The Nuns of Conflict are a society of Zazane females who have seperated from the Zazane Empire and have took it upon themselves to help the Zazane Empire in their wars and spread the message of the Zazane race as a whole. They are also the main Zazane force which discovers and destroys heretic and rebel Zazane, taking care of them by mostly torching them to death with their heat-based weaponry.

The Nuns of Conflict and the Zazane Empire may be allies, but there duties sometimes clash. When they do clash, often the two empires fight, and can only be stopped by each other's leaders. In terms of force, the Nuns are equal to the Zazane Empire's main military force, but are weaker in terms of population. However, they make up for this with their tough armour, which they are not allowed to remove.

The Nuns have a skilled military, and like the Zazane Empire, they do not have hospitals, as they keep the traditions of the Zazane race. Also, they mark themselves after every battle they have with a burning claw and draw symbols representing Zazane letters.

The Nuns have a hierarchy consisting of four ranks, which in order are Virgins, who are the civilians of the Nuns, the Maidens, who are beginning-class soldiers, the Daughters, who are interdemediate-ranking soldiers, and the Mothers, who are the highest-ranking soldiers.


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Keldar Taran was the first Nun of Conflict, and is the current leader and founder

The Nuns of Conflict were formed after the Annihilation. A large amount of female Zazane had branched away from the Zazane Empire, and after the Annihilation, the females formed the Nuns of Conflict as a means of assisting the Zazane Empire without fear of being tortured again. They had stolen and cloned Zazane military technology and customized it for themselves, equipping themselves with deadly weapons. Their leader and founder, Keldar Taran, had requested the leader of the Zazane Empire, Tyraz Breek, to form an official alliance between the two empires, much to his reluctance.

The Nuns set up their main base on the world of Galtus, within the Ottzello Sector of the Milky Way. Here, they had redeveloped Zazane Empire vehicles and weapons, and even constructed their own armour. This new armour was superior to the one used by Zazane of the Zazane Empire, as it provided more defence against enemy attacks. They also constructed their own unique weapons exclusive to them, utilizing Shidium in a form of fire-like gas.

Their existence was compromised by a large group of Zazane rebels, who had known that the Nuns were a new force that would destroy any uprising. The Nuns had their biggest battle so far on the planet of Galtus, with the result heading towards victory for the rebels. However, Keldar Taran was determined not to let the rebels wipe them out, and so she had decided to go into battle herself against the leader of the rebels, Vtir Kon.

She and Vtir met in the middle of the battlefield, dueling while their soldiers thought each other. The battle got increasingly bloody as war vehicles entered the fray, but still Keldar and Vtir carried on fighting through the warzone. Near the end of the battle, Keldar managed to agin the upper-hand, and sliced Vtir across the chest before shooting his head with a Zorri Pistol. Vtir died, and the battle ended as the rebel base was destroyed by the Nuns.


The Nuns of Conflict are a single-caste empire, unlike their Zazane brothers, who have four different castes. This means that they must utilise each other's abilities to build, navigate, and fight. This is what brings Nuns together to make their bond in battle stronger and more resilient to morale damage. Also, they are a democracy, unlike the Zazane Empire, who are a monarchy.

The highest ranking soldiers of the Nuns of Conflict are the Mothers, but the real ruler of the empire is known as a Saint. The Saint rules for 20 years before a new one needs to be elected. The current Saint is Keldar Taran.


Virgin is the given title of a Nun citizen, because she has not experienced combat or bloodshed yet. Virgins can choose whether they want to become a Maiden or not, unlike their brothers in the Empire, who find it is compulsory. Virgins are allowed to breed and mate because they do not wear the Nun armour, but the consequences of having children are that males must be sent to the Empire for masculine care. When a Virgin becomes a Maiden, she wears armour which is never allowed to be removed and stays with them for the rest of their lives. If the armour is removed, or a Nun dishonours herself, she will be forced to resign her place as a Nun of Conflict for five years and live as a Virgin before she is allowed to return.


Maiden is the given title of a basic warrior of the Nuns of Conflict. They are new to bloodhsed and combat, and are only given this title if they survive their first battle. Maidens must follow the orders of higher-ranking personel, otherwise the consequences could result in their forced resignation of the military. This can happen with any rank under the order of the Saint. Maidens are forced to learn the tactics of war, and learn its rules. They are taught honour and chivalry by their fellow Maidens and higher-ranking soldiers so that their performance can improve. They will become Daughters after spending 10 years on the battlefield.


Daughter is the given title of a middle-ranking warrior of the Nuns of Conflict. They have grown used to the rules and traditions of battle, and are exceptionally skilled in combat. They can command Maidens, but must also teach them honour and chivalry. Daughters have a strong bond with each other, thus being called Daughters, as their bond on the battlefield is almost unbreakable. They are very co-ordinated, trained to find weak spots within the enemy's greatest strength. The armour that the Daughter's wear is an upgraded version of the one worn by Maidens, it is basically upgraded as they wear it. It is upgraded to be more endurable and strong, yet easier to move in. Daughters may become Mothers after spending five years on the battlefield.


Mother is the given title of the highest-ranking warrior of the Nuns of Conflict. They are zealous warrior, always following the rules of war, honour and chivalry. Their skill in combat is unmatched, and are perfect strategists. They have studied strategy and weaknesses for years, and are respected members of the Nuns. They are only commanded by the Saint, and command all lower-ranks. Each Mother has the potential to become a Saint, which happens through voting and democracy. Mothers are very-well respected by all ranks, and the very first Mothers are Keldar Taran's closest friends. Keldar is still seen as a friend by the Mothers, and she also still sees them as close friends. The armour of the Mothers is far more powerful than that of the Daughters and Maidens, and is superior to most Zazane Empire armour.


The Saint is the leader of the Nuns. The current Saint is Keldar Taran. A Saint's duty is to lead the Nuns, both politically and aggressively. The Saint is seen as the Nun's biggest advantage, as she is a figure of great courage and determination. A Saint will rule for 20 years, and when that rule is up, or if she dies, a new Saint will be elected. During the time without a Saint, the Nuns will be weaker and more focused on finding a new Saint, putting leadership before war.

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Tyraz Breek and Keldar Taran discussing talks of an alliance between the Zazane Empire and the Nuns of Conflict.


The main weapon for all Nuns is the Zautul Assault Rifle - N. This version of the Zautul is not much different to the Empire version, but instead is equipped a miniature flamethrower. This makes it superior to the Empire version. Another weapon that has advanced since its time with the Nuns is the Haruk Flamethrower. The Nuns have increased the heat intensity, range, and power. The Haruk Flamethrower - N is seen as a special weapon by the Nuns, using it to cleanse the unclean and corrupted. Its also used as a weapon to kill war prisoners.

They wear a form of armour that has been seen as superior to that of the Zazane Empire's warriors. This armour was made by the Nuns themselves, and is made of concentrated Shidium.

Quotes from Other EmpiresEdit

They are the sisters of our Empire's warriors, and thus they must show that us Zazane are of great honour. If they do not, then war shall be raged upon them...

- Tyraz Breek of the Zazane Empire

Honor? Bah, old outdated system of respect that has been surpassed by Military ranks and salaries. Seriously, even the females are primitive?

- Commander Kies of the Kraw Empire


- Zr'Ahgloth

As long as it doesn't harm the relations with the main Zazane Empire, I believe we can be friends.

- Captain Jerkon of the Dracogonarious

Hehey, they are good looking.

- Captain Koluap of the Dracogonarious

You are part of plan. You cannot escape your fate.

- Archpriestess Iovera

Ahaha, yes. Divide your species. It makes it easier for me to annihilate you.

- Kolossus


- Unknown Radeon


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