This page will show the demographics of the Nivenian Empire once it is finished, by ring, planet, habitat, or wherever else citizens may be floating about. Right now, though, it is under construction.

Currently, the Nivenian Empire only controls one system, Nivenia.

Census data used: Ianuaria 1, 23 NE

Guide to terminology Edit

Here, the terminology used in the table below will be discussed.

Habitat types Edit

Here is a list of the abbreviations of types of habitats used in the table, their meaning, and the type of colonization they support.

  • HGP - Habitable planet, T2 or T3 planet with the right gravity; domed cities and arcologies are used for habitation.
  • EU - Ecumenopolis, planet-wide city that has completely replaced the natural ecosystem, usually used in the context of a planet that uses so much energy that a heat pump-radiator system is necessary.
  • CGP - Colonized T0 or T1 planet with the right gravity; domed cities used for habitation.
  • CP - Colonized T0 or T1 planet without the right gravity, usually parabolic underground rotating habitats are used for habitation.
  • GGA - Gas giant with the right gravity; aerostats used for habitation.
  • ONC - O'Neill cylinder conglomeration (usually a station)
    • DONC - Detached O'Neill cylinder conglomeration (usually a swarm of some kind)
  • AONC - O'Neill cylinder conglomeration attached to an asteroid, comet, or moon
    • AONC2 - When the body in question is 100-1000 km wide
    • AONC1 - When the body in question is 10-100 km wide
    • AONC0 - When the body in question is 1-10 km wide
    • When the body in question is less than a kilometer wide, the habitat is classified as ONC.
    • Note: With the AONC types, typically many such objects band together. This is denoted by specifying the largest size range and appending a -C (Coalition) to the end of the name. Ex. AONC2-C
  • R - Ringworld
    • R6 - Ringworld of over one million earth areas
    • R5 - Ringworld of one hundred thousand to one million earth areas
    • R4 - Ringworld of ten thousand to one hundred thousand earth areas
    • R3 - Ringworld of one thousand to ten thousand earth areas
    • R2 - Ringworld of one hundred to one thousand earth areas
    • Note: Particularly with the smaller ringworlds, many such objects can band together to form a single census zone. This is also abbreviated by adding a -C (Coalition) to the end of the name. Ex. R2-C

Legal Status Edit

Here are the potential legal statuses of Nivenian Census zones:

  • Imperial Capital - Capital of the Nivenia Empire
  • Province - Has a local coordinator, must have population of greater than half a quadrillion as a requirement.
  • Colonial Province - Does not have a local coordinator (It still has a colonial governor, but this Nivenian does not get to make a personal statement to the Chief Executive Coordinator every week. Has a population of less than half a quadrillion and produces raw materials.
  • Major Station - Space stations with over 5 trillion inhabitants are treated as full Colonial Provinces, with only minor political interference from their parent body (if it is colonized).
  • Minor Station - Space stations with less than 5 trillion but over twenty billion inhabitants are treated as Colonial Provinces, but generally more political intervention from the government of the parent body is tolerated
    • Note - Stations with less than twenty billion inhabitants are considered part of their parent body's jurisdiction.

Demographic Data Edit

Habitat or Object Population (Trillion) Main exports Habitat type Legal status Other information
Nivenia Prime 15,394.144 Electronics, shields, law EU Imperial Capital Nivenian Homeworld
Nivenia B ringworld coalition 6458.673 Food R2-C Province
Nivenia Secondus 1,937.012 poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole), hydrogen GGA Province
Nivenia A6 Planet swarm 1,347.003 Isolationist AONC2-C Province Abnormal Elections
Nivenia B3 1,044.922 Ships, poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) GGA Province
Nivenia B5.1 508.431 Palladium, platinum, industrial equipment CP Province
Nivenia A6.1 71.961 Manufactured items, pink spice CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A12 41.886 Methane, calcium, magnesium CGP Colonial Province
Nivenia A12.1 37.891 Aluminium CGP Colonial Province
Nivenia B4 17.449 Sodium, potassium CGP Colonial Province
Nivenia A11 14.472 Ammonia, water CGP Colonial Province
Nivenia A2 13.127 Iron, gold, actinides CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A3 12.018 Titanium, CANI-TI alloy CP Colonial Province
Nivenia Prime Station 14.166 Shipping hub, fuel depot ONC Major Station
Nivenia A Starbase 12.094 Creates and maintains ringworld plates from raw materials, radio relay ONC Major Station
Nivenia Secondus Station 11.672 Shipping hub, fuel depot ONC Major Station
Nivenia B Starbase 9.566 Shipping hub, fuel depot, transmission radio relay ONC Major Station
Nivenia B3 Station 9.233 Shipping hub, fuel depot ONC Major Station
Nivenia A12 midpoint station 7.609 Shipping hub, fuel depot ONC Major Station
Nivenia A6.1 L1 station 6.928 Shipping hub, fuel depot, radio relay ONC Major Station
Nivenia A10 5.749 Ammonia, water CP Colonial Province
Nivenia B4 station 4.203 Shipping hub, fuel depot ONC Minor Station
Nivenia A11 station 3.546 Shipping hub, fuel depot ONC Minor Station
Nivenia A8.1 3.170 Magnesium, aluminum, silicon CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A9 2.072 Magnesium, strontium, platinum CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A7.2 1.302 Aluminum CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A7.1 1.234 Aluminum CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A10.1 1.045 Methane, Hydrocarbons CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A11.1 0.368 Warehouse space, Aluminum CP Colonial Province
Nivenia A11.2 0.321 Ammonia, Water CP Colonial Province
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