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The history of the Nivenian Empire after their first contact with the New Cyrannian Republic on Dekemurios 32, 20 NE, and before the start of the Nivenian-Thadian War of Annexation on Novemex 41, 23 NE is displayed on this page.

Some information may be inaccurate.



20 NE[]


On 32 Dekemurios, 20 NE, a 500-tonne Nivenian interstellar survey probe launched in 297 BNE crashed into a comet orbiting a star 301 light-years away from the Nivenia system at 0.95c, in the direction of Saxhleel. The comet promptly exploded with 255 zetajoules of energy, spraying plasma and gamma rays all over its immediate vicinity. This probably would not have been noticed, since this system was random and uninhabited, but the New Cyrannian Republic happened to have an exploration fleet only a few million kilometers away to survey the system. They saw a comet randomly emit a huge burst of energy, and then shoot plasma in the direction opposite the Nivenia system. Curious, they went in the direction of whatever had hit the comet, and after traveling about 250 light-years in that direction, they noticed that a trinary system a few dozen light-years away was emitting weirdly large amounts of infrared radiation. Moving to 0.1 light-years from the system, they watched the primary for unusual activity and saw several ringworld transits, which did not look like anything that they had ever seen. They moved closer to attempt to contact whoever lived in the system, and did so on the 21-centimeter radio band where intelligent life would be looking for signs of extraterrestrials. Their transmission was received by an amateur radio operator who thought that the Republic Exploration Fleet was actually a religious cult of some kind (The language of the Nivenian Empire had been uniform and stagnant for almost 700 years, so anyone speaking a different language would sound extremely odd), and notified the local authorities. By Dekemurios 41, enough officials had been notified of the situation to send a response. The response was: 00000010 00000011 00000101 00000111 00001011 00001101 00010001 00010011 (the first few prime numbers, a signal all intelligent life would recognize). Over the next 3 days, linguists on both sides figured out the other's language. Communications then opened between the New Cyrannian Republic and the Nivenian Empire on Dekemurios 45.

The first communications between the New Cyrannian Republic and the Nivenian Empire were basically questions about the size and scale of the other one. The New Cyrannian Republic had never seen a system quite as populated as Nivenia, and the fact that most Nivenians believed that the system could hold three times the population astounded them. The New Cyrannian Republic proposed a technology exchange since they wanted the Nivenian Quantum Chromodynamic shielding technology, and they had FTL and much better computers, but the Nivenians refused since they did not want to give away their shields. Eventually, a mutually beneficial trade agreement was reached where the Nivenian empire will provide 8 quadrillion tons of food (The nature of the plants grown can be specified by the Republic, as long as they provide the seeds, the instructions to grow them, and the plants in question are not unreasonably hard to grow.) per year. In return, the Republic will provide the Nivenian Empire with 4 trillion tons of refined Thorium-232 for use in breeder reactors (The republic has means of energy generation which do not involve fission ignition mechanisms.).


On Neochios 11, 21 NE, the Research and Development department of the Nivenian Empire successfully created a 40 kilogram kugelblitz with an energy efficiency of 0.3%, before the black hole exploded, taking out the facility it was built in (Luckily, the facility in question was located in deep space.). "While this may not sound like much, it has been shown that kugelblitz technology is possible," commented the director of Research and Development. "We think that general-purpose reactors and engines may become available within a decade, with the proper funding." The Executive Defense Minister had this to say: "While this new technology is still a long way away from practical applications, our new knowledge of extraterrestrial life requires us to advance our military capacities. With this in mind, I recommend that the military budget be increased." After this advice, the Chief Executive Coordinator decided to raise taxes by 3.5%, presumably to increase research and military funding.

On Neochios 39, 21 NE, a terrorist attack on Nivenia Prime caused sewer gas leaks all over the planet. The leaks ruined the atmosphere after a few hours, were shut down afterwards, and everyone was advised to stay indoors until Neochios 42. On Neochios 40, mass hallucinations of board games caused widespread panic, but an investigation determined that the rumor had been artificially created by the owner of an insane asylum that was going out of business (presumably to convince civilians that they were crazy) had created gigantic holograms of board games with the remains of his fortune.

In other news, with the 21 NE annual planetary technician board elections coming up on Ianuaria 34, the campaigning has gotten much more intense, with ferocious mud-slinging by both parties over the election scandal three years ago. Currently, it appears as if the radical colonialists might win, potentially setting them one step closer to their immediate goal of establishing more direct control over a hypothetical civilization in the interstellar cometary cloud. Astronomers have debated the existence of this civilization for years, but a war is expected if it does exist. "This is exactly why we need a military buildup," commented the Executive Defense Minister when asked for his opinion. Now, for our annual weather report: an independent committee has apparently decided that a temperature of 22.4 Celsius might make workers 0.38% more productive, so the change passed 68-32 in a referendum on Neochios 49. We should therefore be expecting marginally colder weather soon.

On Neochios 45, the Nivenian Empire proposed an expedition to the New Cyrannian Republic's newly acquired planet Orbispira, but there is currently no response on the matter. On Neochios 48, the Nivenian Empire met the JCompany, which accepted many trade deals, even building a JEcumenopolis on A11 for enhanced trading opportunities. The JEcumenopolis was completed using Nivenian and JCompany designs on Neochios 54, in an inauguration personally attended by Tycoon JOmnivore, leader of JCompany.

21 NE[]


On Ianuaria 3, 21 NE, the planetary coordinator of Nivenia Prime vetoed a finalized proposition to lower the temperature to 22.4 Celsius. Apparently the increased waste heat disposal needed resulted in a probability of 1 in 9,991 that the planet's atmosphere would randomly deteriorate on any given day, much higher than the near-consensus safe level of 1 in 10,000 per day. At 22.5 Celsius, the atmosphere has a perfectly safe probability of degenerating of 1 in 10,002 per day, much lower than the safe maximum.

On Ianuaria 9, 21 NE, researchers finally perfected the new quantum baryon sensor equipment, which can detect baryon number at a distance. These are designed to augment current gravitic sensor technology, not replace it.

On Ianuaria 11, 21 NE, the Nivenian Military announced the construction of a larger fleet. As the Executive Defense Minister said in a press conference: "The current Nivenian fleet only contains about fifty million battleships (These is no division of labor in the current fleet.), and these use the old wide-angle fusion drives with missiles as weapons. As these are really 70 BNE-level technology, we will replace them with ships using the recently-invented narrow-beam fusion drives, which can be used as weapons. We will update the missiles and add coilguns capable of shooting thermonuclear fusion bombs. Newer, more efficient muon-fusion generators are also being added, and new quantum baryonic sensors are being installed. The new fleet should have seven hundred million battleships, nine hundred million destroyers, and one and a half billion corvettes, along with thirty million titans, a new, bigger class of ship." A comparison of the old fleet and the new fleet can be found below.

All ships will have a total delta V of 0.055c.

Category Titans Battleships Destroyers Corvettes
Number (Old fleet) 0 50,000,000 0 0
Number (New fleet) 30,000,000 700,000,000 900,000,000 1,500,000,000
Crew per ship 750,000 60,000 25,000 8,000
Mass of Ship (Tg) 75.0 6.0 2.5 0.8

Another change is the replacement of the old deuterium-tritium tokamak fusion reactors with newer muonic reactors. These cutting-edge fusion reactors can actually operate at room temperature, although their efficiency is highest at around 200,000 K. Even smaller reactors can actually output as much as 2.5 PW of energy when operating at this temperature, and these reactors are only about 6 meters across. Most of the time, however, the reactors are run at less than 10% energy output.

This new, bigger, better fleet should take approximately three months to construct, and will be constructed by B3 using carbon-nanotube-impregnated-titanium (CANI-TI) mined and refined on A3. The fleet is expected to be operational at the beginning of Novemex, 21 NE.

On Ianuaria 24, a plan was put forth by the radical colonialist movement for the colonization of nearby star systems: First, more mirrors and solar collectors could be constructed between the orbits of A2 and A3, and more of the star's light could be absorbed. Then, two small, fast ships containing a few thousand Nivenians could be sent to the closest star systems to Nivenia via Nicoll-Dyson beam: a B-type star with 5 planets that may have the right gravity and a K-type star without conventionally habitable planets but with a star type conducive to building ringworlds. Spectral analysis shows that these stars are good candidates for starlifting to acquire material to build orbital habitats. The Megastructural Construction Corporation is supporting this plan and is looking for approval to create the infrastructure required. On Ianuaria 25, the plan was approved by the Chief Executive Coordinator and the Nicoll-Dyson beam's assembly started.

On Ianuaria 34, the 21 NE annual Nivenia Prime planetary technician board elections took place, and the radical colonialists won a landslide of 72.128%. The newly elected planetary coordinator stated during her inauguration on Ianuaria 31 that "any secret nivenian fragment civilization in the interstellar cometary cloud will be forcibly annexed and made part of the Nivenian Empire if I have my way!", which frightened many more conservative voters.


On Martex 1, 21 NE, the Megastructural Construction Corporation announced the completion of three new ringworlds and the start of construction of another five. The new ringworlds, numbered as the 29th, 30th, and 31st ringworlds around Nivenia A, are going to be filled with pre-fabricated JBuildings in an effort to give them a different feel than normal. The JBuildings will be placed to form specialized communities capable of supporting 2.75 quadrillion of the possibly 17.129 quadrillion projected to live on each ringworld by 37 NE. Orders are being sent to JCompany for 1.5 quadrillion JHouses, 125 trillion JEntertainment, 20 Trillion JFactories, and 8 Trillion JHalls as an initial test run on ringworld 29. "The idea is to create a different, unique feel to the newer ringworlds, to sell more land and get richer even faster to celebrate alien construction styles and diversity." - COO of the MCC.

On Martex 4, 21 NE, an alleged scandal took place when several trillion middle-class professionals that had been presumed dead showed up to collect their life insurance that had gone to their children. This caused the court system to be plugged up so much that some Nivenians had to wait over 47 hours to be tried! Several judges were fired for being unable to compensate for these circumstances. Worse still, lawsuits against the court system were filed on the grounds of being denied a speedy trial, further complicating the situation. On Martex 18, the Nivenian government developed the solution: Everyone has to pay a fine to the government, and the charges are dropped from their record! While this solution generated only controversy at first, the court system was up and running smoothly by Martex 19, so it appears that the solution worked.

In the outer system, an ill-maintained fusion reactor exploded on Martex 25 on A10.1, killing hundreds of millions in the explosion. The cause was traced to an indecent of bribery when the head engineer at FusiTech Fusion reactors, L.L.C. was bribed 273.6 Megacredits to use outdated uranium-235 igniter coils instead of newer plutonium-239 igniters. The uranium-235 igniters are a lot less safe as the critical mass of uranium-235 is five times higher than the critical mass of plutonium-239, so the uranium igniters release five times the energy. Thus, reactors designed with plutonium igniters in mind will have inadequate shielding for uranium igniters, and have a small chance of exploding on startup. In the aftermath, numerous lawsuits were filed against FusiTech, which lead to a declaration of bankruptcy and sale of the company's assets, mainly to the MCC, on Martex 42.

On Martex 44, negotiations with JCompany concluded with JCompany and the MCC exchanging 1.5x10^20 kg of each other's products. The ringworld 29 was expected to be on the market by the end of the year. Shipments finished on Martex 57, and a party was thrown at MCC corporate HQ on Nivenia Prime, with the executives of JCompany as distinguished guests.


On Iunius 3, 21 NE, former employees of FusiTech raided a Megastructural Construction Corporation research building with a rocket engine on the bottom, and fled to the outer system with several hundred teracredits' worth of stolen goods. FusiTech corporate officials appeared to have aided in the plot, as several are missing, and the rest suddenly gained huge monetary sums.

On Iunius 7, something absurd happened. Suddenly, several hundred comets and defunct habitats came speeding out of the interstellar void at relativistic speeds, headed for Nivenia Prime. The system Nicoll-Dyson beam went into action, vaporizing the debris, but the cloud of vapor still passed over the planet, ruining the atmosphere for a few days while the planet's climate control systems fixed it. Everyone stayed inside during that time, so only a few hundred million were killed. Still, this incident was undisputable evidence of a deviant Nivenian civilization in the interstellar cometary cloud, and lead to careful searches for nearby infrared emissions by the Nivenian government.

By Iunius 12, the search revealed a planet a little more than a light-year from the Nivenia System that a rebel faction could be using as their base. Plans were made for the fleet to attack when it is ready, and the construction process was sped up through extra funding to complete by Iunius 23.

The next few days showed a huge amount of political turmoil, with anti-colonialist and Industrial Safety Party officials getting impeached left and right, in favor of the Industrial Progress and Radical Colonialist parties. A table of the political turnover is shown below:

Party name Percent support (population) before/after Percent support (electorate) before/after Status before/after
Industrial Progress Party 16.4%/38.0% 37.2%/52.7% Major/Major
Industrial Safety Party 69.7%/48.4% 53.2%/27.6% Major/Major
Radical Environmentalist Movement 12.3%/3.2% 1.8%/0.4% Medium/Fourth
Radical Colonialist Faction 1.6%/10.4% 7.8%/19.3% Fourth/Medium

The Industrial Progress Party has also adopted strong (but not radical) colonialism as one of its ideologies as a result.

On Iunius 31, the Megastructural Construction Corporation Nicoll-Dyson beam was far enough along to launch a small number of ships. It was then used to accelerate two small initial colonization fleets to two nearby star systems, with each ship containing 3 million passengers, and 20 ships in each fleet. The ships are light for their cargo, as 99% of the passengers are frozen in liquid helium for the journey, which allows them to be accelerated to 0.75c at 20m/s^2. Then, they will deploy fusion ramjets and use those to decelerate into the star systems, keeping some extra fusion fuel for maneuvering.

These ships will arrive at their destinations about 3.281 and 2.708 years after their launch. The first fleet will arrive at the Paulo Fluctus Beta System on Ianuaria 26, 24 NE, and the second will follow, arriving at the Caeruleo System on Novemex 53, 24 NE.

On Iunius 35, the effort to find the source of the comets which almost destroyed Nivenia Prime was aided by the completion of the new Thadus Infrared telescope. After a few dozen false positives, Thadus detected a rouge planet slightly less massive than Nivenia Prime that was emitting far more infrared radiation than it should, and even a small amount of visible light, which obviously originated from light emitting diodes. This planet was named Thadus 0037, and two million ships were mobilized. These ships were outfitted with fusion ramjets for slowdown, and were propelled by Nicoll-Dyson beam to 0.75c at 20m/s^2. They will arrive at the destination 2.489 years after launch (Their launch was on Iunius 48, and their arrival will be on Neochios 44, 23 NE.) to claim the planet, defeat the wackos, and establish a Nivenian base there.


At the beginning of Novemex, 21 NE, the Nivenian Empire announced the completion of the new Nivenian Navy. The newer fleet is much more powerful than the old one, and is able to use their narrow-beam fusion rockets as weapons, possibly unprecedentedly powerful weapons.

On Novemex 7, the new fleet did a series of test maneuvers in the outer system, affirming their power. Another volley of relativistic comets and derelects came flying towards the Nivenia System. Luckily, the Nivenian Empire had two weeks of warning this time, as there were ships headed to Thadus 0037 that intercepted the comets first. Over the next week, a debris field was laid on the edges of the system so that the volley would slam into it, vaporizing both the volley and the debris. This was exactly what happened on Novemex 15, when the expected collision happened. Unfortunately, the first part of the month was plagued by incidents of industrial sabotage perpetrated by rouge agents of the now-defunct FusiTech corporation. These events caused the loss of petacredits to explosions, extra maintenance training of replacement employees, and more. FusiTech has now been branded a terrorist organization, as the remnant is causing disasters all over the Nivenian Empire.

The kugelblitz reactor experiments had been making steady progress, with an efficiency of 1.3% being achieved on Novemex 22, immediately prior to a gigantic explosion which destroyed one of the smaller moons of A6. The A6 planet swarm government then proceeded to be against kugelblitz experiments, and is lobbying the imperial government to drop the project. However, the Megastructural Construction Corporation countered by lobbying the government to continue research, and this has resulted in a brutal feud in the highest levels of the bureaucracy, and the overly dramatized exposure of several officials as being in the pay of various organizations. Most of the exposures ceased in Novemex 41, however, when the government temporarily quieted most of the informants and shut down many investigations. However, public faith in the government decreased as a result.


On Dekemurios 3, the Nivenia B ringworld coalition pushed through a proposal to increase farming effectiveness by placing 40% of the surface area of the ringworlds under greenhouses. Although this is a massive endeavor, the Nivenian Empire government has agreed to establish a temporary 15% subsidy for greenhouses effective until the beginning of 26 NE. The Megastructural Construction Corporation has agreed to conduct the project, and apparently it will be complete at the beginning of 23 NE.

On Dekemurios 21, the installment of the JBuildings on Nivenia A ringworld 29 was completed, more than a month ahead of schedule. The ringworld was then placed on the market, and the JBuildings seemed to attract a lot of customers, driving up prices. Considering this, the Megastructural Construction Corporation decided that JBuildings were a profitable endeavor, and has decided to contact JCompany for an order twice the size of the previous one, i.e. 3 quadrillion JHouses, 250 trillion JEntertainment, 40 Trillion JFactories, and 16 Trillion JHalls. To pay for all of this, the Megastructural Construction Corporation is planning on offering pink spice from Nivenia A6.1, as it is much more compact.

In one of the many millions of county jails on Nivenia A ringworld 13, an interesting situation occurred on Dekemurios 26. Two prisoners caught robbing a bank were thrown in a jail cell, left in there for two minutes, and when the guard cam back, there was one, much fatter prisoner. Police are still unsure what happened.

On Dekemurios 43, JCompany sold the required JBuildings to the Megastructural Construction Corporation for a price of 1,700,000,000 tonnes of pink spice from A6.1. Megastructural Construction Corporation management says that the next two ringworlds will be on the market at some time in late 22 NE. The Nivenian Empire viewed the growing relations between JCompany and the Megastructural Construction Corporation as "suspicious, yet profitable" in the words of one official.

On Dekemurios 47, the Megastructural Construction Corporation completed the green-housing of a good portion of Nivenia B ringworld 00, increasing its population capacity tenfold. Local officials are planning to provide temporary economic incentives to move to Nivenia B ringworld 00 as a method of increasing population. The economic incentives, started on Dekemurios 52, were designed as a temporary measure to encourage immigration to Nivenia B ringworld 00. First, a universal basic income of 600 credits/year would be in place until Dekemurios 51, 26 NE, and second, jobs at the greenhouses producing food will be completely without needed qualifications, meaning that anyone can apply and immediately be accepted (barring serious conditions such as having a bounty on one's head or severe mental impairment).


On Neochios 3, 21 NE, another kugelblitz experiment managed to achieve a new record in efficiency: 23%! This record was achieved by using extremely strong magnetic fields to blast electrons and positrons into the same spot from two different directions. The electrons and positrons were produced by heating a patch of material up to trillions of degrees celsius, and then using magnetic fields to extract lightweight charged particles. However, the efficiency was still less than optimal. Luckily, the exploding black hole did not cause any damage as it was created 500 AU away from the system inside of a tiny space station (which was destroyed). This was done as the risks of kugelblitz energy were better understood than they were earlier, (mainly because the researchers had been sued so many times) and the researchers took more precautions. Most are confident that working kugelblitz generators will be available in less than a decade.

Neochios 11 saw the merger of several large agricultural conglomerates to form a gigantic company, "MegaSuperUltraCorp." This newly-formed multi-exacredit corporation has been determined to comprise 14.3% of the Nivenian Economy as a whole, and is planning on standardizing many name-brands of food, both within the Nivenian Empire and for export to the New Cyrannian Republic and JSector. The Megastructural Construction Corporation has expressed concerns, most of which boil down to "Hey, if these guys are buying 40-60% of the land that we build, they could eventually attempt to become a monopsony, thus lowering prices!" Although this remains an objection, the Megastructural Construction Corporation has decided to negotiate a near-permanent deal with MegaSuperUltraCorp while they still are larger.

On Neochios 26, another volley of random junk flew in from the direction of Thadus 0037, but this junk was aimed for the planet B3, and was not stopped in time. A yottajoule explosion then went off in the planet's atmosphere, killing 453 trillion. The Nivenian Empire responded by broadcasting a formal declaration of war toward Thadus 0037 against the Thadus 0037 faction. Other measures were also taken. The Nivenian Empire announced a brand new laser-based perimeter defense system to stop oncoming projectiles from reaching critical portions of the Nivenia System, basically a large array of defense stations, on Neochios 33.

22 NE[]


At the start of 22 NE, a number of riots started all over the Nivenian Empire, caused by rumors that the destruction of a third of B3 was a government-sanctioned political operation. Although it was quite obvious after close examination that the Nivenian Empire had nothing to do with the incident, and that it was the doing of the Thadus 0037 faction, many media outlets dramatized the matter, presenting the Nivenian government in the light of political tyrants. By Ianuaria 9, this had gotten completely out of hand, with rioting almost everywhere, causing the Nivenian government to place a temporary ban on television to "maintain public order." Afterwards, many corporations and individuals were prosecuted for "misinformation," "conspiracy against the government," and "purposeful disruption of public order." Stock on many of these corporations fell by huge amounts, and both of the major Nivenian economic powers (the Megastructural Construction Corporation and MegaSuperUltraCorp) created holding companies with the purposes of buying huge amounts of stock in the failing news networks, hopefully saving the companies and then gaining value from their recovery.

By Ianuaria 41, both huge mega-corporations were attempting to get the companies that they invested in to recover as quickly as possible. Both companies were pouring Petacredits into the project, expecting huge profit margins if the companies succeeded. Due to massive spending, these companies recovered remarkably quickly, and appeared to be nearing a complete recovery by the end of the month.

However, the aftermath of the prosecutions was much greater than just drops in stock value for several companies, as the aforementioned drops in stock value caused a crash in the stock market, with most corporations losing 20% of their value or more. Several banks subsequently fell as withdrawals suddenly turned into bank runs, destroying many banking enterprises. Most economists view this as the start of a large recession that may last many years.


The most interesting thing about the depression was the Megastructural Construction Corporation's policy. As prices were lower, it was bad business to sell, but as labor was cheap, it was good business to build. Therefore, there was an incentive to convert liquid assets to more ringworlds, and as such the Megastructural Construction Corporation moved up the completion dates for Nivenia A ringworlds 30 and 31 to Iunius 13 on Martex 4, but decided not to sell them immediately after completion. The Megastructural Construction Corporation can continue this business model for years if needed, as it is a private company.

However, MegaSuperUltraCorp was not so lucky. As it was a public company, investors were displeased at the stock price drop, and did not want to invest any more money into the company. A huge lay-off of executives took place, and those who survived became deeply paranoid at the Megastructural Construction Corporation. As if to voice their concerns in the most violent way possible, MegaSuperUltraCorp hired employees of the now-defunct FusiTech to do their dirty-work by bombing several Megastructural Construction Corporation installations with atomic bombs, causing hundreds of Teracredits of damage.

This was followed up by a string of lawsuits and criminal prosecutions by the Megastructural Construction Corporation against the rouge FusiTech employees and MegaSuperUltraCorp, which was inconclusive as the judge was revealed to have been bribed by all parties involved, and 37 different clowns (The clowns were then used as scapegoats as no one really knew what happened there.).

The aftermath of these lawsuits basically involved both the Megastructural Construction Corporation and MegaSuperUltraCorp developing a mutual hatred, and both began formulating a way out of the infinite web of economic recession. Both arrived at the same conclusion around Martex 30. The solution was obvious! The recession was only in the Nivenian Empire, so the solution was to export to those parts of the universe not experiencing Nivenian recessions. Both companies immediately turned to the Nivenian Empire's nicest trading partner: JCompany.


At the beginning of Iunius both the Megastructural Construction Corporation and MegaSuperUltraCorp were attempting to get JCompany to exclusively trade with them, going as far as calling each other communists. Both had contacted JCompany on Iunius 4, and began furious political mudslinging while they waited for a response. JCompany soon found itself the stage of a mudslinging competition between the two companies and finally sent Supreme Ambassador JCute to clear up the matter with the Nivenian government, which apprised the situation, and came to the decision to tell both the Megastructural Construction Corporation and MegaSuperUltraCorp to act like adults, partially clearing up the matter. Several employees were fired at both companies in the aftermath of the government intervention, but both companies stopped mudslinging for a while, instead choosing to not speak to each other. The Nivenian government began keeping a close eye on both companies to make sure that they did not antagonize any of the Nivenian Empire's trading partners.

Since then, several deals between the Megastructural Construction Corporation and MegaSuperUltraCorp and JCompany have been brokered, with material for new ringworlds being shipped in, food and spice being shipped out, and finally an end to the horrid plastic straw shortage which cropped up in late Martex.

With the new material, the Megastructural Construction Corporation finished the ringworlds Nivenia A 30 and 31 on Iunius 29, only two weeks behind schedule (the schedule was a wildly optimistic one), and began construction of the next four, Nivenia A ringworlds 32 through 35.

On Iunius 40, the Megastructural Construction Corporation announced that they had gathered enough data about the interstellar void to determine that there was slightly less debris than previously thought, allowing them to accelerate the colony ships faster, and move the expected arrival date from Neochios 13, 24 NE to Martex 55, 24 NE. This was widely regarded as a huge success, and the Megastructural Construction Corporation gained a lot of popularity. Afterward MegaSuperUltraCorp belittled their achievement, spouting the common "why colonize somewhere else when e have so many problems here?" The Megastructural Construction Corporation's public relations department responded that "MegaSuperUltraCorp does not realize how much better off we are than we were 800 years ago, but we do." This caused a second huge mudslinging war which escalated to thermonuclear weapons by Iunius 60, leading to government intervention, lawsuits, and mass lay-offs.


Novemex began with a huge scandal on Nivenia B ringworld 61, where apparently some former employees of the now-defunct FusiTech had managed to siphon off two thirds of the Megastructural Construction Corporation funding intended for covering the ring with greenhouses. They had collected several hundred Teracredits when they were caught, but unfortunately the money seems to have disappeared into thin air. No one is quite sure where it went. The perpetrators were interrogated, but they had no idea where it went either, so exactly where the money went is a mystery.

Afterwards, the Megastructural Construction Corporation accused MegaSuperUltraCorp of hiring the rouge employees of FusiTech, which MegaSuperUltraCorp vehemently denied.

Near the end of the month, the board re-election in MegaSuperUltraCorp saw most of the executives that had been hostile to the Megastructural Construction Corporation voted out, as "what they were doing was problematic to public relations" (in the words of an opposing candidate). This greatly improved relations between the two companies, from hostile to tense, and the two companies signed what can only be called a "non-aggression pact" on Novemex 41, 22 NE. The document fixed food and land prices in inter-company exchange to unanimously-agreed-upon values, and noted that both companies would be more effective at negotiating together, as the Megastructural Construction Corporation needed minerals and carbon (easily provided by other empires), MegaSuperUltraCorp needed land (easily provided by the Megastructural Construction Corporation), and most other empires needed food (easily provided by MegaSuperUltraCorp). This event caused stocks in MegaSuperUltraCorp to go up markedly, triggering a rise in the stock market believed to end the recession. The new trading organization created by the two huge corporations was named "The Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits," (or NTOCB) and adopted a mixture of the two companies' color schemes.

On Novemex 58, the Nivenian Empire learned of and contacted the Narkal Republic, which accepted the Nivenian Empire's invitation to trade. It was agreed-upon that a new Narkal Embassy would be built on A11, where trading could be conducted.


The month of Dekemurios started with a petition on Nivenia Prime quickly gaining trillions of signatures. The petition suggested that humidity be set to a predefined value across the planet. As the petition gained momentum, it finally had the required quadrillion signatures to warrant a vote on Dekemurios 11, 22 NE, and the motion was passed 87-13. The Nivenia Prime government also determined that the humidity level was to be fixed at 75%, and a referendum would be held at the end of the year to determine if change was appropriate. The Megastructural Construction Corporation took the job of installing humidifiers and dehumidifiers in different areas of the planet, a process that cost a quarter Exacredit. The Megastructural Construction Corporation announced afterwards that their project of adding greenhouses to the Nivenia B ringworlds was complete early, and that the greenhouses were safe for occupation on Dekemurios 27, 22 NE. The coordinator of the Nivenia B ringworld coalition stated that he was "unimaginably hyperpleased" by the punctuality of the Megastructural Construction Corporation.

The Nivenia B ringworld coalition announced another set of incentives to help bring their population up to the possibly feasible 6 quadrillion+ on Dekemurios 34, 22 NE. These incentives, similar to the last set, were redesigned to be more suitable to the quadrillions left unemployed by the recession. These worked immediately; trillions began moving the the Nivenia B ringworlds every day, and many noted the unprecedented efficiency of the greenhouses compared to traditional farming usually done on ringworlds.


On Neochios 3, 22 NE, the Nivenian Empire Board of Technology discovered an interesting paper on the electrolysis of Andasium (VIII) Oxide to create raw andasium available for combustion. Though the process was less than 10% efficient (It took a gigajoule per kilogram.), the Megastructural Construction Corporation realized that it could use its partial Dyson swarm around the system primary to synthesize andasium while it is not accelerating ships to relativistic speeds. After some quick math, it was discovered that using the Dyson swarm to run andasium electrolysis would yield more than 10^20 kg of andasium every day, making it an even more profitable business venture.

However, the Nivenia system has never had any andasium reserves, either spent or unspent, anywhere. As such, the Megastructural Construction Corporation decided to attempt to purchase huge amounts of andasium (VIII) oxide from other empires, and set up a commercial saying as much. As MegaSuperUltraCorp had food, and the Megastructural Construction Corporation and MegaSuperUltraCorp could trade food for land, the trading deal would be conducted by the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits (NTOCB), and food would be exported by MegaSuperUltraCorp in exchange for spent andasium shipped to the Megastructural Construction Corporation, and the Megastructural Construction Corporation would pay for the discrepancy with land.

The end of 22 NE was characterized by a group of lunatics deciding to take every member of the congress of Nivenia Prime hostage. No one knows precisely how this happened, but security forces apprehended them at one, and then were taken hostage too. No demands were given, save the demand for more hostages. After several thousand were taken hostage, the lunatics decided to all take naps and were apprehended by the authorities. Afterwards, several members of the congress of Nivenia Prime turned out to be lunatics as well, and the (understandably) upset Nivenian security forces sentenced the lunatics to twenty years of indentured servitude, and auctioned them off thereafter.

23 NE[]


Ianuaria, 23 NE began as a relatively quiet month until the explosion. FusiTech employees had somehow managed to find a kugelblitz research plant funded by the Megastructural Construction Corporation, and, seeing an opportunity, planted fusion bombs all over the experimental reactor, blowing up the containment unit, causing the black hole to fall into the crust of B3.1 from the bunker where it was stored, and proceed to detonate with the force of 600 metric tons of mass-energy, or 13 million megatonnes TNT equivalent! Luckily, B3.1 is not very heavily populated, but three hundred thousand died and the moon was completely shattered (Also, B3.1 used to be 69 kilometers across!).

The military immediately demanded to know if this could be fitted on ships and used as weapons. The new reactor had produced slightly more power than it consumed (not enough to make it economically feasible, but something) and achieved full matter-energy conversion. These new improvements in efficiency were largely due to improvements in gamma-ray mirror technology, and mirrors with 99.999% reflectivity in the gamma-ray region were used in the reactor. As these mirrors could be used to extend kugelblitz lifetimes a hundred thousand-fold, kugelblitzes could be manufactured using a hundred metric tons mass equivalent of energy and a hundred metric tons of matter, be stored for up to ten hours, and deploy afterward, releasing several million megatons of TNT equivalent in one gigantic blast. If launched at 3000 kilometers per second, they would have a range of over ten million kilometers.

On Ianuaria 27, another volley of debris launched from Thadus 0037 was intercepted by RKMs launched from the Nicoll-Dyson laser orbiting the primary. At the moment there is nothing that the Nivenian Empire can do about these, as their ships have not arrived at Thadus 0037 yet. However, this event made most of those in power extremely upset.

On Ianuaria 40, the Megastructural Construction Corporation announced a seemingly absurd idea: They were going to use the light of the primary of the Caeruleo System to power a ten-thousand-yottawatt Nicoll-Dyson laser, with the intent of blowing up an ice giant in the Nivenia System to extract huge amounts of carbon from its mantle. Specifically, Nivenia A8 would be targeted, the laser would be focused, and over the course of five weeks, Nivenia A8 will evaporate due to the insane energies being focused. Unfortunately, an estimate for when this could be done yielded early 30 NE, as the colony ships would first have to arrive at the Caeruleo System, set up the Nicoll-Dyson laser (no small feat), and then the Nicoll-Dyson laser will have to travel for 2.14 years before it reaches the Nivenia System.


On Martex 18, the Nivenian Empire met the Null Empire through a hyperwave radio link through the New Cyrannian Republic. The Null Empire was offered several trade deals by the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits two days later, which were apparently taken into consideration for a couple of weeks. On Martex 29, the Null Empire requested a 0.05 unit of the new DIY Ecumenopolis kit 2.0, on a 7-year payment plan in raw materials at 2% interest. The new areas of their planet covered by the DIY Ecumenopolis kit were used as a new industrial sector, freeing up industry in space for other purposes. In exchange, bulk raw material was shipped back; the organics planned for use as fertilizer by SuperMegaUltraCorp, and the metals being used in a new project in medium Nivenia Prime orbit by the Megastructural Construction Corporation, the nature of which had yet to be revealed.

On the 47th, another interesting message was broadcast through the hyperwave radio; an introduction from the Periphidi Assembly. A similar protocol to the one used for the Null Empire was followed, with first contact on Martex 48, and a trade offer on Martex 51, but the Periphidi Assembly did not seem open to trade for some (probably absurd) reason. The situation continued to be monitored in case of change.

On the 58th, some more troubling news arrived - the Pirate Consortium wanted to raid the Null Empire! This would decrease the value of trade routes and the flow of cash to the Nivenian Empire, so something had to be done quickly.

Models predict that on the 33rd of Martex, the formal declaration of war from the Nivenian Empire reached the Thadus 0037 faction.


Iunius began with a bad situation getting worse. On Iunius 3, the Pirate Consortium managed to attract the Kalslong Raiders to the promise of looting and pillaging Nullian trade routes. In an effort to give the Nullians an edge so that profits and relations could be increased, the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits sent the plans for a two-hundred-year old narrow-beam deuterium fusion rocket to the Null Empire on Iunius 9.

This engine, while only 90% as efficient as modern protium rockets, and using a much less common fuel, was nonetheless superior in terms of efficiency, thrust, and fuel availability to both ion and magnetoplasmadynamic rockets by factors of over two orders of magnitude in all of the mentioned qualities. The exhaust can also be used as a plasma weapon.

The Null Empire is using these engines on a new type of rapid-response craft, the Enlightenment-class Destroyer. The initial design was completed on Iunius 17. Unfortunately, due to a technical error when combining technologies with some gravatic manipulators, the first and fourth Nullian fleets accidentally exploded on Iunius 29 when outfitting the new engines.

Afterwards, on Iunius 40, the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits received a deal from the Purity Corps where large quantities of spent andasium would be shipped to the Nivenia System in exchange for food, in a 20:1 andasium:food ratio. The Megastructural Construction Corporation was quite happy, and began working on their new andasium reduction plant, which was decided to be be put in high orbit of Nivenia Secondus.

On Iunius 47, it was decided to present the Null empire with an embassy/trade center on the planet A11. The specifications for Nullian citizens were requested, and the construction began. The forecasted completion date was Novemex 20.


On Novemex 11, a series of successes at the kugelblitz research facilities (now residing on long-period comets) created the first kugelblitz reactor capable of functioning as a rocket engine. The reactor weighed 134 thousand metric tons, 98 thousand of which was the black hole, had a thrust of 93.4 MN, in the form of a wide-beam "gamma-ray flashlight," and emitted 400 GW of waste heat, which had to be dissipated with half a square kilometer of radiators. It is thought that efficiency will continue to increase as the technology develops. Is is also worth noting that there was 37 PW of gamma-ray radiation coming out of the back. If this was focused, a truly devastating weapon could be built.

Due to unexpected circumstances, the Nullian Embassy was actually completed 2 days ahead of schedule, on Novemax 19. Several dozen Nullian ambassadors attended the grand opening, along with over twenty million Nullian merchants and a quarter billion Nivenians (most of which wanted to buy things). Soon afterward, on Novemex 23, the Null Empire sold some Null Spice-based dampening fields to the Nivenian Research department, allowing kugelblitz reactors to run much more safely. In exchange for three hundred of these dampeners, the Null Empire was given three thousand crates (three hundred metric tons) of pink spice.

On Novemex 29, an experimental setup was built to test the effect of the Null Spice dampeners on kugelblitz explosions. The test consisted of an artificial kugelblitz with a mass of one hundred metric tons being created, detonated, and (hopefully) absorbed by the Null Spice. Fifteen tests were preformed, between Novemex 30 and Novemex 36, to establish the safety of the dampeners. All of them were successful, and the energy of the black hole was absorbed by the Null Spice. With this new information, Null Spice dampeners (NSDs) were installed on most of the kugelblitz research facilities in the Nivenian Empire.

The andasium project from the Megastructural Construction Corporation was progressing smoothly. Andasium electrolysis had been refined to operate at only 700 MJ/kg energy input, and useful oxygen was being extracted in the process. An andasium refinery was being constructed in close orbit of A2, with an energy input of eight hundred terawatts and andasium output of a hundred million metric tons per day. This would serve as a test platform for the new subsidiary company of the Megastructural Construction Corporation being planned: the Blue Hippopotamus.

UDB Archive 18 Starts[]

As a trial run for the new process, once the refinery was completed on Novemex 45, the Kalslong Merchants (a remnant of the Kalslong Raiders after the Second Null-Consortium War, which was resolved on Iunius 45) were contacted on Novemex 55, when a billion metric tons had been produced. As the Megastructural Construction Corporation was the only party involved in this contact, the Nivenian Trading Organization for Commercial Benefits was not involved.


On Dekemurios 1, the Kalslong Merchants accepted the Megastructural Construction Corporation's trade offer, buying a billion metric tons of synthesized andasium in exchange for five billion metric tons of spent andasium and a hundred billion metric tons of random carbon. The spent andasium was transported to Andasium Reductor One (the andasium reducing machine) to reduction over the next month. However, the test was complete. Synthetic Andasium ventures were commercially viable. A new space station would be constructed: one which would be constructed out of a moon. This "Andasium Reductor Two" station would have a radius of nine hundred kilometers, a massive electrolysis plant and fusion reactors in the center, and the capability to refine seventy billion metric tons of andasium per day. With construction at maximum, the planet would be completed on Neochios 40.

Between Dekemurios 23 and Dekemurios 41, a series of kugelblitz experiments were conducted, using smaller kugelblitzes as rockets and reactors to generate higher power output. At the end of the tests, a reactor with similar cost and size to protium fusion reactors used in cities, but with double the power output, was developed. However, as this new reactor was extremely prone to massive explosions, it was determined that its lifetime was too short to be used as an effective power source.


It was during the early part of Neochios that the First Nivenian Extrasolar Fleet began to meet resistance. During the ramjet deceleration process, several large chunks of rock were thrown in the way of the Nivenian fleet in the hopes of blowing them to bits with their own tremendous kinetic energy. Luckily, the fleet wad deployed vast amounts of bowling ball-sized metal objects, garbage, and massive balloons of extremely low-pressure helium to destroy oncoming projectiles. Most of then were completely destroyed, but enough garbage remained to destroy several percent of the fleet.

On Neochios 18, extremely troubling news cam from the JEcumenopolis on A11: Apparently, a coalition of random empires was threatening to embargo JCompany due to the sale of something called "Void tech." Though the situation was resolved by Neochios 20, the threat of a JCompany Embargo on Nivenian trading profits caused a 15% drop in the Nivenian stock market, which only rose to its full capacity again several days after the event was resolved. Several economists have pointed out that the issues with the stock market were caused by panicked investors selling their shares in companies highly dependent on imports, and that the situation would not have substantially harmed the Nivenian economy even if JCompany was embargoed.

Due to profits from the stock market fluctuations earlier in the month, the Megastructural Construction Corporation was able to speed production of Andasium Reductor Two, being constructed on the cold moon Nivenia A7.4. The moon was essentially being transformed into a massive fusion-powered space station where andasium oxide could be melted, electrolysed, and separated, with a capacity of seventy billion metric tons per day. While this would still be a drop in the bucket compared to the production of most other empires, the seven trillion metric tons of carbon recived as payment for the andasium would accelerate ringworld construction. Due to these factors, construction was finished on Neochios 37.

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