Ny'Les is a female Zarbriaek, once serving onboard the USS Dallas under command of vice-admiral Ramcard. Later left service in Rambo Command and became an aid in service of Governor Ramuno of Aegimi.


Aide to governor Ramuno

Born in 18 BQF onboard one of the larger freighters, Ny'Les had a nomadic life for years, learning the arts of trade common among their people. She never had lived on a planet until the Treaty of Fornaeria, which allowed her people to join Rambo Nation as full citizens. After graduating from the Rambo Academy at Rambo City, she began serving within Rambo Command onboard the USS Dallas of vice-admiral Ramcard as a tactical officer. During her service onboard the Dallas during the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, she saw the horrors of war committed by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, something that led her to resignation in 05 AQF.

She decided to move to Aegimi, a colony in the Outer Colonial Sector that was prospering due to the rebuilding efforts of the Ancientia refugees. Once there, she acquired a new position, as aid of Governor Ramuno, as his administrator she learned quite a deal about the politics both at and from beyond Aegimi.

Personality and Traits[]

Ny'Les is a driven and passionate woman, with a keen eye for details, a love for politics and intrigues she loves to play the game of politicians and the back door dealing that go with it. Her abilities and experiences during her time as a tactical officer make her a great yet ambitious aide for the governor of Aegimi.

She loves drinking Golviatan tea, hunting and swimming.



Yellow face.pngI can hang around them

  • Ramunothe in my eyes failing governor of Aegimi


Orange face.pngWatch your steps !



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