Reality was created in darkness. But there was no reason for it. And so in the first breaths of life were granted by Him the first rays of sunlight, that separated one from another and held the darkness back. Behold Him, Know Him, Live Him! The One that steps on mortals' deities, One that Created Life and Embodies it, the Creator of Essence dark and bright. Behold He,of the Counterpart, for Light Cannot Exist Without Shadow. Scream in fear, after beholding His Brilliance, for after the King of Creation shall come forward the Lord of Destruction. Behold Kkia'Sihm, The First.

- Transated from the Book of the Eons

Kkia'Sihm (He Who Brought Creation) is the Supreme Entity of Light, creator of the First Light and co-creator of the realm of Reality. He is the herald of Obvia'Atra, often known as the King of Heaven. In widespread lore, Kkia'Sihm one who constantly re-creates reality after every Scourge, generating a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. The Xhodocto and the Obvia'Atra, likewise, are the essence of their masters and exist to serve; the Xhodocto as Shadow, to destroy life once it becomes too corrupted, and the Ravenrii as Light, to create a new universe each time one is destroyed.

Connection to the Ravenrii[edit | edit source]

The Ravenrii were created by Kkia'Sihm to serve as his servants in the Game of Existence within reality: they are expected to look for Potentials, mortals who are prophesized to enter Heaven and be spared from the vicious cycle of life and death. Once they find and reveal Potentials, they can "enlighten" their civilization, removing its members to Heaven. Each time a Universe is re-created after the Xhodocto destroy it, the Ravenrii must find another group of Potentials and bring them to the Celestial Realm to play their part in the future.

The Ravenrii adore Kkia'Sihm subtly, dedicating their lives to accomplishing the tasks that he sets for them with all their efforts. They think of their master as the rightful ruler of reality, which conflicts with the Xhodocto's beliefs, and believe him to have created all life in reality, despite the fact that he is only connected to the First Light and not all life in general. Another contrast with his dark bretheren Kamik-Shi is that Kkia'Sihm rarely appears within the reality to aid the Ravenrii, instead simply influencing them and other through visions and apparitions.

Kkia'Sihm is supposed to have lived and continue living forever, much like his malignant counterpart. Both are indestructible, even when they confront each other, as they represent Light and Shadow and one cannot exist without the other, no matter whether they have a material body or not.

Recorded History and Residence[edit | edit source]

The Ravenrii's most sacred tome, which records their history after the Great War of Light, when Kkia'Sihm was last physically present quadrillions of years ago, bears some excerpts about Him. The 3 tomes, known collectively as the Books of the Aeons, are the counterpart to the Xhodocto's 3 dark tomes, the Kanshuuri, the Krashikua and the Krasuva, tomes that the Ravenrii know collectively as the Necroveast.

Kkia'Sihm hails from the Realm of Heaven, one of two realms outside of reality. According to legend his realm was designed by a legendary mortal who now guards its gates, The Architect. The god resides in a vast palace in the highest and innermost circle of Heaven, the city of Ily'iindi Vala, also known as the 'White City or the City of Lights.

Apparitions and Manifestations[edit | edit source]

Kkia'Sihm has rarely been known to appear in physical forms; these kind of manifestations are very uncommon but not unheard of, and may happen between periods of up to trillions of years. Despite this, it is known that he is prone to influencing other organisms to do his bidding through hallucinations and visions instead. It is commonly thought that his apparitions are more frequent when a universe is young, and become less frequent as it grows old.

An example of his physical manipulations are the multiple visions that several beings have had about him, primarily Ravenrii; their three greatest philosophers, Sigmas, Estr'iia, and Clo'ros, supposedly wrote down the workings, secrets and history of the universe in the Books of the Aeons after sharing a dream about him. Other examples are the last Queen of the Solarian Empire, Solya Athera, who was given a vision of what the Ravenrii and their Empire would later look like and immediately surrendered war with them, abdicating and finally disappearing; the first Kings of the Ravenrii, who were so "Pure" that subjects around them would see visions of teh future and past; Queen Regea III, who reportedly saw Kkia'Sihm guiding her whenever she looked to the sky; and the Ravenrii themselves, who are completely "Pure" and can sense Essence, a unique trait in the omniverse. Even the wealth and harmony of all of the Ravenrii's worlds are regularly attributed to Kkia'Sihm.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kkia'Sihm resides in the highest circle of The Celestial Realm, where his powers are almost limitless.
  • In the Xhodocto Religion, Kkia'Sihm is a feathered serpent with the same powers, and heavily revered as well.
  • Kkia'Sihm is one of two Supreme Entities, the other being Kamik'Shi.
  • Through three ancient Obvia'Atra philosophers, Kkia'Sihm wrote the three sacred tomes known as the Books of the Aeons
  • Kkia'Sihm, like any other god, can never be stopped, though he can be slowed down.
  • Kkia'Sihm's power is unrivaled by any entity other than his brethren, Kamik'Shi.
  • His presence often heralds harmony and prosperity, as the places he has visited remain strong with Celestial Energy.
  • Kkia'Sihm's symbolic time of strength is dawn, as his presence is stronger in younger beings and realms.
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