The Nivenia A6 Planet swarm is a collection of small habitats orbiting the sixth planet from the primary of the Nivenia System and in close proximity to its large moon, A6.1. The swarm consists mainly of pairs of O'Neill cylinders powered by fusion, about a third of which are attached to asteroids and small moons in the vicinity of A6. As a province of the Nivenian Empire, they enjoy relatively little regulation except for a small tax, and are generally isolationist in terms of trade relations toward other provinces. A6.1 acts as an intermediary since its location is inside the swarm.

The A6 Planet swarm is generally considered one of the wealthier parts of the Nivenian Empire, with an average income of more than twice the average. However, cost of living is also more than twice the average, though more services are provided by the A6 Planet swarm provincial government, the only provincial government that elects its rulers democratically, instead of using oligarchic elections like the rest of the Nivenian Empire. A6 Planet swarm has had a rivalry with Nivenia Prime for over two hundred years.

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