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The Odyssey of the Sand, officially known as the Sandstorm War, was a major event in the history of the Sea of Sand of Koldenwelt which marked a sociopolitical uprising within Khaepsha-ultan incited by an internal faction - the Southern Revolution - and a combined offensive from exterior powers, including the likes of the Merovar Dynasty and Mivtzar. The conflict is noted for the foundation of the Transcendent Pact - the combined forces of Khaepsha-ultan, Asemath's Loyalists, and Volim's Legion -, the Allied Offensive - the combined forces of the Merovar Dynasty, Mivtzar, and the Southern Revolution -, and the Second Khaihari Dominion - the unified forces of the Drifting Tribes with Mivtzaran support.

The event was known to have posed a period of calamity for the population of Sand Drakes due to their hunting by the order of the Transcendent Pact for unofficial reasons and potentially endangering the species as of 33 NA.


The WarEdit



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The war is marked by the rise of the Transcendent Pact between Pharaoh Khyannarith of Khaepsha-ultan, the Sand Drakes of Asemath and the Wranploer legions of Volim the Greedy. Together, these three forces would plot for the beginning of a new wave of conquest across the Sea of Sand.

The Allied OffensiveEdit


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Alerted by the rise of the Wranploer, the Merovar Dynasty prepared itself for the worst. Meanwhile, a group of heroes and mercenaries was chosen to investigate the matter and deal with Khyannarith and his minions. This would prove to be much easier said than done.



For a very summarized version of the Odyssey of the Desert, see here. It serves as a quick way to understand all of its main key points, in order to learn all of its relevant canon.



  • The Odyssey of the Desert was the featured fiction of July 2016.
  • The Odyssey of the Desert was started at September 28, 2015‎ and ultimately cancelled at August 7, 2016 due to lack of updating which led to disinterest between the authors as well as other problems. However, the war as a whole is still canon for the lore of the Fantasy Universe, with all important events being listed in the Summary above.