Did you just call me the 'strongest mystic ever'? That's flattering, really! Just call me Dr. Shal for simplicity. Most people will already know whom you're referring to.
- Dr. Nu'Iva Shal, 2830 AD

Dr. Nu'Iva Shal, is a legendary explorer, researcher, and Mystic known throughout Tyris Major, Mirus, and beyond. She is a member of Kin-House Shal, a master of the Antroth Mystic arts, former Battle Mage of the United Knights Alliance, a master of Elemental Energy and one of the most skilled Koatria to ever graduate from the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment's essence academies. Nu'Iva spent years studying the nature of the universe and is the only Planeswalker in Tyris Major and one of the few beings to actually master the technique.

Nu'Iva's fame comes mostly from her accomplishments as an academic and a mystic rather than from glory won in battle like her friends and former Koatria Team Tyris teammates.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Nu'Iva Shal (Nu'Iva (Antrothese) in Farmanese) was born on planet Farmia in 2782 AD to Commander Cizron Shal and La'Toa Shal. She is the only child of the couple, a rare occurrence in a species that typically gives birth to many children in a lifetime. Nu'Iva was born into a privileged family, and was often taken to the Royal Palace with her mother. Her parents were close comrades of King Oskel and Queen Si'daal, allowing Iva to explore the castle whenever she was there.

During her early childhood, Nu'Iva displayed an apparent talent for harnessing magic. This was noticed by Queen Si'daal, whom decided to give the young girl a small amount of training with Antroth Magic.

Nu'Iva would later find herself as the formal apprentice of the queen, and would prove to be a very talent student thanks to her natural abilities. It was eventually discovered that Nu'Iva was gifted with the ability to harness Elemental Energy as well. Queen Si'daal, not being as well-versed in the study of Elemental Energy, reached out to Hydarax, the headmaster of the Koatria College of the Enlightenment Collaborative (later known as the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment).

Academy Training Edit

In 2795 she was placed in the Koatria College at the age of 13 years old. There, she was placed on Team Tyris, with future legends of Tyris Major Blaize Moltran, Dione Ardal, Timaal Gyssealus, and Vonnes Orala'Sim.

At the academy, Nu'Iva discovered that she as able to use the Psionic element. Her species' natural affinity for magic and her studious nature allowed her to quickly learn the nature of her abilities new abilities. While she was not an especially gifted physical combatant like her teammates, her ability to harness energy far exceeded theirs, a dynamic that the team would take full advantage of during training and on missions.

Even as a young student, Nu'Iva yearned to learn more about the mysteries of the universe. She spent most of her free time reading in the college library instead of practicing her martial arts, which is most likely one of the reasons why her physical combat scores were rather low compared to the rest of her team.

Nu'Iva graduated from the academy at the age of 18 in 2800 AD, becoming a full fledged Koatria Commando. After her graduation, Nu'Iva decided that she wanted to learn much more about the energies of the world, and would later enroll in one of the Antroth Empire's several magic academies and medical schools. She also followed her now former teammates, Dione and Timaal, and enlisted in the United Knights Alliance's armed forces.

Great Tyrisian Conflicts Edit

Tyrisian-Grox War Edit

In 2802 AD, the fighting in Mirus had reached Tyris Major in full swing, which arguably started the Great Tyrisian Conflicts. The Grox Grand Dominion domain under Mortox sought to make use of King Lavern's death to assimilate Lavatuft Republic, and by extension, the whole cluster. As the Grox where shared enemies of both the Grand Republic and the United Knights Alliance, the two Tyrisian super-powers joined forces to defend the galaxy, despite the rivalry between them. Nu'Iva was deployed as a UKA Battle Mage, mainly seeing conflict on the outskirts of Grox territory.

Nu'Iva later met up with her old Koatria teammates and team captain Blaize Moltran once more to fight off the cybernetic menace. However cybernetic infiltrators sowed doubts in the mind of Blaize's father and Lavern's heir, King Magmos. Lingering recriminations about Lavern's death nearly led Magmos to call off UKA aid to face Mortox' great armada alone. In the end, it was Blaize who, with his team's aid, rallied the fleets and saved his father from an early death, destroying Mortox' body utterly in the Battle of the Tyris Major central black hole. The systems around the central black hole could not be taken due to the Grox manipulating the gravity of the black hole as hyperspace blockades. Nevertheless, a great victory had been archieved, as the Grox would be unable to interfere in Tyris Major for the coming years.

Nu'Iva's service during the war was noted by her superiors, and she would be promoted to the rank of captain within the UAE for her impressive display of magical talent and leadership abilities.

Tyrisian-Hegemonic War Edit

In 2804 AD, the Hegemony of Exterioris betrayed the United Knights Alliance for the Xonexi Allies and launched an attack on Tyris Major's outer rim, attempting to strike down the Koatria, Olympian, and Warrior-Hunter teams first. Again the Grand Republic and the United Knights Alliance joined forces, though this time much more smoothly.

Nu'Iva was deployed in the UKA's 40th Legion. With her growing talent in the Antroth Mystic Arts, Nu'Iva proved herself to be a valuable member of the UKA infantry force. Since the Hegemony's attack force was entirely fleet-based, she saw little ground combat during this period. Instead, Nu'Iva would mostly find herself providing Mana-Shielding for the ships of the 40th Legion. Nu'Iva would however return to the academy she was trained at near the end of the war against the Hegemony. She shielded much of the academy from harm, though she also exhausted herself doing this. Nu'Iva was then confronted by G-Sker, a former Koatria turned Hegemony Psionic, who had been waiting for this moment. Nu'Iva was shocked that G-Sker, someone she had previously known well, had sided with the Hegemony. G-Sker explained that it was patriotism and duty that he followed, and that he took no joy in the executions he was to partake in, after which Nu'Iva managed to talk him down. G-Sker falsified Nu'Iva's death, and then his own, while Nu'Iva used her magic to cast the illusion that the Academy was completely in ruins, causing the Hegemony to call off the attack. While G-Sker wanted to journey with Nu'Iva, she send him into hiding for his own safety.

When the UKA stuck at the Hegemony's Intergalactic Supercarrier Monument to Purity, her shields came in most handy. It was later destroyed by this combined attack, and the Hegemony of Exterioris' backbone in the cluster was effectively broken and they were routed from Tyris Major.

Due to Nu'Iva's contribution to the destruction of the Hegemony's supercarrier, she was recognized by Unified Alliance of Enlightenment as one of their most elite Koatria and soldiers.

Tyrisian-Imperium War Edit

In 2806 AD, the Imperium of War's skirmishes on the outskirts of Tyris Major turned into a full blown invasion. The Imperium's glory-seeking nature caused them to strike hard at the Soldarian Empire, an empire the Imperium deemed as the only worthy opponents in Tyris Major. While the Soldarians' defensive line, led by now Legionnaire Captain Dione Ardal, would prove to be more than a match for the Imperium's offensive strikes, the Volver Empire's forces under the command of now Knight Captain Timaal Gyssealus rushed in to aid their Soldarian allies. Nu'Iva spent the war providing medical attention to and rescuing anyone who was injured in the conflict. Nu'Iva would save so many lives during the conflict that many soldiers would call her their Guardian Angel.

The bulk of the Imperium of War were eventually beaten back later that year. This precluded the fall of their empire, which ended both the Great Mirusian Conflicts Great Tyrisian Conflicts, though roving Dragowar Warbands continued to be a problem until well into 2910 AD. She would also reunite with G-Sker at this point, who pledged a life debt to her, seeing as she had dissuaded him from going against the Koatria, an action which likely would have seen him killed at some point.

Studying the Mystic ArtsEdit

After the war, Nu'Iva left the UKA's active duty and dedicated more of her time to mastering the Antroth Mystic Arts and finish earning her doctorate. During her training, Nu'Iva would learn a plethora of defensive, offensive, utility, and various other types of spells. She also began studying ancient tomes regarding magic, essence, and various other types of energies. Nu'Iva became fascinated by the inner workings of the universe and wanted to not only understand them, but harness them to reach her full potential as an Antroth Mystic.

In 2810 AD Nu'Iva earned her Doctorate of Medicine, increasing her credibility as a medical professional.

In 2812 AD, Nu'Iva became a Master of the Antroth Mystic Arts, one of the few recognized masters in the known cosmos. Her natural talents as well as her tenacious attitude towards obtaining knowledge and power had grown considerably over the course of her training, and would aid her well in the years to come.

Path to KnowledgeEdit

By 2813 AD, Nu'Iva's curiosity with the energies of the universe brought her back to the Koatria College. While she took up the role of master and teacher during her time there, Nu'Iva would take the time to intimately learn the inner workings of Elemental Energy. Utilizing her already extensive knowledge of the Antroth Mystic Arts, Nu'Iva was able to harness elements outside of her initially gifted Psionic element. How she was able to do this is still unknown, however many Koatria Commandos would be divided on if her use of elemental energy was remarkable or blasphemous.

Nu'Iva would instruct students as a professor until 2818 AD, by which point she had studied all she wished to about Elemental Energy. In preparation for her coming adventures, Nu'Iva was able to acquire both a doctoral degree and a certification in archaeology from the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment's own Historical and Cultural Society by 2820 AD.

In late 2820 AD, Nu'Iva began studying the connection between the Light and Dark energies of the universe, as well as the Abyss. She traveled both Mirus and Tyris Major in search of caches of knowledge on the subjects. She explored ancient ruins in alien environments, talked with monks of the many temples that were spread across the galaxies, and even managed to uncover ancient Nyarqaeshian and Nebulorian texts on the Abyss and even the Void.

In late 2823 AD, Nu'Iva's studies brought her to the Grand Republic of Tyris Major's libraries and tech labs. After meeting up with Zhao'zhu, a fellow Koatria and former classmate, Nu'Iva, much to the disapproval of the Violaven Union, managed to emulate the technology of Fold-Tech using her own magic. This allowed her to traverse great distances of space using localized portals and self-made sigils. Nu'Iva also studied the known history of the Infectant Horde, believing that they had some connection to what she called "a cosmic performance". Nu'Iva's old friend, Blaize Moltran warned her of the dangers of dealing with the horde, as they were responsible for countless genocides. Nu'Iva, always the careful one, heeded his warnings and avoided venturing too deep into horde territories when conducting research alone.

In 2825 AD, Nu'Iva physically entered the Abyss, an undertaking that most beings wouldn't dare to preform. She found herself wandering the Abyss for two years, fighting her way through Infused and studying the nature of its existence. When she emerged, Nu'Iva was capable of not only slipping in and out of the Abyss at will, but also creating trans-reality and trans-dimensional portals. When pressed on the matter, Nu'Iva claims that she obtained the knowledge from her studies on the Light, Dark, and Abyss. Whether or not this is true is unknown, as Nu'Iva began to gain a reputation for withholding or even lying about information pertaining to her arcane knowledge.

This knowledge made Nu'Iva one of the only people in the galaxy with the ability to "planeswalk" or in other words, traverse space-time. While her ability to do this was very limited at first, under the guidance of Zhao'zhu, she grew to master the technique in the coming decades and eventually outclassed her fellow Koatria.

The Tower and Public OpinionEdit

By the 2830's AD, Nu'Iva had obtained something of a following among Koatria, Mystics, Mages, and other practitioners of the energies of the universe. Nu'Iva, while not interested in leading a cult or school of followers, still decided that she needed help in conducting her experiments and research. These individuals would call themselves the the Shalian Acolytes. The Acolytes gained a reputation for being rather annoying to the scholars of Tyris Major and Mirus, as they claim that the Acolytes either ask too many questions or give too few answers. Their cryptic nature and devotion to Nu'Iva's mysterious intentions gave the leaders and scholars of the two galaxies an uneasy outlook on the master mystic. Even Queen Si'daal, who was Nu'Iva's former master, became concerned with her research. The Koatria, too, put her under increasing scrutiny, not only because she had left their order in all but name, but also due to her dealings with the Void.

During this time, Nu'Iva constructed The Tower, however it goes by many different names among most circles. Nu'Iva believed that the Tower was "a necessity" to continue her experiments due to its inherent nature and cosmic importance. Within this tower, she would stockpile the information she had gathered over the years, as well as using it as a training grounds to hone her abilities and a living space. The Tower easily became a modern marvel of the galaxy, however most people would only hear of it through word of mouth or the few photographs of it that existed on the Gigaquadrantic internet.

By this point, Nu'Iva had proven herself to be a powerful and skilled wielder of essences, so much so that there was a moment of time where the leadership Unified Alliance of Enlightenment were concerned that she was acting in an interest that could threaten the alliance. Nu'Iva responded to the leaders ensuring that her loyalties were always with the UAE, and her research was for not only its defense, but the defense and understanding off all things.


As a planeswalker and master of the arcane, Nu'Iva utilizes various pieces of equipment to protect herself and aid in her research. Most of it is heavily modified to amplify her own magical abilities, while also protecting her from the magic of an opponent.

  • UKA Battle Cloak - The UKA Battle Cloak is typically white and black in color and utilizes a system of layers of durable yet flexible material, each of which provide optimal protection in various hazardous situations. Nu'Iva has altered her cloak with runes and mana-weave, allowing her to use the cloak to dampen or even block energy based attacks.
  • UKA Standard Battle Armor - Nu'Iva variant of the UKA Standarad Battle Armor The UKA Standard Battle Armor is a multilayered heavy plate outer-armor that is made of multiple interlocking Ukanium metal plates. Each plate is roughly 2.7 millimeters thick, and curved in such a way that swords, and sometimes ballistic projectiles, glance or skitter off the plates without harming the wearer.

Nu'Iva's variant of the armor is heavily modified with magical runes on the inside that allows her to amplify her mystical abilities.

    • UKA Elite Battle Suit - Nu'Iva began wearing this undersuit once she started seeing active combat in late 2800 AD. The UKA Elite Battle Suit utilizes a system of layers of durable yet flexible material, each of which provide optimal protection in various hazardous situations. Nu'Iva's specific variant is infused with her own essence, allowing her to protect herself even further from energy based attacks and traps.

  • Koatria Beam Sabre - Nu'Iva constructed her own Koatria Beam Sabre during her time at the Koatria College. The Koatria Beam Sabre is an elegant blade with great thrusting, cutting, and blocking capacity. The high energy generated by the electromagnetically contained plasma allows the blade to burn through shielding and leaves intense burns even where it didn't cut. Nu'Iva, like with most of her equipment, heavily modified her beam sabre. The hilt of her beam sabre is decorated with magical runes, allowing her to actually charge the blade with essence. This makes the blade even stronger, so much so that even Ukanium doesn't stand a chance against it.
  • UKA-BP/P2-02 - A basic plasma pistol that contains a plasma battery charged with 200 rounds. The weapon is prone to overheating, but should not cause any problems for a skilled user. Inside the weapon is an special system designed by Dr. Que to automatically cool down the plasma coil if the user stops firing. The plasma-filled coil itself is visible from the top of the rifle, and glows in a bright blue color, as do the shots.
  • Antroth Battle Staff - While she does not carry it as often as she used to, Nu'Iva has a hand crafted staff infused with her own magic. The staff is made of Farmian Ironwood, durable wood from a tree of the same name. The staff contains a green mystic catalyst that allows Nu'Iva to focus her energies even more, which increases the potency of her spells. She used the staff during her early years as a soldier and student. After crafting her stronger Mystic Gauntlet, Nu'Iva retired the staff to The Tower.

  • Mystic Gauntlet - Nu'Iva crafted this gauntlet by altering one of her UKA Standard Battle Armor gauntlets. Nu'Iva modified the gauntlets with three mystic catalysts, which made it possible for her to not only adventure without her Battle Staff (freeing up one of her hands), but also allowed her to cast powerful spell from one hand. With three catalysts. The palm of the gauntlet has a catalyst of Nu'Iva's own design, allowing her to use the gauntlet to recall to The Tower, open portals to different realms, or utilize the other odd magics she has learned over the years.
    • Red Mystic Catalyst - Red Mystic Catalysts amplify a Mystic's offensive capabilities. The effectiveness of spells that cause damage to opponents or cause various other negative effects are increased drastically, depending on the skill and strength of the wielder.
    • Blue Mystic Catalyst - Blue Mystical Catalysts amplify a Mystic's defensive capabilities. The effectiveness of shields, reinforcement spells, and negation fields are increased drastically depending on the skill and strength of the wielder.
    • Green Mystic Catalyst - Green Mystical Catalysts amplify a Mystic's utility spells. The effectiveness of healing spells, buffs, and alteration spells are increased drastically depending on the skill and strength of the wielder.
    • Nu'Iva's Yellow Mystic Catalyst - This unique catalyst allows Nu'Iva to open portals and harness magics that are not categorized by her other catalysts. One of the main uses of this catalyst is seen in Nu'Iva's ability to planeswalk. While she does have the natural ability to do so with her magic, the ability is amplified by this catalyst. This allows her to seamlessly traverse the realms without needing to set up ritual sites or any other complicated planeswalking methods.

Abilities Edit

Strengths Edit

Over the course of her training, military career, and adventures Nu'Iva has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills that rivals and even outshines some of the greatest individuals of Tyris Major. Her abilities in harnessing the energies of the universe outshine those of her former Koatria teammates, and possibly even her own mentor. While, her magic and energy manipulation are impressive, her true strength comes from her intelligence, courage and wit as a scholar and adventurer.

As a former Koatria Commando and Master of Psionics, Nu'Iva has the ability to create barriers, read minds, preform telekinesis, fire powerful bolts of energy from her body, and even levitate for brief periods of time. While she isn't a master swordsman, Nu'Iva is proficient in using bladed weapons such as knives, swords, and spears. She initially learned how to wield a sword by her instructors at the academy, however she has more recently trained with famous swordsmen such as her friend Knight Lord Timaal Gyssealus and her own father General Cizron.

As a Master of the Antroth Mystic Arts, Nu'Iva is easily among the best of her order. In offensive magic, Nu'Iva has shown the ability to melt most metals with intense fireballs, punch through armored vehicles with energy blasts, and create powerful shockwaves to knock back foes. Her defensive magic has proven to be mostly unrivaled in the galaxy, as her energy shields are reinforced by her psionic abilities. These shields were capable of not only shielding multiple ships in the United Knights Alliance assault fleet, but withstanding heavy fire from the Hegemonic fleet before they began to falter. In utility magic, Nu'Iva can heal the wounds and increase the physical attributes of herself and allies.

As a Planeswalker, Nu'Iva has the ability to physically traverse the many planes of reality using secrets she learned from her research. This allows her to document and record the many mysteries of the universe.

As a female member of the Antroth species, Nu'Iva is gifted with a natural affinity for magic, a strong yet flexible exoskeleton capable of withstanding impacts, and biological immortality.

Weaknesses Edit

Nu'Iva, while being physically and mentally formidable, does have a few weaknesses. One of which being her arrogance. While she does typically take most situations seriously, Nu'Iva has shown that her apparent power has caused her to see many who approach her as non-threatening. While she is more than capable of defending herself, her strengths would mean nothing if she was seriously caught off guard.

While she is a great practitioner of harnessing essence, that is where her main offensive and defensive strengths end. Nu'Iva is a poor physical combatant, in both hand to hand combat and her swordsmanship. She is capable of defeating an average combatant in these areas, but would struggle against someone who has dedicated a great deal of time to them. While she is proficient in using a sword, she relies too heavily on her Koatria Beam Sabre's ability to slice through most objects, making any sword duel with her rather trivial if her opponent does not use a similar weapon. But if they do, Nu'Iva's primary advantage would be gone.

Her magic does have it's limits as well. Her body can only take so much channeling before she needs to rest, and the stronger the spell, the more of her energy it uses. Nu'Iva's planeswalking ability also has a few limits as well as risks. Crossing the threshold into another plane has risks unique to that plane, which can be unpredictable if she has never journeyed there before. She also cannot use the ability without a short time to prepare it, leading to it being inconvenient if she must make a quick escape.

As an Antroth, Nu'Iva has few physical weaknesses thanks to her species' nature and origins. However, her lack of an endoskeleton makes her vulnerable to attacks and the elements if her exoskeleton were ever to break. Her biological immortality, while a bonus, also leaves her vulnerable to diseases brought about by mutations as she continues to age.

Personal InformationEdit


In her youth, Nu'Iva was a generally polite young lady. Being of noble birth, her mannerisms were that of a princess. As she grew older, Nu'Iva became more outgoing and adventurous, however she always retained an air of caution when dealing with dangerous subjects. Her position as the foremost expert on planeswalking and her understanding of the ways of the universe has made her rather arrogant, however she takes care not to condescend to others when she can. This arrogance has gotten her into trouble before, which is why Nu'Iva has also become an expert on preparing and improvising in case things go wrong.

Nu'Iva has become more of a loner as of late, preferring to work alone on most expeditions into the unknown. While this is dangerous, she does so out of convenience and to ensure the safety of others. Her attitudes towards her knowledge are also cryptic. Nu'Iva withholds even lies to most people when they ask her about the secrets she knows. She does this mostly to protect others from going down her path, but also to safeguard her own strength.

Works and ContributionsEdit

  • On The Abyss - A research paper written by Nu'Iva on the Abyss.



  • Blaize - "An old friend of mine. I respect him more than I do most people. It'll be interesting to see where our lives will lead us."
  • Dione - "Dione has proven to me that there is nothing that can stand between a Soldarian and glory. She should be the golden standard of what it means to be a Soldarian."
  • Timaal - "I miss the old days when we used to discuss philosophy together after class. My my, has time flown. And he's managed to somehow become even more knightly than before."
  • Vonnes - "While his more recent actions are questionable, I believe that he still has good intentions in mind. If there's one thing that Vonnes isn't, it's the enemy."
  • Niyra - "She's got many things to learn. I admire her courage and tenacity. Both are great qualities to have."
  • Jallas - "Jallas is one of the greatest warriors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. A model Kulaung through and through."
  • Shalian Acolytes - "My students. I cannot teach them all I know, though they are persistent."
    • Zhao'zhu - "An old collegue and natural-born planeswalker, she is luckily wise enough not to follow my path. It's nice to have someone I can trust in The Tower."
    • G-Sker - "I'm happy that we were able to reconcile after that business with the Hegemony. Apparently he owes me a life debt, so I'll see just how serious he is about that."




Quotes from HerEdit

The Anchor, The Needle, The Eye, just to name a few, are all names that are attributed to The Tower. They are all correct of course. And because of this, The Tower is important.

- Dr. Nu'Iva Shal, 2832 AD

As a planeswakler I have seen a great many things. Some things that are rather mundane, and others that are quite fantastical. But then there are even more that are incomprehensible to an unprepared mind. Sorry, but I will not teach your aspiring youngsters how to do it.

- Dr. Nu'Iva Shal in response to the Koatria College's request for her to tutor students in the art of planeswalking, 2829 AD

Quotes from OthersEdit

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Ya a good healer and friend Iva, but ya seriously need to start paying attention when the boys start drooling at your feet.

- Niyra
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