The Nezuven Swarm are a rapacious and sickening horde of rat-like creatures native to unknown parts, who famously did battle with the Khanornusi Triple Alliance and its warriors. Their numerous warcrimes and utter disregard for nature made them feared, but they earned the wrath of the Khanornusi, who purged them form the galaxy utterly, and left none of them in Cyrannus to pollute or devastate it's lovely worlds ever again. The Nezuven were not completely vanquished, however, and the insidious, disgusting race continued onwards, building up their forces for another attack and preparing to rise again, and gnaw away at the universe and make it their own.

The Nezuven are a hateful race, driven by the worst aspects of any personality. They are greedy, self-obsessed, and concerned only with achieving greater power and glory for themselves. These craven creatures will never fight openly or with honor like their Khanornusi rivals, or races such as the Mendel, but resort to every underhanded, dirty trick they can come up with. Attacking their foes in the back, stealing their weapons, biting and clawing, nothing is off limits to the Nezuven. These cowards, once whipped into a frenzy and readied for battle, while fight little savage little beasts once they have the advantage of numbers and terror on their side, but will quickly collapse into anarchy once their foes know how to deal with them.

The Nezuven are lead by a Council of their most insidious leaders from all of their castes, and driven to pollute, mutate and massacre everything in sight by these insidious warlords seeking to dominate the entire universe. Indeed, given their population, the Nezuven easily could, where not for how easily the Nezuven fall upon themselves for more power over their peers.

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War with the Khanornusi Edit

At some unknown point in time, the Nezuven attempted to invade Cyrannus in order to overrun it and claim it for themselves, and their God, Great King Rat. Their goal was simply to take every single planet for themselves, and consecrate them to their god. They had taken a number of worlds in the unknown regions, and planned to reach further into the rest of the galaxy, when they encountered the Khanornusi and their Empire in the Unknown regions. The rat-creatures thought the lizard-like beasts slow-witted and too shamanistic, and slaughtered the diplomatic party sent to them for being weaklings and fools. Then, simply because they could, the Nezuven invaded a number of worlds belonging to the Khanornusi, poisoning their food supplies, destroying many of their temples, and devouring their hatchlings and eggs out of spite. The Khanornusi, whipped into a frenzy and fury at these sins, waged complete war on the Nezuven, slaughtering their warriors in mass, and bringing many billions of Nezuven to their temples and preparing mass sacrifices to the Gods, sacrificing so many Nezuven, the number of sacrifices would not be equaled until the war with the Neraida.

So weakened and devastated by the war, the Nezuven left to find their home elsewhere, never to return to Cyrannus again, and becoming hateful enemies of the Khanornusi. Their journey took them far and wide, as they sought a realm close to Cyrannus, yet away from their hateful enemies.

As they traveled, one of their number, Gor'Jct'bik, took over as Grand Minister, second to the Great King Rat, and lead his people on a journey into what would become known as the Quadrant Galaxies, claiming Lord King Rat was sending him visions of glory and conquest. He and the fleets of the Nezuven traveled into the galaxy of Quadrant 82, tired of traveling and blustering about, and settled onto the planet of Larwekk, and established the first city of Ratblight upon the surface. Though originally a beautiful land of rolling foothills, mountains and forests, Ratblight spread further out as their population exploded, until they covered the entire planet in a twisted, massive city complex, and from there, began to build up their empire in secret.


The Nezuven unleash their firepower on the Khanornusi.

Though close to other empires in the region, the Nezuven did not believe they were ready for full war, and thus began dealing information in secret to certain members, sometimes good information, to destroy a potential foe, and sometimes bad information to sabotage their efforts. Any who came to Larwekk or flew near it, were killed, either by the Nezuven ships, or by Assassins and such sent by the Council leaders. They would not consecrate the galaxy until they wished to, and as such, sent their Black-furred commandos to watch and keep tabs on the other powers, these groups settling in territories and areas far and wide, though the Quadrant Grox, or Metal-Things, were avoided, one of the few things that truly terrified the fool-hardy Nezuven.

With the Fall of Rambo Nation, Nezuven spies reported the galaxy was starting to shake at the seems, as the Empire came to stabilize and bring order to the galaxy, and the Rambo Loyalists and resistance movements continued their fight. The Council and Caste leaders came to a decision. They would end their isolation, and using the instability of the times, launch massive invasions to colonize and consecrate the galaxy as their own.

Rambo Deception Edit

You ran!? In our hour of triumph, when the galaxy was ours?! You let a resistance force not even a quarter of our power run you off on a bluff?!

- Var'Jct'Ziz to Shti'Jct'Ith

Nezuven Subjugation Edit

After the embarrassment dealt to the Nezuven, they would try again to conquer the galaxy for themselves. Their attempts would begin, with the abdication of Var'Jct'Ziz after he suffered a number of nightmares and surreal horrors in his sleep centered around a A figure in Cyrannus. His chief rival would take command, and the invasion would go ahead, as Var'Jct fled to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, meeting a fleet under Captain Titus and Inquisitor Savis, and offering to help them with subduing his people if it meant being put in charge as a puppet ruler. Unknown to his kind, he had sabotaged their defenses, allowing the Imperial Navy to hyperspace without warning into Larwekk.

After a horrendous battle above and upon Larwekk, the Neuven's military was crippled, with nearly 50% of the military-dedicated Castes, such as the Kgt and Xaz dying, and the Empire imposed limits on their expansion, ordered the withdrawal of their assassins and spies, and walking with much of their technology, including their horrendous Entechment devices and creation blueprints. Var'Jct'Ziz, although his empire was now limited by the threat and treaties of the Empire, settled into a far more stable government, most of his rivals executed by the Empire for trying to stop his "election".

The Nezuven, for now, where forced to abandon their ideas of conquest, both because of the Treaty, and the humiliation of their defeat, not daring to even try facing the Empire's enemies.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Nezuven, as a whole, are some of the most self-centered and arrogant creatures in existence. Everyone of them believes he should be at the head of their armies, ruling their empire, and standing above their foes in battle. Every Nezuven yields a legendary arrogance about themselves that would make even the most posh of other races balk at their attitudes. Nezuven see every other race as inferior, no matter how strong, how intelligent and how successful, viewing them as a vermin and thieves taking positions that should belong to the Nezuven. Every Nezuven is dedicated the success of the swarm and the continuation of the empire and their leaders, yet none can actually agree on who it should serve, though all have the same answer; "Me!". Where it not for the fear that their leaders inspire, and constant use of propaganda and rabble-rousing over either rival Clans or outside races, the Nezuven would quickly fall in upon themselves and devour each other.

Despite their need to control and dominate others, Nezuven are just as prone to bowing and taking commands from any that inspire their terror or gives them the chance to get more power. They justify this hypocrisy through any number of ideas and excuses, and are willing to use violence if another's questions start to reveal their hypocrisy.

Nezu experi

Nezuven are known for their many and varied bio engineering experiments.

The Nezuven are also infamously poor at planning and executing, often throwing out massive warmachines, weapons and hordes of infantry to take certain worlds that catch their eye, but not all ready for when they actually get what they desire. While they love the idea of tearing down the lesser races and declaring themselves rulers of a world, what to actually do when they do when is too much of their conniving and thieving minds, and they will quickly will fall into in-fighting on what to do.

As whole, the Nezuven dapple with whatever can get them more power, and have no issue what so ever with exposing themselves to highly dangerous essence material or toxins if they believe it will get them victory, or at least a position over their peers. While has resulted in a few of the population rising to high positions with powers of sorcery and control, the majority who dare dapple in this often end up dead, horribly mutated, or the victim of some viral plague. Whole Clans have been wiped out by Nezuven attempting to induce powers upon themselves through the use of toxins and plagues.

Government Edit

Nezu monlith

The Nezuven leaders gather around the sacred object known as "The Monolith of Commencement".

The Nezuven government is divided between two bodies. The first are the legislative and judicial branch, handled by the Grand Council, who are made up of Blue Hide-members. These figures pass laws, set policy and moderate and oversee the other castes and make sure their tasks are completed, tithes are gathered, and population records kept, to the best of their ability. The highest ranking caste-members oversee most of the empire, while the lower ranks oversee single planets, clans and parts of worlds on behalf of others.

The second is the Conclave, a religious body that handles purity and dedication to Great King Rat. They oversee the other Castes and make sure that inter-caste breeding does not occur, that the Castes complete their tasks to the best of their ability, and handle the consecration of new worlds to the fold of the Grand Empire. Individual missionaries and monks are sent out to consecrate these worlds, and preach to their warriors to inspire them.

The Grand Minister, or Shreekuft, is the head of the Grand Council, and considered second only to the Great King Rat in mortal power and control of the Grand Empire as a whole. Meanwhile, the Great Prophet, or Kaaroft, acts as the head of the Conclave, and is considered second to the Rat King in divine importance and inspiration to other Nezuven.

Those of other Castes are viewed with honor by their peers when they are chosen to advise the Ruling Caste, as it gives them much more power and opportunity outside of their caste to make themselves and their Clan felt within politics. The highest ranking advisors all form the Grand Conclave, who handle various things within the Swarm.

The Highest Blue-Leader, the Grand Minister, is the technical leader of the Empire, and second only to the Great King Rat, acting as commander-in-chief, Prime Minister, and other rules. The highest Shaman, The Great Prophet, and Voice of the King, commands all religious affairs, demanding when sacrifices are given, where to build new temples and shrines, and the approval of new holidays. The Engineer-General leads all scientific research, marks certain projects for approval, directs funds into new research, and monitors all the technology used by the council to protect them, though only protection from terrorists, and not their rivals. The Assassin-Master-Lord oversees intelligence gathering across the swarm, monitoring of slaves and lower ranking castes, and ensures there is only loyalty amongst them. The Lord of Carnage, directs the army and navy, ensures their weapons are up-to-date and that morale, discipline and loyalty is high, while also making sure they are paid. The Laborer-Overseer ensures workers know their place, do not form unions and keep to their projects, and that working discipline is high. Brown Furs and White Furs have no leader within their Caste, the former not seen as important enough, the latter too small and their abilities too important to hamper with government oversight.

Technology Edit

Rat CreatPit

A Nezuven scientist presents his creations to two Aristocrats and a Military leader, in one of many Creation Pits around the empire.

Nezuven technology is slightly average for the powers of their cluster, though where's the other powers have certain benefits, the Nezuven lack these, for example, that, although their ships have strong and sturdy hull armor and shielding, they need reinforced netting within their bulkheads to absorb the shock of getting hit by proton torpedoes. Likewise their vehicles and personal fire arms, while capable of high damage and brutal strikes, are notoriously unstable and even at the best of times, can work as a gun just as much as an improvised grenade. Still, hand-held Beamer Rifles and other weapons have become more stable as time goes on.

Their most famous ability, is the series of torture and transference devices called "Entechment". The ideas of Entechment are to transfer the soul and conscious of the individual into a droid to power their many war-machines and droids, and keep them to serve forever as servants. This use is usually reserved for slaves of the Brt Caste, and other subjugated races. Originally, the Entechment process caused many to die, and new members had to constantly be enteched to preserve their war machines. However, the Nezuven Scientist caste, after much hard work, developed the process to keep beings within the droids indefinitely, without burning out.

Entechment is extremely painful when performed, but after it is completed, the individual feels nothing but extreme bliss, happiness and joy, almost becoming incapable of feeling any pain or anger further, only in the midst of battle when these emotions are switched on.

Nezuven are also masters of bio-engineering and similar technologies, breed and creating massive monstrosities from their own DNA and the flesh of their worst-lucked slaves. These beasts ranged in size from dog and wolf-sized hunting beasts, to gigantic city-toppling monstrosities.

Entechment Experts

  • Position - Head Scientist
  • Age - 42

Religion Edit

The golden light of this moment is yours. The blue-tinted skies and white clouds are yours. Where leaves are green and flowers bloom in many colors, you are there. Where children grow strong in limb and heart, you are there. The gulfs of space are not home to us and neither are the barren worlds. The worlds of fire and the worlds of ice are not home to us. Where oxygen burns and water flows, where carbon bonds and ozone protects—there we plant our roots. The seed of our species is fertile; all we require is the soil in which to plant it.

- Parts of the Consecration Ceremony that sees a world considered "holy" enough to see Nezuven colonization
Rat preachin

A Nezuven Priest attends to his flock in front of a statue of Great King Rat.

The Nezuven all follow the teachings of their Creator, Great King Rat, a being who burned away several stars as he traveled, before encountering the Nezuven in their primitive form, twisting and turning their flesh until they resembled the fish-rat hybrids of today. The various Castes helped him in their own way. The Gold-furs worshipped him first, earning their place as his shamans, priests and warlocks. The Blue-Furs organized and directed the other Castes and helped him keep track of which ones to edit and modify next. The Yellow Furs helped maintain his vaults of creation and replicate them to create new Nezuven, as the Green-Furs built and labored on his behalf.

It is said when the Brown Furs revolted, for they were the result of inter-caste breeding, and hated and envied the others for having a place with the Great King Rat, that they threatened to destroy everything he had built on their world. This roused the Red-Furs and Black-Furs, who at first had no purpose, merely training and testing each other, and causing the Great King Rat to question their purpose. They brutally broke the rebellion, forcing the Brown-Furs to bow and accept Great King Rat as their leader, and earning their place as the warriors and "protectors" of Nezuven society.

The lowest in their society, are the Karweck, a diminutive subspecies that evolved on Larwekk's moon, and were referenced in the holy texts of the Nezuven. Convinced their own God had been defeated by Great King Rat, the Karwecks accepted their place as slaves and breeding stock for the Nezuven, in exchange for their continued existence.

Since then, the Nezuven have worshipped him through the spreading of temples and shrines to him, and most importantly, the consecration of worlds. This mostly occurs when they arrive on a world and begin polluting and poisoning it so they can survive on it, though they can survive anywhere. The Nezuven belief if they die on a world that is in-consecrated, their souls will never meet the Great King Rat, and will be at the mercy of the other gods for their crimes. As such, when conquering worlds, they will burn down and destroy the temples of others, wanting to stripe the other races' gods of their power.

The Nezuven religion also foretells the birth of a Nezuven who will born with the fur and scales of all Castes, "The Karimaak", The One who is All, and will bring prosperity to all Nezuven regardless of their background or origin.


  • Position - Grand Minister
  • Age - 19

Var'Jct'Ziz is the current Grand Minister of the Swarmhood, leader of the Blue Scale Caste, and technically leader of the whole empire after Great King Rat. Var'Jct'Ziz claimed the title like how most do in their time; He backstabbed and poisoned all of his rivals to get to the top. Var'Jct'Ziz was so cunning and brutal in his destruction of his rivals within his caste, he rose to the position of command of the Swarm at 18, making him the second youngest to hold the title of Grand Minister. Var'Jct'Ziz, in the year since he took command, as expanded his former rival's plan, the late Grand Minister Cgi'Jct'Kok, of spying and preparing his forces for the Final Act, a blitzkrieg move that will see the Nezuven swarm across the galaxy, and overwhelm all who oppose them.

Until that day, Var'Jct'Ziz is happy enough with the political situation within his Swarm right now, most of his rivals too weak and dead to challenge him, and giving him time to plan and direct his forces for the coming battles, sending groups to different areas to prepare for the big attack that will see the Nezuven become the dominate race within the universe.

Vat'Jct'Ziz is patient above all else, something that slightly surprises his rivals within the Caste. He is not a buzz with energy, and in fact, seems the opposite, acting slowly and with caution for everything around him. This makes him more alert for assassination attempts, but also more ready for any problems that may come up in his long term plans.

  • Position - Head Prophet
  • Age - 30

Xxr'Xti'Xor is the current leader of the Conclave and the religious head of the entire empire, said to act with the voice of the Great King Rat behind every action he makes. As the Supreme religious leader, Xxr'Xti'Xor is regarded as one of the figures to follow, and it his word that is the last one and final decision maker in regards to any festivals, temples, shrines and relics that might be of importance to Great King Rat. Highly aggressive for one of his Caste, Xxr'Xti'Xor has pushed for more aggressive expansion, viewing the decapitation and disembodying of Rambo Nation as a sign from Great King Rat that their destiny is nigh.

Unknown to other members, he has taken members of his Xti Caste, those who demonstrate aggression and zealotry in their goals, and turned them into fearsome Warrior-Monk bodyguards for himself. These warriors may lack in the Red Fur Caste's strength and brutality, but make for it with faith and all the technology that Xxr'Xti'Xor can get his claws on. This action is technically heretical, but he cares little, viewing the end as more important then how to get there.

This reflects in how he gained his position over the last Head Prophet, not outsmarting and back-stabbing him like other Nezuven, but rather, slashed his throat with a sword, and declared himself the Head Prophet. The other Xti Caste, surprised by his straight forward nature, never the less accepted his position, and bowed to the wise new Head Prophet.

Despite his aggression and zeal, Xxr'Xi'Xor is far from stupid, and is one of the keenest political minds in all of the Swarm. Vat'Jct'Ziz has been quick to make him a political ally, due not only to their close political positions, but because of Xxr's vision and ideals meshing well with Vat'Jct'Ziz's own. As such, Vat'jct, despite being required to reveal some of the heretical practices Xxr is pushing, has turned a blind eye instead, protecting Xxr from the prying eyes of rivals within and without his Caste.

  • Position - Minister of Foreign Acquisitions.
  • Age - 23

Shti'Jct'Ith is a Minister within the Council of the Nezuven, and head Minister of Foreign Acquisitions, making him the closest thing to a Foreign policy/head diplomat the Nezuven have when dealing with aliens. His main role is to oversee the indoctrination and breaking of planets, often meeting with other Foreign Acquisition members to plan out indoctrination for each race they encounter, and tailoring it based on what their spies say. Shti'Jct'Ith has oversee the surrender and consecration of nearly a dozen worlds, making him an important figure within the Nezuven, and an important advisor to Vat'Jct'Ziz.

Shti'Jct'Ith often appears aloof and uncaring to others around him, but hides within his cold exterior, and devious mind made for conquest and out-maneuvering others who dare to cross him. Shti'Jct'Ith is unusually aggressive for one of his Caste, and many question if he has the blood of the Kgt Caste in his veins somehow. Shti'Jct takes this as an insult, as he is proud of his purity and devotion to Great King Rat, and any questions of his bloodline are asking for death and punishment. Due to this, Shti'Jct can recite all of his family members and their achievements with 100% accuracy.

Shti'Jct is a master of misdirection and hypnosis, using this on foreign leaders to often weaken their planet and make them easier to conquer.

Shti'Jct'Ith is assigned to the Fleet of Glorious Accord, and is the lead Propaganda overseer, "diplomatic" officer, and overall command of the fleet, though leaves most of the fleet's leadership to military leaders, preferring to contemplate and work out his rise to power within the Council.

Caste System Edit

For the Nezuven, Caste is everything in their great hierarchy, and determined by fur color above all else. Interbreeding between Castes was strictly forbidden by the Rulers and Shamans that ruled the Swarm, as they felt such a thing was heresy to the Great King Rat, and those that resulted where often kept as cheap labor, and, more often then not, canon fodder for their armies. These various Castes also make up Various Over-Castes, of which one or more Castes will be a part of in everyday life.

Nezu Leader

Blue fur, The Jct Caste, is highly prized, and Nezuven who demonstrate this coloration are thought to be destined to be great leaders. They dominate much of the political leadership and Council that ruled over Nezuven affairs. All Clan leaders are Blue-furred, and they are, as a caste, perspective and ambitious, seeking to further the cause of their God through any means needed. As such, their need to put their God above themselves, actually makes them the most humble caste, compared to others. They are part of the Leadership Over-caste.

Despite greater humility, the Nezuven of the Jct Caste are still cursed with overwhelmimg arrogance and ambition, but it is considered more temperate and controlled then the rest of their peers. Where's the leaders of other Castes have to frequently execute, punish and show their "stuff" to keep their lesser peers in line, the younger Jct Caste members know to stop and not question their older kin, for they know the best way to execute their own control is to plant a knife in his back or poison in his drink, rather then talk back in public.

The Jct Caste are the most aware of attempts on them, and know not to trust anyone, even their guards, for any Nezuven guard is extremely easy to bribe. All members wear elaborate robes, jewelry and other items to make themselves stand out, often decorating themselves as they move up in rank and gain more position and power within the political spheres of the Nezuven Grand Empire.

The Jct rule the Grandest Council, and act as the Judicial and Legislative body of government within the Grand Empire. They were the power of the Grand Empire, and hold control over the factories, mining and military efforts, though only in the grand scheme, leaving the rest o their respective worker castes.

Nezu Shaman

Gold Fur, The Xti, is a sign of attunement to The Great King Rat, small in stature, and, often, spending years in the academies and temples, away from the lower castes. Of all the Nezuven castes, in fact, theirs is the most prone to xenophobia and hatred for lower ranks. They handled the consecration of worlds, essentially putrefying and polluting a world so their own could take it. They are part of the Leadership Over-Caste.

The Xti Caste, due to isolation and time spent contemplating the Great King Rat's words, are much more mentally unstable and paranoid then the other Castes, seeing threats where they do not exist, and acting "twitchy". The only time they are truly balanced and poised, is when they are preaching. Though outsiders may find their preaching hyperbolic and overblown, to the Nezuven, the Priests and Shamans of the Xti Caste are comforting and wise figures, their boasting and grandiose nature merely their attempts to inspire confidence.

The Xti may advise and offer guidance to their lesser Caste peers on proper Etiquette and worship of the Great King Rat, but they secretly believe all are doomed for hell and are not worthy supplicants of the Great King, and only they may stand at his feet when death claims them. Not even the Blue Caste leaders are worthy to truly worship the Great King Rat as they do.

The Xti rule the Conclave, the religious body of the Grand Empire. They usually only concerned themselves with religious and philosophical issues of the Empire, as well as the consecration of new worlds into their fold. Sometimes, however, they would execute legislative and judicial powers.

Nezu Engi

Yellow fur, The Jvt, are those that handle sciences and technology. Even more busy and spirited then the rest of their already twitchy race, Yellow-furred Nezuven are prone to modifying themselves, often sporting numerous cybernetics and enhancements. This is not for any practical purpose, but more because they feel like it. These Nezuven are prone to handling the breeding of slaves and war-beasts for battle, and testing new technology on captives and any that catch their fancy.

The Jvt, of many Castes, are among the most diverse, some specializing in the fields of bio-engineering, breeding and genetic manipulation, others, in the building of weapons, forging of devices and construction of starships. The lengths they can build and what they build are as diverse as the Nezuven themselves, and many within the Caste work with others in other fields, making them more "trusting", if such a term can be applied to Nezuven, then other Castes. However, despite working together, Nezuven will still argue over who did the most work, who did the best and who made the most effort within their respective construction of engineering field.

The Jvt will add cybernetics, engineered limbs and other features as they move up, supporting more limbs, fangs and tentacles, or cybernetic eyes, arms and weapons, as they move up in their fields and gain more power and authority in their field. Of all the Castes, they are the most abusive as well, having no problem taking whatever Caste member they desire, and experimenting on them, and, due to Caste laws, anyone below them, even the Xaz Caste, is liable to have this down to them.

Nezu Elite

Black fur, Xaz, is seen as the mark of a killer in Nezuven in society, and those few that bear this distinct mark, are often bigger and stronger then even their Red Caste members. They are the fiercest and most savage of the Nezuven, and of all the military Caste members, are seen as the most bloodthirsty. Where's the Red-Furred mostly ignore others, Black-Furred will go out of their way to abuse and demoralize those beneath them. They are either commandos, special forces, or assassins for the Council and Shaman Conclave.

The Xaz are limited by choice, for their strength and natural brutality makes them dangerous to all other Castes outside of war. Xaz naturally feel the need to enforce their will upon others, and as such, when they are born, the other castes are quick to educate them properly and limit their activity outside of war, to the point that some colonies will place their Xaz members in cyro stasis to keep them from being too active.

Xaz will often scar themselves to show their experience, adding new scars as they gain rank, survive battles and defeat tough enemies, with the longest serving having the most scars. As a part of their position, they have the best meals of any member of the warrior castes, making them larger and stronger then other castes.

Nezu GW

Red furred, Kgt caste, Nezuven dominate the military caste, though are assisted by two other castes in this regard. They are the main warriors, the strongest of the Nezuven, and most capable in a fight, though still considered wiry and weak by other race's standards. They are trained in whatever weapons catch their fancy, among the Castes, are stoic and fierce. Though they will exert control over others, of all the Castes, they are considered the least abusive to lower ranks, due to simply not caring about them.

The Kgt act as a police force for other Castes, but generally don't care for any other battles then war. The Kgt want challenges, in general, and the disobedience of the slave and worker castes just don't do it for them. Of course, large scale slave revolts are their bread and butter, and what they live for, but most of the Kgt view alien enemies as their true foes, not underfed slaves desperate for something more.

Due to their attitudes, the Kgt caste is ironically seen as the most diplomatic, as the others are more deceitful, while the Kgt say what they mean, and have little time for sarcasm, double-talk or deception. If they want to destroy you, they will. If they wish to ally with you against a common foe, they will.

Nezu worker (2)

Green furred, Sta Caste, Nezuven are the workers and laborers of their society. The lowest Caste that are still respected, on some level, Green-furs are workers and laborers, doing the construction of new colony buildings, bringing new ships into existence, and mass producing weapons and devices. They live in fear of their Yellow-caste leaders, as while the other castes mostly ignore them, the Yellow Caste more often then not will take a special interest in testing certain devices on them.

Due to being ignored, the Sta often have little way of making their displeasure known. While the Kgt will repress any riots or protests that get out of hand, the Sta often have little defense or rights when the Engineering caste decides many of their Green-hided kin will make good test subjects. Due to this, and their lower status, many of the Sta caste learn to be obedient, on time and do what is required, least they be considered for testing and experimentation.

Sta do what is needed, and nothing more, as they worry that doing more will cause the Scientist Caste to target them or grow jealous, and seek only to be average and exceptionally average in their tasks, whether it is mining, building and repairs or other menial tasks. To stand out is to get attention, and that is something every Sta Caste member seeks to avoid.

Nezu S Dressed

The Brt Caste, are the slaves of Nezuven society, and many claim to be the result of inter-caste breeding. In reality, they are a natural development, their members the only ones to resist the temptations of Great King Rat, and claim his way of life had no meaning or purpose other then murder. For their resistance, they were cursed to act as Untouchables within Nezuven society, and to do the jobs no other wanted. Nezuven brown-furred will be thrown into the meat grinder by their masters, to loosen up enemy positions, and exhaust ammunition, under the promise of better conditions if they work well. As the Blue-Furred are intelligent, some are chosen to indeed join the lower ranks of the Military or leadership caste if they do well, but are mostly kept as Token groups to merely tantalize their lower ranking brethren.

The Brt are servile, quiet and obedient, and do not often seek to step out of line, least they be abused for their disobedience. Unfortunately, their lords do not need much excuse to discipline them, beating them, killing them and often devouring them without much need or purpose beyond being able to. As such, the Brt live in absolute terror of their superiors and often avoid crossing their masters.

This is not to say the Brt are completely mindless and cowardly. Many rise in power within their society, despite the problems they face, and often find their way into the warrior or scientists castes, compensating birth right for sheer ruthlessness and brutality in their fields of expertise.

Nezu Alb2

White Fur is extremely uncommon, the Srk Caste, but when it does occur, the Priests and Leadership of the Caste immediately take over the raising and training of the child, and turn them into the ultimate Nezuven killing machines. Even more dangerous then the Black-furred Killers, White furs are strong and quick fighters in battle, but are also capable of blending in by changing the color of their fur, often infiltrating worker guilds and slave workshops to spy on the Lower castes, and make sure they are loyal to their leaders.

The Srk are silent guardians and stewards of their leaders, seeing to their every need, and make sure no armed person enters the presence of their leaders, either killing the person, or making sure the beign in question has express permission before entering, anything less being not good enough.

The Srk have little mind for anything other then war and guarding their leaders, often disturbing even the Xaz Caste for how obedient they are, and incapable of anything outside of battle and killing. They communicate via a complex system of sign language and body language, unique to such an impatient and uncaring race, as the Srk are mute, their tongues and voice box removed to prevent them from selling Council and Conclave secrets to lesser castes and rebels.

Species Edit

  • Name - Nezuven
  • Position - Aboslute leaders.

  • Name - Karwecks
  • Position - Slaves, Canon Fodder, servants.

Astrology Edit

The Nezuven control a moderately sized empire within the Quadrant 82, to the galactic north, between former Imperial Alliance territory and Quadrantian Grox holdings. Centered around the world of Larwekk, the area they control, the Neruuvi Cluster, is a sparsely packed area of the galaxy, with few worlds that can be colonized, and as such, limited resources. Despite all of this, the Nezuven have managed to capture and consecrate a number of worlds to their kingdom, turning them into centers of production, mining and population. Other then their homeworld of Larwekk, they control a number of worlds, used as staging areas for wider invasions.

Military Edit

Land Forces Edit

Nezu Army

A Nezuven army gathered for expansion upon the stars.

Ground Combat and general warfare is handled by the Red-furred Warrior Caste, who were blessed by the Great King Rat with greater physical power, resistance and brawn over other Castes, using this to enforce the will of their God on others, and destroying entire races who stand against them. Despite being stronger, the Warrior Caste is still weaker then most, even Humans or Libertus able to overpower them. As such, they rely on numbers, trickery and brutality to win, as well as horrific technology and horrible weapons to make quick work of their foes.

Their favored tactic is to send wave after wave of brown-furred slaves and other captured enemies into the ranks of their foes, armed with basic firearms, rusted blades, scrapped together blasters to hopefully pull down some of their victims and waste ammunition on them. Under the delusion their higher ranking caste leaders will promote them to an important position, they fight with a zealous disregard for their own lives, eager to make some use of themselves.

After they have mostly died, or weakened the enemy, the Red-furred Warriors are prepared and readied for war, marching into battle with radioactive bazookas, high-powered rifles, and other dangerous, unstable weapons to use against them. They will throw themselves at the enemy with just as much reckless abandon as the Brown-furs, believing they are the greatest warriors created by the Great King Rat, and that no other could equal them.

When all else fails, or when the most powerful of their foes need to be cleaned out, the infamous Black-furred troops are moved in to eliminate the enemy champions, assassinate leaders, and hamstring operations with lightning black ops raids.

Their warmachines are many, and these contraptions seem barely kept together at times. When unleashed, they have just as much a chance as destroying the Nezuven, as they do destroying their enemies. For them, power is all, and stability is secondary to absolute victory and mayhem on their enemies. Combined with many mutilated warbeasts, that are often thrown at their foes to tear them to pieces, and the Nezuven make for a difficult foe to face.

Space forces Edit

Nezu Fleet

A Nezuven Fleet laying an enemy city to waste.

Spaceships used by the Nezuven are, like the ground forces, commanded and protected by Red-Furred Warrior Caste members. These Nezuven marines and admirals are, however, a minority despite their control, with the vast majority being made up of Green-furred and brown-furred crew members. The Green-furs do much of the "Safe work" of simply doing simple repairs, monitoring weapons and running safety checks on the ships and their weapons, while the Brown-furs lead the weapons (Most of these unstable weapons), do repairs on the power cores and generators, where great heat and radiation leaks are common, and put out fires and the like in the case of the ship being struck.

The admiral commands with great terror and loyalty from his troops, and all of them expect glory and loot for their efforts. Unlike the warriors on the ground, who are slightly more careful due to not being on a consecrated world, Nezuven in the fleets never worry of death, for they believe so long as they die in a ship, their souls will go to the Great King Rat who will reward them as long as they killed many, many foes. As such, every fleet is made up of the most treasonous and nasty of the Nezuven, and kept in line by the promise and delivering of glory and treasures by their Admiral.

Their ships are fearsome, using powerful, and often unstable weapons, to deliver death to any who oppose them, even using unpredictable Radiation weapons to destroy their foes, and even are willing to fire nuclear weapons at their targets, more out of spite then anything else, in the hopes that, even if the foe gets away, the radiation poisoning will get them later. All of this makes the Fish-Rats difficult to face, for they never will let their foe get away without trying some underhanded technique to get them down.

Military Leaders Edit

  • Position - Supreme military leader
  • Age - 50

Tar'kgt'Faar is the current military leader of all the Nezuven, and one of the most honored of the Red-furred Kgt Caste. Unlike the other leaders, be they younger members who have clawed their way to the top, or kept themselves alive through essence and advanced science, Tar'kgt'faar is old, ancient in fact, by the standards of his wiry race. Using strange vats bought in secret from the Clans of the Jvt Caste, Tar'kgt has kept himself alive beyond any normal Nezuven, but his body hardly betrays his age. He is still larger then any other member of the caste, still stronger then even his protégé For'brt'faar, and vicious enough to deal with any younger rivals quickly.

Tar'kgt'faar lives in his tower within Larwekk, leading his Caste from afar, and leaving battlefield command often to his student For'brt'faar. The entire military of the great Nezuven Empire answers to him, and he yields it with cold ruthless efficiency in mind. Tar'kgt'faar dresses in fine robes, surrounds himself with knowledge and tomes from other races, often trying to project the image of an intelligent warrior-poet, but at his heart is nothing more then a brutal killer.

Tar'kgt'faar enjoys the taste of blood and the chance to murder and kill, and few things delight his heart more then this. Although old, he still prefers to lead for the hardest battles, fighting alongside his student when possible and when the challenge is enough to rouse his interests. Otherwise, he watches from afar, observing his enemies and studying their strategies and weapons closely.


Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! That is all For'brt'Faar hears from Blue-flesh and Gold-Flesh, is their talking-talking, deception-deception, politicking-politicking! It annoys me! They have nothing to say, nothing that benefits For'brt'Faar at least!

  • Position - Commander
  • Age - 19

For'brt'faar, the Devourer, Caste-killer, Blood Gorger, is one of the highest ranking military commanders of the Nezuven Swarm, and the adopted son/protégé of Tar'kft'Faar. For'brt was born a slave of the Brown Caste, and proved to be dangerous and brutal even as an infant, devouring several of his brothers and sisters as they hatched, and even biting the hand off a caretaker trying to clean him up and prepare him for care. Even at that age, he gained a secondary title-name for himself; The Devourer. From then on For'brt'Faar would not be destined to work in the mines or as an experiment like other Brown furs. His destiny lay on the field.

Years of battle would go on, each one brutal as the Nezuven tried their best to carve out a section of the Quadrants for themselves, repressing and driving off numerous races to do it. Though it seemed impossible, For'brt would emerge alive, and covered in the blood of his foes with every battle. Impressed, Tar'kgt'Faar, who had been watching For'brt for some time, adopted him into his clan, and made him a full warrior and Battle-Commander for his Clans' forces, and, given Tar'Kgt'Faar's position, a high ranking Commander for all Nezuven.

With a proper meal in his body for once, and armor on his back, For'brt'Faar became unusually large and strong for a Brown fur, even rivaling larger members of the Red Furred Kgt Caste. His propensity for personal combat and skill, and savage treatment to enemy and cowards within his own ranks alike, For'brt'Faar moved up the ranks with speed and fervor. Any who looked down on him for his fur and Caste were often brutally killed, regardless of their own Caste, and such talk is reserved for behind his back.

For'brt'Faar is unnaturally aggressive and even brave by Nezuven standards. While most Warlords and Battle-Commanders seek to stay behind the action, and guide their forces from afar (Read: stay away from the worst danger), For'brt'Faar throws himself into every battle, using his axe and sword to cut a swath through enemy ranks, even using his claws and teeth to get the job done. His is an intelligent and single-minded foe, determined in all things to win, regardless of obstacles. His only real weakness, is his lack of cunning. For'brt'Faar is so concerned with battle and bravery, he has no mind for politics, and needs Tar'kgt'faar and other, more farsighted Nezuven, to navigate the minefield of Politics for him.

  • Name - Ivp'kgt'Kkis
  • Position - Admiral
  • Age - 20

Ivp'Kgt'Kkis is one of the leading Admirals within the Military Caste, and a master strategist among the Nezuven. Though often against the more expansionist policies of the Nezuven, Ivp'Kgt is obedient, and follows his orders without question or doubt. He began, like most, in the lower ranks, though was lucky to be born into the Kkis Clan, granting him greater power and position then most newcomers of the Warrior Caste, and this enabled him to start in officer schools earlier then most. Despite this head start, Ivp'Kgt has worked his hardest to earn his place and prove he is more then just a "Blood-lucked Soldier", as some call those who get in thanks to blood ties.

Ivp'kgt'Kkis has worked under the Blue Caste Shti'Jct for a long while, and while he has superior military experience and skill, he acts usually in obedience to Shti'Jct, though the Minister of Foreign Acquisitions is astute and intelligent enough to let him command as he wishes and not overrule him unless it is within the wider interests of the Grand Empire.

Ivp'Kgt'Kkis is a silent and often brooding commander, often spending his time contemplating the purpose and position of himself and his role within the Caste, and whether he truly deserves his position of Admiral. He rarely speaks, unless to give orders and direct his forces, and his troops know better then to question his direction and rulings.

Ivp'Kft'Kkis is the lead commanding officer of the Fleet of Glorious Accord, and commands all military decisions made by the fleet in their movements and attacks.

  • Name - Thth'Kgt'Iril
  • Position - Commander

Relations Edit

Yellow face Not an Enemy Edit

Kill, kill later.

Orange face Neutral Edit

Knife, knife in the back.

Red face Enemies Edit

Kill, murder, loot! Kill, murder, loot!

Quotes from others Edit

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Bloody dangerous, hateful and cunning pests to have as adversies

- Ramannis Le Rambo

We have not forgotten you, Great Enemy. You are a blight upon everything our Creators put forward. An illness of the universe that we will not stop until we eradicate. Prepare yourselves.

- Karsdonundi of the Khanornusi Triple Alliance

Notes Edit

  • Though based on the Skaven from Warhammer, a large part of their culture and ideals, such as Caste System and religious believes, was based on the Ssi-Ruu from Star Wars. Another source of inspiration was the kaiju Deutalios, an unmade monster from Godzilla vs Biollante.
  • Their god, Great King Rat, was named after the Queen song of the same name.

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