Celestial Energy is the holy energy of Kkia'Sihm and the Ravenrii. Its origins are very obscure; it is supposedly one of the wave of energies released by the First Light at Reality's birth. This essence is be one of the most difficult to harness, because it seems to have a mind of its own. It will often move, appear or vanish on its own, and can be temperamental with those who lack complete mastery.

According to legend, Celestial Energy was once possesed by every Elder Race in the Omniverse. As time passed, it faded from most mortal races as they were slowly corrupted in each universe; only rarely do beings today show any knowledge of the Celestial Talents. It has become a rare energy, despite being found in every universe in Reality.

Traits and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Celestial Energy is oft credited as a conscious force: it surrounds Pure beings, and the purer a being is the more potent is the energy's attraction to it. Achieving complete illumination allows eny being to enter Heaven at last, transforming him into a creature of the light and replacing his physical body. Hard discipline is needed among most races who can even perceive the energy, but it brings enormous advantages to the user, and masters of the art can exploit many of the known abilities:

Special Powers[edit | edit source]

Celestial Energy offers a couple of special abilities- powers that neither fit under offensive nor defensive. It offers strong users a sense of clear detachment from their reality, allowing them to clearly view the world around them without need for the senses. In the strongest cases, it can even act as a shield against all but the strongest energies. It also bestows confidence and will upon its users, washing away their worst fears and blocking sinister influences from entering their minds.

  • Breath of Light - one of the hardest abilities that this Energy conveys, Enlightening breathes life into unliving matter, clearing away darkness from its nest. This is what allowed the Ravenrii to seed the first of the universes they settled with intelligent life.
  • Mental Influence - beings strong with Celestial Energy have their minds augmented: they are able to subtly influence the minds of those around them, to the extreme of being able to project their own into the thoughts of others.
  • Manipulation of the Light - probably the most famous of the talents given to the users of this holy energy, manipulation of light allows them to reshape shadow and light, physical or mental, granting them the power to "blind" their opponents with mental illusions of burning light. Manipulation of physical light can be a useful tool, sometimes even used for sculpting or building, as is the case in heaven's cities, which are made of solid shafts of sunlight.
  • Invulnerability - The most dangerous- and the hardest to master- of all celestial talents, invulnerability grants he who uses it an almost unbreakable shield against any and all physical attacks. It leaves the user at the mercy of attacks from within, however, and consumes vast reserves of energy. If the process isn't stopped voluntarily, the shield will eventually dry up and the user's body will vanish: so protected from the physical world, he is left nothing but a ghost.

Offensive Powers[edit | edit source]

Celestial Energy is more of a Defensive energy, although does provide a few offensive capabilities.

  • Celestial Blasts - A blast of pure energy, although it requires other beings to be used: the blasts are in fact made of opponents' energies, not the user's own.

Defensive Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Celestial Shield - A fast-living shard of energy, it shields from most attacks, particularly ones with dark presence. This is a much weaker and shorter-lived shield than that of invulnerability, so it is most commonly used.
  • Demonic Protection- Repels basic attacks of Demonic Energy.

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