Then the Light came forward, and its wave fell on the new shine of its creations, and its luminescence threw back the darkness, and all worlds became calm, and chaos dissolved before its holy essence. And from the light came the stars, and form the stars the mists, and from the mists was formed the world. And there was Light.

- Translated from the Book of Peace

Artist's rendition of the First Light, burning away the Void.

The First True Light was the first of the two Core Essences (light and darkness) to spread throughout unreality, a vast hypernova of divine energy that in turn gave birth to many energies and spread some of the first forms of life in existence along its path through the limbo of unreality. The light was the largest infusion of divine energies to ever come out of the Celestial Realm, so pure it carved out an impossibly large space in unreality (what would later become reality) and blazing the foundations of reality's domains, which in turn spawned the roots of the young omniverse. Thought to have first formed into a massive sphere of blinding light, it then exploded across unreality, defining "myriads of myriads of worlds in myriads of myriads of nascent realms (universes)". However, the light was also too pure to allow mortal life to exist, thus leaving gaps of nothingness within the space it blazed. With the arrival of its polar opposite, the "black tars" of the Darkest Void, which spawned darkness that ate away at the concentrated light, large sections and eventually the overwhelming majority of the omniverse became "Greylands", places where both purity and death coexisted to allow normal life.

According to legend the Light was first held in the interior of a "glittering, endless gem, the likes of which no reality could ever set its eyes on without being burned from existence" (so pure that it could not come out of Heaven), created by one of the Truths, Supreme Entity Kkia'Sihm; he is sometimes called the Crafter of Light because of his crafting the epic gem, known as the Val'nylar. When the gem was shattered by an unknown enemy its light scattered, thus causing the spread of the First Light throughout limbo. Its spread is revered as the most sacred event in reality by the Ravenrii, regarded as their master's best accomplishment and the untainted nature of life. Other light entities also formed from within the Light, among them the Keeper of Prosperity, Verezuon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the period of time between the spread of the First Light and the arrival of the Darkest Void, the Great Imperium of Ka Na'riia reigned over most of the ancient omniverse. The culture was destroyed by the First Opening of Hell, which produced the Darkest Void and let the Xhodocto loose upon reality.
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