What's the point of living in a galaxy which's a big fat pile of crap filled with bandits, criminals, thugs, serial killers and everything in between, always afraid your empire is going to be suddenly attacked by complete strangers with the sole objective of taking your hard work from you? This is why the Special Forces exist. It exists to destroy whoever tries and does this. And it is absolutely glorious!

- Councillor Xeron of the Polar Crystal Alliance

The Niaka Special Forces, also known by names such as New Niaka Order is the current sole government of the Niaka, a species of small, physically frail creatures who command tremendous battlesuits for both manual labour and combat. Their main objective in existence is to serve as a galactic police force, patrolling their home galaxy of Borealis in order to ensure the protection of the innocent and the complete, forceful destruction of all that is crime, including space pirates and other hostile empires who may threaten their allies.

While very young, the Special Forces' influence has already expanded through the whole galaxy, and they are now seen as the official law enforcers of the Polar Crystal Alliance. Possessing little patience for criminals and being more than willing to shoot before asking, the Niaka have become one of the galaxy's most notable inhabitants, and while their technology is not as impressive as that of his greater allies, their famed battlesuits are nonetheless an imposing and dreaded sight on the galaxy's underworld. The Niaka Special Forces has no interest in redemption, for in their point of view, you may only redeem yourself in death.


Early History[]

The Niaka Special Forces was founded on the Earth year 2,766, when Chief Xerkea organized a revolution inside the Niaka Order's government. Xerkea's loyalists wanted to change the Niaka's ideals and become a lawful empire, causing the Order to be divided into two empires: the old government and new one, known as the Niaka Special Forces. The Niaka pirates were exiled off Special Forces territory and Xerkea took over the Niaka homeworld of Ikkiz. Because of this event, the Order adopted the new name of "Old Order" and has since sought the destruction of the traitors who forbid them of their original home.

After their civil war, the Niaka made efforts to make up with the empires they attacked in the past by granting them free services such as protection, giving the Special Forces a good reputation in the galaxy which would serve to make them a notable player in international affairs. This got the attention from major empires such as the Zoles Imperium who would come to accept and encourage the Niaka's space police, and the Wranploer Legion who would become their second greatest enemies.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

The Special Forces remained in relative peace until it was once again thrown in a conflict for its survival, this time being the Second Borealis Galactic War. The Special Forces saw itself under threat from a new and apparently invincible enemy, the Xi'Arazulha, who attacked the galaxy while making their way to the Ottzello Sector. Being unable of fighting the godrace on their own, the Niaka did what they could to survive. Meanwhile, the Niaka also discovered a growing threat on the Devourer's Chosen, a cult of brainwashed creatures loyal to the Corruptus. While suffering casualties from both these enemies, plus other minor enemies such as Da Rogue Boyz, the Niaka did not give up, and kept fighting. Eventually, the Xi'Arazulha were defeated by a combined group of Ultraterrestrials, giving them time to take a breath. However, a new enemy appeared soon after, calling itself only as the Vague. The Niaka fought off this new threat, keeping it away from their own planets, while still defending themselves from the Chosen and the Rogue Loron. However, things changed when King Rebaris went missing, and the Niaka found themselves misguided by rumours coming from Falrik Zaarkhun. Eventually, the Niaka lost all their trust on the Unified Nation of Ottzello, agreeing on their entire sector being quarantined via the Grid.

With the introduction of the War Economy, the Niaka started to lose influence due to the galaxy's growing attitude against order governments. The anarchy caused by the Borealis Consortium Network, plus Rebaris disappeared broke the galaxy's morale, weakening them. When the Consortium launched its purge with the intention of destroying the Imperium, Apalos saved Rebaris and Ottzello's quarantine was lifted. The Niaka once again joined forces with their allies, hunting the leaders of the Consortium down as a punishment for their crimes.

A civil war among the Special Forces after the Consortium took over

When the galaxy was attacked by time anomalies, the Niaka helped the natives into finding the 7 Chronoscopic Shards needed to stop them. The Niaka aided in defeating Da Rogue Boyz, losing the shard in the process but getting their aid in the end. The Niaka were later the main target of the Seagon Empire, but after rescuing the Kormacvar warmaster Arkarixus, managed to destroy their godweapon project Armageddon and got the shard in their possession. Using Arkarixus' knowledge, the Niaka also attacked on the heart of the Alvino Brood, leading to its destruction. After the Grand Troopers were destroyed, the Niaka worked with the Indoctrinate Collective to bring an end to the Devourer's Chosen once and for all, aiding them in the final battle of the Chosen homeworld. The Zoles later became a secondary leading figure figure of the reborn Polar Crystal Alliance, uniting the galaxy and defeating the Borealis Grox Empire once and for all.

Following this, the BCN stole all Chronoscopic Shards and made an Orb out of them, and used its powers to dominate the galaxy. The Niaka were the first PCA founder to be destroyed by the Consortium, followed by UNO and the Zoles. However, thanks to time travel by Kolossus' part, the Niaka's destruction was undone and the Consortium was defeated. Following this, the Special Forces aided in the ultimate victory against Zargoth himself, ending the war.

Ice Age[]

Once the Ice Age begun, the Special Forces began employing surrendered Levarcor individuals into their ranks, using them as guards and soldiers. The Niaka eventually grew a liking on the Levarcor, consolidating their partnership. Their influence grew across the galaxy, becoming more and more advanced and feared across the ranks of space pirates. The Special Forces was later victim of Operation New Order, an attack orchestrated by Captain Lord Xoraika and Zoltik Relkhul. The Special Forces, with the help of the Zoles Imperium, defeated Xoraika and then surrendered the Old Niaka Order, absorbing it into their own empire. The Niaka race became united under the Special Forces, which then began rebuilding their damaged homeworld and developing former Old Order worlds into actual colonies with good living conditions.




The Niaka Special Forces is a stratocracy, a government where the military is the supreme ruler of the people. By laws, the stratocract in charge of the empire, deemed the Chief Major, is to be the single most skilled Niaka in the Forces' ranks. Above the Chief Major are the figures known as Chief Minors, the empire's equivalent of governors and generals who have control over entire sectors of space and answer directly to the Chief Major. Below the Chief Minors are the figures known merely as Chiefs, who govern individual planets as well as administer the colonies in it. The current Chief Major of the Niaka Special Forces is:


As a stratocracy based around the complete eradication of all crime, the Niaka Special Forces' society is extremely controlled, with the military always in constant patrol for possible criminal activity within their own territory in order to eliminate it as fast as possible. Conscription is a constant part of the Niaka's lives, meaning individual Niaka can be drafted into the space police at any moment and without warning, with rejection without good reason leading to the individual being deemed a traitor and executed. This is less of a problem with the empire's Levarcor population due to their nature as bioengineered for war, meaning they are always ready to enter the police.

Despite this, the government is not considered oppressive by the Niaka themselves, who see it as merely trying to protect them and the galaxy. The Special Forces makes great efforts to grant their citizens the best life quality possible, and thanks to this, their cities tend to be among the most peaceful and beautiful of the Polar Crystal Alliance, with visitors always having the tranquility to keep in mind they are in crime-free zones. Aliens are welcome to join the Special Forces at all times, but they are not eligible to obtain ranks higher than Chiefs, which are considered exclusive to the Niaka.


A Special Forces mecha suit

The technology of the Niaka Special Forces is, for the most part, based upon the technology of the Old Niaka Order and therefore is rather obsolete when compared to the rest of the galaxy due to the latter's lack of scientists and disinterest in developing themselves. However, thanks to technology trades between the Special Forces and empires such as the Zoles Imperium and the Indoctrinate Collective, the Niaka have managed to upgrade themselves to the point their military is superior to most of the Polar Crystal Alliance's members.

Most of the Niaka's technological research goes into their military, though they are also adepts at medicine, with cybernetic enhancements being popular in the empire in order to make the Niaka stronger and longer-lived. The Niaka's spaceships are all built for combat and tend to be very resilient, possessing advanced shields and also being made in large numbers so that they may deliver strikes at their enemies in large numbers. Regarding their battlesuits, each is comparable to a tank in power and have enough strength to fight creatures such as armed Murgur and Loron head-on and win, being specifically built for such match-ups. They use powerful cannons and railguns for ranged combat, and all of these factors make them one of the Polar Crystal Alliance's most feared ground forces.


The Niaka Special Forces is an atheist empire with traces of antitheism, believing religion is a distraction from their objective and that no worshipping of deities will help them create an order Borealis any faster. However, some Niaka, especially the ones native of the Old Order, have an almost shamanic view of their homeworld of Ikkiz, believing it is sacred to some extent and that it should never be harmed by weapons. The Special Forces tends to overlook this belief in specific as it inadvertently makes the capital world a safer place to live in.


Chief Major Xerkea.png

I'll bring peace by painting the battlefield red!

  • Name - Xerkea
  • Position - Chief Major
  • Status - Active

Xerkea is the founder and current Chief Major of the Niaka Special Forces. A revolutionary leader who despised the Niaka Order's society, she created the Special Forces in an attempt to redeem the Niaka race. An attempt that has, so far, been successful. Xerkea is arrogant and aggressive, believing the Special Forces are the ultimate shield against crime in the galaxy. She has, however, good intentions, only wanting Borealis to be a safe place to live one day. While good intentioned, her methods are questionable to say the least.



Diplomat Passion.pngFor a safe Borealis!


Green face.pngThe Special Forces is glad to have you on their side! Together, we shall destroy all criminals!


Blue face.pngWe are willing to protect your space from harm. As long as you pay the taxes of course.


Yellow face.pngHalt. Your ship will be inspected and if nothing wrong is confirmed, liberated to move on.


Orange face.pngKeep in line, or heavy force may be used.


Red face.pngYou have provoked us for the last time. Prepare for execution!

  • Oltauris Consortium - We will enjoy destroying you like we destroyed the Legion and all that came after it!
  • Dominion of the Xhodocto - You filthy demon bootlicks deserve nothing but death!
  • Da Rogue Boyz - A pebble in our collective shoes.
  • Zarkhator - You know what we do with people with high-and-mighty attitudes? We shoot them right in their stuck-up noses.


A galactic police was not something required in my time, for crime had since become irrelevant. However, their efforts are not short of commendable, and I greatly encourage them in their mission.

- Arkarixus

A most irritating pest, which somehow grew a brain big enough to make suits to fight with. These things are as bad as stepping on a nail: you can barely see it and it bothers a lot.

- General Volim


- Gol'thabex

There are those knights that fight for their valor, then there are those fierce templars that fight for the people's justice; the Niaka, adepts of the arts of warfare and termination, are the side of the coin that do away with the niceties should it mean further prosperity. Ah, in the Niaka, I have come to see Zazane.

- Tyraz

Their goals are welcome to me. Diplomacy can sometimes only go so far. A big gun is always a useful deterrent to preventing crime.

- Captain Aeralon Temer, New Cyrannian Republic

I never was fond of people trying to act like policemen and shove their views on others...until I met the Niaka. Their cause is definitely admirable. When we first came to this galaxy, we thought their ultimate desired goal - a peaceful, lawful Borealis - was an impossible one, but this changed rapidly.

- Kralgon Emperor

dey needs mekk suits ta do wat uno does. lame. still safe homies tho

- Zr'Ahgloth

I despise those bugs. They make business...troublesome, and their stubbornness makes them far too hard to manipulate.

- Falrik Zaarkhun


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