Nra'inja Metalfoot is a notorious and dangerous Quadrantia Loron pirate hailing from Zevia. With a love for rock and roll, slavery and cruelty he is a respected Loron pirate, even feared by his own kin! Without remorse he kills and destroys all in his path for plunder and glory. Onboard his vessel, the Bloody Romance he wreaks havoc upon the free trade routes in the Quadrant Galaxies.

In april of 08 AQF, in the early months of the Tertius Bellum he allied himself with Da Rogue Boyz upon the Loron Da Reckoning.


Bloody Romance in space

Nra'inja was born in the slumps of the Loron Compound at Zevia at an unchronicled date. As a child he joined his parents onboard their starship.

Learning the art of raiding and plundering at an early age. Eventually he was sold to the Brown Orcs of Ramalivua after their ship crashed at the planet, unable to overcome the weapons of the Tirithian Battlecruiser. He made his first kill upon disagreeing with a humanoid slave and soon gained a notorious reputation as a gladiator fighter in the arena of Orcgrubad. Upon an outbreak and revolt of slaves, he found a way to escape his masters and managed to travel to Zevia upon meeting fellow Loron raiders. Taken under the wings of a pirate captain he soon gained a notorious reputation as a ruthless raider and pirate, who executed his pirating under rock and roll and with a lot of joy.

Attacking the Areshkova at the second of april in 08 AQF

Eventually he was chosen and elected to become a captain and he managed to get his hands on the Bloody Romance where he himself now led and decided whom to raid and plunder. He soon became one of the most feared Loron pirates within the Quadrant Galaxies though made a tactical decision to avoid Rambo Nation targets to avoid unwanted attention by them. At 02-04-08AQF Nra'inja and crew travelled towards Rambo Prime and engaged the USS Areshkova, a Kelvin-Class starship that was in its way. Disabling the vessel Nra'inja and his crew entered the wormhole leading to the Borealis Galaxy to find out the truth about their brethern and their plans for Loron conquest not seen since ages past! And Nra'inja wanted to be part of this new glorified moment for his race.

During the Quadrantia Front, Nra'inja let his people on victories against Rambo Nation at Rambo Prime and Liothira II, though was eventually froced to withdraw from Rambo Prime. After his defeat he took his forces to Liothira II and became the official ruler of the conquered planet!

Personality and Traits[]

Nra'inja and the Bloody Romance

Nra'inja is a cruel and brutal Loron, who views life with joy and fun. Though behind his exterior appearance lies a cunning and dangerous personality. He never executes a decision without a plan and instead like most of his kin he dares to look forward and makes decisions to ensure his own survival and that of his crew. He is well aware to avoid plundering colonies of the great colonies, lest it attracts their attention and warrants are issued. He prefers to visit those places without a bounty on his head.

Nra'inja cares deeply for his crew though easily sacrifices them as well if it suites his needs or plans. He wears a pirate hat, a carefully measures suite and jacket and metal boots (hence his nicknames), metal shoulder pads and a large cape. He loves his ship, the Boomstik-class Bloody Romance-; which is easily recognized by its black exterior and skull at the front of the ship. Equipped with powerful cannons and hyperdrive, the ship is painted with stealth as well, making it difficult to spot on sensors in the darkness of space.



Blue face.pngRock n Roll with me!


Orange face.pngWhahaha fear my wrath!!


Ah yes, deza guy is dangerouz

- Qur'Trlan


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