The Megastructural Construction Corporation is an organization in the Nivenian Empire, founded in 576 BNE. Since 400 BNE, it has held a significant part of the Nivenian Economy, currently 41.3%. The Megastructural Construction Corporation specializes in the construction of Megastructures, but also has experience building fusion reactors, parts for ecumenopolises, and diplomacy. The current owners of the Megastructural Construction Corporation are the Edwards Family, the heirs of which are the wealthiest and most powerful citizens of the Nivenian Empire.

Corporate Structure[]

The Megastructural Construction Corporation is a private corporation - a corporation not traded on the stock market, but rather owned by a select group of individuals. The individuals who own the company vote every year for the board of directors, which is usually extremely loyal to the owners. The board of directors then controls the company through endless regional and middle management positions.

The board of directors resides in the Departmental District of Nivenia Prime, and most of the company's operations take place within the Nivenia system. However, there are expeditions heading toward Thadus 0037, the Caeruleo system, and the Paulo Fluctus Beta system, and the Megastructural Construction Corporation makes trade deals with empires across the Gigaquadrant.

Interestingly, since 170 BNE the Megastructural Construction Corporation has constantly benefited from legislative and judicial decisions from the Nivenian government. While many suspect conspiracy, there has never been any proof of these accusations.

Advertising Department[]

The advertising department of the Megastructural Construction Corporation has long operated under the delusion that the most capital letters, exclamation points, and trademark symbols they slap onto a product name, the better. While most Nivenians are actually stupid enough that this might work, they typically forget that they deal with shipments of not credits, but teracredits, and thus the custodians of these large sums of money probably are not stupid (after all, a fool and his money are soon parted).

To give an example of this, it is advisable to look at how the name of the Exawatt photon generator changed to the Ultimate Terraforming Lightbulb 1.0™, and hw its sister products somehow morphed into all-caps when the advertising department got their hands on the product naming. If there is any good thing about the advertising department of the Megastructural Construction Corporation, it is that at least they do not directly try to entirely fill your life with ads. They instead make sure that others can display their advertisements on the Ultimate Terraforming Lightbulb 1.0™ and similar products.


In general, the Megastructural Construction Corporation is supportive of other corporations, at least when they are not competing, either for customers or for the bigger cut of the profit on a supply chain. The Megastructural Construction Corporation usually could not care less about random people by themselves, though they do care about large numbers of people voicing complaints, or important people voicing complaints; either of those looks bad for the company. All in all, while the Megastructural Construction Corporation maximizes profit at all costs, their needs align very closely with the needs of the people. As they are a construction corporation, their products could not be sold unless there is a sufficient market for massive engineering projects that make even enormous planets look like dust grains. The only way this can happen is with a peacefully and quickly expanding, extremely large population of not-impoverished people. To accomplish this, they lobby and bribe for governmental policies that promote this situation. As they have been doing this for centuries, it has pretty much come true at this point, and "a peacefully and quickly expanding, extremely large population of not-impoverished people" is a petty good description of the Nivenian Empire.

Another requirement for their continued success which they lobby for is an extremely capitalistic economy with minimal regulation and taxes. As this view (and the view mentioned above) align very well with the Nivenians in power almost all of the time, this is generally what ends up happening. They are thus pro-corporation and anti-regulation, yet anti-war more than both, as wars heavily disrupt business most of the time. While they do not generally fight physical battles to get what they want, they hold a lot of sway in the Nivenian legal system and have large amounts of favors to collect from various people, in addition to a massive army of trillions of lawyers. In the Nivenian Empire, their legal department is an almost unstoppable legal entity.

Major Accomplishments[]

The Megastructural Construction Corporation is highly renowned for its invention of the Ringworld in 445 BNE, and its construction of ever-larger structures since. The Megastructural Construction Corporation is largely considered responsible for the current extremely high population capacity of the Nivenian Empire. Another accomplishment worth noting was the DIY Ecumenopolis product line - products used on planets to transform them into ecumenopolises quickly and easily. Several sales have been made to alien empires, and the product line is enjoying a resounding success.

The Megastructural Construction Corporation is also part of the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits (having been so since the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits' inception in Novemex 41, 22 NE), a large trading block dedicated to the export of Nivenian goods. The other major member of the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits is MegaSuperUltraCorp, an agricultural firm.

The Megastructural Construction Corporation was the first entity in Nivenian History to completely disassemble a planet (shown below). Using the full power of a Nicoll-Dyson beam built around the Caeruleo System, they vaporized three carbon-rich ice giants in late 29 NE, using the resources as construction material for new ringworlds and as chemical feedstock for the production of plastics and habitats. The actual material extraction took roughly a hundred trillion workers the duration of the planetary evaporation procedures to accomplish using massive electromagnetic scoops, and the inhabited moons were protected from the plasma waves by installing massive reflective and heat-resistant panels between them and the planets that they were orbiting.

Nivenia A7 being demolished

Andasium Reduction[]

The Megastructural Construction Corporation has had over a decade of experience with various methods of reducing Andasium (VIII) Oxide to Andasium metal. This process started with the construction of Andasium Reductor One, a quaint operation (by today's standards, at least), and was slowly scaled up until the current near-Kardashev-2 megastructure operating on beamed energy from the Caeruleo System to synthesize andasium for both the Nivenian Empire and the Gigaquadrant at large - Andasium Reductor Four.

Andasium Reductor One was constructed at the end of Neochios, 22 NE. While it could only synthesize a hundred million metric tons of andasium per day, it was the original electrolysis machine that proved the commercial viability of the project. Adasium Reductor Two, the next version, was constructed between Dekemurios and Neochios of 23 NE, and further proved the commercial viability of very large-scale andasium synthesis, as it was the first andasium reducing plant built in zero gravity - Andasium Reductor One was simply a large industrial facility on Nivenia Prime, while Andasium Reductor Two was a facility constructed out of a small moon of Nivenia Secondus, the resulting station a full nine hundred kilometers in radius. The next step on the gradual ladder of improvement was Andasium Reductor Three, built between Martex and Novemex of 25 NE, which was the first actual megastructure in the sequence. This megastructure was essentially pushing the limits of what could be done with the technology of the time, as it took the form of a torus wrapping around the primary of the Nivenia System at a radius of ten million kilometers, and was able to manufacture half a quadrillion metric tons of andasium per day, having to employ 75 trillion workers. By this point the gigaquadrant at large was beginning to notice Nivenian andasium synthesis, something that the Nivenian Empire was uniquely suited to accomplish, given the dependence on not just energy, but cheap labour for profitable andasium synthesis.

However, Andasium Reductor Four was superior to its predecessors on all fronts. With the construction of Andaisum Reductor Three, the andasium synthesis industry was already employing nearly a hundred trillion Nivenians, but with the advent of petaflux adnasium synthesis techniques in Novemex, 31 NE, andasium could be manufactured at much larger scales - stellar scales. Andasium Reductor Four was designed to product a massive 720 quadrillion metric tons of andasium per day, something that would finally put Nivenian andasium synthesis on par with the mining and extraction techniques of other gigaquadrantic nations.

Construction of Andasium Reductor Four took place between Novemex, 31 NE and Novemex 38 NE - when the structure was completed, at the barycenter of the Nivenia System, it employed seventeen quadrillion nivenians (who worked on an eight-month work cycle, so as to allow them to return to their families for four months out of the year, and reduce the load on the necessity of support infrastructure.), and began to fuel a slow, but steadily progressing urbanization of a location that used to be in the middle of nowhere.


In general, the Megastructural Construction Corporation will sell almost anything, as long as it is either large or bought in bulk. Typically, their main products are habitats with hundred to hundreds of thousands of times the surface area of a typical planet, to the point where the unit of measurement for surface area becomes the "kiloEarth" - a thousand times earth's area. Some of their more successful products, most innovating products, and largest products are shown below:

Name Description Png Market Availability
Ringworld Available for sale on the market
DIY Ecumenopois 2.0 The DIY Ecumenopois 2.0, the replacement product for the DIY Ecumenopois 1.0 (which ceased production around 25 NE) is a construct designed to replace three hundred million square kilometers of planet with a vast, actively-cooled megacity complex, capable of housing half a million per square kilometer, or one point five quadrillion total. This unit can be bought in orders as small as 0.01 units (this in enough for a massive megacity, or to cover a large asteroid), and the population capacity can be upgraded by buying more effective radiators (sold separately), and stacking as many as five DIY Ecumenopois 2.0 complexes on top of each other, for a maximum population density of two point five million per square kilometer.

One unimproved unit will burn through eighty metric tons of fusion fuel (usually deuterium for non-Nivenian costumers, protium if you can afford Nivenian "black box" reactors) every second.

  • Population Capacity: 1.5 quadrillion
  • Personnel requirements: 85 trillion
  • Price: 250 Petacredits
  • Warranty: 40 Standard Cyrannian Years*
  • User's manual length: 8250 pages

*Warranty invalid if product is exposed to war, or if product is tampered with in a manner explicitly or implicitly prohibited in the 8250-page user's manual, or if said manual is not completely read before product is installed.

Available for sale on the market
Ultimate Terraforming Lightbulb 1.0™ While the Ultimate Terraforming Lightbulb 1.0™ requires over five million technicians to operate at full power, it can release the energy output of a medium-sized brown dwarf in the visible range. Unlike the light of most stars, no infrared or ultraviolet (or even frequencies that are not quote as effective as photosynthesis are generated, meaning that the device can not only heat dozens of worlds, but potentially (using mirrors) shine full daylight on the worlds for their entire rotational period without cooking them.

One unimproved unit will burn through ten metric tons of fusion fuel (usually deuterium for non-Nivenian costumers, protium if you can afford Nivenian "black box" reactors) every second.

  • Maximum Output: 5 EW
  • Personnel requirements: 5.6 million
  • Price: 600 Teracredits
  • Warranty: 20 Standard Cyrannian Years*
  • User's manual length: 3750 pages

*Warranty invalid if lightbulb is exposed to meteorites, war, fire, drugs, sand, water, rhodium, or any kind of sulfate, or if lightbulb is tampered with in a manner explicitly or implicitly prohibited in the 3750-page user's manual, or if said manual is not completely read before lightbulb is turned on.

Available for sale on the market



total mobilization time: 1 year
total mobilization time: 6 months
total mobilization time: 3 months
total mobilization time: 1 month
total mobilization time: 2 weeks
total mobilization time: MOBILIZED

recruitable population: 79.023 Trillion (0.1%)
recruitable population: 197.558 Trillion (0.25%)
recruitable population: 395.115 Trillion (0.5%)
recruitable population: 1,185.345 Trillion (1.5%)
recruitable population: 3,160.920 Trillion (4.0%)
recruitable population: 7,902.300 Trillion (10.0%)




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