The Ravenrii religion are the undeniable beliefs that all of their kind follow, composed of the teachings of Kkia'Sihm, whom all Ravenrii worship. They dedicate their very existence to achieve his goals, and hold his rival in utter hatred yet respect. They believe that there are Two Truths, omnipotent deities - Kkia'Sihm & Kamik'Shi, who created reality in their religion; Four Supreme Entities - Volzara, Verezuon & the Truths; and Twelve Fates, high gods of minor power that make a stand for their masters and each serve one of the Truths.

Supreme Truths[edit | edit source]

Ravenrii beliefs hold that there are two Absolute Truths, which make up the core of everything in and out of reality-light and darkness; Twelve Fates, minor high gods that serve one of the Truths six each, and four Supreme entities, the two Truths and other two beings. The Truths are by the most adored and the largest point in their dailiy lives and culture, the only purpose in their lives being carrying out their orders. However, they also rever the two other Supreme Beings and have crossed paths with their respective races.

Supreme God Kkia'Sihm, Creator of Worlds[edit | edit source]

Supreme Kkia'Sihm

Kkia'Sihm, the Supreme God of the Ravenrii in which all Ravenrii believe, he is believed by many to be the Creator of Life and Light (although this has been declared a myth by other beings). It is believed that he created the Celestial Realm and that he re-creates the life cycle of each universe every time the Xhodocto destroy one. He has written these books:

  • The Kal'Adra'Him- "The Book of Rebirth" - a book which describes the re-creation of the Universes
  • The Kal'Sarik'Him- "The Book of the Aeons" - a book that describes multiversal balance and harmony.
  • The Illyiia'Ruun-"The Book of Peace" - A mystical book believed to possess vast powers, which describes the laws of The Final Game.

Supreme God Kamik'Shi, Destroyer of Worlds[edit | edit source]

Supreme God Kamik'Shi

Kamik'Shi, the opposite of Kkia'Sihm and Kkia'Sihm's opposition in the Game of Existence is the destroyer of the Universe, and creator of the Xhodocto, or Xhodocto, the Ravenrii's natural opposites. Each time Kamik'Shi destroys the universe, Kkia'Sihm recreates the life cycle. He has written the following books:

  • The Kanshuuri - a book which describes the laws of destruction, Xhodocto version found here
  • The Krashikua - a book which describes the past, present and pre-determined future in the eyes of Kamik'Shi, Xhodocto version found here
  • The Kar'Halika - a book which contains the Xhodocto's past before the universe.
  • The Varit'Mhak - a book of the Xhodocto Prophets and the conflicts of the ancient world.

Four High Gods[edit | edit source]

In addition to the two Supreme Truths, the Ravenrii believe in two other "supreme beings" who created fabrics or aspects of reality. The Ravenrii respect these gods but do not worship them to the same extent as they do the Truths.

Having a position almost as high and powerful as that of Kkia'Sihm & Kamik'Shi, the two supreme beings are seen as Supreme Entities, entities of unrealistic power who nevertheless remain attached to the existence of reality. Kkia'Sihm & Kamik'Shi represent Light & Dark respectively, and are believed to have created them.

Volzara, Supreme Goddess of Time[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fiction:Vyro'Nazdea

Vyro'Nazdea is the Goddess of Chronoscopic and the Taldar (despite the fact she did not create the Taldar). She is believed to be the Creator and Lady of Time, although she did, for certain, create Chronoscopic, and all Chronoscopic contains the source of her essence. Volzara is widely respected by the Ravenrii. They are one of the few who have partial immunity to Time, being one of the rare anomalies within it. However, Time is an important fabric in many Universes. She has written several books on Time and its workings, becoming a legendary figure in Ravenrii lore.

Verezuon, Supreme God of Life[edit | edit source]

Vi'Naherza is the God of Life and the Verezaph. He is regarded as the Lord of Prosperity by the Ravenrii, and is thought to have aided Kkia'Sihm in the creation of Life itself, emerging from "the Light" at the birth of reality. Much like Volzara, the Life "energy" Verezuon provides does not affect the Ravenrii or the dark races though it is a vastly important fabric in many universes throughout the omniverse. In early ages he allied with Kkia'Sihm in The Game, and both for this reason and for his virtuous nature, Verezuon is deeply revered by the Ravenrii.

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