Against the power of the Empire, there can be no victory. The only way for us to survive, is through submission.

- President Zare'Anne

Occupied New Republic Space, officially styled, though intergalactically unrecognised as the New Cyrannian Republic, was an authoritarian Imperial client state formed after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds in 17 NE. Occupied Republic Space extended 64,600 contiguous light years to the galactic east of Imperial space, and was nominally divided into regions of strategic importance administered directly by Imperial authorities, and free zones headed by the administration of President Zare'Anne, with the aid of the Republic Senate, though these zones remained under the strict control of the Imperial military occupational authority headed by Grand Admiral Scaeva.

Upon the decapitation of the New Republic's government during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm in 15 NE, Senator Apollo ascended to the Presidency, rallying a considerable force of intergalactic allies in opposition to the Empire. However, faced with internal strife sparked by Praesator Adelheidis' True Republic, he was unable to gather enough strength to prevent the Fall of the Twelve Worlds over two years after the inception of the galactic conflict. In the aftermath, the Imperial-appointed President Zare'Anne signed the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, offering the Republic's unconditional surrender in exchange for the survival of its institutions under the Imperial regime.

Occupied New Republic Space, despite claiming to legitimately represent the continuation of the Republic, was recognised as such only by the Cyrannian Empire, and was actively opposed by a government-in-exile known as the New Republic Remnant, led by former President Apollo, and consisting of the military forces which remained loyal to Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea. Support for the Remnant was far higher than support for Zare'Anne's government among the population of Republic Space, though when faced with the omnipresent threat of Imperial annihilation, such support remained underground until Operation Liberty, during which the Republic Remnant and their allies began a campaign to liberate Republic space, culminating in the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in Ianuaria 20 NE, resulting in the fall of Zare'Anne's regime and the restoration of the free New Republic.


Second Great WarEdit

The end of the First Great Cyrannus War heralded the single greatest shift in the modern history of the Cyrandia Cluster, bringing an end to the benevolent rule of the United Republic of Cyrannus and inaugurating a new era characterised by the rise of a tyrannical regime known as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The shadow of the Empire soon spread across the stars, though it was opposed by a band of rebels known as the Republic Remnant. This remnant, which would come to be commanded by the Draken freedom fighter Zare'Anne, eventually proved instrumental in the eventual formation of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, though Zare'Anne himself retreated into the shadows, only to emerge almost a decade later as the New Republic Senator of Surdana.

The New Republic would come to threaten Imperial supremacy over the Cyrannus Galaxy, and in 15 NE, years of cold war ignited in the form of the Second Great Cyrannus War. The conflict began with the Republic leaderless after the loss of the Mou'Cyran system, and in the aftermath, Apollo and a new generation of leaders rose to take power, and defend what remained of the Republic from constant Imperial assault. While the Republic military fared better than would be expected, the outbreak of civil war prevented Apollo's government from maintaining stability and order. Coming to the realisation that the war was un-survivable, Zare'Anne approached the Empire with a deal—he would provide the Imperials with the means to besiege the heavily defended Twelve Worlds, and in return, the Empire would grant him leadership of the Republic, and permission to lead it into a new era of peace.

SGCW The Wheel Turns 2

The Fall of the Twelve Worlds.

During the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, these plans would come to fruition, when an Imperial armada commanded by Tector Decimius attacked the system, eventually pushing the Republic back to the capital world Capricaerón. There, Zare'Anne and his compatriot Ansin Cyrellon, revealed their betrayal to Apollo's administration, though in a show of power, the Imperials executed Cyrellon—making it abundantly clear to Zare'Anne that his regime would exist only at the Empire's pleasure. Though Zare'Anne expected Apollo and his few remaining supporters to be imprisoned by the Imperials, they were unexpectedly rescued by the Aldárae agents Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá, who evacuated them to the fleet which would come to form the backbone of the New Republic Remnant.

On Capricaerón, Zare'Anne officially approached the Senate as President, and implored the senators to consent to the signing of the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, officially ending the war with the New Republic's unconditional surrender. Over the coming weeks, Republic space would fall under Imperial military occupation, headquartered on the vast Nemesis dreadnought stationed in Capricaerón's orbit. As the occupation of Republic space began, the new Imperial military governor, Vastæ Scaeva, made her power over the new regime clear to Zare'Anne and the other civilian leaders of the Republic, by executing any remaining Republic officer who refused to swear fealty to the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon.

SGCW Battle of Capricaerón

Zare'Anne's administration collapsed during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds.

In the weeks after Apollo's escape from Capricaerón, and subsequent disappearance after the Great Star Dominion's brutal attack on Cognalorilos, the Occupied Republic released propaganda indicating that he had been killed on the Cognatus homeworld. As the New Republic Remnant convalesced on distant Harborage, Zare'Anne's government faced a new threat in the form of Admiral Quarantar's band of Revanchists, which launched their inaugural strike at the shipyards of Coruaan, during which several ships were destroyed and another, the Phoebus-B, stolen by unknown assailants.

In 20 NE, rebel forces led by President Apollo and reinforced by allies from across the Gigaquadrant launched Operation Liberty against the Empire and Zare'Anne's regime. This campaign culminated in Ianuaria 20 NE, with the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, resulting in the fall of Zare'Anne's puppet administration and the restoration of the New Republic under Apollo's presidency.

Administrative StructureEdit

After the signing of the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, New Republic Space was divided into two distinct zones, one under direct Imperial military rule, and another under the nominal leadership of President Zare'Anne's government on Capricaerón. The Concordat, signed by Imperial representatives Deoclet Caesarius and Tector Decimius and the new Republic government of Zare'Anne, stipulated the surrender of the Republic and the division of its space into these zones. The terms of the Concordat implied, but did not overtly state, that both zones would be subject to Imperial laws, and that the rule of Grand Admiral Scaeva, as the duly appointed representative of Emperor Tyrómairon, would be absolute—and that the civilian government based on Capricaerón would be subject to her commands and directives.


Zare'Anne is the official President of the Republic, though his power is predicated on Imperial whims.

The relationship between Grand Admiral Scaeva and President Zare'Anne was tense, in large part due to Zare'Anne's misconception that the Republic would enjoy favoured status under the Concordat, as Rambo Nation had under the now-defunct Nim-Glaré Concordat. In reality, while the Imperials stressed the importance of maintaining some semblance of Republic normality under the new regime, in an effort to prevent the spread of discontent, Zare'Anne's power was limited, even within the free zones he officially administered. The Senate was similarly disempowered, for while the Empire did not dissolve the body upon the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, the threat of Imperial retribution against dissent cowed the Senators into compliance with the new regime.

Though Zare'Anne's government lacked the power to govern the vast swaths of Republic Space, he nevertheless sought to bring about a political renaissance within the free zones, characterised by many of the policies once favoured by far-right elements of the Centrist political faction, prior to the destruction of the Mou'Cyran system. Namely, this included faith in a centralised government and limited autonomy among member states. The remnants of the Reformist and Federalist factions have since been stamped out as traitors to the Republic, with the Federalists proving to be particularly troublesome, due in large part to the faction's loyalty to the former President Apollo. Similarly, Zare'Anne's government preached isolationism from the rest of the Gigaquadrant, arguing that men like Apollo acted as warmongers and traitors, selling the Republic out to the myriad of extragalactic nations once united under the false flag of the Mou'Cyran Accords. Indeed, his government spread propaganda within Republic space, that it was Delphan agents who destroyed the Mou'Cyran system, in a bid to spark an era of endless war in the Gigaquadrant.


The people within Occupied Republic Space lived in constant fear. Where once flew the golden banners of freedom and democracy, the crimson flag of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus replaced them. On worlds such as Coruanthor, great opulence was replaced with endemic shortages of almost every conceivable variety, the result of the Empire redirecting shipments from the fertile worlds of the Auethnen sector to the Core, as well as cutting off trade between Republic Space and its former allies. Powerful blockades of Imperial warships now surrounded the Republic's most important colonies, and replicator rations now form the basis of the diets of countless billions of Republic citizens. In the face of such hardship, many turned to the black market, controlled by cruel Syndicate members keen to make a profit from such conditions.

On worlds where Imperial control is strongest, authorities enacted a strict curfew, with the night sky of dozens of worlds now dominated by the sinister profile of an Imperator Star Destroyer, while the screams of patrolling ASP-line starfighters added to what already amounted to a deeply disorientating experience for the freedom-loving citizens of the Republic. Freedom of the press was effectively outlawed, other than a cadre of journalists, such as Tiaa Garyae, paid to spread propaganda about the righteousness of the Empire, the wisdom of President Zare'Anne, and the horrors perpetrated by figures such as Apollo, Nexarón Valkistair and Apaltar.

Zare'Anne's administration embraced a far-right ideology which for decades had been looked down upon in Cyrannian Republic circles, characterised by a distaste for Senate politics, the rejection of Gigaquadrantism, and support for what quickly emerged as a personality cult around President Zare'Anne. The extent to which this ideology has spread throughout Republic Space was a matter of considerable debate outside its locked-down borders, with most positing that fear of the Empire led to its acceptance among those eager to avoid the continuation of a fruitless war.


The Occupied Republic consisted of the contiguous territories claimed by the New Republic within the Cyrannus Galaxy, headquartered on the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón. Republic territories located outside Cyrannus, such as the Borealis and Andromedan colonial sectors, were completely cut off from Zare'Anne's government, while the besieged territories in the Milky Way were quickly swallowed up by the warfleets of Grand Admiral Daeron Siruliulus. Likewise, what remained of Republic Elen'Nanethia, already captured by Imperial military forces in the lead-up to the Second Battle of Lianna, was never transferred to Zare'Anne's administration.

Under the terms of the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat, the Republic was divided into occupation zones under the direct authority of the Empire, and free zones with limited internal autonomy. In the Capricorn Sector, many of the worlds which had enjoyed freedom under the New Republic for over a decade, such as Cyranduas and Apailiana, were swiftly annexed by the Imperial military, with the notable exception of the Twelve Worlds themselves, which were, with the notable exception of the shipyards of Scorpiae, handed over to President Zare'Anne. The Free Zone, which consisted of the Twelve Worlds, the worlds surrounding the Mou'Cyran system, and the bulk of the Coruanthor sector, were nominally considered to be a sovereign and independent continuation of the New Republic, though in reality, it was little more than an Imperial puppet state, with little in the way of self-determination. The occupation zone consisted of worlds such as Coruaan and Scorpiae, valued by Imperial authorities due to their strategic importance. Both worlds, which together supplied the Republic Navy with more than seventy percent of its vessels were retrofitted to cater for Imperial Star Destroyers, and similarly sized warships.



Fleet Admiral Vendri is the highest ranking officer in the Occupied Republic's armed forces.

The military forces of the Republic, which had already been depleted in conflict against both the Empire and the True Republic, was a shadow of its former might. With the Grand Republic Fleet under Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea deserting to form the nucleus of the New Republic Remnant, leadership of the Republic Navy fell to Admiral Rel Vendri, the highest ranking surviving officer who, out of a sense of duty to the people of Republic Space, agreed to serve Zare'Anne's administration. However, Vendri's forces consisted of little more than three battlefleets, all of which were considerably weakened by Imperial inspectors, working to ensure their inability to wage war against the Empire.

All but one Republic-class Star Dreadnought was scrapped by the Empire, with the sole remaining vessel of its type, the Blade of the Republic, serving as the official flagship of the Republic Navy under Vendri's command. Other notable vessels included the Implacable, under Captain Tharserion, and the Discovery, under Captain Shrezes Pra'nila. The vast majority of these officers, however, have little love for Zare'Anne's administration, owing largely to general hatred for the Empire, and abiding respect for Willelmus Cretacea.

Intergalactic RelationsEdit


ImperialLoyaltyFaceWe will fight to secure our future.


Red faceThe Republic's memory is long. We do not forget a slight.


An utterly worthless waste of the Empire's time and resources. I would have rather see you - population, technology and culture - erased from this galaxy entirely. Your existence is a mercy given only by the Emperor, and one I do not entirely agree with.

- The Imperial Overseer

It's not your fault, it's Zare'Anne's. He is a coward and a traitor to the republic. Overthrow him next chance you get.

- Prime Senator Volscara


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