just what they were looking for, to them, black holes were not points but a fuzzy mist of dense vibrating energies, playing in loops, their harmony composing the symmetries of matter!

But the AI's were struggling to keep the horizon of the black hole uniform. Radiation being emitted was causing tent-pole shaped "shadows" prickling its surface and deforming it, the doors were opening as each particle escaped, and the Da'lan individually followed these imprints... Within its spherical volume the living codes nestled into the omega point, containing the information storage capacity to maintain at least half a small galaxy. It wasn't much at all and the space was still an ocean of entropic chaos. The Da'lan wanted order, a "military base" from which it can strike the Xhodocto again. The Da'lan began to affect the gravitational attraction of astronomical bodies, imperceptible to the DCP, in order to create a reverse of the Big Bang.

But they were not unnoticed. The Technoosphere was maintaing the singularity to sustain only one inhabitant, the Delpha Coalition of Planets, and could only store the DCP's colonised space. The prison was about to be invaded.

The glitches Edit

Kenders, was standing in the virtual deck, communicating with some of the greatest minds of the Coalition, mostly Yoburt, though Kraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast, the Singing Tree of Ooolonngvor, the Disembodied Quantum Collection Front of Nigra-7, the Bootlog companion of King Ragak of the Vooshok Hegenomy and several other eccentrics were also there. Kraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast's apparence kept bloating and deflating every 2.2 seconds and his "voice" was unusually high pitched. Due to the curvature of the spatial bubble, the subspace transmission sending a holographic copy of Kraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast was struggling to maintain dimension. Suddenly he turned into a burst of pixels, although the copy was still lingering invisibly, now obviously as annoyed as a tree could be, causing several leaves to drop off his physical body.

Our holometric sensors have been detecting an unusual property of the texture of spacetime here. The planck volumes in some parts of space are expanding in size, typically, near the boundaries of this pocket universe. As soon as they expand to a certain degree, something causes them to collapse to their original state, causing sudden "snaps" of radiation *plays recording*. We must find out why or how this could be happening, possibly, the unknown systems beyond programming our little patch of space. We can detect this with our holometric sensors, which are detecting the fluctuations in spacetime like noise. As these volumes are expanding, so is the quantum foam, the tapestry of wormholes and vacuum energy which determines the behaviour of certain particle interactions. --Bootlog companion

We must be sure this interference doesn't enter inhabited space. Those planck volumes are important to the fundamental laws that we need to survive in. If the planck volumes are increasing in size, then so is the wavefunction of various particles such as the electron, who has a wavefunction that is spread over a small volume rather than in one place, determined by the planck values! The electron probability shells that surround atomic nuclei would become unequalised. Matter would collapse. Plus, the disparity between knowing the location and position of a subatomic particle might become enlarged into our macro-world! --Disembodied Quantum Collection Front

Wait. We must ask our selves why this hasn't happened yet. There is something preventing these planck voumes from increasing, as you said Bootlog companion, "something causes them to collapse to their original state, causing sudden snaps of radiation", which we are detecting. --Dr.Kenders

Are you suggesting, a war of space and time itself? --Kilnok

Precisely, and something is protecting us. --Dr.Kenders

Invisible enemy Edit

The spacetime incusion stopped as briefly as it had begun. But the attacker wasn't finished. The DCP's terrirories had been copied as well into the simulated universe, and the DCP, began to power up their Interstellar Grid networks. It was these that began to be "tapped into". Strong gravitational waves were also detected coming from unknown sources, disrupting, albeit slowly, the gravitational rythems of the virtual yet physical stars and planets that had been "saved", as if matter was beginning to contract on itself, though the DCP was in no immediate danger from this particular process as it was undertaking over cosmic time scales.

Chapter Four: The planck machines Edit

The Milky Way Cooperative had done its best to try and re-establish linkage with the Technoosphere in parts of the galaxy. Although many of the original AI's were open to networking, the AI's clustered close to the edge of the Milky Way remained closed off, one of them being one of the Superordinates, Chirality.

Several human researchers of the Milky Way Cooperative with two alien advisors were sent to investigate the cluster of AI's (because they were the least affected by the Annihilation and thus the least busy). The term cluster is not accurate, it just means the region of the galaxy where the energy states of the AI's connected over interstellar distances had assembled into a pattern of being. In much the same way an ape may try to eat or procreate with a human's crafted designs, the researchers (despite each coming from an advanced space faring civilisation) feeble attempts to probe the AI's by chasing their processing information and energy outputs were far too limited to truly understand the AI's motives and actions, as each intelligence's unique ways are thinking are somewhat limited by their perception, the AI's are outside human experience.

However, 27th century's Quantum Gravity was of course way outside the league of 21st centuries (in ways this writers limited mind can't grasp so won't bother!), and the researchers could detect the presence of a large, spinning black hole, or rather, spinning toroid, which the AI's were feeding entire star systems into, with more energy that the DCP's entire emissions within one week a day, however, the power drain was now affecting more and more of the galaxy. What was of up most importance. Mysteriously, this location of the galaxy was the first to be hit by the wave of chaos and final resting place of the several trillion souls. As the survey vessels approached, they found themselves blocked by a spatial distortion, the nearest AI unleashed a scanning beam on the ship, but determined it of negligible threat and allowed it to proceed, the AI's new these these microbial intelligences would not comprehend their true reasons, however, the AI may have misjudged the researchers slightly. The Technogod watchers detected slight disturances of Hawking's radiation on the black toroid's photon sphere of light around the event horizon (the Da'lan of course going to and from), and the AI's were attemping to compensate and reflex its surface, in much the way a baker rolls dough to flatten it.

Suddenly, the Survey Ships found they were not alone. Three large Temple ships appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. It was the Apalos. The Temple Ships threatened the Survey ship with deadly force if they did not move, and wiped all information from the Survey vessel. Suddenly the AI that gave them trouble at the start beamed them light years away. With no evidence and no way back in, no more could be found. The Apalos, with both part of the DCP and AI Netspace within their collective, and maybe The Agency too, knew the truth...

Meanwhile Edit

The AI's had one last hope, but a a cost.

Kilnok awoke to bright luminous flashes in the dark night. It was his first touch down on a planet since his near fatal meeting with Anzaghar, peering from his window, he saw in the direct location of where the interstellar power grid is tapered to the planet he was staying on was lit with electric blue fire. The skies of every world in the Coalition became lit by celestial lightning storms. The DCP's Interstellar Grid networks had collapsed, the network of superliminal warp networks and wormholes had disintergrated into a thunderous storms of micro-wormholes, appearing much like lighting. Space was fracturing, the the energy of millions of collapsing and rebounding wormholes send shockwaves of energy through every power grid, basically like blowing a 100 watt light bulb with 1000 megawatts, within hours the DCP was knocked into a low Type II kardavesh civilization, relying on planetary power, solar energy and ships to ferry communication across interstellar distances.

The state of spacetime had changed. Hyperspatial travel was now exceedingly dangerous, causing many ships technologies requiring warp or hyperspace to fail, including FTL communications, although luckily Tachyonic Shift Drives were unaffected, luckily, the Emperor and the DCP's government stayed intact as he was able to command ships to convey information.

In their fight with the Da'lan, the AI's had no choice but to allow the Da'lan in, but at a price, to jump the region of space planck units forward in time (based on the discontinuity barrier), to create a temporal barrier between the DCP and Da'lan, each others version of "now" discontinous with one another), but the cost was that the simulations capacity to hold higher energies and masses was lost). Eventually, space began to stabilise. Any hypergiant stars and binary stars over a certain mass that were being simulated went into terminal collapse. On the edges of the pocket universe, black holes and white holes began to appear as if the universe had opened its eye lids (see the main image, opening up to the true state of the omegapoint). Although the DCP had lost its power grid and hyperspace capability, the true reason why the DCP had been ressurected in this cosmic simulation - to save a branch of the multiverse without the Annihilation ever happening was still safe, and the Da'lan, existing in another time frame, could also achieve their goal of creating a a collapsed pocket universe in the far future, in affect, the Technoosphere had contributed twice to fight against the Ayrai'Shikua.

Mutiny Edit

Unfortunately, the corrupt exist even in the most militant of empires. Some rebels, believed they could overthrow the DCP's government by changing the information being conveyed, but they were luckily tracked down and killed. So instead the ships were replaced by nanobots beamed to systems via tachyon jump drives. The DCP was trying to find all ways necessary to bring back their former power.

Chapter Five Edit

The survey ship returned safely, but with no data on the subject. However, the angered crew made sure to tell as many possible about the unlawful actions of The Apalos in neutral territories. Scorching on the ships systems indicated there was an encounter with some forceful blow of energy. The area was of large public interest as it is, and the Milky Way Cooperative was not deterred from new investigation, yet still the AI's remained silent, and nor could they be confronted. Meanwhile, the AI's simulating the Omega Point were now focused primarily on supporting both the DCP and Da'lan, who were mere planck seconds forward in time. The pure processing power of the AI Netspace was now draining the Milky Way Cooperative's share of the power source (with the Cooperative now being the only part of the galaxy making a come back). The material being fed into the black hole in which the DCP had been imprisoned was now reaching 7.0 × 1011 degrees Celsius, as hot as a quasar's accretion disk, radiation would render a radius of hundreds of light years sterilised, seriously affecting re-terraforming the galaxy, and even with some AI's attempting to reflect the radiation back, the cosmic machines were unable to return to their previous state without consuming the entire Milky Way galaxy.

His consciousness was a single point of luminosity, standing, locationless in a vast, gravity-less expanse of patterns. Fractals danced. However, all was illusion, he could not see, hear, touch, taste or smell. It was pure awareness. But suddenly, he wasn't alone... Helo Roslia awoke from his dreams. Again, it was no ordinary dream, for he had been visited that night. He seldom ever told anyone of his visitors. Messengers, he thought, that would be more appropriate. Ever since he was a child, he knew in her dreams, meditations and even in the waking world of some entity, or entities outside his perseptive reality. It was as if, he was a medium, until the URC's entrance in the War of Ages such paranormal beliefs were regarded with scepticism, but now, things are different. Whatever the Messengers were - his own subconscious messages, ultraterretrials, the ghosts of ancient mystics or something so fantasically unknown he had no idea. But the Messenger had come again, he could not recall it, but he had the strong feeling, that the Milky Way, in fact, a whole multiverse was in peril. Once again, he had been sent on an errand he would not immediately understand. Tuning to the subspace media, most of the news was centered in the Cyrannus galaxy, but it didn't take a long search to find out what was happening around the known universe. "Is the Milky Way in peril? The Milky Way Cooperative continues its struggle for energy as the AI's continue to drain the Grid, for unknown reasons. This has drawn more criticism, against the galactic-wide singularity, because it is having negative affects on restoring civilisation and various terraforming programs-". Helo Roslia switched it off. This is a sign to act now, but he needed support...

Cyrannian Rescue begins Edit


The URC investigates.

Suddenly, Helo was alerted by the commander he left in control of the Avenger's bridge that they were approaching one of the famous AIs, the Guidestar, one that has had communications with DCP. She claimed she could get the Avenger to the globular cluster outside the Milky Way, where his old allies, the Delpha Coalition of Planets went missing, while at the same time preventing other AI's from working against them, just as Roslia was about to respond, a figure suddenly appeared behind him, the Messenger who referred to herself as Sonja. Under normal circumstances, he would have been surprised by the curious spectral apparition, but Sonja has been visiting Helo since the final days of the Intergalactic War, claiming that she is in the employ of a higher power. Sonja urged Helo to accept the AI's proposal, as it would lead to the return of one of the greatest superpowers in Gigaquadrantic history. Helo opened communications with Guidestar, giving her permission to open a wormhole bringing the Avenger to the Globular cluster.

When the Avenger arrived, Helo understood that he needed to be very careful while navigating what is essentially a micro-quasar. The Globular cluster contained at least a dozen stellar-scale AI's bristleling with all manner of ancient technology not even the DCP could fathom. The AI's weren't however, densely packed, they had spread their nodes through various interconnected wormholes, a network of which they fed matter into the center. Helo now knew what he had to do, given extra protection by Guide Star, Helo Roslia ordered his ships to follow the nodes, to the heart of the activity.

Eye of the abyss Edit

Center of the storm

Flotilla arrives.

As they neared the center of the cluster, the stars as close to each other as planets. The innermost stars were smouldering ashes, rubbing shoulders like a blinding wall of light making it difficult to make a distinction from one star to the next the heaviest masses had fallen to center, all the neutron stars and white dwarfs. But there, smack bang in the middle, was a dark strip, twisted on itself. Closer still, Helo Roslia could make out the black hole at the center, staring back at him, being fed by five wormhole conduits. As his ship prepared to activate the slipspace portal, Helo Roslia began to feel fear creeping up on him. "Am I really expected to dive into the impossible"? Then, he got a reply... Sonja's soothing voice "Do not activate the portal yet, you must first approach the black holes pole, your ride will be easy and swift".

The ships were now right above Chirality. The black hole, Helo Roslia realized, was not a sphere, it was a ring, spinning so quickly even its singularity had been turned, like potteryware. Helo Roslia also realized, it was not black, it was blue. The "blue sheet". His science officer suddenly said "Sir, are we really expected to pass through, it is literally a wall of light shifted into such intense energies it would be impossible to pass through without incinerating". Remembering his spatial studies, Helo replied "Isn't such an occurrence capable of creating a miniature black hole?" Helo knew exactly what to do. He ordered an immediate slipspace portal to open the black hole, outside the main one...

He felt the hallucination that his consciousness squeezed had been out of his body, much the way Kilnok and everyone in the DCP did, as the ships hurtled through the first singularity, turned wormhole. They exited straight through into the main black hole. Roslia had entered a gap between universes, between the inner and outer horizon of the black hole. Passing through the gap between the universe and next, within Chirality's black hole, were entrances to other universes, of negative gravity, hollow voids that were denied the right to have life - and consciousness by which means they could understand themselves, since their initial creation. These were being created by the churning of positive and negative flows of energy, the former going forward in time and other going backwards, causally seperating as they exceed the speed of light relative each other, entering, no, rather creating these voidverses of negative gravity. Roslia wondered if the turmoil within the black hole was actually causing the initial conditions in creating new big bangs.

Helo Roslia and his crew were now felt like they were back in their bodies. They were now exiting the inner horizon to the white hole, the point where omegatropic was being simulated. Within the light rushing in, he could see the entire histiry of the basement universe. Terrified, Roslia shut his eyes. Opening them a little later, and space was at rest. He saw stars, an entire dwarf galaxy, of at least 2, maybe 3 million stars, he estimated. Reassuringly, the wormhole mouth was open, but there was no sign of Chirality, or the globular cluster. "That's a lot of stars to explore, send out the recon-probes and try to find any evidence of energy emissions from planets". It didn't take long. "Sir, every system has colonised planets". Helo Roslia decided to head for the nearest, and was greeted by two ships travelling at sublight, they had opened transmission channels.

DCP saved from Omega simulation

The first colony ships, megastructures and planets leave enmasse.

You are being hailed from Commander Sutek of the DCP. This is an emergency transmission, you must deactivate your hyperspace immediately, we will explain. --Commander Sutek
After deactivating. What a pleasure it is see you, we have had no contact for several years in this purgatory. --Commander Sutek
This is a shock, the universe believes you were destroyed by the Xhodocto, we were exploring an area of intensive AI activity. Tell me, why are you planet ridden and why must we deactivate hyperspace? --Helo Roslia
We have come to believe this is a simulated universe, you have just confirmed the theory. For unknown reasons, we were placed here before the Xhodocto's hellfire could consume us. Spacetime here is quantised just like the original universe, however, it is far less able to remain stable whenever space is stressed or warped too greatly, it wasn't like this when we began, but the state of its planck volumes have changed, its cosmic pixels if you will. All of our colonies are here, simulated. We believe all the matter, is also digital, the stars, the planets, they are planck-scale nanotechnology, simulated within this black hole. --Commander Sutek
I don't think that wormhole to the real universe will stay open for long, will it?... --Helo Roslia
No, in fact it could cause this spacetime to shatter. In the real universe, its fluid, but here, its frosted glass. Luckily, your wormhole is quite low powered, our onboard computers estimate we have three days to evacuate. --Commander Sutek

The DCP are a militaristic people, across its member species, the people are taught from a young age to be prepared, to be on the spot and most importantly, be practical minded. However, moving its large population is no small task, instead a new tactic was devised, instead of moving out on ships, the DCP was going to ride out on a planet. An entire planet, with several hundred megastructures and millions of ships of every type converged in a massive convoy, at sublight speeds towards the wormhole mouth. Helo Roslia was highly impressed, this had perhaps been one of the greatest adventures ever taken by a captain of his empire. The planet itself was being hauled by the combined power of all the ships tractor beams, using the energy of the wormhole itself (the pocket universe was rather small anyway). As the planet and its proceeds passed through, the wormhole finally heaved, and space shattered, luckily, just behind everyone. On the other side, the planet emerged into the original universe, and ceased to exist. This was expected, all the colonies on that world were capable of free-floating. The DCP had returned! Helo Roslia thanked his guardian, and heard her voice "No, it was you who did all the work".

Epilogue Edit

It was the triumph of the future. The DCP's purgatory was at the present moment, a sacrifice of freedom, however, seeded within the Omegapoint, was the entire Multiverse of futures, quantum probabilities, or seeds, which were cast free as space shattered, to float off and make their place in the grand scheme of reality. The future was infinite again, and although this universe and its neighbors were being strangled by chaos, these new universes offered an entire new reality... Unknown

It is important to understand that the DCP itself was never the purpose of the Omegapoint, but in some futures, the DCP would lead to a Collective Consciousness, one present in all possible configurations of this universe, of all versions of time. The Xhodocto had achieved in destroying the habitable multiverse, the future was dying away to nothing, and in this universe, yes it was, nothing could stop that now. However, within the infinite potential between now and any future moment, lies a whole multiverse. It is these seeds which had been saved when the DCP was "reincarnated" within this simulation, the multiverse had forked into equal halves, the one with no future, only a dead void of entropy caused by the Xhodocto, and one other fork, where future legacies lye waiting for those to follow.

The general theme of this fiction was to not include supernatural elements. Sonja, Helo Roslia's Guardian Angel however is open to your interpretation, whether she be divine, a member of the BCC, or whether in fact it was a godform eminating from Helo Roslia's inner mind.

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