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In a lapse of hundred thousand years we used to face many problems and big mistakes that we accepted them with pain and knowledge required to prevent future repetitions, we fought to maintain our dominance and strength with lot of blood was spilled on our hands and our fur was coated in it. We learned to know new alien life and xenophilosophy and we adapted to them as we shared our domain with theirs. Our knowledge and technology kept on growing parallel to our expansion and population until the present day, the day where our imperial Sovereignty, after all the struggle and blood, is still standing.

- Unknown

The Royal Grand Universal Sovereign Empire of Solvalis, or basically more known as the Nomatari Sovereignty and as the Sovereignty among the Bunsen and Andromedan locals, is an interstellar empire with origins in Unknown Galaxy. But it also stretches to other galaxies such as the Andromeda Galaxy. One would say that the Sovereignty is extragalatic on the first sight. But it's technically not, ever since it stretches to other galaxies, that far away enough that it would take hundred years to traverse between each other via hyperspace. Universal is far a more correct word for the empire's size.

Over a span of thousand years, they have had to pass a bloody era before facing a foundation. Struggles with concurrenting empires and crushing them. In where they faced hard opponents and the equivalence of everyones' worst neighborhood enemy: Grox. In which turned them into hard-shelled and fierce warriors with no mercy upon those who poses as a dangerous threat against them. To their size and astounding technological advance, it was became a reality thanks to their nomadic and curious cultural traditions and doctrine.

Despite their questionable approach in the addition of their bloodied history roots. The empire itself doesn't directly nor in any way manifest as a threat to other powers. Which they themselves don't want to, and won't. Unless other circumstances are given. They actually want to get on good terms and maintain peace and safety across the universe. Ironically, the sovereign soldiers love to spill blood of their enemies, killing for, straight out, amusement.


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The New Empire EraEdit

Sovereignty's first appearance and origins in the Gigaquadrants is tracked back to 32 000 BC when an universal expedition was sent from a distant and unknown galaxy arrived on Bunsen Galaxy after a journey totaling several hundred years worth of hyper-space travel. Their nomad culture and curiosity aided them their accelerated expansion and a sudden appearance within hundred years. But this was however on the period where the present day Bunsen major powers were young and advancing in pride, the era where Bunsen was under the control of two empires reigning in harmony. Those said powers became aware of their new guests, but didn't decide to intervene nor had interests in diplomacy with the Sovereignty.

Not so long after, a situation emerged; current leadership resigned from their position without stating or nominating a new leader, members of the colony power started to attempting assume themselves as leaders. A group of scholars took the chance and the pride to present the model of democracy and integrate it to power, it gained a favorable popularity. This upset the authoritarian conservatives, whose racial majority was Nomatarians, who pushed to live to their spiritual predecessor. So they both refused to come along; a conflict was eventually erupt and over years escalated to bloody assaults of members from both sides, then to an armed conflict that sprawled the nation for hundred years to come.

The end was defined by the historical mistake of the democratic congress for ordering an assassination of the authoritarians' leader and attempting to blame it on them, this occurred during the last ceasefire before the last 7 years of the long-drawn civil war. This upset the imperialists so much and a heir member, who was the best friend of a democracy defector whom revealed the whole affair to him, who used the knowledge and his heir's status to win the empty position and then lead his reign to a hard-won but straight victory of the civil war.

Displaying this true and violent nature, the two observing empires learned from this and assumed that the Sovereignty was a very dangerous threat to their domestic sphere, so both of the empires then decided to stop it. Little as successful it seemed at the start until the tides were turned. Sovereign forces pursed the fleeing attackers before giving up the chase after successfully destroying one of the attacker's two large supercarrier flagships and severely damaging the other. This later lead up was the beginning of one of the attackers' end as an empire before when the other empire, the Bunsen Grox, decided to change their approach, including their foreign policy and backstabbing them by promising the damaged flagship repairs, only to later destroy it along its escort. Without an orderly military to use, the now ruined and betrayed empire collapses into disorder and disarray, survivors do only to present day exist as lone groups of wanderers and nomads seeking a distant and peaceful world to settle down, others have searched to other empires.

The war continued on until Bunsen Grox begun to gather the upper hand over the Sovereignty and forced them back to its core territories. The Sovereignty feared its destruction and accepted the prevention of it by giving up its pride and a large amount of territory in defeat. Plus being banished, demanding it to undergo a full isolation, the Sovereignty concealed its presence and disappeared from maps for thousands of years to come. Despite being grateful for the mercy and the peace, the grudge between the two old empires is still to present day strong.

An Empire in Exile Edit

Prior their defeat in the war against the Grox of the Bunsen Galaxy, they were banished from becoming involved in politics to not face further trouble or military charges. Preceding a completely uneventful era for the Sovereignty staying inside their own presence. To overcome this, they sought after other new places to colonize in. Becoming a new name in Milky Way and Androemda Galaxy. They had the interests of trying to seek other diplomatic contacts but failed and eventually lost interest, to spend their time the emperor decided to put more focus on production and construction of large projects: Alderson discs and artifical rings for habitated high-population planets. This continued for hundred years until the emperor was caught and killed in an exchange of fire as the result of a hysteria grown among his own loyalists.



The new home prospered a new solid foothold for the colony of a now shrunk superpower.

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The Sovereignty ruled a territory that encompassed an almost whole galaxy with staggering millions of star systems spread across the else highly-subjugated and valuable premises the advanced and well living populations occupy. Where the Sovereignty was born and was ruled from. But it's however a region too far away from the Gigaquadrants. Cutting the Bunsen Sovereingty off their parent empire. In memorial and continuity, the young empire adopted and ruled according to their parent empire with the same name and under the same emblem. Declaring themselves as a part of a lost, but superior and advanced empire. Yet past the hundred years. The communication between Bunsen and the other Unknown Galaxy was proven to be very difficult due to their technology being insufficient to settle the gigantic distance between them. They are still struggling to make contact with the other empire. The Sovereignty has become to be independent to live up after its predecessor.

Table of colonized galaxies
Galaxy Name

Year of colonization


Andromeda Galaxy 25000 BC 2Medium -1Active
Bunsen Galaxy 32000 BC 2Medium -1Active
Cyrannus Galaxy 2784 1Low -1Active
Mirus Galaxy 2804 2Medium -1Active
Plazith Rim 25000 BC 1Low -1Active
Unknown Galaxy -9999999999999999999999 Native 3High -2Unknown

Notable PlanetsEdit

Elabos Tolaai
Central Capitol

(Bunsen Galaxy)

Andromedan Capital


Popularly considered as an important region for ethnics, history and culture. Their keen curiousity and imperious expansion granted them new knowledges of the universe and foreign standards. Learning mostly from their interactions with the Draconid and pre-alliance Tertaminans. Not only limited to alien races, they were able to locate and study Andromedan precrusor artifacts and abandoned crafts from vanquished and extinct civilizations. Thus extracting tons of otherwise unknown records about the predessecors' experience of the universe and Andromeda itself. This has allowed the Sovereign society to adapt to the Andromedan sphere and develop new standards similar to the coexisting cultures found across the galaxy. Contributing to the spread of the Andromedan standards overboard to other galaxies, mainly Cyrannus and the Milky Way.


Being the new home of the curious Sovereignty since the landing in , it to present day the nation's biggest active autonomous territory. Its importance is made of its role as capital territory providing core features and unique assets vital in domestic influence and governing. Otherwise it is an average exemplar of balanced territory with no unique traits.


Cyrannus is one of the ingredients of the Sovereignty's expansion front. Where it seeks more place to colonise and more empires to make friends with since 2786.

Milky WayEdit

Milky Way is one amomg the many galaxies the Sovereign astronomers could discover and identitfy long before the universual expedition between 300-0 B.C. But threy couldn't confirm its existence until the landning on Andromeda. The galaxy was then an object of interest to the explorers and was then colonized teens of years later in 1342.

The Sovereignty isn't influentical except in their own area, the most influentiucal and emcompassing empire was the Delpha Coalition of Planets. It reminded them of the shaky "socialist" coalitions of races and spacefaring civilizations in their old home galaxy, so they paid little interest to them but good attention on them, watching out for activities thought to be fishy for the them. It wasn't much of help until the escalations in 2780's and 2790's leading to a war in 2801.

Due to their standards when it comes to diplomacy. They are not very active in Milky Way and do usually conceal their activities to avoid unwanted interaction.



Sovereign culture is more functionary and attributed as a large "culture cauldron", it absorbs culture and influence from other empires, civilizations and assimilated minorities of alien species the nation can reach and interact with, much of them come from those with good and allied relations to the Sovereignty and vice versa. From this point it continuously develop a new diverse culture ontop the older with minimal differences, and is a specific reason Sovereign citizens refrains from calling themselves multicultural, rather as an "unison of all intelligent minds". This unsurprisingly functions as a gear for the bandwagon used for patriotic fervor.

The culture functions, due to demographic and political dominance, as an attribute for the Nomatarians. The fact their leader is as well an Nomatarian and them as the only founder species strengthens the image and its relation to the species. All of the nation itself including the culture is an invention by the Nomtarians.

Compared to many cultures of popular powers; Draconid Imperium, the French, and Cyrannian sovereigns with the rise of new relations such as the Eldarisian Empire, few less influential and shy populations of the Diviarium, of all their diverse culture has imported from, the Sovereign culture is very defined and board. In a sense it is easy to find differences in characteristics from different cultures, when compared with one of the aforementioned culture, there are similarities but still holds a multitude of differences. The culture itself isn't effectively influential on its own, let alone the nation's actual influence which serves as one of the major spreading vectors for the culture.


The Nomatari Sovereignty is on the surface a semi-presidental republic with a subordinate cabinet and an advisory cabinet, but core itself is a authoritarian imperialist dictatorship of monarchical origins; monarchy was used to take in place, but to present day, the seat is occupied by a figure with no royal background or royal hierarchy - a self-nominated monarch. The political model is a decentralized system where the Emperor/Empress occupies the very top of the power chain, making it the most powerful position in Sovereign politics. Farther down the chain comes "governors", representative elders of usually royal families and heirs who push their agenda into power, it is however the most translucent position to both the public and the emperor itself. So conspiring is in theoretically nigh impossible.

Model Edit

Nomatari Sovereignty runs on a political model so called Szu'ejhet rie Solivari'je;

Szu'ejhet rie Solivari'je is the name of the political model currently in effect. Inherently an authoritarian dictatorship implemented with imperialism and elements of presidential republic, it centralizes on decentralization of political elements, authority and administration, while making the top position, the emperor seat, a spot with absolute power to control every subordinate and their lower subordinates, bonding the seat to every vector of the decentralized system. Creating a webby decentralization system.


The concurrent modern model, the four bottom layers is regional administration

The model is a heavily layered hierarchy of power where permissions and power, such as standing and privileges, are distributed accordingly the model - as illustrated in the image to right. Whereas the two first layers performs as powerful executives, the four subordinate layers, which make up the Sovereignty's regional administration. Every each layer has the power to overrule its' subordinates on the approval of their superiors, which are often given out only when if the subordinate power is deemed as a failure or incapable until; a reform comes into effect; the situation eventually has been averted.

  • Emperor - the topmost and the most powerful position of the entire system. Anyone in this position has the ability to override the whole system and protocols, likewise for remodeling the entire system to the Emperor's liking. For past hundred thousand years, this position has always been included in all models and systems tailored by other leaders in Sovereignty's history.
  • Executive - usually defined if Emperor is accompanied by, exemplary, a cabinet with members of elevated power and, or, a group of advisors helping the Emperor to reflect and give the Emperor's actions more transparency and more understanding about their consequences. These are optional. But do exist under the regime of Zaalqoríum - she designed this model after all.
  • "The Sixteen Governors" - is the layer where a group, functioning as a cabinet, representative elders of usually royal heirs with loyal relations to the Emperor. By the law defined by the Emperor, information, business and internal affairs has to be always available publicly to the superiors and subordinates, is the most transparent layer in the entire system - making it one of the layers where it is nigh impossible to conspire against the system.
  • Galactic Councils - regional administration on galactic level.
  • Sector Autonomies - regional administration on galaxy sector level.
  • Regional Authorities - regional administration on level of regions of star systems
  • Star System Governments - regional administration on level of individual stellar systems.


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The Royal Sovereign Military is the one who carry out opeartions across Bunsen Galaxy and other galaxies, not limited to Andromeda Galaxy Milky Way, Cyrannus Galaxy and the other unknown galaxy that they are native to, and so beyond. Other purposes they serve include peacekeeping, law enforcement and diaster response across Sovereign and foreign worlds to aid civilians and protect Sovereignty property. It is however not only used for benevolent or peacekeeping purposes, it also serves as a vital tool for the Sovereignty's persude of control and expansion over foreign property and actions with malevolent ideal.

Under the command of the supreme dictator it serves as a very vital and important tool for the leader's own regime and relevance, to accomplish that among the goals to be able to maintain a very huge and populated regime, it has been for many thousand years built to be massive and efficient in both size and scope. So the Sovereignty can be a highly populated and wide nation under control by a military dictatorship with a good chance to succeed their goals without worrying about a foreign power having the audacity to stand in its path alone.

Operating under the orders of the High Military Command and the Imperial Emperor, it is responsible of the defence of property and assets under Sovereign possession and evaluation of outlaws and threat by carrying out actions to neutralize them before collateral damage can be done. A majority of the operations are carried out by the Royal Sovereign Guard, whom fields both spatial and planetary warfare, utilizing spaceships, waterbody, aerial and ground vehicles at same time. The Guard is however restricted to Sovereign territory, foreign premises and the borders around them and does serve as the last ditch reserve and the vital defence against intruders when either the Army or the Navy aren't active or away. So unlike the Guard, the Army and Navy can operate outside home and allied territory. The difference is the Army does only field planetary while the Navy is operating in spatial warfare, so they cooperate as one to function so effective as possible. This makes them being able to raid enemy property with a full-spectrum arsenal at their fingertips.


The Nomatari Sovereignty has an economy running on a system divided into two separate hemispheres, each has its own unique set of rules, regulations and laws, who coexist and are capable of interacting with each other in different ways.

The first hemisphere is an environment very similar to free market and more characteristically a hemisphere occupied by the private sector, independent business owned by individuals. Business hosted by public sectors always occurs as in form of foreign business, although not many appreciates the idea of globalizing the market. This is where the second hemisphere comes in the picture: it is an environment that is owned by the government, the authority, the very emperor/empress itself. The state-owned business have the freedom to anything within the scope the law allows, as how they please, they are expected to allow the orders and the word of their superiors and keep within the frame of the law. They are not allowed to interfere with each other or the free market hemisphere without the allowance of their superiors. All the profit they make go directly to the Sovereignty's public treasury, where on hindsight the industries' expenses are paid off and the salaries cashed out to all.

The Nomatari Sovereignty is the fourth largest producer and one of the largest exporter of raw Andasium and is among the largest producer of raw minerals and unrefined materials. Most of the production is exported to other nations for importing other minerals, rare processed items and other technology boosting their mining industry. The mining industry is the Sovereignty's largest sector ahead of robotics and synthetics, they specialize in claiming lawless territory for mining operations and also specialize in extracting raw materials from asteroids, planets, stellar bodies and other objects.

Their specialization in mining and deprivation of materials from objects have also lead to an investment in the salvage and reclamation business, this is a program as apart of their recycling and self-sustaining ideal. But also a progress into reserve engineering of derelict vessels, artifacts, stations and other objects abandoned by foreign civilizations. Junkyards and remains of battlefields do attract the attention of the Sovereignty, with the hope of advancing their technology further by collecting all foreign and unfamiliar technology and engineering to be integrated with their own. This doesn't not however contribute much to their actual advancement, but it has however contributed to an everlasting effort to improve their current technology.


The economical world of the Sovereignty is versatile. But some sectors are monopolized by the government itself. In order to prevent and hold out unwanted activity to secure the population's welfare and needs regulated by them. Restricting capitalist or shortly, malicious and miserly from being able to exploit the system in order to gain maximal profits with very little offer in return. Government-owned has the job to maximize the production and offer so much as possible with the help of substitutions from the government to pay new equipment and salary with a minimal income to cover costs and expenses. Despite that, they make a very powerful approach in the national market and a significant weight on the extraterrestrial market. There are also companies with activity that needs license and supervision by the highest government. Companies which are not owned by the government, but they control and restrict their activity. In compensation of substitutions and reserved rights depending on the market and activity. But it doesn't mean complete monopolization. It means that it's harder and challenging to succeed and make profit. Yet it rewards with a big name and favorable reputation.

Companies with activity completely untouched by the Government, not owned or regulated, do exist in form of private, stock, bank or foreign. But yet still has to follow the common roles.

All data is based in the Gigaquadrants area.
Government-owned Government-regulated Private Foreign
  • Nsflag Royal Committee of Infrastructure
    • Nsflag Nomadius Publica public transportation
    • Nsflag Chorga Ltd. public transportation
    • Nsflag Axon Logistics logistics
  • Nsflag Royal Sovereignty Defense Agency
    • Nsflag Idanex Tech Ltd. military engineering
    • Nsflag Inovous military engineering
    • Nsflag UD-2 Manc weapon manufacturer
  • Nsflag Sovereignty Ministry of Welfare and Health
  • Flag of France Bank of France bank
  • Flag of France Hypernaute.avn news
  • Flag of France Parisian Galactic luxury airliners
  • Flag of France Dasol Co. tech
  • Flag of France Private Holosuites Co. luxury holosuites
  • Flag of the French Colonial Empire Archange Group hyperspatial systems
  • Flag of the French Colonial Empire Xonexi Andasium Exchange Bank andasium supplier
  • French Bunsen Colonies Star Bunsen airliner
  • Flag of the Republic of Galactica Nemex Bunsen arms manufacturer
  • Flag of the Commonwealth of French Andromeda Andromedan Link airliner
  • Flag of the Commonwealth of French Andromeda Bank of Andromeda bank
  • Flag of the Commonwealth of French Andromeda Roussigny Investment Bank bank
  • Flag of the Commonwealth of French Andromeda Frontier shipping


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The tall 3-dotted banner is the striking symbol of the Sovereignty's tranquility and influential power.

The Sovereignty uses diplomacy as its own flagship method to spread and accumulate influence over other powers. Ultimately improving relations and trading as the empire progress further towards its own ultimate goal, supremacy. Common method exertion include linear progression with help of knowledge and situation algorithms and taking distance to then utilize covert intelligence collection and charting empire attributes before taking on diplomacy. As how well-trained and disciplined the diplomat corps are, they are adaptive to who and the situation they are dealing with. Making them proficient consolers, liars, negotiators, intimidators and pacifiers. Very assertive and efficient to make the best out of situations.

Province Affairs Edit

The Sovereignty is an old power under the hood of an enigmatic identity. It doesn't maintain newly-acquired property from other powers as protectorates, annexed territory or colonies too long, it spends their resources on trying to integrate the territories to itself and creating a solid political sphere of influence over them. The title or relevance as a protectorate or segregated (annexed) territory is rather short-living under the domain of the Nomatari Sovereignty. This is however not as instantaneous as how it may sounds.


Intergovernmental Organizations & Treaties Edit

Organization/Alliance Attitude
Member of
Pan-Andromedan Ecumene Ecstatic
United Gigaquadrantic Alliance Unfazed
Xonexi Allies Ecstatic
Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth Positive
The Civilisation Neutral
Mou'Cyran Accords Supicious
Pan-Andromedan Ecumene Ecstatic
United Gigaquadrantic Alliance Unfazed
Xonexi Allies Ecstatic

Relations Edit

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Close Allies


Good Terms

Improving Terms


Decreasing Terms

Bad Terms



At War

At Conflict

For more detailed information for each individual faction, see main article: Relations [note: may not cover every relation]
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