And the Lord of Light shall descend from his realm; and he shall bring forward a new Age from obscurity, a new dawn from the night, a new World from the Darkness.

- Translated from The Book of Rebirth

The Rebirth is an event in which a universe is recreated, insitaged by "a drop of the First Light", spawning a newborn and unscathed universe. Rebirth, carried out by the Ravenrii, requires the presence and power of The Host, awakening the true nature of the Hosts's inhabitant, Kkia'Sihm and granting him the powerneeded to bathe the remnants left by each Scourge in holy Light from the Celestial Realm above Reality, transforming them into a renewed, verdant place. During the rebirth the Ravenrii acquire their most powerful forms in order to aid the Host with recreation, though what triggers this is unknown.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Rebirth has been recorded more than thirteen times within reality, though it can be inferred that it has gone on forever
  • Because it is a perpetual pattern in The Game, Rebirth might be one of its Unbreakable Laws along with the Scourge
  • The Rebirth is sometimes called re-lighting, the ultimate nature of the Ravenrii as Keepers of the Light
  • The secrets of Rebirth and universal nature are concealed within the legendary volume written by Kkia'Sihm known as the Book of Rebirth
  • Renewal of universes requires vast amounts of light energies, such amount only possesed in full by Kkia'Sihm himself
  • The Rebirth must always happen after The Scourge

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