Introduction. Edit

The Noble Alliance is a organization of Kingdoms, Empires and Republics in Quadrant 82. It was founded by four key members and faced many dangers, overcoming each with heroism and grit.

Currently, the Alliance faces great danger from differant kind of enemies, like the Grox and Lizardian Empires. Even though the empires have united, they maintain their own ruling govermants and monarchs. The Noble Alliance Council is represented by the leaders of each of the member Empires. Although the Noble Alliance's roster has remained quite constant, they always stand open for new races to join the Alliance.

History. Edit

Origin. Edit

The Noble Alliance was founded after the dreaded and devasting war with the Heer Stekeveel Empire. It plunged a great part of the Quadrant into war with devasting results:

- Rambo Nation Space Fleet crippeld.

- Kloppig Empire devasted.

- Shaman Empire lost in the conflict.

- Heer Stekeveel Empire defeated.

- Kloppig Empire crippeld.

- Victreeion Empire almost defeated.

When they noticed it, the already allies now officially formed an alliance, namely the Noble Alliance. The four key members were Rambo Nation, Victreeion Empire, Fairy Girl Society, Insector Eldarions. When formed they combined their powers and made sure they had the same currencty, trading routes etc.

After the forming, other Empires like the Fernikki, Algernon, Goepelle and Kloppig Empires also joined with the most recently the Tri Hoornbo Empire.

Although called the Noble Alliance, they aren't that noble as they want to think of themselves, because the Rambo Nation already deployed 2 Planet Busters in their history and the Victreeions like to engage war and enslaving people. None the less, the Quadrant Empires are at least were for a while.

Diva Bettie War. Edit

Shortly after the forming of the Noble Alliance the Diva Bettie Empire attacked and left the Alliance thanks to a new leader. The first victim was a Constitution Refit Class, the USS Eagle. Shocked by the sudden appearance the Alliance calls for a emergency meeting.

During the meeting, the Diva Bettie Empire Attacked Rambo Nation and the Kloppig Empire, both suffering heavy losses. In response, Rambo Nation launches new ship classes build for battle.

After a few years, the Alliance strikes back with a United Task Force, consisting out of Space Ships from the Kloppig, Victreeion, Algernon and Rambo ships. The prove succefull and they managed to put a hole in the defenses of the Diva Bettie and break threw. The Task Force makes a bold move, they target the Diva Bettie Capitol and after heavy battle the Capitol falls. Shortly later, all other Colonies are taken over except for one.

The Diva Bettie on that planet surrender and give their leader into custody and recall themselves the Diva Bettie Remnant. Becoming a valuable ally and massive weapon producer of the Alliance.

The GN3Dura Experiment. Edit

Rambo Nation gets a warning after deploying their first Planet Buster at an Empire with only 1 planet. The Admiral in charge has been captured and stood trail for his crimes.

Algernon War. Edit

45 years ago.

After disputes with the Victreeion Empire and Rambo Nation the Alliance plunges once again into war. The war is so devasting it also turns members against eachother and brings almost Civil War.

The Algernon stands it's ground and proves hard to defeat. But after Rambo Nation sides with the Victreeion Empire and the Kloppig Empire the tide turns. And when the Tri Hoornbo also side with Rambo Nation they finally pushed the Algernon Forces back.

The war comes to a terrible conclusion when Rambo Nation launches it's second Planet Buster and once again is warned by the Alliance members. After negotiation by the Insectors, they comply and shortly after the war is over with the Algernon Empire diminished to 1 Capitol planet and 1 Colonie. The Algernon are set out of the Alliance, and a neutral zone is made, but conflicts remain to happen.

The entire war lasted for about 40 years before it ended.

Victreeion-Insector Incident. Edit

This incident almost led to a Civil War and took place shortly after the Algernon War. Due to some stupid actions of the Victreeions, by blowing up a small sqaudron of ships the Insectors demanded their surrender. Both Empires already were on tension relations and almost escalated. But thanks to the Fairy Girls the incident remained an incident, and did not became a war.

Rambo Resistance. Edit

A rebellion in the Rambo Nation proves to be dangerous to Rambo Nation, and they loose a great part of the Outer Colonies.

See The Rambo Resistance

Lizardian Threat. Edit

After the Victreeions explored unknown space, they encountered a race of lizards, who prove to be vicious and tends to enslave people or use them as a meal.

After a lot of battles, and an attempt to invade the Inner Regions the Lizardian retreated back to their own space. The Alliance was in no shape to pursue or start a new war after the recent Algernon War, so they instead reinforced their borders.

the new threat has emerged, the Lizardian Empire, unknown Lizards with big ships and fleets are attacking the quadrant and mostly the inner Colonies of Capitol regions of the Alliance.

After the sieges on the Capitol Systems of the Alliance the Lizardians withdrawn after they have been halted there. And so the attacks have stopped, which can only mean that they are up to something, perhaps massing up a massive invading force.......................

Although it is known that the Lizardians are still active in the Nothern Parts of Quadrant 82, they have claimed a territory there and are sending spies to keep track of events of the Alliance.

Swerion IncidentEdit

When Rambo Nation discovered Quadrant 89 they encountered the Swerion Trade Federation.

Fearing an unstable market for the Alliance, they forbid the Swerions to make trade in Alliance Space, this in disagreement with Rambo Nation. The Swerions were insulted by this, and proclaimed that the Alliance played a monopoly on Trade. After that, the Swerion entered the black market and made a lot of profit.

Rambo Exploration ProgramEdit

The Rambo Space Exploration Program became recenlty under discussion, because of the many events Rambo Nation became involved in hostile events, namely:

  • The Lizardian Empire has also been discovered in Quadrant 89 which led to small conflicts.
  • The Rambulan Star Empire also showed to be hostile, and have plans to invade Deep Space Colonie 01.
  • The Swerion Trade Federation seems hostile to the Alliance, but not to Rambo Nation.
  • The Syndicate is the biggest criminal organisation met by Rambo Nation and the Alliance.
  • The Xiaan Alliance is an isolated Alliance, who fire on everyone who enters there territory.
  • Rambo Nation is involved in the Tigris War, something the Alliance disapproves.
  • Meeting the evil Congregation and the Tralor Empire.
  • The Hutter Kingdom, who do not whish to have interactions with the Alliance.

All these conflict led the Rambo believe they are being put responsible for it, something the Rambo dislike. Some fanatics say the Rambo Nation should leave the Alliance, which in turn shocked the Alliance Members.

Because it is known that then the Kloppig, the Fairy Lady and the Insector Eldarions will ally with Rambo Nation and the others not.

So the Alliance is at the moment in disarray, something the Lizardians are noticing...........

Also everyone knew where the Grox territoy was, but recently the Grox came out of their borders and began exploring the Quadrant which in resulted battles.

Pirates & the ResistanceEdit

The Noble Alliance is also troubled with Pirates and the newly reformed Rambo Resistance. Although Pirates have been active for a long time, the Resistance has not, although they do not attack the Alliance yet, only the Rambo Nation.

For that reasons, the Alliance told Rambo Nation that it is there conflit and not one of the Alliance.

They also put out a warrent for Captain Ramarrow, the most infamous Pirate in Quadrant 82.

Human RepublicEdit

The Alliance was recently contacted by an unknown nation called the Human Republic, a peaceful race, preferring trade then war.

The Alliance were pleased with there new allies, who have a great economic center and have a lot of peacefull and magnificent planets. And so the Human Republic became the newest member, and were considered one of the more important members of the Alliance.

Rise of the Imperial AllianceEdit

Recently the Imperial Alliance has emerged, an organisation made up by the Lizardian Empire, Rambulan Star Empire and the Saurien Sector Coalition.

There first act was to attack the Rambo Capitol and wipe out the High Council, shortly after they began harassing Rambo Nation and frustrating there efforts.

Atlhough full scale war and battles have not yet happened, it is just waiting for the moment the Imperial Alliance will strike, some members foresee the coming inevitable war will be even more devasting then the Heer Stekeveel War.

Galactic War Fall of the Tri Hoornbo Fleet

Fall of the Rambo Defense Fleet of the Tri-Hoornbo Empire

Imperial Galactic WarEdit

When the Imperial Alliance attacked the Dissia System of Rambo Nation this proved to be a distraction. This battle was the prologue of the Imperial Galactic War which the Noble Alliance was soon to be drawn into.

The Imperial proved to be a devasting war for the Noble Alliance, although the target was not the Noble Alliance, there most prominent member, Rambo Nation, was the target of the Imperial Alliance, but bordering Empires, like the Tri-Hoornbo Empire were victems of the Imperial Alliance, since they needed staging and moving areas.

The Tri-Hoornbo Empire was the first to fall in the early days of the Galactic War, together with the Ramrevera System, a Rambo Colonial System near Tri-Hoornbo Borders.

See: Imperial Galactic War.

Fall of the Noble AllianceEdit

Fall of Noble Alliance 01

The Battle for the Noble Alliance, with the Lusankya in the back.

Fall of Noble Alliance 02

Battle for the Noble Alliance

During the Second Galactic War the Noble Alliance once again was taken under attack by the Imperial Alliance. To make a stand Captain Klopplar was given the task to command the fleet which was to intercept the Lusankya and her task force to prevent an invasion of Noble Alliance territory.

The fleet was very large and powerfull, but when the Lusankya disabled a part of the fleet and the several Star Destroyers destroyed the USS Merced and killed Captain Klopplar. After his death, the remaining ships retreated and the Noble Alliance was faced with certain doom. However the Ruin Sector Alliance also attacked the Noble Alliance and was soon driven back in a corner.

Shortly after, the Lusankya advanced toward Noble Alliance Space and the Victreeion Empire and the Fairy Lady Society surrended and were taken over by the Imperial Alliance.

The Kloppig and the Insector Eldarions had not intention of surrender, and joined Rambo Nation.

The Human Republic decided that the Imperial Alliance was too great a foe, and promptly began to open new trade agreements with them. However, the citizens weren't pleased by the abandonment of those who had saved them from Kamik' Shi.

See Second Galactic War.

Noble Alliance Members. Edit

Former MembersEdit

Rambo Nation Edit

The most prominent and powerfullst member of the Noble Alliance. Although considerd Noble, they can also be agressive and
Rambo (19)

Rambo Nation Specie

don't shy away from battle. Tasked with protecting Alliance Space due to their massive Space Fleet they are the first to engage the hostilities of the Grox, Lizardians, Rambo Resistance and others.

The Nation is lead by an Emperor and a Council and they are bird like creatures. They are also one of the four key founders of the Alliance and have very good relations with the Tri Hoornbo and the Kloppig Empires.

Insector Eldarions. Edit

Insector Eldarions (1)

Insector Eldarion Species

Another key or founder of the Noble Alliance. Considered the most wisest in the Noble Alliance and are considered the peacekeepers. But don't be wrong, if they consider you an enemy they can be relentless and very agressive.

The Insectors (as they are often called) are tasked with intellegence, because they intellegence network is the best within the Alliance, something the Rambo Nation is jalous off. Mostly they keep the Alliance together just like the Fairy Girls Society and they dislike the Victreeions. But they managed to put their differances aside to form the Alliance.

They are insect like creatures and they are lead by a Council of Elders.

Kloppig Empire Edit

Another strong and interessting member of the Alliance. They are most closest with Rambo Nation,

Kloppig Species

even some of their ships are based off that of Rambo Nation.

They often side with Rambo Nation and the Tri Hoornbo Empire, which gave them great influance in the Quadrant. They have such good relations with Rambo Nation, that some of their species are surving on Rambo Nation Space Ships. The Kloppig Empire was almost defeated by the Diva Bettie Empire, but was saved by Rambo Nation.

The Nation is lead by an Emperor and a council.

Human Republic Edit

Human (2)


The Human Empire is the newest member of the Noble alliance, hailed from another galaxy. The Human empire is a peaceful race, preferring trade to war. When they joined they soon became the economic center of the Noble Alliance, with the Fairy Lady Girl Society and the Rambo enjoying to visit their planets. The planets of the Human Republic are viewed as lush vacation spots, especially New Earth with its beautiful hot springs.

The Human Republic is known throughout the galaxy as harbingers of wealth and prosperity. After discovering space flight, it began its journey, charging headlong into the very questions of market and trade. As philosophy never interested the species, many commanders rue the day that they break an unwritten rule of Spode on a foreign planet.

The first song that human children learn is "Returns are earned through thinking, yes they are" to the tune of "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain when She Comes", and many view this song to be more valuable than the national anthem "Oh High Returns" (music from "Oh Canada"). Nothing can stop this species from closing the biggset property deals in the galaxy, many have tried, all have failed.

Conquered Species by the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector AllianceEdit

Fairy Girl Society. Edit

Another key member and founder of the Noble Alliance, the very peacefull members of the Alliance and are also considered
Fairy Girl

Fairy Girl Species

peace keepers. The Fairy Girls dislike high tones, cause they see that as a sign of hostility.

The Fairy Girls are also called the Angels among the Alliance and are considered the beautifulst species in Quadrant 82. They are very religious, even more than the Insectors and keep great value on it. They also dislike the Victreeions, but they have managed to put aside their differances.

When the Fairy Girls come to a disicion or vote, their opinion is listened too. Because the other Alliance members have great notice of them.

The Fair Girl Society is ruled by a Queen.

Victreeion Empire. Edit

Victreeions (2)

Victreeion Species

The most vicious, agressive and war like member of the Alliance. They are also one of the 4 founders of the Alliance. These plant like creatures often engage into battles first, and are the last one standing. Their disire for battle makes them a dangerous foe, but a very valuable member. Although the Victreeion had a stormy history with the Insectors and the Fairy Girls they never engaged the Rambo Nation, they only made them after the Heer Stekeveel War.

They dislike the Insectors and the Fairy Girls, but als managed to put this aside to form the Alliance. Although they often like to taunt them.

They are the first to vote for battle and war and the often disagree with the Insectors. Becaue of their strong fleet, Rambo Nation preffers to join their fleets for Task Forces since their ships can take a lot of damage and have good fire power.

The Empire is lead by an Emperor.

However, during the Galactic War there forces were heavily damaged and the Victreeions lost most of there military might.

Tri-Hoornbo Empire. Edit


Tri-Hoorbo Species

Led by a Prime Minister and Parliment, the Tri-Hoornbo have achieved space travel thanks to Rambo Nation, and are also one of its closest allies together with the Kloppig Empire. Although small in territory, they are expanding quickly with their growing space fleet.

When the Imperial Alliance attacked Rambo Nation and proclaimed war upon them and the Noble Alliance, the Rambo defense fleet stationed at Tri-Hoornbo Space was destroyed by an Imperial Fleet led by the Lizardian Commander. They surrended shorlty afterwards and the Imperial Alliance conquered the Tri Hoornbo Empire.

Fernikki Empire. Edit

The green looking members of the Alliance, experts in trade and spice and the most wealthiest member of the Alliance. Most of

Fernikki Species

the trade routes are also of the Fernikki and are well protected by the ships of Rambo Nation. They are not war like, but more diplomats and dislike the nature of the Victreeions.

When joining the Alliance, they saw an oppurtinity and only become more richers due to their trade. Their Space Fleet excist out of small fighters, a few cruisers and a lot of cargo ships.

The Fernikki Empire is ruled by a Council of the richest membes of their Empire. During the Galactic War the Fernikki Empire was destroyed by the Imperial Alliance. They were reduced to scavengers and refugees.

Goepellke Republic. Edit


Goepellke Species

These small creatures are known for their technology, although small in territoy they have even visited the Galaxy beyong Quadrant 82. They have the most advanced technology in the Alliance, but do not like to share it.

They joined the Alliance mostly to gain protection of it, because they don't intervene that much with the rest of the quadrant. They are, however very good with the Fairy Girls, and that is the only nation which they have a lot of trade with.

The Repubic is lead by a Councillor and ambassodors of the planets within their Republic.

During the Galactic War the Goepellke Republic was invaded by Imperial Forces by Rambulan Fleet Captain El'd'Shell and the Goepellke surrended. And so the Republic became an occupied nation. But was later destroyed by the Imperial alliance, and such the species became reduced to scavengers and refugees, driven to near extinction.

Space Ships of the Noble Alliance.Edit

This is a list off the space ships which are mostly used by the Noble Alliance members.

See Noble Alliance Space Ships

Allies of the Noble Alliance Edit

Creckel Kingdom Edit

This Kingdom is located close to Grox territory and had also conflict with Rambo Nation. But they managed to put this aside and as of now the two kingdoms are good allies of eachother.

When in dire need, the Crecel Kingdom comes to aid the Noble Alliance.

Diva Bettie Remnant Edit

After the Diva Bettie War and the Fall of the Diva Bettie Empire the remnant offered peace and the Alliance accepted. With it they provided to be the best weapon dealer in the Quadrant.

They do not want to join the Nobel Alliance, but they are profiting from their protection due to their manufacturing of weapons. The remnant is lead by a President.

Enemies of the Noble Alliance Edit

The Grox Edit

No explanation needed.

Rambo Resistance Edit

When the Outer colonies wanted to be independed, Rambo Nation responded with a no and a lot of military force. This lead to a rebellion and made the Resistance. In first, they only did small attacks and had a fleet of 1 space ship. But after caputing the Outer Colonie Shipyards they are building their own ship classes and now pose a threat.

As of now they declared them indepandence and it seems they only attack Rambo Nation ships and leave the other membes a lone. But they have been targeting spice routes and cargo vessels of all nation.

The Resistance is lead by the Prime Leader Ramgaro.

Imperial AllianceEdit

The Imperial Alliance is the newest and most recent enemy of the Noble Alliance. In fact, the Alliance excist out of differant Empires and nations, namely the Rambulan Star Empire, the Saurien Sector Coaliton and the there main faction, the Lizardian Empire.

Over time they gathered allies and enemies and soon plunged the Noble Alliance in a devastating war, even worser than the Heer Stekeveel Wars.

Pirates. Edit

The Alliance is also troubled by Pirate Attacks, they are mostly formed out of Trogg, Heer Stekeveel or Mozels. All former enemies of the members of the Alliance.

They mostly attack cargo vessels, but when bold they also dare to take on Space Ships.

Diva Bettie Empire (former). Edit

When the Empire still excisted they were a devasting enemy of the Alliance, but thanks to the joined Fleets they managed to destroy the Empire. After defeat, the Remnant was born with only 1 Colonie and became the greatest manufacturing of weapons for the Alliance and in the entire Qaudrant.

Lizardian Empire (former). Edit

A agressive Empire of Reptillians/lizard species. With their big ships and massive fleets they have proven to be the new enemy of the Noble Alliance. Faced with this, the Lizardians enslave the Alliance members of even use them as meal.

Although still largly unknown, the Empire is ruled by an Emperor and their Capitol Planet is unknown to the Alliance.

Recently the attacks have stopped, which wonders what they are up too. Perhaps massing an invading force to invade and conquer Quadrant 82......................................

It later turned out to be false as the Lizardian Empire was absorbed in the Imperial Alliance.

Space Chart of Quadrant 82. Edit

Below a Space Chart of Quadrant 82, the sector of the Noble Alliance, Lizardian Empire, the Crecel Kingdom, Diva Bettie Remnant and a portion of the Grox.

Spore Galaxy Qaudrant 82

Qaudrant 82

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