Together, our time is near.

- Admiral Votarah


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Week One[]

Meeting of Shadows[]

Votarah meets with Kitoramnan.

Quickly rising again thanks to the power of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the two million year old Vartekian race began to vie for power once more, in search of potential allies in the Andromeda Galaxy, birthplace of the Confederation of Andromeda. Quickly expanding their empire to millions of systems, they also saw the expansion of their sub-races within the Confederation. However, they needed a stronger ally to aid in their rise to the top, and saw one in the Kicath Empire.

Meeting with a disgruntled Kicath known as Kitoraman, Admiral Votarah, quickly gained his support, and agreed to help oust the current emperor from his throne, in exchange for a New Confederation. However, Kitoramnan Warned Votarah about Kithworto's strength, before starting the mission that would change everything.

Votarah meets with Kitoramnan.

Votarah approaches Kitoramnan in a secluded location on Paclernos.

  • Votarah - Greetings, Kitoramnan.
  • Kitoramnan - Votarah. So, word has it you want dominance over Andromeda...
  • Votarah - The time has come for us to retake our rightful seat of power, yes.
  • Kitoramnan - So do we. The Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth feeds us lies...wants us weakened and controlled over. I'm afraid, for them, that is not going to happen.
  • Votarah - I expected as much. My galaxy is not going to bow to the likes of the primitives.
  • Kitoramnan - Our Empire is weakening. Our Emperor knows little of his empire, and he does not know of our meeting. What I need is a guarantee that I can take over the empire.
  • Votarah - Fear not, my people specialise in this business. You want help in gaining control of your empire? We can help.
  • Kitoramnan - Good. And then what after? I suspect an alliance between us and you can help retake the throne of Andromeda.
  • Votarah - We will take the throne together. And a New Confederation will rise.
  • Kitoramnan - Excellent. Andromeda will not know what to do once we make ourselves known.
  • Votarah - We have already begun work. Our reach stretches further then the fools know. Now however, we have an Emperor to remove.
  • Kitoramnan - He will not be guarded if he sees my presence. However that is not what I am concerned about.
  • Votarah - What are you concerned about?
  • Kitoramnan - There are things which stir in this empire that the empire itself cannot control.

Kitoramnan narrows his eyes.

  • Kitoramnan - Namely, one individual. Let him live, and this empire weakens severely.

He sighs.

  • Kitoramnan - Let him live, and our chances will not be so secure.
  • Votarah - What is his name?

Kitoramnan hands over a tablet containing Kithworto's profile.

  • Votarah - Ah, Kithworto.
  • Kitoramnan - Then you know not to underestimate fate. We cannot kill this Emperor. We kill the Emperor, and the amount of trouble we will be in will make everything else seem like nothing.
  • Votarah - As you wish.
  • Kitoramnan - I don't think you estimate what could happen seriously enough.

Votarah's fists clench for a moment.

  • Votarah - I have heard of your great Warriors, and Kithworto's abilities. But do not misjudge my people as a group of common lackeys. And certainly not me.
  • Kitoramnan - I do not doubt yourself. I doubt our chances. We had better make our move. From what I have seen, Kithworto is due for an audience in two hours.
  • Votarah - Very well.
  • Kitoramnan - Our new Agent V programs are....influenced. They will aid us.
  • Votarah - Good, shall we begin?
  • Kitoramnan - Fifty of us. Very well. Proceed to the palace.

Fall of Order[]

Upon the watchtower of the Emperor Kitraminak's palace on Paclernos, Kitoramnan and Votarah plotted the fall of the Emperor intricately. With skills of assassination and disguise, Kitoramnan and Votarah quietly overtook the palace. Upon the confrontation with Emperor Kitraminak , Kitoramnan interrogated the Emperor and his family until gunpoint. Finally surrendering, the Emperor was overthrown and Kitoramnan became the new Emperor. But everything has not fallen into place yet.

In the watchtower of the Emperor's Palace.

  • Votarah - We must be near.
  • Kitoramnan - This is the watchtower of the palace. Only down from here.

Fifty Agent V's are also present, armed with Kicathian weaponry.

  • Votarah - Excellent.
  • Kitoramnan - If I know the Emperor's schedule, which I do, he is currently having dinner with his family.
  • Votarah - What of their fate?
  • Kitoramnan - I believe....imprison them. When we have the minds of the people, execution. Every evening I am scheduled to join the Emperor with his family. Allow me to enter alone, and do not give away my disguise.
  • Votarah - Very well.

Activates his hyperspacial cloaking device, effectively putting him into another dimension, parallel to our own.

  • Kitoramnan - We will enter through to the main hall first. The Agents will take point from the outside of the Emperor's dining hall. And you will come with me. Kill anyone that stops us from getting to the Emperor.
  • Votarah - They will taste my blade.

Kitormnan and a cloaked Votarah walk down to the main hall - there are 5 Kicath Royal Guard waiting outside a hallway.

  • Kicath Royal Guard - Halt.
  • Kitoramnan - ...Why do you stop the Emperor's advisor?
  • Kicath Royal Guard - Procedure. Identification.

Kitoramnan hands over a card.

  • Kicath Royal Guard - ...Denied.

The guards point the guns at Kitoramnan. Votarah, still cloaked, decapitates all five guards in a swift stroke. Kitoramnan looks at his card and crushes it.

  • Kitoramnan - Forget identification.

Walks through the hallway where more Royal Guards appear armed with blades, aWare that there is something other than Kitoramnan here. Votarah de cloaks, but presses a button that replicates himself a dozen times.

  • Votarah - Ah. More bloodshed.

All twelve Votarah duplicates kill the Royal Guard, before disappearing into a single Votarah. They get to the doors outside the dining hall.

  • Kitoramnan - Once I open the door, stay cloaked and keep to the left of the room. There are containers in which you can remain hidden upon.
  • Kitoramnan - Unfortunately I will have to eat dinner with them. Once I put the cutlery down, the Agents will enter the room via the window. Then, uncloak and remain marked behind the Emperor.

Kitoramnan opens the door, and walks forWard to sit down opposite the Emperor. Votarah does what requested. The Emperor's family and Kitoramnan eat dinner - during this, there is a talk that the meeting between Kithworto and Kitraminak has been delayed by an hour, Kitraminak letting out a small evil smirk. Kitoramnan puts down his fork and knife and reaches for a concealed blade. Votarah uncloaks. Kitraminak is shocked! Agent Vs' burst through the window, armed with long blades.

  • Kitoramnan - Agents, lead the Emperor's family to the prison cell. The Emperor stays here.

Agents do so, leaving Votarah, the Emperor and Kitoramnan alone.

  • Kitraminak - ...Vartekians?!
  • Votarah - That is correct. A new age has dawned!
  • Kitraminak - ...What is the meaning of this, Kitoramnan?
  • Kitoramnan - Since you came into power, all I have done, all the empire has done, has laid food down on your plate.

Kitraminak attempts to lunge for Kitoramnan. Votarah stuns him with a kick to the face. Kitraminak falls to the floor with his mouth bleeding. Kitoramnan leans down to the Emperor's level, grabbing his head violently.

  • Kitoramnan - And you haven't given anything back.

He slams his head into the ground.

  • Kitoramnan - With the aid of the Vartekians, I plan to reinstate the Empire's authority. A new order *will* arise.
  • Kitoramnan - But executing you now is too much for us to handle.
  • Kitoramnan - Votarah, hold him out over the window.

Votarah grabs him and holds him out over the window.

  • Kitoramnan - Now repeat after me, or a ten-thousand foot fall will be a compliment from the Empire.
  • Kitoramnan - I, Emperor Kitraminak, surrender authority to Kitoramnan, advisor to the Emperor.
  • Kitraminak - ...Never.
  • Kitoramnan - Hold him by the leg.

Votarah begins to loosen his grip, beginning to hold him by a single leg.

  • Kitoramnan - Feel like speaking now?
  • Kitraminak - No...I will not speak.
  • Kitoramnan - Bring him back here.

Kitoramnan calls for the Agents to bring him the Emperor's family. Votarah throws Kitraminak back into the room, nearly breaking the table.

  • Kitoramnan - Perhaps I should loosen your tongue by slitting your wife's throat.

He holds the Emperor's wife's head up and puts his blade under her jaw.

  • Kitraminak - ...Fine.

The former emperor recites what Kitoramnan said.

  • Kitoramnan - ...Good.

He hits Kitraminak around the face, knocking him out. Agents take the Emperor and family back to the prison.

  • Kitoramnan - Well...that went easier than I expected.
  • Votarah - Well done. Emperor Kitoramnan.

Kithworto and Agent Nu's ship pull up outside of the palace.

  • Kitoramnan - ...I knew there was something too easy about this.