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Portea Galaxy
We welcome you to the Portea Galaxy.

The Nivelian Republic is one of the four major nations of Portea and is arguably the most technologically advanced of the four. The Nivelians rely on their diplomatic and trading skills to support their nation, but are always ready should invaders strike.

Member Species[]

The Nivelians do not restrict the other Portean species from joining the Republic, making the Nivelian Republic nearly as diverse as the Terran Federation. Two species are defined as the major races of the Republic.


As the Republic's founding species, it's no surprise that the Nivelians dominate the Republic's population. The Nivelians are known to be a very intelligent species, which has contributed to the Nivelian Republic's advancement.


A friendly, trading race, the Occulars are the other major race of the Nivelian Republic. Originally part of a independent nation, the old Occular state merged with the Nivelian state to gain access to better technology for trading. The Occulars and Nivelians get along well, and have made their own contributions to the Nivelian Republic as well.

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