The Oltauris Consortium is a criminal network set up by Billig Oltauris Oltauris. An organisation of him and his associates, the Consortium generally represents one of the most feared criminal groups in the Borealis Galaxy, though since the creation of the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello, many rebels from the Ottzello Sector have taken refuge within their 'territory'. However, Oltauris represents a complete opposite to USO; Oltauris generally represents total chaos, freedom and anarchy.

History Edit

Origins Edit

While they were technically formed in 2795, during the Ice Age, the beginnings of the Oltauris Consortium date back much longer, to the old Wranploer Legion before the Borealis Consortium Network. The organisation was set up by the members of the Oltauris family as a small mercenary group under various names. However, they really recieved no major recognition, and the other Wranploer merely saw them as second to soldiers. When it came to choosing soldiers, the Wranploer Legion would chose their own men first, then the slaves, and then the mercenaries. This was because the mercenaries, regardless of how effective they were, were expensive and the Wranploer were notoriously greedy. In addition, the general idea was that the best soldiers would join the Legion, and not a mercenary organisation.

Under Billig Edit

It was Billig Oltauris Oltauris who set up the true Oltauris Consortium, long after the Wranploer Legion had merged with the Zaarkhun Consortium to become the Borealis Consortium Network, which had later disbanded and split into several splinter factions. It was Billig's desire to carry on the ideals of both his family, and of Falrik Zaarkhun, whom he felt had allowed his family to gain some true recognition. However, when Billig later took Zaarkhun's mind, he thought beyond simple aspirations of being a mercenary group. Billig wanted to create a criminal empire.

Ice Age Edit

Throughout the Ice Age of Borealis, Billig began to work on his empire in secret. He kidnapped and murdered many individuals to recreate the mind of Zaarkhun as an AI, but kept one alive - that one being Yvomil, a famous businesswoman. His acts eventually led him to building Oltauris further as a criminal empire that would be feared around the galaxy. Billig's criminal network couldn't achieve everything that the BCN could, but its influence was great regardless.

Characteristics Edit

Species Edit

The Oltauris Consortium consists of both the old BCN's species and UNO's old species. From various backgrounds, the species of Oltauris tend to be a rough bunch, although the exceptions exist, those being the richer of the Consortium. Generally, everyone in the Consortium is expected to live for themselves, and try to find a way to make a life in Oltauris. And if they fail, they either starve to death, or likely get killed on the streets.

Abilities Edit

The Consortium's main strength is the criminal network. With spies, black markets and underground trafficking set up in all of the major trade routes and most major locations in Borealis, the Consortium's power extends beyond its own territory. Their influence is everywhere, and a few small actions on their part can change politics indirectly. It is known as their "corruption". Drug and weapon trades fill their pockets almost as much as pirate raids do. The Consortium has no 'military' per se, but employs its own troops as a PMC, while also employing PMCs not affiliated with Oltauris.

Politics Edit

There are no real politics within the 'territory' of the company. However, its people are generally slaves to the system. Most governments of the worlds have basically given into Oltauris, realizing that they no longer control their own states anymore, which is why the Oltauris Consortium is practically a state. Any government of a planet or state that falls too heavily under Oltauris' influence is often reduced to nothing, due to how highly dependent they become on Oltauris' resources, which is often to do with the trade routes towards the planet practically being controlled by Oltauris, and the resources of the worlds being supplied by them eventually.

Society Edit

The society within Oltauris varies greatly. In the richer areas, the places are dominated by more snobbish, higher class individuals. In the poorer areas, the streets are incredibly dangerous and should be traversed with extreme caution, as they can be robbed or killed at any moment. There are no real police in Oltauris worlds. This means that there is no one to uphold any law, because there is no law anyway. The reason why society operates as it does is because everyone living in an Oltauris habitat must pay rent to the company, or they will have to live outside the walls, which are so dangerous that it is highly probably they will die. The Consortium does collect records of the people who live there, and is aware when someone dies, but does not care.

Habitat Edit

The Oltauris Consortium's own 'territory' is not even recognized as its own. In fact, the people of the Consortium simply need to make a home themselves. All habitats in Oltauris' territory are owned by the company, and everyone must pay rent to live there. However, the quality of living in those varies greatly, and the conditions only really improve if anyone is rich enough to afford renovations. Consequently, many living quarters in Oltauris are slums, though others are grand metropolises that are viewed as magnificent by the rest of Borealis.

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Red faceDie.

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