Oakster is a Scion Master Trainer/Summoner living in Kajothia City at Terra Prime, defeating him in battle will earn you a token of skill wich allows you to combat other masters when gathered enought. After the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819, Oakster found himself fleeing Terra Prime as the Empire began plundering the planets resources and joined the Rambo Loyalist in hopes of liberating his homeworld.


Scion Master of Kijothia[]

Oakster Arena

Oakster was born in 45 BQF in Kajothia City. During his childhood he grew interessted in the mysterious Scions, though it took a long while before he set upon his own journey. Learning more and more about Scions in general, Oakster grew tired of travelling as he was home sick. As such, Oakster decided when the Scion Orders were established that he himself was going to train hard with his two Scions and become a Master. After building his own arena and training for a while, Oakster was finally given the Master Scion Title, with the approval to use his arena to test other trainers for their skills.

Ever since 0 BQF (2798) Oakster has been the Arena Master Scion Trainer of Kajothia City, with few actually managing to defeat him due to his skills and use of surroundings. He also keeps regular contact with professor Kjac and the two seem to be on friendly terms.

Resistance fighter[]

Raven Team Assembled, March 2820

Oakster fled his planet after the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded his homeworld and began stripping the planet of natural resources. Seeking refuge with the Rambo Loyalist faction he donned their human uniform and uses his Owlaron and his own skills in tracking down the enemy. By March 2820 while on Plerax Base, Oakster met with the Creckel warrior Creckagni Shatterhorn who introduced him to the other members of Raven Team: sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera, corporal Anessa Ravencrow, corporal Oakster, private medic Phoebe Barask, private Yosh Vanderhoek and the druid Amdír Windrunner.

In April 2820, Oakster participated in the successful battle of Umbrax when Raven Team arrived to reinforce the Loyalist forces under command of the Watcher cousins. During the battle Raven Team deployed guerillia tactics that eventually ensured the liberation of Umbrax with aid of the native Velocitar and the seventh legion under command of Judge Magister Ramhis.

Yvenne and her team onboard the bridge of the Provocateur

In July 2820, Oakster participated in the siege and liberation of Impaerusqiantia. Oakster partcipated in the battle of Pauvenris in September 2820. He first aided in sieging the ICS Provocateur where under orders of Yvenne signaled the Autokrator-class star destroyers ICS Athena and the ICS Poseidon for aid. When Yvenne expressed her plan to self-destruct the Provocateur and sacrifice herself, Oakster placed a hand on his chest and made slight bow though was surprised when Yosh drew his blaster and stunned her. Oakster took Yvenne and escaped the doomed Provocateur while Yosh sacrificed himself instead. Afterwards he participated in the surface battle where he remarked that the troopers shooted better than while on Impaerusqiantia. He later applied a potion to Phoebe after schrapnel hit her leg due to a grenade. Later on they liberated the prisoners and Ramanei Joy Feather.

Personality and Traits[]

Oakster original appearance

Oakster is a gentle and warm person, often seen as a father figure by other trainers he often gives (sometimes unwanted) advise to other trainers and summoners how to train and battle with Scions.

Within Kijothia City, he managed to use his arena for personal income as well, when someone challenges him he offers tickets for the citizens to watch the match, something that has become very populair within Kajothia City.

Scions Master Oakster can call upon:



Blue face.pngI like them!

  • Kjac - A wise professor living in Pallarian Town
  • Judie Watcher - The local police officer

Blue face.pngHmm, they beat me in battle?

  • none (yet)

Orange face.pngHmpf, they are not worthy of training Scions

  • none


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