The Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta is a republic, vassalized[1] by the Nivenian Empire, that controls the system of Paulo Fluctus Beta. As anything more than general policy and tribute extraction is difficult to enforce over interstellar differences, the former colony was cut loose, on the condition that 23% of their energy output be beamed to the Nivenia System as tribute. While they do have a few megastructures, such as the rings of O'Neill cylinders around their capital world, Paulo Fluctus Beta 2, and their thin Mylar dyson swarm, they have nowhere near as much experience in the field as the Nivenian Empire itself.


The system itself contains only one star, Paulo Fluctus Beta, which is a K9.6V-type star of 0.57311 solar masses. It has a luminosity of 0.058417 solar luminosities, and has a total of nine planets. One of the gas giants in the system has two habitable moons.

It should be noted that almost a quarter of the population of the Paulo Fluctus Beta system do not live in or around planets.


The Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta is a democratic republic, with all literate non-cloned individuals over the age of 20 standard Cyrannian years eligible to vote (this makes up about 12.4% of the population, given the extremely rapid growth, high levels of cloning, and moderate illiteracy levels). At the moment, the Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta is comprised of seven administrative provinces (listed here), whose citizens can vote for both a regional governor, and a system-wide president. These elections happen once every ten years, with the first being held on Martex 20, 26 NE, and the second begin shifted from Martex 20, 36 NE to Ianuaria 1, 36 NE to make elections easier.

Executive Branch[]

The current president is Dr. Lexi Lewis, a civil engineer. She is serving her second 10-year term, which will end at the end of 45 NE.

Legislative Branch[]

Habitable Objects[]


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The Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta's economy is tied to its political membership in the Nivenian Empire, as a crucial component in protium reactors is only manufactured on Nivenia Prime. Due to this, the Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta's economic options are to either beam 23% of their star's energy to the Nivenia System, or limit themselves to deuterium fusion and actinide fission reactions for use as mobile power sources.

Currently, the economy of the Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta is focused on the procurement of building materials for use in habitats and buildings on the surfaces of planets, although cloning and orbital habitats have seen a sharp rist over the last couple of years. The population is increasing quickly, so more residences must be built and occupations must arise to suit the needs of the growing population. Current areas of interest in the Betan economy are agriculture and mining, both needed to support their growing population. While the Republic of Paulo Fluctus Beta is not quite as prosperous as the Nivenian Empire, economic trends show that they could experience a century-long period of prosperity soon when the economy can support more sophisticated consumer goods.


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Foreign Affairs[]


(In decreasing order of friendliness)

Superior State
  • Green face.png Nivenian Empire - “We are their colony, too far away for them to directly govern.
Formal Alliance

Trading with you has proven to be unmistakably beneficial.

Possible Trading Partners

We hope that we can form a permanent mutually beneficial trade agreement soon.

Economic Sanctions

Your existence is problematic for our economy.

Open Hostilities

Face the wrath of our rocket exhaust!


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