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Omega was created in a lab deep beneath the surface of planet Floo. Using the genes of Hive Mind and Lord Ne'yon, a scientist managed to create Omega under the command of Hive Mind herself. Initially, Omega was a fetus during the Nebulorian-Alpha War, containing the DNA of Hive Mind. The scientist was originally going to use King Viral's DNA, but after seeing the power of Ne'yon, the scientist decided to use Ne'yon's DNA instead.

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After years of growth, Omega emerged to serve his mother during her second campaign for galactic infection. He and a horde of Infectants attacked Ascon, the Volver Empire's Homeworld. Though this attack was thwarted, Omega managed to successfully cripple the Volver's war efforts for a while. He was later order to attack Militora, the Soldarian Empire's Homeworld. Omega successfully took Militora and captured their ruler, King Pulporius V.

Later on, the Waptoria Alliance of Species lended aid to the Volver by hiring Averil Daxur to save Pulporius from Hive Mind's clutches. Omega decided to gain allies as well, the Meeno Grox and her servants, the Dead Watchers and Bio-Morphling Horde sought out the Infectants, allying them and ultimately planning to assimilate them, just as Hive Mind had done to a rogue Hermicee Clan earlier, and various other infectious races. This alliance boosted the Infectant Horde's power greatly.

Ultimately, near the end of the war, Omega's siblings were slain by King Brygon of the Volver. Omega attempted to defeat Brygon, but fell to his blade as well. Due to his failure to defeat Brygon, Hive Mind absorbed him, ultimately destroying him.

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Omega is considered to be an obedient son to Hive Mind. He follows orders given by his siblings a s well. However, due to his Nebulorian DNA, Omega is very arrogant, often thinking of his older siblings as lesser beings. He tends to hold grudges at he inherited from his mother, showing intense hatred for Volver, the species of the Greater Spodist church, the Waptorians, as well as the Lavatufts, the Soldarians and the species of the UAE in general.

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  • Spiked Forearms - Omega's forearms have retractable spikes made of pure, hardened bone. The spikes are capable of piercing armor and withstanding heavy blows. The spikes are also coated with poison that can cause paralysis if they pierce the skin of his opponent.
  • Tails - Omega has two tails that he uses in close combat. The tails are covered in a hard, segmented exoskeleton, capable of withstanding a blows from titanium. The tips of these tails are similar to the spikes on his forearms, strong and coated in poison. In fact, the muscles in his tails at stronger than the muscles in his arms.
  • Acidic Siliva - Like his sister Sigma, Omega's siliva is very acidic. It is capable of melting through almost any matter.


  • Infectant Virus - Omega, like his siblings and mother, has the ability to infect other creatures using viruses created within his body.
  • Telekenesis - Omega has the ability to manipulate objects with his mind. Though he prefers to use his Infectant abilities, Omega will use telekenetic powers to gain the advantage in a fight.
  • Regeneration - Like most A-Z Infectants, Omega has the ability to regenerate lost limbs and other major injuries.
  • Nebulorian DNA - Omega's Nebulorian DNA grants him enhanced strength, speed, and durability. His regenerative capabilities are enhanced remarkably. Unfortunately, this DNA gives Omega a crippling weakness to Alphorium, which can negate all of his abilities.






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