The Caeruleo Governmental Holding Corporation is an oligarchic plutocracy, vassalized[1] by the Nivenian Empire, that controls the system of Caeruleo. As anything more than general policy and tribute extraction is difficult to enforce over interstellar differences, the former colony was cut loose, on the condition that most of their energy output be beamed to the Nivenia System as tribute. While they do have a few megastructures, such as the rings of O'Neill cylinders around their capital world, Caeruleo 4, and in the asteroid belt near Caeruleo 1, and their thin Mylar dyson swarm, they have nowhere near as much experience in the field as the Nivenian Empire itself.


The system itself contains only one star, Caeruleo, which is a B8.5V-type star of 3.876 solar masses. It has a luminosity of 75.264 solar luminosities, and has a total of nine planets. There is an asteroid belt in the vicinity of the first planet, at 1.60 astronomical units, which is rich in iron and aluminum, and two binary planet systems, one of which contains two habitable planets. One of the gas giants in the system also has three habitable moons.

Currently, the system's first planet and the system's fourth planet are inhabited by 54.309 trillion Nivenians combined, all of them from the Nivenian Empire. The ninth moon of the system's sixth planet is currently being colonized as well, due to its immense reserves of purple spice.

However, most of the system's population lives in orbital habitats near the center of the system.


The Caeruleo Governmental Holding Corporation is governed by a board of directors, elected by the shareholders of the corporation. The Megastructural Construction Corporation owns 30% of the stock, and the other 70% is split among other residents, with around 40% being in the hands of wealthy individuals and corporations that own more than 0.1%. The shares can be bought and sold, making the government a plutocracy, as the wealthy tend to buy much more stock than average.


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Gas Giants (r > 30000 km)[]

Large Terrestrial Planets (30000 km > r > 4000 km)[]

Smaller Terrestrial Planets (4000 km > r > 750 km)[]

Foreign Affairs[]


(In decreasing order of friendliness)

Superior State
  • Green face.png Nivenian Empire - “We are their colony, too far away for them to directly govern.
Formal Alliance

Trading with you has proven to be unmistakably beneficial.

No Tariffs

Free trade is awesome.

Possible Trading Partners

We hope that we can form a permanent mutually beneficial trade agreement soon.

  • Yellow face.png Lycaryuan Grand Republic - “We would be happy to help relocate and integrate your population into out prosperous system.
Economic Sanctions

Your existence is problematic for our economy.

Open Hostilities

Face the wrath of our rocket exhaust!

General Information
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