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The Nocturnian Collective Mind are a group of incredibly alien-esque species which orignate from the planet Nocturnia. They primarily control a bio-psionic power which has mental control over all living things.


Originally, Nocturnia was believed to have come from a distant part of the universe, or another dimension. They are believed to be at least 25 million years old and have possibly been in the control of the dimension they came from. The most likely theory of their origin is that the planet mind of Nocturnia was an architect of a virtual reality, and the Nocturnians acted as a guardian type.

It is believed to be that the events of The Cataclysm had opened a rift in the Nocturnian Mind's reality, and it moved to this one.

As of now, it lies in the distant reaches of the Gigaquadrant.



Nocturnian Mind creatures are all physically strong, intelligent and agile, making them very dangerous to combat. The different lifeforms of the Collective Mind, while different in appearence, all have similar traits such as their biologic traits and psionic power.


Nocturnian technology is highly unknown, however they are known to possess forms of travel that goes at a similar speed of a Hyperdrive; 10^16 c.


Nocturnian culture is highly alienistic; almost tribal. Other than that, there is nothing known or worth nothing about it.


All Nocturnian species have a psionic power; able to use telepathy and are able to mind-control or brainwash other species as a weapon by physically touching them.





Nocturnians are the main sentient lifeforms on Nocturnia. Approximately 3.87m tall, these Nocturnians are able to withstand cold temperatures and high winds. Like other species on Nocturnia, Nocturnians have a reflex in their skin which can become a camouflage in vegetation.

Their vision is able to detect heat at an intricate level. Nocturnians can sprint at speeds of 62mph (100 kph) and, though not the fastest creatures on the planet, are faster than most.

Relative Threat: Average

Nocturnian AlphaEdit



Nocturnian Alphas are a physically superior sub-division of the main species. Able to communicate in other forms than standard speech, Alphas may be easily capable of language. Being an Alpha, their psionic ability is far more superior than any other Nocturnian race. They stand around 4.2m tall.

Relative Threat: High




Nocturnian Gladiators were (at one stage) largest and fastest of the humanoid Nocturnian species. Evolved to the state where they have extreme adaptability to combat, Nocturnian Gladiators do not tire in any foreseeable future. Instead of having a right hand, Gladiators have a large bone sword which is as sharp as a common melee weapon.

However, their use of psionic energy pales in comparison to the other races. However, they are able to project psionic waves and have a slight use of telekinesis and are able to use this well in combat. Gladiators stand at 4.9m tall.

Relative Threat: Very High




Nocturnian Centaurs are mysterious beings. They often hide in the luminous forests of Nocturnia, however have been known to be territorial.

They are the tallest type of Nocturnian, as well as the second strongest, losing only to the Glatiator. They stand at around 5.3m tall.

Relative Threat: Very High




Nocturnian Titans are a recently discovered sub-type of Nocturnian. They are now known as the most powerful Nocturnian humanoid - standing at nearly 12m tall and have unnaturally fast speed and strength for its size. Nocturnian Titans are known to cause enough ruckus to clear even Nocturnian Gladiators from its presence. It has very powerful usage of psionic energy and as such, because of their power are guardians of the secrets on Nocturnia.




Nocturnian Serpents are the largest, strongest and most dangerous species on planet Nocturnia. Swimming in the deeper oceans of Nocturnia, Nocturnian Serpents are over 1km long and and will destroy almost anything in their path.

Some Nocturnian Alphas have tamed the Nocturnian Serpents...but not for a long time.

Relative Threat: Extremely High

Luminescent DragonEdit


Luminescent Dragon

Luminescent Dragons are among the most extreme species on planet Nocturnia. Often inhabiting the caps of the mountain ranges 30,000km above sea level, Luminescent Dragons are the top predators on the planet.

Able to distinct prey from extreme distances, the Luminescent Dragon can fly faster than the eye can register to overwhelm whatever it catches. The size of the Luminescent Dragon is approximately 22m long and has a similar wingspan.

Relative Threat: Very High

Luminescent Bone DragonEdit


Luminescent Bone Dragon

Luminescent Bone Dragons were once dead Luminescent Dragons who were ressurected by the Nocturnian Collective Mind. Despite no longer being capable of flight, these creatures are much more durable thanks to their undead nature.

Bone Dragons are highly dangerous, but are few in number compared to other Nocturnian creatures. They are, however, still a force to be feared.

Relative Threat: Extremely High


Allies Edit

Green faceNoooctuuurrrrr?

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Enemies Edit

Red faceNoooocccttaaaaaarrr!!!

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We have tried to establish contact with them, but we just could not understand their culture. They also seemed really aggressive to anyone approaching their planet...

- Captain Jerkon
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