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The Nivenian-Thadian War of Annexation was a war spawned from several bombing attempts originating from the Democratic State of New Home, a splinter faction of the Nivenian Empire. The Nivenian Empire, the faction getting bombed, did not exactly take kindly towards the fact that over half a quadrillion died, and responded with improved defenses and a relativistic fleet headed for the capital planet of the Democratic State of New Home, known to the Nivenian Empire as Thadus 0037.

The war began when a massive nivenian interstellar attack fleet was deployed to the Thadus 0037 system, a voyage that would take years. However, due to this period of the war being almost completely uneventful, it is typically not recorded as part of the war, instead just another phase of the prelude. The entirety of the war can be traced to the three pivotal battles which made up 98.6% of the direct casualties of war. The first of these battles, the battle of Comet AR78106, is generally considered by historians to mark the opening of the Nivenian-Thadian War of Annexation.

The battle of Comet AR78106 was a battle fought between a heavily armed stationary comet and an interstellar fleet rapidly descending from relativistic speeds. The entirety of the battle was fought around midday on Neochios 41, 23 NE, with the first and last shots fired only differing in time by about ten minutes. The battle was fought at a relative speed of 0.043c, which made fusion weapons launched from coilguns the weapon of choice for both sides. In the space of a few minutes, almost two thirds of a million nivenian ships were destroyed by fusion mines, and Comet AR78106 was destroyed by fusion-enhanced projectiles. Almost seventy billion died.

The main battle of the war was the battle of Thadus 0037 2. Thadus 0037 2 had long been a major defensive outpost for the Democratic State of New Home, and had millions of ships and thousands of massive defensive stations in orbit around it. When the nivenian fleet arrived, the velocity difference was in the range of tens of kilometers per second, so both sides mainly used guided fusion missiles as their weapons. It should be noted, however, that the nivenian fleet had shelled both Thadus 0037 and its moon with tens of millions of thousand-ton iron eggs before decelerating. This had significantly weakened the defenses of both planets, even shattering their crusts, which destroyed most surface-bound defensive installations. Due to the preliminary attack, the actual battle on Martex 11 was easily won by the nivenians, though they did lose two hundred thousand ships and twenty billion nivenians. The battles mainly involved missiles launched from both sides swarming space stations and ships alike, with millions of stragglers accidentally bombing the planet below. With the main defenses on the Democratic State of New Home's side destroyed, the nivenian fleet went in towards Thadus 0037 itself.

After announcing to Thadus 0037 that after a 30-day window, anyone still on the planet would become part of the Nivenian Empire, nine tenths of the planet's population fled to random comets. Most of the remaining ten percent were hardcore loyalists, determined to fight to the end. When the nivenian fleet landed its surface troops on Martex 42, and was met with stiff resistance for days trying to take the surface, they retreated into their ships, declared that the surface was going to be blasted with the radioactive exhaust from their fusion rockets, and that anyone left on the surface had three days to clear out. Three days later and millions of evacuation ships later, the surface was sterilized with neutron radiation from repurposed fusion drives, and was then colonized by the nivenian invasion force. This was portrayed as a "repossession of stolen property" by the Nivenian Imperial Government.

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