Olgun Suner was a Llurebleg native to Xuz Fareh.

Physical appearance[]

Olgun had all the traits of a young Llurebleg of the hanyidabara breed: short height (around 1.13 meters), brown skin with dark dots and green legs... His morphology, however, had an oddity: his crest was thinner and points to the left side of his head, instead of pointing forwards like that of other Llurebleg.


Olgun was quite extrovert, liking the company of other people despite being discriminated for his crest. He was also very caring of his friends, showing that he would give his own life if it was necessary to assure their happiness.


Olgun was born in the city Vinarya. His parents were Cadenn Suner and Xanye Girdala. After raising him for five years, social pressure for the strange oddity on his crest caused his parents to abandon him in a forest near Cyner. Since then, he adapted for life in the forest, though he retained some Llurebleg habits, such as going to school. His only friend was Nynn Vandar.

Both Olgun and Nynn signed up for the pilot trials that were part of Project Fidne, ending up as two of the four finalists. While Nynn was selected, Olgun fell unconscious and was sent to a clinic, where he was diagnosed with having Polordoneer poison in his blood. At the start of the next year, he succumbed to his illness and died.


Nynn Vandar[]

Olgun was Nynn's only and best friend when he was alived. Both of them cared a lot for each other. When Nynn felt bad or pessimistic, Olgun always attempts to make him happy and ensure his dreams become true. Olgun's death left Nynn devastated, making .


Despite not being as close to her as Nynn, Olgun appreciated Lumble and seemed to worry about her at times.

Gant-Denn Daraunte[]

Olgun admired Daraunte. Despite the juter of the planet treating him similarly to Nynn, Olgun acted shy towards him and tried to show as much respect as possible.

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  • Olgun Suner is the first major character in Dinoman972's fiction to die.