The Nova Alliance was once a unified alliance, however after a galactic coordinated terrorist attack released a gas, it transformed all the races of the NOVA alliance into Globlings! The Globlins are capable of manipulating nonsentient life-forms, with some wanting to use this- others wish to utilize technology instead of using "primitive monstrosities". This has resulted in one last civil war that will decide the fate of the empire.


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bio-fighters trying to hold off a tech-warrior assault

Early HistoryEdit

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Civil WarEdit

The civil war was a fight between the tech-nation and bio-nation of the old NOVA empire. they have joined together to be of greater assistance to the rambo nation and serpentaxy against the grox

Seperated FactionsEdit

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The Nova Alliance, due to her species has a interessting and diverse culture, a sign of their great stature and knowledge.


After the transformation, the globlings completely retooled the religion to fit their needs. They believe in the idea that all globlings must follow the code of justice, which requires all globlings to do whatever is necessary to preserve our empire, and that there are 3 afterlifes: the dark life, the neutral life, and the light life. People who damage the alliance are sent to the dark life, people who neither endanger, or save the alliance are sent to the neutral life, and the people who save the alliance are sent to the light life.


In the globling society, non-globlings are respected individuals who are seen as bringers of foreign goods and knowledge. The NOVA alliance shows respect to non-globlings who have assisted the alliance in its time of need by giving them small doses of globling gas, which causes them to gain the ability to see people's emotions, like a regular globling, and is seen n lliance society as a sign of honor, that shows them as a respected honorary hero of the alliance.

Faction informationEdit

After the civil war the Nova Alliance split in two seperate factions, who were discontent with eachothers way of living and are often in conflict with eachother.

Tech-Council infoEdit

The Tech-Council is a faction that believes in technological innovation and trade with other high tech empires. This faction has a booming economy and an advantage in space, due to their higher quality spaceships. This has resulted in more control over the shipment of products between planets. As of recently, the tech-government's decisions control half the empire's lives. The tech council's force hold a disadvantage on land due to most resources being put into space ships. With monetary support from rambo nation, the tech-nation military is using the infulx of funds to build up the land forces to blitz the bio-nation. Unfortunately, this plan ended when quadrantia grox investigated a signal from the bio-nation and attacked and destroyed several planets from both sides. With the attack fleet in ruins and a fifth of the land army dead, the tech nation joined in with the serpentaxy and rambo nation to defend their territory.

Bio-nation infoEdit

The bio nation was a large force that controlled half the old empire. Their troops were loyal to the bio-lord, and were capable of overruning the tech-warriors on ground, with the globrhinoes, a tank like species that easily smash through the toughest of tech- troopers with their massive shield like head. The disadvantage they had is that their hastily made bio ships were incapable of matching with their high powered opponents. The bio-lord's policies resulted in no diplomacy or trade with most high tech empires, and will trade with smaller empire for large animals to use as slave animals to his empire. His navy is capable of holding their territory, but not much else. The other half of the empire is subjected to the bio-lords monstrous animals, but they have adapted and use most animals as mounts to move fast around the planet. They were formed from the terrorist group gaining control of most of the empire in the early days after the gas releasing. The bio-nation joined the tech-nation after the few bio-nation planets lefts were all but destroyed. As a result of their surrender, their forces have joined the tech-nation army against the grox.



The tech-Nation doctrine has resulted in stealthy troops that move behind enemy lines and dsirupt enemy movements until the navy shows up and destroys most enemy resistance. their more specalized troops are capable of destroying small bases in teams of 12 globlings.

The bio-nation doctrine has hundreds of poorly armed troops charging in waves until the enemy is forced to retreat. Their poorly armed navy might as well not show up to a battle, but this weakness has caused their engineers to create some of the msot powerful planetary anti-ship weaponry the alliance has ever seen.

Tech Nation fleetEdit

During the war with the quadrantia grox, the NOVA fleet enacted the Salamis refit plan, which has upgraded the fleet to have more powerful ships. there are currently of each new ship class

unions:2400 Salamis:400 galvans:1000 celestials:4 relov:600 kaznov:200

celestial-class Dreadnought
Rivetor Dreadnaught

Rivetor Dreadnought

Celestial class

the new Celestial class refit

The rivetor-class dreadnaught is a massive war ship the size of a small city, meant to act as flagship for the NOVA alliance fleet. It uses armor to shrug off smaller weaponry, but anything larger than a fighter laser can damage it. it uses a very slow anti missile laser to target smaller missiles, and has several large lasers and tractor beams. it carries 3 squads of fighters, and must move very very slowly due to the weight of the ship. due to the massive amount of resources involved in creating these, these ships are created very rarely.

  • Armament:
    • 6 anti-ship laser
    • 20 rapid fire cannons
    • 24 small tech-fighters
    • 4 anti-missile batteries
    • crew:1500+24 pilots
    • hangar compliment:104 fighters and 25 bombers, or 50 shuttles
    • active ships: 1
    • ships in construction: 2
Tech Nation Fortress
Tech warrior fortress

the tech-nation fortress

The juggernaught-class space fortress is a large mobile space station use a a carrier for fighter squads and as a fuel ship for fleets. It has thick armor and is very slow.

  • Armament:
    • 10 anti-ship missles
    • 5 anti fighter batteries
    • 100 small tech fighters
    • 40 glob-bombers
    • Crew: 800+ 180 pilots
    • hangar compliment:150 fighters, or 75 bombers, or 40 transports
    • active ships:25
    • ships in construction:25
Imperial Zeta Class Frigate
Imperial zeta class-frigate

Zeta class

The zeta class frigate is a relic from the old NOVA alliance fleet used after it was found that this was more versatile and effective than other options at the time. This is deployed in large numbers and makes up the main bulk of the fleet. These ships are cheap to build, resulting in large numbers being made now and many left from the original fleets.

  • Armament:
    • 10 anti-fighter batteries
    • 24 missile batteries
    • crew: 400
    • active ships:300
    • ships under construction: 300
Tech Warrior Fighter
Tech-warrior fighter

tech-navy fighter

The tech fighter is the main ship of the tech-nation fleet. It is a multi purpose fighter used for many different missions. status: retired

  • Armament:
    • 2 light anti-fighter cannons,
    • 4 missiles
    • crew:1
    • active ships:8000
    • ships in construction: 1000


The Globomber is the standard heavy bomber in the bio-nation. It can carry 50 small fire bombs, or 5 heavy bombs.

  • Armament:
    • 50 small bombs/ or 5 large bombs/ 3 anti-ship lasers
    • crew: 5
    • active ships: 5000
    • ships in construction: 2000


The globship frigate is the standard ship of the bio-nation. it is used as the standard trade ship, and as a planetary militia warship. This is not considered a military ship, but is produced by the same shipyards.

  • Armanent:
    • crew:12
    • optional(1 anti-ship laser/ 3 torpedo launchers or 2 anti-ship batteries
    • cargo load: max-1200 tons


the union fighter

The Union is the new NOVA standard fighter. with a rapid fire laser vulcan(low damage, but high fire rate) and 2 javelin missiles, this fighter has proven to be exceptionaly fast and in general, more versatile and deadly than the tech fighter.

  • Armament
    • crew:1
    • optional: 1 bomb/ 1 30 missile rocket pod/2 extra javelin anti fighter missiles


The gelvan is the gunship used for atmospheric warfare by the NOVA forces. it can hold 2 rocket pods, 2 laser vulcans, and 2 javelin AA missiles to defend against fighters. it has low maneuverability, but great armor.

  • Armament:
    • crew: 2 (1 gunner, and 1 pilot)
    • weapons: 2 javelin AA missiles, 2 Free fire rocket pods, and 2 laser vulcans


The kaznov is the refit name given to upgraded zeta class cruisers. they are given heavy armor, 2 massive engines for increased speed, and larger cannons.

    • crew:90
    • hangar capacity: 2 shuttles
    • weapons: 2 torpedo tubes, 2 fighter missile pods, and 3 heavy double barreled plasma **cannons
    • cargo: 120 soldier, or 150 tons


the Relov is then new shuttle designed for use as a diplomatic, and troop transport. it can be outfitted with a leisurely cargo bay for 6 wealthy or important passenger, or can hold 80 tons of cargo, or 30 troops and 2 vehicles.

  • armament
    • crew:2 pilots
    • Cargo: 30 troops and 2 heavy vehicles/ 80 tons
    • weapons: none


The salamis is the crown peice of the refit act. it is the new standard cruiser for use by NOVA forces. with a cheap to build frame, and heavy weapons, and sufficient armor, the salamis is the pride of the fleet.

    • Crew:60
    • Hangar: 6 Unions, and 1 Relov
    • Weapons:6 1 barrel plasma cannons,2 missile pods,
    • Cargo:250 tons,or 200 soldiers,

Naval review

while forces stationed at outer rim areas were being upgraded, the NOVA admiralty made the decision to show their new fleet by hosting a naval review at the navy base, called koi island, stationed on the moon of the planet, nobling 4. the forces present there were about 3 fifths of the entire fleet, with all 4 celestial class super-carriers present also. this was broadcast all over NOVA territory, to show that the navy was strong and capable of fighting the grox.

ground forcesEdit

The ground forces are made of specialized infantry units that are dropped to the surface by a transport fleet in pods built to look like debris from damaged ships. After landing, usually the fleet stays in orbit, but at a distance and leaves ground forces to act on their own discretion. The fleet keeps continous contact with the ground forces and waits for the ground units to destroy any anti-ship weaponry in the area, which the ships then descend into the atmosphere, and engineers descend to build a staging area. From their, heavier infantry units are brought in to begin full scale war. This is a main strategy.

Globling tech-warrior


The tech troopers are the main infantry unit of the NOVA alliance. They are smart, deadly, and stealthy. Due to stealth requirements, all tech troopers have minimal armor to ensure maximum mobility. To fight, they have 2 main weapons, 2 energy swords, or sometimes a heavy scouting rifle.

Globling bio-warrior (1)


The globling bio-warriors were drafted into the Alliance military after they were found to be more effectve in guerrilla warfare than tech troopers, so they were reinstated as special troops to lead the tech troopers into battle on planets with hostile wildlife. They are armed with poisonous blades or a scouting rifle.

NOVA heavy mechanized infantry
CRE NOVA light mechanized infantry-0e32715a ful

After the NOVA military doctrine was created, it was found in test runs, that vehicles are inefficient at stealth movements. To compensate, the NOVA 1st mechanized infantry division was made. The heavy mechanized infantry are specialized soldiers who wear heavy assault armor that combine armor with heavy weaponry. These are used to support full scale invasions, as their armor is too heavy to drop from orbit. They are equipped with 2 heavy rocket launchers, which fires projectiles coated in a thin layer of fuel, to create an inferno where it lands.

NOVA commandoes

The NOVA commandoes are a special force that serves as guards for government officials, and high ranking military officers. They are the best troops in the NOVA military, and are equipped with the best equipment available. They have a handheld plasma sword and a heavy battle rifle, or an high explosive rocket launcher.

NOVA globtanks

When the globling gas attacks began transforming the NOVA species, there were some that took in more gas then most others. they mutated into a violent subspecies of globling called, the globtank. Globtanks are required by law to enlist in the military, because their violent nature would disturb the cities and possibly do damage to the alliance. They are strong and are often used as seige units, and are equipped with a heavy rocket launcher and very strong armor.

NOVA Races Edit

as a result of te globling gas, the globlings have turned into a hioghly social species,due to their newly gained ability to see others emotions. to them, people seem like mood rings, glowing red when angry, blue when sad, green when happy, yellow when scared, etc.

The globling body changes color as it grows older, going from coal black, to gray, to white as they age.

Recently, it was discovered that since the gas attacks, some gas hit a race of nonsentient beings called wolflings. It turned them into a highly civilised race and soon, they formed a world government called the brotherhood of knights. They were discovered by the NOVA and they soon joined the alliance in an agreement which admitted the wolflings as full members of the NOVA alliance. As part of the agreement, the wolfling knights became the protectors of the government and the elite forces of the NOVA.

Recently, The alliance has found that some globlings are changing into different forms. This has resulted in several sub-species of globlings.

Notable IndividualsEdit

admiral coscertoEdit

Admiral coscerto battle gear

Admiral Coscerto in battle armor

Admiral Coscerto is the leader of the NOVA alliance military, with the wisdom and experience from the globling civil-war, and the respect of his staff. He wanted to unite the bio-nation with the tech-nation. Once the quadrantia grox began assaults, he contacted the serpentaxy and sent reinforcements to them.

commander korhalEdit

Commander korhal

Commander Korhal

Commander Korhal is the founder and leader of the NOVA alliance mechanized infantry project. He is one of the main members of admiral Coscerto's staff, and is one of the most experienced of them. He served in most of the battles with the tech-nation, and has served as an invaluable advisor for the military.

general travernEdit

General travern

General Travern

General Travern is a newly promoted general that joined the command staff recently. He is in charge of the forces stationed in serpentaxy space. He is known to be very friendly, and likes to talk with his troops, and he leads from the front lines, which has earned him the respect and comeraderie of his troops.

Galactic RelationsEdit

Allies Edit

Green faceAllying us is a wise choice!

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceHello, what can we do for you?

Enemies Edit

Red faceGrrrr...Your life ends here...

  • Q-grox


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