I will be doing the month skipping until I reach 2846 (the date may jump multiple months at once due to me forgetting to do it some days, so that is why the numbers flux from 5 to 5 million. Current date: July 2841.

The Null Empire is a small and recent nation that utilizes the abilities of Null Spice to disable enemy ships and shield their craft. Currently it is small-medium sized but growing rapidly. It is also currently trading with JCompany, among other groups.

History Edit

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History of Null Empire

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(Note: there is a very good chance some of the current stuff is out of date, so stuff higher on the page takes priority)

State Of The War (if any): Edit

The Null Empire is considering joining the New Spodia Wars on the side of TAAS, but The Purity's strength is hampering that. However, the Null Empire is free to loan craft to TAAS, and has loaned 300 Furfans, 100 Solidarities, and 20 Callians. Production on Raptor Destroyers is starting to counter Purity probes, and 500 are built a month.

Secretly, known only to half a dozen people, the Null Empire has started an operation against The Corlinian Empire: True Paranoia. Under this, specialized ships are being built that cannot be traced to the Null Empire. These ships are jumping to Corlinian systems, and deploy hundreds of nuclear missiles. They then leave a sensor ghost of them behind. When a corlinian fleet approaches, the seeded missiles ignite and destroy or damage the fleet. After this happened a few times, larger ships have been sent in with cloaks. They do the exact same thing, but the ship escapes. These ships fly around their space, seeding sensor ghosts and missiles all over. This has caused paranoia and fear all over Corlinian space, as every craft, station, and satellite has to look out for hidden nuclear missiles, and deal with fake fleets all over the place. This has been incredibly effective, but now they have to think about what happens after the war. If it was discovered the Null Empire was responsible for this, a revolution from the Pure Querians would certainly start. After some discussion, it was decided to create a fake shadow organization who would announce they did it after the war ended.

However, with more nations joining the Divinity, Queen Sophram is looking for something more powerful than psychological warfare. Then the top scientist in the field of megastructures presents an idea: a Nicoll-Dyson beam that is effectively a cannon and the size of a refridgerator, called a Nicoll-Dyson cannon. In order to start making these, first a regular Nicoll-Dyson beam needs to be constructed. Then 2 perfect mirrors need to be placed: one 600,000,000m away from the firing point, and one next to the firing point. When the beam fires, the close mirror has 4 seconds to move in front of the firing point. If done correctly, the laser beam will be bouncing between the mirrors. Then the mirrors are brought closer together using STL methods until they are 1ft apart. While this takes a while, the Nicoll-Dyson Beam can move on to starting to make another of these devices, as it only needs to fire once. Once the mirrors are 1ft apart, 4 more mirrors are placed to make a box, allowing the beam to be safely moved. Then some more mirrors are added behind one of the mirrors. That mirror can open, allowing the device to fire. This can then be loaded into ships to be fired like a cannon. A lens can also be placed at the end of the firing tube to turn it into a more shotgun-y weapon. The smaller boxes are essentially ammo, while the larger focusing sections are the barrel. Queen Sophram gave it the go ahead. Unfortunately, the Pure Tech refuses to make the Nicoll Dyson beam whole, but allows the smaller components to be built. This means it will take 2 more months to finish, with all shipyards working on this project. Calculations show that this will be capable of turning T3 planets into T0 in one shot. However the mass (262*10^9kg, and that is if you are being generous) is so large the only way to move these rounds is FTL. This has lead to "Fortress Ships", which have very little conventional propulsion but have an incredibly powerful FTL drive allowing them to FTL with thousands of these rounds. These FTL into battlefields before dominating with incredible weaponry and shields. These are also going to take 1 month to get the 1st five built, after the Dyson Swarm.

Other Stuff Edit

Since there are over 3000 military ships, the shipyards are now empty. However, some of the advisors to Queen Sophram suggested using the shipyards to make mobile terraforming, infrastructure, and industry for the type 3 colonies to elevate them to type 2. 10 can be elevated each month, while the remaining shipyards are building 500 Raptors a month. However, all shipyards are being directed towards building the Nicoll Dyson beam.

One problem remains: While newer craft hold pressurized Null Spice containers, older ones do not, which leads to the fact some of the craft may run out of Null Spice before others.

Technology Edit

Diamene Steel Edit

When the Battle of Alphyia concluded, the Null Empire had multiple captured ships of Coalition origin, including the Diamene steel. The Null Empire managed to reverse engineer it, but due to extreme cost, only the Parables, Sophram's Fury, and Callian Carriers have the armor. The Callian Carriers only have 1 inch of the armor, and the Sophram's fury has 2 inches. The rest of the armor is the standard plating.

Cloaking Devices Edit

When the Battle of Alphyia concluded, the Null Empire had multiple captured ships of Coalition origin, including their cloaking devices. The Null Empire is currently reverse-engineering the cloaking devices to use on their own craft.

Null Tech Edit

Null Tech is technology based off Null Spice, which is detailed on its own page. To summarize, Null Spice is made of anti-energy that annihilates the energy contained within objects (it also turns the material into a bose-einsten condensate), but only if it is above a certain threshold. It also phases through 1ft of solid matter. It is produced via Specialized Zero Point Modules, or SZPMs. These SZPMs draw from vacuum energy to harvest Null Spice, and while it can be done anywhere, it is best done near a black hole or neutron star, as they greatly increase the production rate of Null Spice.

Null Shields Edit

Null Shields are a combination of Null Spice and gravitational fluctuation devices, which create a bubble of Null Spice around the ship. There are 2 attributes to consider when looking at a Null Shield: strength and regeneration. Strength refers to how strong the gravitational devices are, as a higher strength means the Null Shields can hold more Null Spice. Regeneration refers to the rate at which more Null Spice can be added to the shield through small vents. Null Shields absorb most enemy attacks, but come with several weaknesses. First off, some objects could slip through the shields if their energy is low enough. Large enough objects like asteroids can somewhat ignore Null Shields, as while the Null Spice might stop a 5th of the asteroid, the rest of the asteroid will keep going. 3rd, the Null Shields have a limited regeneration, and enough bombardment can overwhelm the regeneration and cause the shields to fail. The Null Shields are still using the original hardware, although the software has made it more efficient by varying the density of the Null Spice based on the weapons the enemy is using.

Null Weaponry Edit

Null weaponry are the primary weaponry of the Null Navy. Most of the Null Weaponry are missiles that inject Null Spice into enemy craft, which then eats the systems and usually some of the crew. Currently the weapons used are NITs (Null Injection Torpedo) mk3, which split into 3 parts before contact, increasing the amount of the craft which is hit with the Null Spice. Weapons known as Null Throwers are ready for production, which are essentially flamethrowers that shoot Null Spice instead of propane or another good fuel. However, since these are rather close range (since they lack the acceleration capabilities of railguns, lasers, or missiles, hitting something at 1km range is near impossible, let alone further out), what they will be used for is unknown. Probably exterior anti-boarding weapons.

Gravitational Devices Edit

A Null Empire Colony Fleet discovered an alien probe that contained a device capable of limited manipulation of gravity, and a device 1ft by 1ft by 1ft can project a gravitational field 1/5 the strength of Elum. The problem is that past a 2 by 1 by 2 device (or any other combination that yields that volume), which gives 2 times Elum's gravity, the returns for making the device larger plunges. As such, scientists are working almost from the ground up to built superior gravitational devices, which will be called gravitational fluctuation devices, or GFDs. This is used to both provide gravity on the craft and to control the Null Spice used in Null Shields.

Zero Point Energy Edit

Almost all things (a device that relies on vacuum doesn't really work on a planet, so on planets either batteries or renewable energy is used) in the Null Empire are powered with Zero Point Modules, which harness Zero Point Energy/Vacuum Energy. Specialized Zero Point Modules are also used to harvest Null Spice from another dimension, but are much more expensive, requiring an emerald of at least 10ft by 10ft by 10ft. Before Zero Point Energy tech was developed, physicists argued over whether Vacuum Energy had an incredibly high or incredibly low amount of energy. The former was correct, although the Zero Point Modules can only draw a fraction of that power at once.

Pure Tech Edit

Traded from JCompany (in the between the 1rst and 2nd Null-Consortium Wars), Pure Tech harnesses Pure Energy to create matter, usually megastructures. While the Null Empire isn't using it to make megastructures (yet), they planned to use it to add to a system (Called Alphyia) with as many Neutron stars as models predict can be added. However, a scientist pointed out if they could restrain black holes, they could use as much energy to make many more black holes, and therefore more Null Spice. This is because every additional Neutron star/black hole adds to the production capability of SZPMs. However, the first additional Neutron star was already in place, so those 2 would stay. The science team, as of March 2840, had successfully restrained a black hole, and so the Alphyia system was lined with multiple, usually either made with pure tech and then fed asteroids or made out of the neutron stars. The Pure Tech also 'Purifies' people who use it, and while the Spitbellies have opposed it, the Querian population has embraced it. Only time will tell what the Purity's reaction to this is.

Wormhole tech Edit

Due to a trade agreement with The Periphidi Assembly, the Null Empire has gotten their Wormhole tech in exchange for providing sea life for them to hunt. While the wormhole tech is slightly unstable, the scientists of the Null Empire are looking for a way to make it perfectly stable. Investigations as to how Null Spice react reveal weird and conflicting results, from explosions to nothing happening to the wormhole collapsing.

Narrow-Beam Deuterium-Fusion Reaction Engines Edit

These incredibly powerful engines were gifted from the Nivenian Empire to help fight the Pirate Consortium and Kalslong Raiders in the 2nd Null Consortium war. Additionally, using gravitational devices to accelerate the exhaust to even higher speeds, which increases the speed even further. They have also been used as massive spinal cannons, mainly on the Nullum Horse. Proposals to use the basis to make even stronger engines have been put forth, but for now the Null Empire is happy with these engines.

Military Edit

Null Navy tactics and craft.

Null Army tactics and craft.

Wars, Conficts, Relationships Edit

Right now, there are no conflicts going on. However, the 2nd Null-Consortium war ended recently.

The Null Empire currently has a trade route with the JCompany, and a trade route with the The Periphidi Assembly.

Opinions Edit

Allied Edit

Green face"We are happy to stand side by side with you."


Blue face"You can be trusted, perhaps an alliance is in our future"

JCompany- They have provided useful tech in exchange for Null Spice.

The Periphidi Assembly- They have provided us with wormhole tech and emeralds in exchange for animals to stabilize their ecosystem.

Nivenian Empire- They gave us an ecumenopolis, and some cool engines.

Interested Edit

Yellow face"You are interesting. Perhaps we can be friends."


Yellow face "We shall we which ways the wind blows with you."

Most nations.

Kalslong Merchants: came from the raiders of the same name, so suspicious due to recent war.


Orange face "Please stop. We can still overcome our differences, if we work together."

Angry Edit

Orange face"This is your last warning. Turn back now."


Red face "Our ideals and policies are irreconcilable. Leave now."

The Purity- The only reason it is here is that it is backing the Divinity of Spodia, and therefore attacking the Grubmolians and Periphidi assembly.

Pirate Consortium: They stole from us, they attacked us, they killed us.

Kaslong Raiders: Allying with the Pirate Consortium and planning to raid us.

The Divinity of Spodia- being jerks and being terrorists.

Any other pirates in the 2nd Null-Consortium war.

At WarEdit

Crossed Swords "Face the wrath of our Null Torpedoes!"

Trivia Edit

The idea for Null Spice was inspired by a character named Lindon from the book series Cradle by Will Wight. Spoilers ahead. In the later books, he gains the ability to capture the madra (essentially magic) from other people, and then gains the ability to absorb the madra into himself even later. He also became the [Major Spoiler], which is awesome.

Originally, the way Null Spice worked was different. When it absorbed energy, it would leave behind a material called Nullum. When Nullum contacted another spice, the spice would turn into Null Spice. However, it became apparent during a clarification project that the cycle didn't work, mainly because it either broke the laws of thermodynamics, or one would have to make an absurdly complicated explanation to get it to sorta work. It still breaks the laws of physics by providing an infinite heat sink, but whatever.

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