All this has happened before and all of it shall happen again.

- Unknown

The Oikoumene are a race of enlightened Ultraterrestrials that held a presence throughout the universe for countless eons, centred in what is now known as the Cyrannus Galaxy. Predating the universe itself, the Oikoumene are not physical beings in the true sense of the word, instead consisting of a mysterious energy which allows them to manifest in any appearance they choose. The ascendant civilisation for countless millennia, though the Oikoumene have largely departed from direct intervention from reality, evidence of their existence is spread throughout the Gigaquadrant, though most notably in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The degree of Oikoumene technological, biological and sociological superiority granted them the self-appointed role as the Universe's caretakers and protectors, viewing themselves as the rightful guardians of life and peace.

Hailed as gods by their patronois—the species under their protection—the Oikoumene deeply valued all life in existence, monitoring the evolution and development of sentient species throughout existence, ensuring that they lived lives free from existential threat. On the rare occasions in the dark periods of Oikoumene history when these patronois would rebel against their protectors, Oikoumene response was quick and systematic through the actions of the Mornûnendur, leading to the end of these fleeting attempts at self-determination. However, during the Apotheosis Era, the Oikoumene underwent an upheaval which saw the deposition of the Primercer and the return of the near-mythical Oikoumene known only as the Lord of Light. By the time this age had ended, the Mornûnendur were no longer considered a true extension of Oikoumene will and a new era of peace had dawned. This peace would see the withdrawal of Oikoumene influence from this existence.

In modern times, Oikoumene technology and installations remain relatively common throughout the First Gigaquadrant, serving as portent reminders of the gradual return of Oikoumene activity, most notably upon the resurrection of the Oikoumene Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur, Tyrómairon, who has sought the return to the ways of Oikoumene supremacy since in the days prior to the Apotheosis. In doing so, Tyrómairon has created the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as a vessel though which his designs for existence can be realised, all the while failing to realise that his Mornûnendur are not the only Oikoumene to stand watch over the modern Gigaquadrant.

The Aldárae Order rose in opposition to the Dark Lord, and managed to restore Apolithanatár to corporeality. Thus, during the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Vectors of Darkness and Light came into conflict once more, resulting in both Apolithanatár and Tyrómairon vanishing from the cosmos. In the aftermath of the battle, the last Oikoumene Libraé and Chaneonix gave up their physical forms, bestowing stewardship of Cyrannus to its modern inhabitants.


Early HistoryEdit


Apolithanatár, First Born of the Oikoumene.

Everything that once was, will come to pass again. The Lord of Light wrought the seeds of the life song, molding that which he bestowed sentience in his own image, imparter of life and knowledge. Lord and master of the golden age. Passer of judgement to the destructive and the champion of the good. The First Apotheosis. Thus, the vectors of chaos and order rose. Two lights of fate struggling toward the Light. The Second Apotheosis. Thus shall it come to pass: The hidden One shall guide the hand of the First to the Home of the Light. Apotheosis.

- Annals of Valin'uvalyë, 2:833

The Oikoumene first emerged during the Lost Eons, a timeless era prior to the creation of the Onuris Universe. The First Born was Apolithanatár, the Lord of Light, who was soon joined by his Oikoumene kin. This period of Oikoumene history was lost when the age of Apotheosis came to pass, with the only surviving record being from the Annals of Valin'uvalyë, a chronicle of powerful esoteric prophecies from which the phrase "all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again" came to be. Under the guidance of Apolithanatár, the Oikoumene followed the benevolence of the way of Valin'uvalyë, a force which the Oikoumene knew as the True Order. At the heart of this philosophy was guardianship over all life in the cosmos, which in turn involved the stewardship and culvitation of worlds throughout the newly formed Universe. To the Oikoumene, the power of the universe manifested in a "life-song", which should be protected at all costs.

However, when Apolithanatár sealed himself within a pocket dimension within the core of the planet Aldár, the Oikoumene came under the competing influence of the so-called Vectors of Chaos and Order, a moniker which originated in the Annals of Valin'uvalyë and was used by the wise Oikoumene Avaleryan to explain the conflict between the Primercer and Tyrómairon respectively. Over millions of years, the Oikoumene veered from the path of Valin'uvalyë, with their society becoming increasingly harsh and heavy-handed against their patroinis. Nevertheless, Oikoumene such as Libraé would unknowingly continue the work of the Lord of Light, having a hand in the creation and manipulation of countless species including the Alpha Draconian of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Rades and the Draconis of the Andromeda Galaxy and most crucially, the Capricyránae of Cyrannus.

The Vectors of Chaos and OrderEdit

Much has changed since the defeat of the Primercer. All Oikoumene feel it, the greas-nán torn asunder. I think of my husband, he who some call the Vector of Order. Such a title originates from I know not where, though the hadás nésanna holds it to be true. My husband is the Vector of Order against whom stood the Primercer, the Vector of Chaos. I do not understand. The confrontation occurred so long ago, surely I must ask, what influence does it have on the flow of the Ad Infisacyran? Does the sundering which we have all felt relate to that bout? We, to whom all paths are seen, are blind.

- Journal of the First Elda

From the Oikoumene Capital Erúmaethran located over the Galactic Core of Cyrannus Galaxy, the Oikoumene prospered under the guidance of the Tribunal and the leadership of the enigmatic Primercer. For countless millennia, the Primercer would stand as the political leader of the Oikoumene while matters of the military fell under the purview of the Mornûnenduran Lords, led by Tyrómairon. Under Tyrómairon, these Oikoumene warriors would efficiently put down rebellions against rightious Oikoumene rule, ensuring peace in the cosmos. This approach was off-set by the deeds of Oikoumene such as Libraé and Andrin-draco, who sought to categorise, document and protect all life in existence. During the beginning of the Apotheosis Era, countless of the Oikoumene's protectorates began to rise up against those who first gave them life. Tyrómairon defied the Primercer, instead of utterly annihilating the rebels, he brought them back into the Oikoumene's fold. Thus, the conflict between the two Vectors began in earnest.

Vector of Light 02

The Lord of Light awakens.

On the very pinnacle of Erúmaethran, the Primercer and Tyrómairon battled with such intensity that the very fabrics of existence became sundered, as the Annals had predicted. Through guile and superior intellect, Tyrómairon emerged victorious. Though he was tempted to end the Primercer's existence, mercy stayed his hand. The Primercer would be locked away in order to reflect on his actions and to ultimately atone. In the aftermath, Libraé would be named the leader of the Oikoumene—the First Elda—and would attempt to guide her people along more benevolent paths. To this end, over the subsequent 5.8 million years, Libraé would attempt to heal the rift caused by the conflict between Tyrómairon and the Primercer. In order to do so, she formally disbanded the Mornûnendur and instituted the Estëmentári in their place. The Estëmentári, which would include Chaneonix amongst its ranks, would endeavour to carry out the will of the Oikoumene with benevolence and wisdom.

This decision would cause a rift between Tyrómairon and Libraé. To the dispair of the First Elda, Tyrómairon and his Mornûnenduran followers would vanish from the Oikoumene, where he would descend into darkness of his own design. For centuries, Tyrómairon would experiment with the unknown energies of Light first conceived by Apolithanatár, perverting them to his own ends. Thus, he would forge the Dark from the Light, becoming known as the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur and the self-proclaimed rightful scion of the Oikoumene legacy. Thus the stage was set for the confrontation between the Darkness and the Light. Guided by her Messenger, Libraé travelled to Aldár, where she discovered the pocket dimension forged by the Lord of Light in eons past. Hopeful that her husband could be redeemed, she travelled to Apolithanatár's realm, where she hoped to convince him to return to the cosmos.

Unseen HandEdit

For millions of years after the Apotheosis, the Oikoumene continued to influence affairs in the Gigaquadrant through the use of archived personality imprints and highly advanced artificial intelligences. Together with their longtime Atlantican allies, the Oikoumene's unseen hand continued to construct many of the wonders and scientific marvels that grace the galaxy today. Hundreds of thousands of years before the second rise of Tyrómairon, an alien race known as the Temoin rose up to challenge the Oikoumene's phantom presence. Though even these hyperpowered aliens were powerless against the Oikoumene, who ended their ambitions of ruthless conquest.

Spacecraft graveyard

The discovery of Amemoriam.

The legacy of the Oikoumene is profound and far-reaching, not just in the Cyrandia Cluster, but across the cosmos. Oikoumene artifacts, constructs and megastructures litter the Cyrannus Galaxy in particular, with races and civilisations such as the Cognatus Empire and the Orothil'Tastran Hermitage revearing the artifacts left the Oikoumene as remnants of the gods. It was the historic connection between the Oikoumene and their great Atlantican allies that led to the increase of relations between the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation, an alliance that would dominate the Cluster much like the alliance between the Oikoumene and the Atlantica eons ago.

The discovery of Oikoumene artifacts have been major catalysts in many recent conflicts including the Intergalactic War, Great Cyrannus War and the Battle of Amemoriam. In the Andromeda Galaxy, the legacy of the Oikoumene primarily lives on in the form of Commutum Drakon'Mipthum, a religion centred around a set of philosophical guidelines imparted by the Oikoumene member Aldrin-draco to the Draconis living on the planet Alcanti sometime around 160,000 BNE. The religion is presently one of the largest and most prevalent Oikoumene-derived religion in Andromeda and a major religion of the Xonexi cluster.

More obscurely, the Oikoumene had a hand in the uplifting and development of the Rades, an Andromedan precursor race and the known progenitors to the Radeons as well as numerous other Andromedan species. It is unknown for certain whether the Rades' fascination for biotechnology and species creation came from their reverence of the Oikoumene as patrons or if it was curiosity given new life. Unlike in Cyrandia, Oikoumene artifacts are rare and knowledge of them in Andromeda is even more scarce aside from dealings between the factions of Cyrannus and Andromeda.

The ReturnEdit


Tyrómairon would return in the modern age of the Gigaquadrant, forging an Empire of his own design.

I am the guardian of the Oikoumene's legacy. Worthy scion to those who shaped and moved realities and the one who holds the mantle of the Thirteenth Tribe. When last we faced one another, you were excised from that song as you remain to this day. It is you who has seen the last of days.

- Tyrómairon to the Primercer

During the Intergalactic War, a series of events were set in motion which led to the reawakening of the Dark Lord Tyrómairon. Forging the Grand Plan, Tyrómairon would quickly influence galactic events toward some unforseen eventuality, in doing so awakening many of his old Mornûnenduran allies to aid him. Engineering the Great Cyrannus War, Tyrómairon would ensure that neither side would gain the upper hand before finally revealing himself to the galaxy at the conflict's conclusion, proclaiming himself the Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Though his efforts to destroy the Libertus known as Apollo would fail due to the intervention of Chaneonix, he would nevertheless reign supreme without rival nor enemy. This would change however with the reawakening of the Primercer, the Vector of Chaos. For years, the Primercer and Tyrómairon would once again do battle, finally confronting one another during the Battle of Cognalorilos, during which Tyrómairon finally defeated his ancient enemy. Before being banished from corporeality, the Primercer would warn the Dark Lord of the Other, an enemy whom the Primercer claimed would destroy all Tyrómairon had built.

With the Phaedric Order in his thrall, Tyrómairon would prepare for the rise of the Other—though unbeknown to him, the plot was already set in motion, resulting in the return of Apolithanatár. Thus a new age of conflict between the remaining Oikoumene began, and though both sides would briefly set aside their differences to protect the galaxy from Shu'wokerama, the Great Battle of Orbispira would prove to be a reckoning. During the battle, Chaneonix banished Thaurlathrón from this realm, while Ekrillium and Apeligateza were vanquished by the Aldárae knights Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá. Finally, Tyrómairon faced Apolithanatár in battle one final time, and though the Lord of Light was unable to defeat him by himself, he was aided by Aoirtae, Kara and Libraé, resulting in the Dark Lord's defeat.

However, the price was great, for Apolithanatár sacrificed himself to see it through. In the aftermath, Libraé and Chaneonix proclaimed the end of the Oikoumene's influence in Cyrannus, for while Apolithanatár and Tyrómairon lived on through the Valin'uvalyë, they would be unable to directly influence events in the galaxy. Thus, after biding farewell to their new friends, Libraé and Chaneonix gave up their physical forms, never to return. However, the legacy of the Oikoumene, through Valin'uvalyë and the Orders of the Phaedra and Aldárae, would live on.

Society and CultureEdit

The Oikoumene followed the philosophy of Valin'uvalyë, an entity whom they regarded as their creator during the Lost Aeons. According to Oikoumene knowledge, this entity bestowed upon them the mantle of the protectors of all life in the cosmos, resulting in many of the actions taken by the Oikoumene throughout history, in which they influenced the evolution of countless beings to ensure that they would evolve peacefully and without undue aggression. These efforts were overseen by the Lord of Light Apolithanatár, who ensured that these efforts did not conflict with a sentient's right to choose their own direction. Indeed, most Oikoumene cared deeply about life in all forms, though some viewed themselves as separate and above others, propagating a belief that without the guidance of the Oikoumene, life across the universe would be violent and full of perpetual war. However, some believed this more than others.

While some exceptions exist, most notably in the conflict between the Vectors of Chaos and Order, the Oikoumene had very little conflict between members of their own race, with the exception of the hobby of debate, a popular pastime which most Oikoumene enjoyed vigorously. This harkans back to the omniscient teachings of the philosophy of Valin'uvalyë, which instilled in the Oikoumene a deep appreciation of peace and harmony. After the seclusion of Apolithanatár, the decievering of the Annals of Valin'uvalyë fell to the Avaleryan, a group of Oikoumene philosophers who gathered esoteric knowledge to help guide civilisation. By the time of Apotheosis however, many Oikoumene such as Libraé considered the Annals mythical, while unknowingly following their teachings through the unseen influence of the Lord of Light. To a non-Oikoumene, they can seem like an emotionless and cold race, much like other Ultraterrestrials, though this was mostly due to perception. In truth, the Oikoumene place great value on emotions and feelings such as love, explaining their almost parental attitude to the races placed under their care.

Though Oikoumene influence spread throughout the Cyrannus Galaxy and into an almost infinite number of quantum realities, their civilisation was centered the impossibly designed installation of Erúmaethran, which overlooked the galactic core of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Erúmaethran housed the leader of the Oikoumene, be they the Lord of Light, the Vectors of Chaos and Order or the First Elda.


Form Symbol Information
ApolithanatárProfile ApolithanatárSymbol


Apolithanatár is an Oikoumene of such power that even amongst his fellow Ultraterrestrials he was regarded as a near mythical being, known only as the Lord of Light. The origins of Apolithanatár are ultimately unknown, though according to the Avaleryan—Oikoumene philosophers—he had a crucial role in the origins of the Oikoumene during the Lost Aeons, the period prior to the formation of the Onuris universe. In this capacity, Oikoumene scribes—most notably the Annals of Valin'uvalyë—describe Apolithanatár as "imparter of life and knowledge, lord and master of the golden age, passer of judgement to the destructive and the champion of the good".

ThePrimercer PrimercerSymbol


The Primercer is a once powerful Oikoumene who led their mighty domain during the Apotheosis Era of history. Though he was once a just and fair ruler, his growing hatred for Tyrómairon ultimately led to his fall from grace and his ultimate fall from power. With the exception of the Mornûnendur and fleeting interventions by Chaneonix, the Primercer is the only known Oikoumene active in the universe. When he was reawakened during the Dark Times, he assumed control over the Cognatus Empire and used them in pursuit of his ultimate conflict with his nemesis, the leader of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Emperor Tyrómairon.

TyrómaironProfile AntediluvianTTSymbol


Tyrómairon (originally known as Tāi-romai'ronís and later as Tyrro'maironis) is a preeminently powerful Oikoumene, known and feared across the cosmos as the enigmatic Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus while maintaining a more secret identity as the manipulative Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur. As the Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Tyrómairon became known and feared across the Gigaquadrant for his leadership of the new Gigaquadrantic hyperpower, extending his influence throughout the known galaxies of the universe, bringing order, peace but high levels of suspicion wherever he directed his ultraterrestrial gaze.

LibraéProfile LibrarianSymbol


Libraé is an Oikoumene scientist who served as the leader of the Oikoumene, the First Elda, in the aftermath of the Primercer's defeat. She was known as the most intelligent being in all the Oikoumene, though was considered on a par with Tyrómairon, her beloved husband. Her primary function within the Oikoumene was to assist in the development of primitive species, thus fulfilling the ancient Oikoumene objective of protecting all life in the cosmos and bringing them under their guidance. Despite this, she was a firm believer in each race eventually earning it's own right to live in peace without outside interference. During her time as a scientist in the Apotheosis Era of the Oikoumene, she was often visited by a messenger from a higher power and sought to understand the mystery behind it.


Upon the defeat of the Primercer by Tyrómairon, the Order of the Mornûnendur enjoyed great prestige and power amongst the galactic spans. As the millennia wore on however, it quickly grew apparent to the First Elda Libraé that the sheer ruthlessness in which the Mornûnendur executed warfare against the Oikoumene's foes—and particularly rebellious patronois—stood in stark contrast to the peaceful nature which all Oikoumene should inspire to. In order to maintain transdimensional harmony—and with a considerable degree of personal heartache—began to wind down on official Mornûnendur activities in favour of a more temperate instrument of peace and order. Thus the Estëmentári—the Guardians of the Peace—arose to replace the Mornûnendur, led by the mighty Chaneonix, the so-called "Phoenix of Starlight". The formation of the Estëmentári would drive a further wedge between the Mornûnendur and the sanctioned government of the Oikoumene, with disastrous results.

Form Symbol Information
ChaneonixProfile ChaneonixSymbol


Chaneonix is a mysterious member of the Oikoumene race who dedicates himself to protecting all sentient life in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Unlinked to any government and separated from the rest of his kin, preferring to work alone, Chaneonix works to ensure the continuity of life in the galaxy, less worried about how to do so and more that it is done. Unlike other Oikoumene, he takes the form of a radiant two-tailed phoenix whose light is enough to dwarf that of stars. Chaneonix is an enigma even among his own kind due to how disconnected he is from them. He believes in ensuring the continuity of life in Cyrannus and combats any who may be threat to it, be them obviously malevolent entities or other Oikoumene.


Striking from the shadows, the lethality of the Mornûnendur was well known across the Oikoumene, with the Mornûnendúran leader, Tyrómairon, being considered the most powerful Oikoumene in existence, not only due to the vast military might under his command, but because of his mastery, and embodiment over the Dark aspect of Valin'uvalyë. In modern times, Tyrómairon used these powers as well as his own resolve and meticulous planning to bring about Mornûnendúran rule by creating the vast Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The Empire is secretly ruled by these Oikoumene, who broke off from the Oikoumene during the Great Schism of Light and Dark prior to the final Apotheosis.

Form Symbol Information
Dark Angolmois AngolSymbol


Angolmois was once an ancient and wise Oikoumene agent whose mission was to facilitate the advancement of various primitive civilisation across the universe as well as to protect them as a part of the Patronois pact. As a Prograessor, she believed greatly in the Oikoumene cause of guiding the younger species and was one of the most respected and high-ranked members of her agency, being paramount in the uplifting of many species in Cyrannus and beyond. However, as the Oikoumene society was split due to internal conflicts, Angolmois ultimately chose the dark side, aligning herself with the leader of the Oikoumene military, Tyrómairon, believing his imperialistic ideas to be the only way to protect the younger species. After the Apotheosis, Angolmois vanished and is now nowhere to be seen, presumably sealed by the Oikoumene loyal to the Primercer, Tyrómairon's ancient adversary.

Apeligatesa ApeligatezaSymbol


Apeligateza is a powerful Oikoumene that served as one of Tyrómairon's foremost commanders during the struggles against the cunning Primercer. Apeligateza is one of the most powerful Oikoumene in existence and has benefited much from his position as one of the Dark Lord's most trusted servants. When Tyrómairon was reawakened, he soon reawakened Apeligateza, tasking him to recruiting new acolytes to their cause. However, while Apeligateza followed Tyrómairon's wishes to the letter, he believed the use of acolytes was unnecessary. Like his master, Apeligateza is an accomplished manipulator of events, excelling as both an orator and a philosopher. Others however, categorise Apeligateza as an aristocratic, devious and prideful figure, confident in his race's superiority over lesser races, which he sees as essentially animals, deserving of neither notice nor pity. Despite this, Apeligateza is a vocal supporter of his master's Grand Plan.

Ekrillium02 EkrilliumSymbol


The Mornûnendur known as Ekrillium is an old and ancient member of that dark order. Though by far not a warrior by nature, he is more of a scientist and an (unwanted) advisor to his master, Tyrómairon. However, his power is quite immense as he managed to even kill one of the Atlantica. Ever since his awakening he aids Tyrómairon in his master plan. Ekrillium is also considered unstable, a bit mad and unpredictable. However he remains fiercely loyal to the Dark Lord and wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice himself for his master's plan. Ekrillium is also notable for disliking the use of Acolytes and as such didn't choose one for himself nor does he want to be involved with one of them. Nor does he really sees the other Mornûnendur as allies, he only sees his master as that what is worth living for. In fact, it can be said that the concept of allies and enemies is a bit alien for Ekrillium, he either likes your, dislikes your or can tolerate you.

Thaurlathrón ThaurlathronSymbol


Thaurlathrón is an ancient and powerful Oikoumene strategist, member of the Warriors of the Revelation who serves under the Dark Lord Tyrómairon. A commander with hundreds of thousands of years of experience in the field of war, his devious and cunning victories have earned him the respect of his companions. Upon his reawakening by Tyrómairon in the modern day, he was more than happy to join his side once again, where he has become a mysterious and dreaded figure known merely as the Imperial Overseer within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus's military, acting as its supreme strategist.

Quotes Edit

This will happen again.

- Tyrómairon


- Zr'Ahgloth

Ah, the Thirteenth Tribe, beings we can really relate to. They are like us in the way that they are sympathetic to beings lower than them, too.

- Vyro'Narza

It has been postulated that some of the Milky Way's Ancients might really have been the works of the 13th Tribe. We will never know if they were the same for sure, they are thought to appear in different forms to different races.

- Human Xeno-archaeologist


- Isio'Nar

We... shall... arrive... No name, no face... Annihilation... all of you... yes... Death... Prevail... Prevail... Prevail...

- Mali'Nar

Oh, our old friends. We miss your visits to the Database. Watching the races with you was such a pleasant passtime.

- Cyrannian Vida'Rranlora

We are in your debt, great Teachers.

- Rades



  • In their original incarnation, the Oikoumene were divine entities based on the Greek Gods. They were also at war with Tyrómairon's Mornûnendur.

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