The Nighthawks of Palidori or simply, the Nighthawks, are a race of Vampire-like beings who inhabit the Twilight World of Palidori, and control a small kingdom of smaller states, vassals, and kingdoms that are controlled by a small aristocracy made up of various Bloodlines and houses ranging from heretical Gardeili Houses, Zarbanian military families, rogue Mendel Clans and other groups that have come to join them for greater power, riches, immortality and any number of rewards and such. The Nighthawks are a splinter faction of the Bloodletters and born from an experiment in other forms of technology and powers. Away from the rest of the Bloodletters, and with only a single Greater Vampire to watch over them, the Nighthawks developed their own ideals and power-structures separate from the others, and believing they needed no Greater Vampires to rule them.

The Nighthawks are patient, if power-hungry group, their council and rulers ready to not only wage war upon the mortal races for blood and flesh to feed upon, but most notably, have a disdain and hatred for the Greater Vampires of the Bloodletter Swarm, believing they can further their own goals and destroy their forbearers, and go further then they ever could. To assist in this, they have shown a better grasp of technology and military organization, as well as diplomacy, then the Bloodletters, given the dangerous situation in Mirus Galaxy, but are, until they build up their forces properly, not ready to take on their forbearers, or the other powers of Mirus.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Nighthawks began as the experiments of the Great Vampire, Barugarius, who, in a journey out of the Blackeye Galaxy, came to Mirus, seeking an empire to rule of his own, and a base of operations separate from other Vampires and rivals within the Bloodletters, as well as independence to pursue his experiments. He came to the forever twilight world of Palidori, and found relics of another powerful race, and began experimenting. To keep the natives of Palidori inline, Barugarius turned one of the reigning Counts there, Ruthven, into a Lesser Vampire, to rule the world in his name, and make sure that Barugarius received his blood and meals. Ruthven accepted, and, over the centuries, amassed great power for himself, thanks both to his age, and Barugarius' experiments, which spread into the handful of other Lesser Vampires created to assist Ruthven.

The Greater Vampire's experiments and use of technology began to increase his power and strength, but due to his body being damaged when he arrived, and desiring something far more easy to handle and work with his servants. With the help of Lord Ruthven, Barugarius found a Vampire Lord more powerful then even Ruthven himself. Brought to his Great Lord, the Vampire expected to be rewarded for his service and power, and to kill Ruthven to take his position as the Great Vampire's right hand. Instead, Barugarius mastered the technique to transfer his soul, hollowing out the Vampire's body to a shell, and taking it over, and turning it into his new avatar. He took the name and title Sheridan, and withdrew into his personal quarters and such, trying to master his body and powers, and leaving Ruthven to run the Nighthawks.

With his lord gone, Count Ruthven took over as lord, and renamed himself Lord Palidori, to signify his power over the world, and his loyal servants, fellow aristocrats and family members became the House of Palidori, the first and most potent of the Vampire Bloodlines to exist in the galaxy. They were not satisfied with just their world, however, and came to spread amongst other groups, using their technology to master the fields of space travel and the like, and moving to other worlds to gain a reach within the galaxy. Lord Palidori watched carefully, his spies and cats paws working their way into every society, and spreading their influence far and wide, looking for certain families to bring to their cause.

Though they would gain the support and numbers of a number of aristocrats from the Gardeili, Zarbanian, Kulaung and some other species, their plans to begin a war to take over the various empires they had parasitized was cut abruptly short by the actions of one of the Bloodlines, the House of Vrykolakas, a Gardeili Vampire House that had grown tired of the sole control the Palidori yielded, and declared their intent to seize power for the other, minor Vampires lines and houses.

The Blood Wars Edit

The following years would see a secret war waged by the private armies and fleets of the various Vampire Lords who all sought some form of power and position for themselves. Several of the weaker, younger members were culled, as many older ones were killed and replaced by rivals and peers and such. Whatever occurred, the Lord of House Vrykolakas, Satas'Vrykolak, lead his forces into Palidori, and after killing a number of other vampires, fought Lord Palidori himself, the two powerful Vampire Lords almost killing each other, before Lord Sheridan arrived from his personal sanctum, and ordered the two to cease their fighting. After calling upon every Lord and Lady to his castle, he ordered all of them to sit and talk, and if no agreement could reached, he would begin his executions of the Vampires gathered.

The various sides voiced their concerns, plights and grievances, and together, Lord Palidori and Lord Vrykolak drafted a plan that would set things right, for a moment. The Nighthawks agreed to the idea of a ruling council of seven lords, each of the ruling families sending their most powerful and able Lord or Lady to sit on the Council, over which Lord Palidori himself would rule over and act as leader. Though the Palidori still held much power, it had been reduced, both by their losses in the war, and by the addresses made by Lord Palidori to satisfy the other Vampire Lords.

Though they remained in the shadows, the Vampires would become somewhat known by the other powers, who became slightly aware of them as a growing threat. With the Alpha Cyber Collective unable to act to attack them, this allowed the Vampires to extend their wings a bit and begin to make moves to solidify their power over the other natives of Mirus, as well as a number of other powers from beyond Mirus.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The ranks of the Nighthawks are made up of everything, from soldiers and mercenaries bound by the will of their respective Lord or lady by the promise of power, money or freedom from mortality, to the common peasants and serfs kept in line by fear or devotion to their lord who are willing to do anything for their masters in exchange for power. All that unites these lower dregs and peons, are the vision of their Vampiric Lords of the various houses and bloodlines, who rule over them with an iron fist. Despite their lust for blood and desire to rule, the Vampire Lords are not completely evil by any stretch, and prefer to use charisma and charm when it comes to keeping their thralls and servants in line, only resorting to violence with outright rebellion.

Most of their worlds are dark and twisted by their essence abilities and relics, combined with their need for little to no light on their worlds. While they can survive in sun, it leaves them weakened and easier to hurt and kill, and for this reason, use their abilities to transform their worlds into a similar state as Palidari.

The experiments committed by Lord Barugarius, now Sheridan, ages ago has resulted in powers and abilities separate from the rest of the Vampires of the Bloodletters, and the Nighthawks adore showing their powers and reveling in their abilities to alter the earth and skies above and below them, and using the night to grant various wishes to their followers and devotees that come to them, strengthening their hold by appearing as miracle workers and benevolent lords, coming down from their castles and forts upon the full moon to hold rituals for their followers, such as restoring the ability to walk, and returning their sight if blinded. In return, many commoners gladly give their blood to their Lords, convinced they are righteous and worthy leaders, and must be given some small fragment of themselves in return for protecting them and doing so much for them.

As a whole, all of the Nighthawks' members hold great disdain and even outright hatred for the Greater Vampires that lead the Bloodletters, and see them as weak, doddering old fools who have lost all sense of true power. As such, the Nighthawks view themselves as the true incarnation of Vampiric might, and seek to free their fellow Lesser Vampires in the Bloodletters to help them also attain high power for themselves.

Government Edit

The Nighthawks are ruled by the Council of Seven, a ruling class of the most powerful Vampire Lords of the Nighthawks' Hierarchy. The House Lords, or Elder Vampires, sit upon the council, and include the Progenitor house of Palidori, the rival and jealous house of Vrykolakas, the seductive and mysterious House of Sith'Hani, House Von Shtriga and it's bloodthirsty lords, and other Houses, either equal to them, or below them, and all jockeying for power and position to hold within the Nighthawk hierarchy. These seven houses will meet, and discuss politics within the empire, trade with outsiders, the careful dealings and workings with other powers, and the handling of intelligence to avoid any finding their appearance and revealing the existence of the Vampires.

The Nighthawks Council come under the control of the Emperor, Lord Sheridan, the most powerful Vampire in existence, a Great Vampire who choose to abandon his failing body, monstrous body to hold itself within a more mortal frame, but generally stays within his sanctum, away from the rest of the Vampires, to pursue his own enigmatic goals and to watch from afar. The day-to-day running of the rest of the Nighthawks, are left to Lord Polidori and the rest of the Council of Seven. Though fearful of Sheridan, the Council commonly backstabs and moves against many of their own, seeking the strongest and most powerful to rule them, through any means necessary.

Though not actual Vampires, another ruling class amongst them, are the sorcerous, essence-using Necromancers, that seek to master death itself, and commonly find themselves in the close circles of the Vampire Lords, due to overlapping interest and abilities. Using their powers, they help keep the armies of undead stable and capable of waging war, and maintain some control over the governmental aspects of the managing the Vampires' territory, keeping records, gathering census records and other such things.

Houses/Bloodlines Edit

  • Lord - Lord Ruthven von Palidori
  • Species - Palidori Vampire
  • Position - Major Bloodline, Founders

The Palidori Bloodline or House Palidori, are the founders of the Nighthawks, the most powerful house, and the bloodline with the most influence over other Houses. Called Vampire Purebloods for their origin and role in crafting the other Vampires, their existence is a badge of honor among the Vampires, as many of the most powerful bloodlines among the Nighthawks claim certain Palidori Lords as their ancestors or those who helped bring them into the Nighthawk fold. As such, despite often being seen as preening and arrogant, the Palidori are never the less respected foes and considered worth the power they hold, even if the other vampires would like to cut them down a bit.

The Palidori Purebloods are pale grey or purple, the most affluent and powerful though developing red skin, and among the most diplomatic of the houses, commonly meeting and speaking with many without actually taking their blood and murdering them, or turning them into zombies. As such, many of the major powers do not realize the influence the Palidori have on the other species and empires, nor their blood-drinking ways.

The Palidori Household yields the strongest essence users in all of the Nighthawks, as well as physically strongest warriors to use in battle, making them the most fearsome and effective fighters. Combined with this, are their vast legions of loyal warriors, drawn from most of the major species, as by now, most of the Palidori are vampires themselves, and strong naval forces to bring upon their foes. All of this makes them the most deadly of the households, and one no one trifles with without good cause.

  • Lord - Lord Satas'Vrykolak
  • Original Species - Gardeili
  • Position - Major Bloodline

The Vrykolakas Bloodline was not always a family of cursed blood, flesh-eating monsters, and blasphemous existence. Not long ago, the Vrykolak family was a glorious Clan of Gardeili crusaders and Fleet-Masters, who lead many crusades back in the hay-day of the Gardeili Empire. They lead numerous attacks on enemy worlds and heretical races, and their leader, Satas'Vrykolak was ambushed during a battle with the Mendel, and suffered a horrific wound. Slowly dying, a Vampire Lord of Palidori found him, and gave the dying Gardeili the Blood Gift, before departing. After he died, the rest of the Vrykolakas bloodline interned him in a tomb fit for a king, and mourned his loss. After three days, Satas'Vrykolak rose again, this time as a scion of night.

Satas'Vrykolak looked upon himself at first in horror, but then in pride. His power and strength had doubled, tripled even, and he found his essence abilities far beyond any other. He had no need for Spode or such weakness as faith now, now that he was an immortal ruler of the night. He tested his powers for many hours, trying to figure out his limits and what he could do and not do, before beginning his long work.

He resurrected many of his ancestors to serve as Wights, Grave Guard and others, and returned to his palace, taking over. He gave his most loyal followers the gift of vampirism as well, and slaughtered those who refused, drinking their blood in a feast that would last for many hours. With his power secure once more, Satas'Vrykolak revealed himself to his people again, claiming he had had to fake his death to escape assassins, and that he was back to rule his lands once more. Loda'Gadem suspected nothing, and even sent Satas'Vrykolak a gift of wine.

After contacting and meeting the Palidori, the Vrykolak Bloodline would work alongside them for many years, though grew agitated by their arrogance, and, at the first chance, waged war on them. Though he and Lord Palidori almost killed each other, they were stopped, and forced to settle a peace agreement. Since then, he has remained the second most powerful ruler among the Nighthawks, constantly on the look out for weakness in Palidori.

The Vrykolakas are strong warriors, each as much as master of the blaster or rifle as they are with the blade, and many boast strong naval command and army leadership. Cultured and dignified, they command an army of loyal and powerful Gardeili warriors, both from the tomb and of the living. Few houses would dare cross them, for their powers and projection are second only to House of Palidori.

Sith'Hani Vampire
  • Lord - Lady Clioda Sith'Hani
  • Original Species - Kulaung
  • Position - Major Bloodline

The Sith'Hani Bloodline is the third of the famous Vampire Bloodlines in Mirus, and made up of members of the Kulaung who were turned by the leader of the Clan, Clioda. The Sith'Hani are a Clan of scientists and warriors, who inhabited the world of Kaloda, and were generally isolationist in regards to dealings with others and usually remained on their mist-shrouded world to study and observe. Their leader Clioda Sith'hani, was once leader of the Clan for years, elected from among the Vassal Clans, and was dedicated to leading her people, before a rival manipulated evidence that she was involved in drug dealing, weapons traffic, dealings with the Ruins Hand and Blackstar Cartel and others, causing her to be stripped of any position and power, as her rival, Tifia, arose to her position.

Utterly ruined, Clioda was divorced, and cast into the hinterlands of the worlds, her legs shattered. Thinking what she could do to make money, and what she would have to force herself to do. As she found a cave to live in for the night, a Palidori Vampire appeared, bringing a great meal wit him, sharing it with her, and offering her the gift of the Red Kiss, that would give her a chance to reclaim her life. Though hesitant, she accepted, and managed to heal her body, and traveled back to Kaloda, her legs, still damaged, but determined to get back to her Clan. Clioda found her rival, and tore her open, devouring her flesh and blood. Many Warriors tried to take her down, but despite their injuries Clioda fought them all off, killing many, but able to convince most of her Clan to side with her, out of fear for her power.

Clioda solidified her power over the Clan, and made her way to the Nighthawks, becoming a major Bloodline with her expertise in science and experiments with the body and the ability to twist and create Chimeras and other genetic aberrations, coming from Clioda's building of new legs to replace her own, giving her hooves and such instead of claws. As such, from hence forth, Clioda and her Vampiric brood and followers replace their legs in a similar manner to honor her and her sacrifice.

Although strong warriors, the Sith'Hani are powerful scientists and biologics, and have helped advanced many of the weapons and ships used by the Nighthawks so they can master their combat abilities. The Sith'Hani have also given their scions and non-Vampires higher living standards and conditions then other non-vampires.

Shtriga Vampire

A Vampire of the Shtriga Bloodline.

  • Lord - Marshall Otter von Shtriga
  • Original Species - Zarbanian
  • Position - Major Bloodline

The Shtriga Bloodline are another Major house, born of the Von Shtriga family of Zarbania, a group of savage Zarbanians, who have rarely held respect or care for other, "lesser" races in their time. From the time of the wars with Mendel, the Von Shtriga family has been held as little more then backwards, racist hicks magically gifted status, authority and power of an upper "Kluncker" family of Zarbania. Many question why Lord Gridlock has not removed them from power yet, but such is difficult to do, as, while he has progressed much in Zarbania, he is not willing to cross many of the families due to their long histories.

During an incursion into Tarmealox territory, the Shtriga Household leader, Otter von Shtriga, was looting and pillaging, delighting the finest pleasures he could force from the Tarmealox's breweries and captives, until a mysterious outsider approached him. Desiring more power for himself, Otter agreed to allow himself to be "gifted" by this stranger, turning him into a vampire. After slaughtering the many pleasures slaves he had taken for their blood, he turned many of his troops and warriors into Vampires well, and returned to his home to either turn the rest of his family, or slaughter them.

Shtriga remains to this day, an irritation to both the Zarbanians and the other Vampires, but it commands warriors of the finest quality. From it's Grave Guard and Wight Warriors, resurrected to serve in death, as they did in life, to it's numerous State Troops, armed with advanced weapons and technologies, to it's Vampiric Lords, who have the greatest physical strength of any of the Vampire Lords. As such, the other houses are keen to make alliances with each other to keep the Shtriga in line.

The Shtriga are not admired by their peasants and living scions, but feared and their reign of blood terrifies many. Such bloodthirsty are they, that their lust for violence has almost gotten the Von Shtriga family discovered, and has lead to the other families often having to team up to keep them in line.

  • Lord - Lady Fill in here Glynn Jiangshi
  • Original Species - Antroth
  • Position - Major Bloodline

Asanbo Vampire
  • Lord - Lady Taadia Asanbosami
  • Original Species - Kaguran
  • Position - Major Bloodline

  • Lord - Lord Vaddus Garkan
  • Original Species - Dragowar
  • Position - Major Bloodline

Derived from the Dragowar Household of Garkanian, the Bloodline traces it's ancestry to Vaddus Garkan, a Dragowar Praetor and famous commander, who once was master of a number of famous legions. Time and the manipulation of power-hungry rivals did much to sabotage Vaddus Garkain and his rise to power. Though loyal and capable commander, he wasn't exactly a political savant. This lead to more savvy rivals undermining him, sabotaging him and landing him in exile on a far away world, not dishonored of course, but now in command of a minor legion, and his house with far less influence over the rulership of the Imperium of War. Garkan cursed himself for his inability to see the deception before it was too late, but could do nothing now. Though he tried to command his fortress with the usual professional quality he had before, he was now not in command of the professional, finely tuned soldiers of the Imperium, but deflectors from abroad given War-Imperial training and equipment.

Though embittered, Garkan did not lose his loyalty to the Imperium, and maintained the hope he would one day rise again as a powerful leader. During an alien invasion, Garkan was critically injured during the battle, left for dead by his own troops. As he struggled to stay alive, an alien being appeared to him and gifted with a "red kiss". He wasn't sure what happened, but the alien stated he had been watching Garkan for a long time, and had taken pity on him, hence why he now gave him this gift. Garkan technically died the moment he received the blood kiss, and due to the severity of hos wounds, arose a day later as a half-rotted lord of the dead. Murdering most of his soldiers and officers, Garkan returned to his family estate, covering up the loss as an alien attack that was vicious even by Dragowar standards, and took control of his household, transforming many into the earliest Garkanian Vampires like himself. Though they never would have it as bad as their primogenitor, they too would begin to emit to reek of death as their skin and wing membranes would slowly decay.

Though other Vampires look down on the Garkanians as little more then beasts, Vaddus and his house, despite their short comings and violence, try their hardest to be more than their original species. They seek only the blood of warriors that impress them, and try to maintain good relations with their peasants and workers, despite their foul odor. Due to their stench, most Garkanians live solitary lives, slowly wasting away in caves and the like, though more than willing to test and even train those who seek them out. To them their foes ever only come in two categories: worthy warriors to feed upon, and training dummies. In battle, it is common to use this order to make even their strongest foes sick to their stomachs, and unable to stand, as the Garkanians rush upon, eager to find challenges and blood to slick their thirst.

  • Lord - Lady Aswanga'ni
  • Original Species - Raptoranean
  • Position - Once-Major Bloodline

The Aswang Bloodline are a bloodline from Tyris Mayor, made up of Raptoraneans born in the Aswang lek, a family of famous and dedicated wanderers and explorers. Though once hauntingly beautiful and amongst the most powerful of the Major Bloodlines, the Aswang are nowadays little more than bestial pirates and disfigured reavers who lurk in the depth of space to prey on the unwary.

Onz of their number, Aswanga'ni, picked up rumors about the legedary world of Palidori, and made it her life's mission to discover the planet, believing it to be overflowing with luxuries. Against the odds, she actually found the planet, though was overwhelmed undead overwhelmed upon landing, and cut in half at the waist. As she lay dying, a Palidori vampire approached her, impressed she had found the hidden world, and offered her the red kiss. Aswanga'ni accepted, spending the next days growing back her lost bodyparts, before returning to her lek to transform them into the earliest Aswang vampires. Like her, they became capable of severing their own torsos, growing bat-like wings to fly around on into places where they otherwise could not go. Using their gifts, the Aswang soon infiltrated the realms of mortals and sold the gleaned secrets to the other bloodlines, for a price. Using their glamor, the Aswang slowly became capable of commanding the Shai'Ghouls, rather than merely working alongside them. Soon after they begun transforming them, first into the nigh-indestructible Shai'Morn, capable to chilling the hearts of their enemies with but a touch, and then, by giving them the red kiss, into the hulking and fearsome Shai'Haunt. Aswang power rose to be second only to the Pallidori, and on equal footing with the Vrykolakas.

Finally, Lady Clioda Sith'Hani ran afoul of Aswanga'ni's tongue and decided to act. Just as tales of her life had once been manipulated against her, so did she turn the other bloodlines against the Aswang, playing on their jeasousy of Aswang power and their revulsion to giving the red kiss to Shai'Ghouls. Just as Clioda had once been driven out of her Clan, now it was her turn to cast the Aswang Bloodline from Palidori, replaced on the Council of Seven by the Jiangshi.

Left on the derelict space hulk of the Endeavour and slowly going insane without any blood to drink, the Aswang opted to be once again transformed. They willingly infected themselves with the Ghoul Plague, turning them from beauty into beast; terrible Vampire-Ghoul hybdrids, often with multiple personalities vying for control of their forms. Though still capable shape-shifters, they now feed by their prehensible, needle-like tongues rather than their broken fangs. The Aswang Bloodline reave the void still, raising those dead lost in the sea of stars and amassing ever more Shai'Ghouls to their side, hungering for revenge still and stopping at nothing to arcieve it.

  • Lord - Lady Karnii Mullo
  • Original Species - Human
  • Position - Minor Bloodline

  • Lord - Lord Zahak
  • Original Species - Vanara
  • Position - Minor Bloodline

The Zahak Brood has always been one of the most cursed broods among the Nighthawks. The man who would become lord Zahak was once a rich and wealthy Vanara nomad prince. However, he was as cruel to his subjects as his lifestyle was opulent. That was until the day it all came crashing down around him. An upstart warlord named Zuki was uniting the Vanara tribes, either through diplomacy or force. Knowing that Zuki promoted based on merit and had no issue disposing of the wealthy but talentless Zahak took tribe a fled into deep space. There a mysterious figure came to him offering him power.

Zahak accepted at which point this figure revealed himself to be a Vampire Lord of the Palidori. Zahak was transformed into a vampire but Vamparism and the Vanara's nuclear biology did not combine well. He become hideously disfigured and grew to consume brains instead of blood. Having transformed the other nobles of his tribe into vampires Zahak led a campaign against Zuki, consuming all male Vanara of other tribes and enslaving their females for their own sick pleasures.

Zuki would not stand for this and set out to face Zahak. However, Zahak had infused his blood with a horrific nano disease that would only activate upon his death and had the potential to kill Zuki and trillions more if unleashed. Thus Zuki chose to bind Zahak and have him thrown into the Pit. After the defeat of their lord the rest of the Zahak Brood scattered, fleeing deep into the dark places of the galaxy.

Now a days the Zahak are one of the most despised broods, even by other Vampires, who see these gibbering, scaly, brain eating monstrosities as little better then potential guard dogs. The most powerful of the Zahak are powerful lowlifes at best often running drug cartels. However, deep in his imprisonment their lord has mutated further, becoming ever more monstrous, and even other Vampires shutter to think what would happen should he get free.

Religion Edit

The Lords of the Nighthawk Bloodlines feel little need to interfere with their peasants' native rituals, religious believes and spiritual attitudes. Though many worship their lords as divine figures or gods of some sort, most Vampires care little. The only thing they do stamp out, is the worship of anything resembling the Greater Vampires from the Bloodletters, viewing them as the worst of foes, and even invoking them to be a danger best avoided.

Species Edit

The ranks of the Nighthawks are made up of a number of species that have been given the gift of Vampirism, though the core of it's leadership is made up of the original Palidori species, a race of gaunt, pointed ear race, with skin ranging from a pallid grey, dull red, and deep purple. Few of the original Palidori are still mortal, most of them having been turned to Vampires themselves, or lost in the wars, and put in positions of power amongst the Vampire Lords of the other Houses, being of Palidori blood descent a sign of favor and strength among them.

Other species given the Blood Gift include Gardeili, Kulaung, Zarbanian, and many other Mirusians. When it comes to spreading their tendrils and area of influence, no race is considered too low for the gifts of the Nighthawks.

Military Edit

Land Forces Edit

Due to the violent nature of the Mirus Galaxy, the Nighthawks have had to develop a stronger military presence and ability compared to their kin among the Bloodletters, not relying on the strength of their Vampires to counteract the poor condition of their levied troops and such. Though still reliant on swarm tactics to tire out and pull down ammunition from their enemies, this commonly only a first or second wave tactic, with the second wave backed up by professional, is slightly outdated, foot soldiers, as well as resurrected foot troops, and the third made up of their best soldiers and revenants. The composition of Nighthawk armies ranges anywhere. Some are zombies, taken from their graves and recent battlefields, and turned into slobbering, constantly hungry beasts eager for flesh by their masters' essence abilities. Others are living peasants, taken by their lords, given basic hand weapons, and sent into the field with their zombie scions and thralls. Other are professional soldiers, mercenaries and pirates, hired, recruited and bought by the Vampires to serve as muscle in their armies.

The most trusted of the soldiers are the Grave Guard, the elite, resurrected troops of the Vampire Lords themselves, taken from their race of choice, and the corpses of the ancient warriors of their tombs and such. Though they, like many forces of the Nighthawks, are marked by still using their old, often out-dated weapons and armor against their foes, their unnatural strength, power and independence marks them as very deadly, more then compensating for their lack of good tools with brutal strength.

Further helping them, are the various races and such created by the Vampires through their science and experimentation upon the flesh of their various subjects and victims. These range from savage Ghouls, cannibalistic savages eager for the flesh of anything, savage Blood-Carvers, and various animals such as Hounds, bats and boars turned into flesh-eating, zombie-like monstrosities.

All of these are commanded by the masters of the domain themselves, the Vampires. Ranging from simple constables and knights who command small armies and section of the army under their lords, to actual Vampiric Lords who command whole armies, even whole houses with every word and gesture a decree of death and annihilation to their foes. Few can survive an encounter with these horrific beings, and thanks to their hesitation with giving out their gifts too often, there are thankfully few Vampires, but all of them are master warriors and fighters in their own right. Helping and assisting them further are chosen champions of the living and dead, and a number of Necromancers, who use their essence abilities to help maintain and direct the armies of the dead to desecrate and destroy the living, and add to their host of slaves and vassals.

With their unrelenting need for flesh, no matter what creature they conscript, combined with the professional quality of their foot soldiers and mercs, the Vampires are far more fearsome in battle then their Bloodletter cousins, if a bit smaller.

Space Forces Edit

The Fleets of the Nighthawks are made up of the original vessels of the Palidori, who first expanded the Nighthawks beyond their original world and into the rest of the galaxy, bringing the rest of the galaxy into their finger tips. These darkened, brooding ships are the centerpiece of every fleet within the Nighthawks, while the rest of their fleets are made up of the forces used by their parent empires, bought and built by the Houses of the Bloodlines. These fleets bear their own markings and certain details to show their support for the Nighthawks, as well as bearing certain weapons of their own. The third form their fleets take, are often pirates and freebooters hired and maintained by the Vampire Lords to conduct slave raids and raid enemy trade lanes.

The fourth, often used in open battle, are broken hulks and destroyed ships, and their resurrected crews, used as disposable combat units and to intimidate their enemy forces in battle, with the sight of former allies being turned into destructive, monstrous vessels, manned by ghoulish zombie crews.

Individuals Edit

  • Name - Sheridan
  • Position - Emperor of the Nighthawks

Lord Sheridan is the current supreme ruler of the Nighthawks, a powerful Vampire of the first generations, whose body was taken over and hollowed out by the will of Lord Barugarius, and turned into his avatar, since he found his original Great Vampire body weakening and slowly dying off, and decided to move into a smaller, easier to maintain body, as well as keep a watchful eye over his servants and lesser Lords, as he stayed within his personal sanctum, gathering his power, sometimes feeding, but most of the time staying within his personal quarters away from the rest of the politicking of his servants.

Few know of Sheridan or his existence, many of his servants and peasants whispering that he is a mere legend and a fearful divine angel that watches over the Vampires and mortals of the Nighthawks. Other Vampires are terrified of him, seeing him as the ultimate symbol of untouchable power and strength, and no one would dare move against him, despite his body being a mere shell compared to his older form.

For reasons unknown, Sheridan prefers new body over the other, even if it makes him slightly weaker then other Great Vampires. He further has completely separated himself from his older Great Vampire persona, making his servants believe he is not a Great Vampire, but rather an "other".

Whatever the case, Lord Sheridan rarely visits his servants or speaks directly with any of them, coming across as reclusive, cold and detached from the plights of others, as he meticulously and carefully charts his own course of action, only telepathically telling Lord Palidori certain decisions and the like and directing at times.

  • Name - Ruthven Von Palidori
  • Position - Leader of House Palidori

  • Name - Sata'Vrykolak
  • Postion - Leader of House Vrykolakas

  • Name - Clioda Sith'Hani
  • Position - Leader of House Sith'Hani

  • Name - Donaka Kevar
  • Position - Most powerful Necromancer in the Nighthawks.

Relations Edit

Blue face Allies Edit

Gather yourselves to our side when war comes.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Careful where you tread at night.

Red face Enemies Edit

Your blood will be a feast to remember!

Quotes from others Edit

  • Add your own!

Notes Edit

  • ZF created after getting inspiration from the original Bloodletters page, as well as reading various Vampire works in fiction and elsewhere. Though he has much power over it, he is actively open to other users adding their own houses and bloodlines to it.
  • The Nighthawk name, comes from a song by Whitesnake, Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)
  • Palidori is named after John William Polidori, the original author of The Vampyre.
  • Lord Sheridan is named after the writer of Carmilla, Sheridan le Fanu.
  • The Vampire Bloodlines are based on famous ones from various cultures.
    • The Vrykolakas are named after a type of Greek Demon that bears a strong resemblance to Vampires, and relates to the strong Classical Athenian/Spartan Greek themes of the Gardeili.
    • The Sith'hani are named after the Baobhan Sith, a type of succubus from Gaelic myth that drinks the blood of young lovers, and relates to the strong Celtic/Gaelic themes of the Kulaung.
    • The Shtriga are named after a type of Albanian vampire, similar to Strigoi, that hunt young infants and children.
    • The Jiangshi are named after a form of Chinese Vampire that moves around by hopping and drains the life-energy of it's victims by touch.
    • The Asanbosam are named after a Ghana Vampire that lives in trees, and drops down from them to attack victims.
    • The Garkanian are named after the Garkain, a horrendously smelling vampiric creature from Aboriginal tales that smoothers victims before devouring their flesh and blood.
    • The Aswang are named after a famous Filipino vampire/ghoul/werebeast known for Shapeshifting and various strange traits and abilities, and relates to the Austronesian themes of the Raptoraneans.
    • The Mullo are named after a Romani Vampire that returns from death to drink the blood of the one who killed them.
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