Heaven. Such a glorious realm, of great souls who now move on to a much better place, where no harm shall come unto them. It is the purest realm I have visited, far superior to our own. And that entity, Kkia'Sihm, whose home lies here, is possibly the most wonderful entity I have known.

- An old Taldar writing

The Celestial Realm

Heaven, also known as The Celestial Realm is a high utopian dimension which is among the Realms of the Gods. It is the most pure of all dimensions and all realms to exist, in it reside souls who have served their purpose well, and now rest, along with the Obvia'Atra, or Ravenrii.


Souls are, in fact, consciousness, mixed with Essence. When a being dies, its consciousness travels to one of two realms; Heaven or Hell. This depends on the state of the consciousness; guilt and lies will reflect badly on it, and thus the consciousness goes to hell, as it no longer has anywhere to reside. The consciousness will create its own illusion; the body it last resided in. This means that all its gifts will be recieved as it would in 3D, but aren't really 3D. Also, the consciousness cannot escape, as once it does, it no longer exists.


  • This is based off, but not depicting, the heaven from Jewish, Christian & Muslim beliefs.
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